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USS San Jacinto (CG 56) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS San Jacinto (CG 56). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 305 crew members registered for the USS San Jacinto (CG 56).

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Gatewood, MitchFC31991 –CF
Sellers, DanPN21991 – 1992ADMIN
Nation, EvertGSM 3Feb 1991 – May 1994EngineeringI was one of the Oil Kings!! Where have all my Ship Mates gone?? email me @
Edward, SalusBM2(SW)Feb 10, 1991 – May 8, 1996ODHad some of the best times on this ship and with the crew. Way too many hours on that flight deck though.
Oldre, ScottSTG1(SW)Feb 15, 1991 – Feb 1, 1995CAHey Squiggy and Bert, and Pete, and Paul McCaskey, and Tim, and all the others I had a chance to annoy ;) Living in Irmo, SC since last year, married, teaching Unix Sys Admin, and RETIRED!! Okay, heading up forward to chip paint in the trunk.
Templeton, Christopherdc2-dc1Mar 1991 – Jan 1996repairI,came aboard when she returned from deser storm. I ran the dcpo division for the better part of four years,from 1992-1996. I had some god times , but most of all new alot good guys.
Payne, JameyE-4Apr 1, 1991 – Jun 1, 1994
Payne, JameyRM3Apr 1, 1991 – Jun 1, 1994ocany old radioman or card players i beat up on email me at
Ponce, FredQM3Apr 4, 1991 – Dec 17, 1994NavigationI miss you guys. where's the old crew?
Soliman, AnthonyOS3Apr 26, 1991 – May 20, 1994OIBest time of my life. I miss the days of virtually having no responsiblity.
Ross, Christopher BootEMFNJun 20, 1991 – May 21, 1993EngineeringHad a great time aboard .Miss all my friends. Like to reunite with some of you.
Hajjar, George "twistfish"ET2(SW)Jun 21, 1991 – Aug 16, 1995CE02Best time of my life, looking back on it! Miss you guys: Ivanoff, Perry, Crandell, Carrico, Williams, Kidwell, Kelleher, Warren, Petersen, Byers, Brophy, Beard, Black, Lynch, Yarborough & the Twidgets!! Disharged 1998, Now in Denver CO.
Cancel, EdwinMS1/E-6 RETIREDJul 19, 1991 – Mar 9, 1993Supply/S-2This ship and it's crew were the best and most profesional shipmates that I ever served with during my 20 years in the Navy. We were the first AEGIS cruiser to do a UNITAS deploymnet in 1993 and we visited 8 countries and enjoyed ourselve
Spencer, JimGSM3Aug 16, 1991 – Sep 5, 1995EMI can't believe it's been almost 19 years since I was aboard "the Jac". I hope all my shipmates are well!
Byler, DavidDC2Nov 1991 – Jul 1996erwas on the san jac for 5 years. remember all the great times i had with everyone in the engineering dept
Surrarrer, Steve ( Smurf )MS1992 – 1995supplyVictory is Certain!!! Awesome time on board the Jac. Wouldn't mind seeing her again. Maybe a tour next year. Haze gray underway that was the life for me. Have fun guys :)
Zurenski, SteveFC-21992 – 1996CT
Bolton, DanielOS1Jan 6, 1992 – Nov 9, 1995OIShe was and still is "The World's Finest Aegis Cruiser".
Smith, DennisGSM2 (SW)Jan 14, 1992 – Mar 31, 1995EngineeringHail To the "San Jac!" IMiss everything the Jac had to offer. Great Shipmates and a great time.
Waltersdorf, TomQM2(SW)Jan 14, 1992 – Aug 30, 1995navigation"Pete!" "Twistfish!" "Freddy Ponce!" and "The Late Great Dave Tink!" Best ship / best crew in the fleet. It seems like yesterday.
Bechill, BobCAPTMar 23, 1992 – Aug 28, 1993SupplyGreat ship. Great shipmates.
Hudnall, DanaCTRC(SW)May 1, 1992 – May 1, 1995OSAwesome Tour!
Hall, RyanE-5/STG2(SW)May 20, 1992 – Nov 5, 1996CAThe time I spent on the "Jac" is, with no question, the highlight of my Navy career.
Surrarrer, Steve/smurfMS3/E-4Jun 16, 1992 – Jun 8, 1996supply
Yarborough, Troy LeeE-6/ET1Jun 19, 1992 – Aug 19, 1996CEWas and still is the "World's Finest Aegis Cruiser". Miss the old crew.
