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USS Normandy (CG 60) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Normandy (CG 60). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 415 crew members registered for the USS Normandy (CG 60).

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Hollingsworth, BradFC2(SW)1995 – 1997CF02
Morrison, DocHM3Jan 2, 1995 – Jan 13, 1998XM/NAV ADMIN
Apking, JohnQM2Mar 1995 – Jun 1998NavAdmin
Lacy, PaulTM1 SWApr 1, 1995 – Dec 5, 1996W1
Williams, JamesHM3Apr 15, 1995 – Jul 6, 1995Nav/AdminGreat Ship and Crew
Beresh, Michael (Bear)OS2May 1995 – Apr 1999OITHE BEST ship ever in my career. BEST division was OI and all the good people on board. Memories, that is all I have. We were the BEST that there was.
Johnson, KennethFNMay 1995 – May 22, 1998MP
Lacy, PaulTM1May 1995 – Dec 1996W-1 (Sonar)Made my last Med cruise on this ship. I also remember shooting 13 Tomahawks into Bosnia. I retired off her in Dec 96. Capt. Demasi was a really good captain.
Sizemore, ScottCTRC(SW)May 1995 – Aug 1997OE/SSESOne of my best in 20 years. Great command, great people, great time until some great Ops officers' and chiefs' careers ended suddenly with Demasi's CoC fitreps.
Trickle, DickYNRADMMay 18, 1995 – May 19, 1995562.94I couldn't take it. I lasted 6 hours.
Elyea, GregOS3Jun 1995 – May 1997OI
Yingling, StephenJun 1995 – Aug 1999
Barry, HowardGMC(SW)Jun 1995 – Aug 1997CTenjoyed my time aboard, retired off Normandy and will always remember the ceremony. will always remember DeMasi on the net "13 tomahawks headed for the bad guys"
Labarge, JeffGSM3 / GSM2Jul 1995 – Jul 1997P1I truly enjoyed my tour aboard the Normandy. The crew made the ship a pleasure to serve on. Would like to hear from some old friends.
Berginc, RyanIC2Aug 1995 – Jun 2000CEOverall it was a good experience. There is a lot of ridiculous B.S. to put up with, but at least we were all going through it together. Loved the port calls though. Currently married with 2 kids and living near Seattle. Shoot me a line!
Huey, DavidFC2 (SW)Aug 10, 1995 – Jul 19, 1999CF02
Galus, JoeRM3/2Aug 22, 1995 – Apr 1998OC
Morrison, ScottHM 3 (SW)Sep 8, 1995 – Dec 8, 1998NAV/ADMINCan anybody remember what happened in the 4 years I was on the Normandy?
Mitchell, BryanSTGC(SW)Oct 1995 – Oct 1997CA
Reyes, LeoE3/ENOct 1995 – Oct 1997AuxLove the time there, the friends a made and made laugh every day. If u know who I am please writte back. "VIVA MEXICO CABRONES" 16 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2009
Ray Eberts, RayGSMCOct 23, 1995 – Oct 17, 2001MPBy far the best tour I ever had in the Navy. Three Captains: Demassi, Deppe, and Blake; four Chengs and a whole slew of Div O's. I am now retired and when I think back to my time in the Navy I remember the Normandy.
Bedell, TroySTG2Jan 1996 – Dec 19, 1999CA
Marsh, ShawnOS?Feb 13, 1996 – Feb 13, 2000OIChanged rank 7 times, doesn't that make me a Chief? Never forget the memories, at least the ones I remember....bung.
David, Duane (Animal)FC 2Mar 1, 1996 – Jun 1, 2000CF 03It was a great time. Lots of good memories I think of them often. So many great people!! Yes I do remember the liberty vulture! KWA KAW
Tapiaayudant, Erik TapiE4 Engine manMar 14, 1996 – Mar 20, 2001AGANGBy far the greatest crew when i was in lol Capt Demazi ,dang come to think of it i went through 3 diff capt's lol yeah one of the few real salty dogs on the fleet,MADDOG madox, TERRY cowart ,and to all my HUPAFANGOS!!
Allen, StephenDC3-DC2Apr 1996 – Nov 2001DCFirst ship and so far the best ship by far. Transfered to a flat top, not as many friends as Normandy had. Would go back in a heart beat. My best Navy memories are from the 2 deployments I made with Normandy.
Mendez, OrlandoOS2Apr 1996 – Apr 2001OIGood Times. Lots of Memories.
