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USS Normandy (CG 60) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Normandy (CG 60). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 415 crew members registered for the USS Normandy (CG 60).

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Novotney, DerekEM-3Jan 1, 2002 – Aug 4, 2004EHad Issues and left for family reasons. Enjoyed the time and the peeps. Not everywhere you have a 300+ member family you see everyday. Living life and lovin it. Peace
Karsten, JohnGM1/GMCJan 11, 2002 – Dec 2, 2006ALLHardest tour I have ever done. Glad it is over, but I miss alot of people that I met there
Padgett, FreddyPNCS(SW/AW)Jan 15, 2002 – Jan 10, 2005ADMINNORMANDY is a great ship. If your up for the challenge of the real Navy choose a Cruiser. Thanks to all the Ship's Office personnel. And to Doc Jones. I wouldnt have made 8 without your genuine guidance.
Copas, JamesHT2Jan 20, 2002 – Sep 17, 2003RAhhhh! The Good ship Normandy. Lots of memories.
Kuzas, MikwEN2Mar 9, 2002 – Mar 9, 2007A-GangGlad to finally be gone. Seen up and downs there. 2 deployments and a lot of hell, but overall, not too bad.
Utech, WilliamGSE1 (SW)Apr 6, 2002 – Nov 29, 2004MPGood ship Normandy. I came in, I worked, and I went home and got stuck doing a deployment.
Johnson, JohnMRCMay 2002 – May 2005ENG
Schiattareggia, WayneGMSA-GM2May 6, 2002 – Oct 10, 2005CO/CG
Chase, JoshAT2Jun 2002 – Dec 2002Air DetWow, great ship! I had an awesome time with you guys and made some good friends. If you guys remember me shoot me an email. I'm in the DC area if anyone is ever in town. -Chaser
Dominguez, JaimeE3Jun 6, 2002 – May 2003Operations SpecialistA great learning experience that I have never forgotten.
Phillips, TomFC2Aug 2002 – Feb 2004CombatMy last and most memorable ship. I still tell my kids about all of the fun. Well, most of it anyway...
Meyer, DavidFC3Sep 2002 – Jan 2004CO
Rhudy, DanielFC1(SW)Sep 29, 2002 – Jun 9, 2006CT / CMBest Strike team IN THE FLEET! I learned how to be a sailor on Normandy. Would have been a MUCH worse tour w/o FCCS McPhail, and the other WRENCHES. Wish we could have made our OWN "Ring of FIRE'. "Dodge, dip, duck, dive, and dodge!&
Austria, RennellE-5/FC2Sep 29, 2002 – Jul 17, 2006CG & CX
Karg, Richard (The Karg Dude And The Karg Mart)SH3Oct 2002 – Dec 2003S-3I'm so glad that ain't humping sodas on that career ending command anymore. now it's USS DD 214!! loving the civilian life and facial hair. however, captain streeter was the best CO i ever served with in my 8 years in the navy.
McKoy, WinstonEWSNNov 8, 2002 – May 28, 2003OZ
Tullis, IsidroDK3Dec 2002 – Aug 2005S4My experiencies aboard this ship made me who I am today.
Holder, MichaelSH2Dec 20, 2002 – Jan 3, 2004Supply
Fisher, TimothyENFNDec 20, 2002 – May 22, 2007a-gangsorry i left you guys short but the command is better off with me gone i will never forget the blue shirts. keep her trucking a-gang
Long, ClovisBM2(SW)Dec 20, 2002 – May 5, 2006ODHad to leave her because of broken leg.
Larter, DavidOS2Dec 20, 2002 – Jul 15, 2006OIGreat ship, great crew. Ready on arrival!
Pratt, Kyle profile iconFC2 (SW)Feb 14, 2003 – Dec 13, 2007CF/CO/CT CIWS, MK-86, Armory, Rep 3, etc.I love you people! (Even the ones I didn’t get along with very well, you know who you are) I miss you all, very much. RIP FC1 Baum-G. I love you man and still have the custom BG guitar picks you gave me. -KP
Legge, RyanET1Mar 1, 2003 – Dec 1, 2006CEIt will be the most memorable tour of my career. I will never forget the crew that made normandy what it is today.
Phillips, TomFC2Apr 2003 – Sep 1, 2005COStill the best time of my life. Everything changed for the better in my life after serving on the best ship and crew ever to sail in the worlds finest Navy.
Awadeh, BaderE-4May 4, 2003 – Jul 10, 2006Electrician MateI had a good time at this ship , good and bad memories, i made lots of friends, but i am happily to say i got a better life as a civilian.
Starcher, ScottFC1(SW)Jun 1, 2003 –CF/CO
Tackett, Doug (Big Doggie)IT1/ITCJun 3, 2003 – Mar 1, 2007IS1A time full of up and downs but alot of good people and fun times and a 35 ft whip antenna in the drink.
Susini, RemyDC2Jul 13, 2003 – Sep 14, 2007RAbsolute best time of my life. I bitched about it a lot, but it was such a good time. The whole crew including elisted and officer are total aces.
Ndahiriwe, Jean De DieuE3Jul 14, 2003 – Apr 26, 2004EngineeringLots of unforgettable memories from the short period on-board, wondering whats going on with my great shipmates!
Casiano, JesseFC2Sep 3, 2003 – Mar 15, 2006CO
Williams, Jearldwan/ Lil WillE-3Dec 21, 2003 – Mar 13, 2007deck/supplyNormandy was aiight glad I got off but i had a lotof good memories. Lil Will
Serrano, DanielHT3/GSM2(SW)2004 – 2011R-DIV/MP
Bernier-Reyes, DavidGSM 3Jan 16, 2004 – Aug 31, 2006M
Rice, AliciaLT/MPAFeb 24, 2004 – Jul 10, 2005MPWorked with some great people that I'll never forget both in the wardroom and on the deckplates. Good ship. May she keep sailing for a long time to come.
Ortiz, AdamGM2(SW)ORTIZMar 14, 2004 – Oct 28, 2008CG03Good and bad memories but overall great Nato cruise!
Almes, WilliamSNMar 31, 2004 – Jun 29, 2007ODI think its a great ship, Its been built on a solid level, the officers and crew are very nice, i enjoy being aboard this ship, the work is hard but i do whatever i gotta do to keep this shop afloat.
Rodriguez, ErikGSMFNApr 24, 2004 – Aug 18, 2007MP
Edwards, Therron/ Big EdSH2Jun 3, 2004 – Oct 24, 2005S-3It was great working with some of you and for the others,"I hope you go to the bottom of the sea.
Brandenburger, KevinGSMFNJun 16, 2004 – Sep 4, 2008mpnone
Roddy, AlFC3(SW)Aug 30, 2004 –CF02 Computer/Display (Disputer Techs)Great crew! I have made a lot of friends on board and shes is a good ship. My first command. If you want to be with the best come here!!!
Anderson, LukeFC3Oct 21, 2004 –CG
Heck, JohnCOMMAND MASTER CHIEFNov 8, 2004 –XXGreat Command and a super bunch of guys and gals onboard. As we take NORMANDY through workups and deployment, rest assured they're up to the challenge!
Harris, BrianAT3Nov 10, 2004 – Oct 28, 2005HSL 42 Det 1great boat, good people.
Carpenter, TimothyQM2(SW)Dec 15, 2004 – Aug 4, 2008NavigationGreat time on board!!!

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1989 | 1990 – 1992 | 1993 – 1994 | 1995 – 1997 | 1998 – 2001 | 2002 – 2004 | 2005 – now

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