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USS San Jacinto (CG 56) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS San Jacinto (CG 56). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 301 crew members registered for the USS San Jacinto (CG 56).

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Jackson, BryanSTG1Mar 1997 – Oct 31, 1999CA
Carle, TimEN1Apr 1997 – Jan 2000A-DivisionBest command I have served. I'm sorry I couldn't finish my term on this command. (Broken fib and Tib). Finished my time on the Uss Wasp, worst command to be on.
Duffy, EdwardIT2/RM2Apr 1, 1997 – Oct 29, 2000OCSome of the best times of my life. Met a lot of great people. Look me up on facebook. Ed Duffy Suffolk VA.
McCorkle, Garrett (Mac)E-5 GM2 (SW)Apr 10, 1997 – Jun 28, 2000CO / WOThis was the best crew and the best command I ever served with.
Bojko, MichaelEW2May 1997 – Oct 2000OT
Jester, ToddBM1Jun 1997 – Jun 2001ODAbsolutely the best ship I was ever on. No water hours. Hollywood showers everyday. Went on to Panama City for 5 YEARS of shore duty where I retired as BM1. Anybody remember BM1 Gum? What a DICKHEAD.
Rogers, Eric MOS2 (SW/AW)Jul 18, 1997 – Oct 18, 2002OIGreat ship, Great crew, Good times
Rutherford, CorySNAug 10, 1997 – Oct 23, 1999odTo my navy brothers and to the San Jac. It was an honor to serve with true professionals and hands down the best ship on the water front. You both make me proud. Thanks for the memories.. God speed
Rutherford, CorySNAug 21, 1997 – Oct 15, 1999OD
Walker, MajorMs1 SW/AWNov 20, 1997 – Mar 6, 2001S2Was a truly great ship and experience for me and my future
Williams, NickEN 3Nov 25, 1997 – Jun 1, 2001
Pemberton, William(pem)E-5/GM2Dec 29, 1997 – Jun 23, 2003Weps 3It was a great time there. The Weps division was the greatest. I miss the Jac and all the guys on board. I should have got a NAM for the things I did in the Armory but that cool. Still had fun.
Van Hamlin, JonathonHM2May 1, 1998 – May 4, 2000AdminServed as the Hospital Corpsmen on the San Jack for two years.
Ellis, Jeremy "Bobby"OS2May 7, 1998 – Apr 2004OII love this ship and the crew. We accomplished a lot of great things together. San Jack salute!!!
Dimalanta, ErwinPC2Jul 4, 1998 – Mar 9, 1999OD/SUPPLYBEEN THERE ,OUTSTANDING SHIP
Nettle, ScottCTN2Aug 18, 1998 – Nov 15, 2001OT01I had the time of my life onboard the best cruiser in the fleet. Command climate was great, morale was always up, and some of the best port calls. VICTORY IS CERTAIN!!!! GO GUNSLIGERS
McAfee, MacFCCSep 15, 1998 – May 5, 2002CGAbsolutely the BEST ship in the fleet with the BEST crew ever! Miss all the good times!
Gantt, IbenQM1(SW)Nov 1998 – Sep 2000Executive/NavigationAssistant Navigator
Patterson, Ricardo Phatt PattOS2Nov 2, 1998 – Nov 2, 2002OI
Gantt, IbenQM!(SW)Nov 27, 1998 – Oct 31, 2000Nav/AdminAssistant Navigator
Ladera, ChrisFC1(SW)Dec 7, 1998 – Nov 3, 2002CF
Bobzien, JaredYN11999 – 2004AdminBest time of my Naval career!
White, BenBMSNFeb 17, 1999 – Jul 13, 2000deck
Keane, BillCMDCMMar 22, 1999 – Jan 25, 2002ALLGreat ship with a great crew!
Luedtke, JimHMCMay 1999 – Apr 2001MEDBest ship and crew I have served with. All I remember is Malta and Houston.
Helzer, JamesSH3May 1, 1999 – May 1, 2003sUPPLY1
Custard, CodyOS2Jun 1, 1999 – Mar 1, 2002OII effed it up at the end
Movenko, AndrewCPOJul 1999 – Nov 2001MPAbsolutely the best ship!!! And first class crew. Victory is Certain!!!
Williams, Raymond/docHM2Jul 1, 1999 – Jun 3, 2002MEDICALI really enjoyed being on this ship. Like any man with a family, going out to sea was hard however, all the great times we had made it that much easier to want to go.
Kurtz, MatthewSKC(SW/AW)Dec 1999 – Aug 2003S-1Been there, done that
Bray, RyanOS2Dec 10, 1999 – Mar 1, 2005OIGreat ship miss my old divison, shout out to former OS's 2000-2005(yea its bray)
Davis, ScottieE-4 HT2000 – Apr 28, 2004RepairGreat ship. And crew, but the Best Division.
Stark, GarrettGM2Feb 2000 – Jun 2003WO/WF
McDonald, DavidSK1Feb 10, 2000 – Oct 3, 2003S-1
Huffman, Kevin Professor HuffdaddySTG2Mar 2000 – Sep 2003WAMy first tour on the USS San Jacinto CG-56
McGuire, BillCTR2Mar 2, 2000 – May 18, 2001
Santarelli, AnthonyEN3Mar 15, 2000 – Aug 31, 2003Auxiliaries Engineering
Holt, JeremyGM2Mar 20, 2000 – Jun 21, 2003WODuring dry dock Nov '02 there was a hydrogen-sulfide leak @ 1-58-0-M 58-77 WO the trunk of MT 51 forward pallet staging down past deep mag(azine) evacuating all crew forward of midship mess decks saving many lives.
Beamon, Nick ...steamin Willie BSHSNMay 2000 – Jun 2003SupplyGreat crew... good memories no regrets
Partner, MikeE-7 / GSMCMay 11, 2000 – Feb 27, 2003MP
Evans, ScottE4/DCJun 2000 – 2002REnjoyed my time and shipmates aboard. Malta and Croatia were the best.
McDonald, RobertFCSN(SW)Jun 13, 2000 –CFsome good time alot of bad but i had fun all the way keep the jac floating and fighting guys
Arthur, RobertFC3/FC2(SW)Sep 13, 2000 – Apr 4, 2004WOThe were many good times and frustrating times. However, some of my best lessons, and memories are on the San Jac. To all whom I served with, best wishes!
Sojourner, Antonio profile iconOS2(SW)Nov 2000 – May 20, 2004OIThe San Jac was great times. The OI division was the best group of guys to be around. The San Jac taught me a lot of life lessons.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1987 | 1988 – 1990 | 1991 – 1993 | 1994 – 1996 | 1997 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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