Goslawski, KamilEM2Apr 20, 1996 – Jul 19, 1999Electrical
Maleu, Cary (Vinnie)DCFNApr 20, 1996 – Aug 20, 1997REPAIR
Jameson, DougLTMay 2, 1996 – Feb 1, 2000ops
Siatkowski, Jim (Lil' Ski)OS2May 12, 1996 – Aug 25, 1999OIRealize NOW what a good time it was, Except mid-watches, early a.m. unreps, sweepers..wait? One things for sure, I'll never forget the Normandy!!!
Clements, JoshBM3Oct 1996 – Aug 1999od
Abina, OlaGSM2Oct 4, 1996 – Dec 4, 1999MPWow. What an experience. I actually remember some Kats in here. Would try and contact folks. Had to leave at the end of my enlistment to pursue my dreams. Where are the other Engineering folks at?
Glenn, ArtisEN2Nov 20, 1996 – Nov 20, 1996A - GangIt was fun!
Lynch, ChrisIC3Dec 1996 – Jan 1998
Keane, Robert "bob"GM(M) 3Dec 1996 – Jul 1999CTMade some good friends, and had fun times
Holland, NathanielCSCS (SW)1997 –S-2Met some great people and shipmates.
Palmer, Joshuadeck seaman/e-2Jan 1997 – Feb 1998deck
Loesche, JoelGSMC(SW)Feb 1997 – Mar 31, 1999MPGreat Ship, Great Captain, Great CHENG, Great Engineers!!! ... Great Time!!!
Loesche, JoelGSMC(SW)Feb 1997 – Mar 31, 1999MP Division
Simpson, JohnGM1Mar 3, 1997 – Mar 3, 2001CG
Simpson, JohnGM1(SW)Mar 3, 1997 – Mar 3, 2001CGLots of memories onboard cell block 60. Worked with a lot of good people.
Knecht, JoeOS2(SW)Mar 6, 1997 – Feb 1, 1998reserve unit oi divhi im looking for the ships shoulder rocker patch, if anyone has one please get in contact please thank you,
McIntosh, PhillipGMM3/GMM2Mar 15, 1997 – Dec 25, 1999CO03In our youth it was difficult to appreciate the challenges we faced as the crew of Normandy. Only now can we begin to value that chapter in our lives. To each of you, I wish only the best.
Cordes, DanielOS3Apr 12, 1997 – Sep 7, 2000OIDefinitely worth it. Ups and downs, but I'll never forget it or the people I knew.
Johnson, BrandenGM3May 1, 1997 – Sep 4, 1999CO03Had some good times, great memories, and some bad times. Proud to have served.
Rodriguez, JeremyOS2May 12, 1997 – Oct 24, 2000OIGood time great memories.
Derosier, RobertFCCS(SW)Jun 1997 – Jun 2000CF
Torres, Eddy profile iconDC-FaJun 5, 1997 – May 8, 1998repairDc fireman torres. I am looking for people on board during operation southern watch.
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Mangabat, JamesOS2Jun 30, 1997 – Dec 1, 2001OIWhat an interesting experience. Would do it again if it weren't for the unreps and mid watches. During my tour, I met the best people, especially OI division, pretty much a second family to me. Thanks everybody!!!
Sterner, ChristopherFC2Jul 28, 1997 – Jun 10, 1999CF02Only ship I ever served on but I would love to go back. May sound crazy, but I miss it.
Gonzales, Rick (Gonzo)Aug 1997 – Sep 2001OI01I retired form Normandy, I have a lot of good memories from this ship, I worked with some very good people.
Sterner, Christopher  NEWFC2Aug 1997 – Jun 2000CF02Come to the USS Normandy Reunion Group for information on our annual cookouts and our formal Reunions every 5 years ALL shipmates are welcome...whether you did 6 years or just 1 day...we stay united!
Luke, GrahamSTG2Aug 4, 1997 – Jun 21, 2000CA02 - WCS, TACTASS TechEnjoyed MOST of my time onboard and all of the people. CA Div rocked. We were a family. Would like to know what the rest are up to. Cheryl, sent me a picture of my kid once and a while....
Gonzales, RickOS1 (SW)Aug 11, 1997 – Sep 30, 2001OIRetired from CG 60, Thanks to all for the good times. GONZO
Velez, FrankOS2Sep 1, 1997 – Oct 31, 2000OI
Jackson, DaveAD2Oct 1997 – Mar 1998HSL-48 Det8Great Times, Great people, Great memories
Aguirre, JasonSK2Dec 13, 1997 – Mar 2002S-1I couldn't stand being there but when I left I realized how much I actually loved it. Pretty scary.

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