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USS Normandy (CG 60) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Normandy (CG 60). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 415 crew members registered for the USS Normandy (CG 60).

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Nunez, RobertE5/GSM21993 – 1995Engineering/MPStationed while she was home ported in New York!
Lanzano, AnthonyBoatswains mate third class1993 – 1996DeckI will never forget the brotherhood that we had on this ship. It was my honor to serve as a crewmwmber on this ship.
Shipley, RichardSTGC1993 – 1995CA
Grafner, John (Grandpa)GSM21993 – Aug 1995MPStarted in Staten Island then Norfolk.
Gleason, Chucksn1993 – 1997deck
Lucius, MikeMS1993 – 1994SS02Good ship would like to here from people that were on board during that time frame
Legault, RikGSM2Jan 1993 – May 1995MPGlad to have served under Francis "The Icepick" Demasi.
Branham, JonDCJan 1993 – Dec 1993E
Tueffel, Jeff/toofBM3Jan 5, 1993 – Jun 19961st Division, DeckBest Crew, & Ship in the Fleet during our time. I miss you guys & that flight deck. I spend my time as a single father & chase adrenaline still by building wind turbines. B.A. you were a brother & father to us apes!
Williams, JesseE-3 HTFeb 23, 1993 – Jun 10, 1995R-1
Clay, MarshallGSCS(SW)Mar 1993 – Jul 1995Eng
Jones, ChuckE-3Mar 1993 – Oct 1996deckworking for a power company
Davila, GabrielGSM2Mar 1, 1993 – Apr 1, 1997MPHad fun with a bunch of good guys. Presently a Mechanical Engineer.
Due, PeterOS3Apr 1, 1993 – Aug 24, 1995OI
Shipley, Rich (Shipwreck)STGC(SW)May 1993 – Nov 1995CABest Ship I ever served on. Best Skipper I ever had was Capt. Frank Demasi.
Jacques, David60May 29, 1993 – Dec 1, 1994DeckWould like to find out what is going on with some of my old shipmates, Seamen Josh Griffie, Micah Dantice, Bill Cunningham, Curtis Cobbs, Chuck Brooks, Chuck Jones. I now live in the state of Washington. I am a Physcial Therapist Assistant.
Steele, LarryET3Jun 1993 – Feb 1997CE
Cunningham II, William ASNJun 1993 – Aug 1995DeckLooking to catch up with old friends, I live in Cleveland ohio and have been a police officer for 21 years, if you remember me, email me at
Tagliaferri, Joe (Tag)RM3Jun 14, 1993 – Jun 29, 1995OCLooking for old friends from my time.
Mitchell, GlenSTG2Jul 1993 – Jul 1995CAGood to see old shipmates listed here. I am living back in Maine. Always looking to hear from shipmates.
Kencharek, RobertFC2 (SW)Jul 1993 – May 1997CF
Jordan, Aron ( All Damage, No Control)DC3Jul 13, 1993 – Jul 13, 1995R Engineering
Spry, EdET2Aug 1993 – Jan 1998CE
Worster, DeanFC3Aug 1, 1993 – Jun 1, 1996CT
Gallinis, RobFC2(SW)Sep 1993 – Aug 1997CF02
Sieders, GeneDC2Sep 7, 1993 – Feb 22, 1997ER
Andrew Hartman, AndyFC2Sep 15, 1993 – Jun 15, 1996CF01
Ortiz, RyanE-3Oct 1993 – Nov 19961ST
Cantor, DavidSNOct 3, 1993 – Apr 21, 1995
Reilly, JonE3Oct 14, 1993 – Sep 1, 2005DeckHey, I was on board for like 2 years! Yes, I went UA for 62 days! Hindsight, it was not a good idea! Great ship, work sucked! I live in CT, graduated from College, received my MBA from UCONN and now I make more money than a Captain! E3-$100,000
Dantice, JevonSNOct 20, 1993 – May 15, 1996ODLooking forward to hearing from anybody from Cell Block 60! My email address is I am still in the Navy, I was commissioned and now a SWO. I am in Monterey Ca, at the Naval Post Graduate School.