Elledge, JaySH2/SH1Jul 1992 – Mar 1997
Bradley, TonyDK3Aug 1992 – Jun 1995SupplyWow. Crandall, Waltersdorf, Peterson, Tinkler (RIP), Hatlan, Campbell, Hajar, McNulty, Ponce, Solomon, Butler,Keith, Warren and all my other freaks. Thanks for the memories! Peace to all who serve.
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Espinosa, JoeE-4/ET3Oct 1992 – May 18, 1994CE
Espinosa, JoeET3Oct 1992 – May 1994CEHas it really been 14 years since I last walked off the San Jac as a crew member? The San Jac has been to Houston a couple times since then.
Espinosa, JoeET3Oct 10, 1992 – May 18, 1994CE
Hill, Michael/boothillgsm3Nov 15, 1992 – Sep 22, 1994engineering
O'Donnell, James "Odoe"OS2(SW)Dec 1992 – Mar 1996OI
Wright, MatthewFC2Dec 31, 1992 – Feb 14, 1996CF01San Jac was and probably still is the finest ship in the Navy. I was happy to be transferring-'till it was time to. Then, I knew what I would be missing-and still do. Great crew and camaraderie and such a cast of characters!!
Dillon, WillieRM3 (IT3)1993 – 1996OPSGood tour on board the san jac. Hey Jokey(RM3 Hall) where u at playa.
Buckhannon, BuckMS1 (SW)1993 – 1998S-2Hope all are doing good. I had some great times on San Jac and made 3 cruises.
Fox, RobertGSE 21993 – 1998EMThought I would never miss but I do. Still married happily to Carol. Living in Mississippi, working on what else turbines. Anyone need a job in the field contact me
Coleman, Doug/ New JackFC3(2)1993 – Jun 10, 1994Cant remember (CS??)Most squared away ship i had been on. Had some good/bad times. was getting near the end of my enlistment so i really wasn't try to be AJ squared away anymore. BTW, where is Mavaramatis aka Mav
Barber, TimGSM2Jan 1993 – May 1994Engineering
Barber, TimGSM2Jan 1993 – May 20, 1994EngineeringGreat Times! Miss the work and the People but not the sea time! Thanks!
Paynter, Paynt DawgYN3Feb 1993 – Sep 1997ADMIN
Dc 2 (Sw) Franco, CraigDC2 (SW)Feb 1993 – Aug 1996RBest Crew.... all of them are family.... would serve with them all again
Willke, ErikSN(SW)Mar 1, 1993 – Mar 1, 1995ODThis was my first of three ships. By far my favorite. After this I served as an AE on SH-60F on a carrier. Cruiser life was 100 times better. I miss my brothers that I learned to love and hate at the same time. Keep in touch.
Souris, Nicholas / NasaCTO1May 11, 1993 – Apr 20, 2002OTSysAdmin for the UARNOC at NAVCOMTELSTA, but that is not a valid command on this site so I put my time on the Jac. Wish there were more spooks signed up here! I suppose they noticed this site is hosted in Germany
Talcott, LynBM3Jul 1993 – Jan 1996ODBest Boat On The Waterfront
Peterson, Steven Shaun - "Pete"STG2(SW)Jul 10, 1993 – Apr 22, 1996CAI was the guy Hajjar called the "Asparagus". We had an outstanding crew from 93' to the end of Capt Covington's command in 95'.
Roloff, Kory "razor"SK2Aug 1, 1993 – Jun 1, 1997SUPPLY
Ehlers, TyBM1Aug 12, 1993 – Sep 5, 1997OD
Sandrock, DonaldMR 1Sep 1993 – Aug 31, 1996ER
Mitchell, SeanstonE4/GMGSWOct 4, 1993 – Feb 5, 1998cothis was the best and only ship i served duty on. if i had to do it all over again it would be on the san jac. thanks to, my best friend cto3sw kevin hicks, and gmm2sw kevin greico rip.
Edwards, BrianENFNOct 19, 1993 – Oct 20, 1994
Murphy, DaveFC2 (SW)Nov 1993 – Sep 1996CTGreat time, great friends.
Harder, ScotFC2(SW)Dec 1993 – Jul 1996CombatThose were the days. Hope you boys keep here wet and on the front line. During my 3 years, we never lost a Battle E. Our Spy system beat ever new Burk that came on line.

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