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USS Anzio (CG 68) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Anzio (CG 68). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 337 crew members registered for the USS Anzio (CG 68).

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Burghart, Douglas (Burggie)EN11995 – 2000A/MP
Audia, RonHM11995 – 1997MedicalGreat ship with a great crew. Memories of the JO's getting caught by the XO watching MTV grind during Clampdown. BALTOPS 95, the Whale incident, The 1st class mess.
Coomes, John profile iconENC1995 – 2000A-DIVISION
Kromphardt, KrompyGSM31995 – 1997MP
Soto, MarioE-3Jan 1, 1995 – Aug 28, 1996DECKWhat the hell!!! Nothing much to say about Anzio but good times and some bad. The lesson learned is don't let life slap you around.....grap it by the neck and choke the hell out of it.
Stevenson, AshleyGSMFNJan 2, 1995 – Apr 17, 1998
Alaniz, DaveTMSR-TM3Jan 5, 1995 – Jun 1998CAFirst and favorite ship I was on. Some great times on that boat. I met some of the best people ever. Cross rated to STG after this ship and got out on a medical discharge after 11 years of service.
Blanchette, MikeBM3Feb 1995 – Nov 1998ist divisionSurvived two Med cruises on God's Cruiser. Saw a lot great places, made a few good friends, and although I didn't know it then, it was an unforgettable experience. Stand and Fight!!
Dugan, ChrisBM3Feb 1, 1995 – Nov 1, 1997FirstCame across this website and decided to add my name. Any old friends are welcome to contact me. I left as a BM3 and really have no fond memories of the ship. However, the ports and friends are an entirely different subject.
Garza, RickE4Mar 1995 – Sep 1998OC
Alm, DarylIS1Apr 1995 – Jan 1997OTCTRC Turner and your girlfriend CTR1 !@#$%, I never forget.
Stineman, StineGSMFNApr 1995 – Jun 1996MP (MR1)FREE TRIP TO HAWII FOR THE PRO-BOWL
Zeigler, AnthonySR to MS3Apr 1995 – 19991st Division/S-2
Astudillo, MarkMS1 - MSCApr 19, 1995 – Aug 18, 1998S2Great Ship. Would love to hear from old shipmates
Alber, ChristopherSTG3May 1995 – Nov 1996CA
Miller, Bryce J.OS1May 14, 1995 – Apr 4, 1999OI
Kiriakos, GeorgeE-5/STG2Jun 11, 1995 – Dec 3, 1999CAI still haven't forgotten a single day that I've spent aboard this ship... I'll let you decide whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.
Hoffert, JoshuaOS2Jun 12, 1995 – Dec 15, 1999OI
Hoffert, JoshuaOS2Jul 10, 1995 – Dec 10, 1999OI
Angad, ChandrapaulEN2Sep 1995 – May 2000AMany good memories and friends.
Fisher, Wesley/ TekwunOS3Sep 20, 1995 – May 13, 1998oinow that im in the real world..i kinda miss the anzio..i was the berthing king...and clampdown master..section 3 was the best...oi division stand up!!! ps..any one from oi division holla at me..or anyone for that matter who knows me!!
Atwood, BrandonOS1Oct 19, 1995 – Oct 21, 2002OII probably have the longest continuous time served on the ANZIO, 7 long but fun years. Definately miss the good times that were had on their. Now at Assault Craft Unit 4. What is the duty sections like their? 12 here. "STAND AND FIGHT
Kromphardt, MarkGSM3Dec 1995 – Sep 1997MP
Neff, RyanGSE2Dec 6, 1995 – Oct 10, 2000MP
Jones, MathewSTG2Dec 29, 1995 – May 15, 2000CADing Dong the fantail is dead
Schmidling, JohnGSM1/SW/RETIREDJan 3, 1996 – May 21, 1999mpserved on the anzio 1996-1999 I had a good carreer working all the guys in engineering dixon,neff,andy,sr,I currently own a landscaping company in wilmington, nc with I'm looking for contact information GSM1 Chris Anderon
Kerney, EarnestENC(SWJan 7, 1996 – Jan 29, 2000AAnybody heard from Chief COOMES? I am now retired teaching NJROTC in kingsport, TN
Mohrmann, JamesGSM2(SW/AW)Jan 25, 1996 – Mar 2, 2001Main PropulsionCame as FN and left a 2nd class with a Surface warfare pin. Earned my Air warfare pin on USS SHILOH CG-67. Now Stationed at Naval Air Station, Fallon NV.
Pickett, ToussaintE6Mar 2, 1996 – Mar 2001OITo those that knew me, they knew me well. Id like to know how long the name remained apart of the Anzio. Combat was awesome and so was berthing. Always remember Mickey Dummy and the stupid shall be punished. Spades Champ
Magnani, Brian, "Disbo"LTApr 9, 1996 – Jan 27, 1999Disbursing/Sales/Food ServiceIt was the best and worst of times, all worth it though. I still think about that whale though. Oh yeah, and Boats covered in AFFF on the flight deck. Priceless.
Garcia, MichaelFC2/1Jun 1996 – Jun 2001CFSpy Radar Tech and clampdown specialist extrodaniar
Dana, AdamE3Jun 1996 – 1997engineeringLooking for Les Collins would have been a medic on board ship. Good friend lost contact after I was removed from ship due to medical reasons.
Johnson, TysonHT2Jun 15, 1996 – Jun 8, 1998ERGreat Ship!
Brakefield, WilliamMS3Jul 1996 – Jul 1998SupplyGood People, Good Fun, look out everybody here comes the rum.
Benford, FrederickSHSNAug 20, 1996 – Dec 27, 1998S-3What's up shipmates, your ship's store clerk here. I was aboard the Anzio from Aug./96-Dec,/99. Remember, we did the North Atlantic in 1997 and the Med in 1998. I had some good times on the Anzio led by Disbo and SH1 Eldridge Howard.
Castro, DalvinE-4/GSM3Oct 1996 – Feb 2000MPIt was an honor to serve onboard this ship. I had fun and learned plenty. Worked in both engine rooms and the oil lab. Acquired lots of knowledge that helped me in college after the Navy & in my current job as a Field Service Engineer.
Spangler, Robert profile iconRP3Oct 1, 1996 – Feb 27, 20001st Division
Troy, FrankLieutenantOct 30, 1996 – Oct 30, 1999SupplyGreat ship, great crew. No longer in the Navy; living in Baltimore with wife and daughter. I am happy to see you are all doing well. It was a pleasure serving with all of you. For those still serving..THANK YOU!
Lukesic, ScottDC3Nov 1996 – Jun 1998repairhello
Shapiro, PaulDC3Nov 1996 – Jun 1998repairserved with a great crew
Trevisan, RickLTDec 6, 1996 – Dec 16, 1998MPAGreat tour

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1991 | 1992 – 1994 | 1995 – 1996 | 1997 – 1999 | 2000 – 2001 | 2002 – 2004 | 2005 – now

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