Sergi, DanielSTG3(SW)1994 – 1997CAEnjoyed my crew, the Captain, the ship. A wonderful experience for me. Met some amazing people and claimed a little history for ourselves along the way.
Latrell, TimBM3Jan 1994 – Mar 19981ST 5TH 2ND
Demers, DuaneFNJan 1, 1994 – Jan 1, 1997Deck and EngineeringLoved the travel, liked the friendships, hated the work, hated the money, but my time there was all important. I'm an attorney now. It's a pain, but its better than quarters and swabbing.
Kirk, MarkLTJGJan 5, 1994 – Jan 15, 1994
Barbaro, Arnold / VinnyFCCFeb 14, 1994 – Dec 14, 1998CSThis was absolutely the best command!
Fritz, EdwardFCCFeb 25, 1994 – Feb 2, 1999CV - TomahawkThe most exciting time aboard was when we launched 13 TLAMs into B-H. To all whom I served with, thanks for the fun times and email me.
Anderson, Matt A.k.a."Peabody"FC2 (SW)Mar 1, 1994 – May 7, 1997CF
Anderson, MattFC2(SW)Mar 15, 1994 – May 2, 1997CF02
Murphy, Harold "Murf"SK2Apr 1994 – Dec 1997S-1SK'S RUN THE SHIP... HOLLA
Earl, KenE-5Apr 1, 1994 – May 18, 1997MP Division
Garner, LinGSM1Apr 4, 1994 – Dec 13, 1996engineeringthe trip was very interesting.
McCall, Kris Mac DaddyFC2 (SW)Apr 10, 1994 – Dec 19, 1996CF01I was showing my son some pics of my old bucket of bolts and decided to register. Any of my old friends that were on the Normandy or the Acadia should drop me a line. I am currently working as an RF Engineer in Appleton, Wisconsin.
Shaw, JimGMG2(SW)May 1994 – Mar 1997COThis was by far the best ship in the Fleet.
Hollingsworth, Brad (Holli)FC2(SW)May 1994 – Apr 1997CF-02Do y'all remember the "Liberty Vultures" KAW-KAW
Inniss, HaydenE3Jun 1, 1994 – Nov 11, 1997SupplyToughest time of my life. I grew up travelled the world and had lots of fun memories with some great friends.
Bric, PeterOS1(SW )Jun 29, 1994 – Jun 15, 1999CTBest Command I ever served , great crew
Garner, LinGSM3Jul 1, 1994 – Dec 15, 1996engineeringinteresting again...
Demers, DuaneE-1, E-2, THEN E-1Jul 2, 1994 – Dec 12, 1996ENGGreat time, forgot about the bad stuff. Email me!
McDowell, MacBM2/E-5Jul 21, 1994 – Apr 10, 1996DeckThe BEST SHIP with the BEST SHIPMATES and THE BEST CAPTAIN. Frank was the best, I have spoken to him as of late and he is the same as I remember. Getting to know him outside the Navy is as much of an honor as it was in.
Bric, PeterOS1(sw)Aug 1994 – Jun 1999CT
Ward, SeanEN2Aug 3, 1994 – Jul 12, 1999A-Gang
Glazier, JoshSM3Sep 1994 – Apr 1998
Delaney, KevinQMSNSep 1994 – Jun 1996Navigation
Oefelein, Jeffrey (Offline)GSEC(SW)Sep 1994 – Nov 1998MP DivisionAn awesome command and great shipmates. It was an honor to serve onboard.......
Richardson, ScottDC2Sep 1, 1994 – Aug 15, 1995EngineeringWorked in Repair Division as Damage Controlman
Coy, Bradley "Scott"OS(SW)2Oct 1994 – Mar 1997OIGreat times and I will always remember them
Quilenderino, Q12DC2Nov 4, 1994 – Jun 2, 1998Repair Navy Damage Control sucks I got out and became a real full time firefighter/ engineer. Just kidding! Damage Controlman rule!
Sutter, AnthonySK1Dec 16, 1994 – Dec 16, 1996S-1

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1989 | 1990 – 1992 | 1993 – 1994 | 1995 – 1997 | 1998 – 2001 | 2002 – 2004 | 2005 – now

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