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USS Leyte Gulf (CG 55) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Leyte Gulf (CG 55). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 523 crew members registered for the USS Leyte Gulf (CG 55).

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Mitchell, EricGSM1995 – 1996M
Nunez, RobertE5/GSM21995 – 1996Engineering/MP
Henson, DaveCWO3Jan 1, 1995 – Jan 4, 1997OTEngineering Drills and cappuccino - two things I'll never forget...
Wroath, JoeyOS2Apr 1995 – Apr 1999OIGreat time with all. Was my only ship and had a blast. Out now but often think of everybody....and hope everyone is well. Thanks to all of you who are still serving and best wishes to you and your family. Take care!
Williamson, JasonFC1(SW)Apr 28, 1995 – May 1, 2000CFThe BEST group of guys I ever served with. Out of the Navy now, but miss some of the times we had. Anybody from CF Division during this time should contact me.
Hopkins, JonPN2(SW)May 1995 – May 1999ExecutiveFantastic time, fantastic ship and crew. Where the hell is Chief Daviau???
Hall, Scott profile iconMR1 (SW/AW)May 4, 1995 – Sep 15, 1997R-DIVISIONStationed in Mayport, FL. which was pretty cool. Med cruise 96-97' Ship home port shifted to Norfolk, VA. in July 97' I rode her up there but transfered back to Mayport shortly after.
Newell, DerekOSCS(SW)May 15, 1995 – May 20, 1997OI
Corn, EricOS1(SW)May 20, 1995 – Aug 31, 1997OI
Gamble, CraigFRJun 1995 – Dec 1995A-GangGreat time. I learned a lot about myself and life.
Hill, PaulCTO3Jun 1995 – Jun 1998OT
Decker, JeffreyEM2(SW)Jun 1, 1995 – Sep 1, 1998EE02
Snyder, BrianFCCJun 29, 1995 – Jun 30, 2000CFOutstanding Ship. Great People. The Best!
Beamon, MarcusRMCS/E8Jul 19, 1995 – Jul 27, 1997OCBest Radio Shack Ever with the best group of RM's that I ever had the pleasure to work with,
Fontanella, JosephIS1(SW)Aug 5, 1995 – May 2, 1998OT
Fletcher, James D.STG2(SW)Sep 7, 1995 – Aug 27, 2000CANothin but good times!!!! Except for the TR incident.
Matsche, Bob (Senior Spook)CTRCS(SW)Oct 1, 1995 – Nov 30, 1996OTThank you CWO2 Dave for all the cappocino's
Hensley, Timothy D.OS2(SW)1996 – 1999OI
Roetman, RobOS2 (SW)1996 – 2001OI5 years on this ship. Brothers, I miss ya and the times we had. Capt. Donahue... You ROCK! I will never forget those days! CICO Mattox said to me a couple years ago, "Isn't it amazing how you forget all the BAD TIMES on that ship?"
McCall, AnthonyIC21996 – 1999Combat Systems
Natal, JuanSH2(SW)Jan 2, 1996 – Jan 13, 2000S-3A tour on a ship seems better when you are done. I hope to get in touch with those I proudly served in my home away from home. I was the best barber. I retired in 2004 as a SH1(SW) and now work for the IRS in Puerto Rico
McGhee, RyanCTO2(SW)Jan 4, 1996 – Dec 19, 1998OTLooking back, what a great three years onboard the double nickle! At the time, I guess I justloved to hate it!
Foster, JohnnyMS2Jan 4, 1996 – Jun 30, 1998GalleyAwesome ship awesome times great crew
Terry, JasonOS2Feb 1, 1996 – Apr 6, 1998OIBesides the whole collision at sea incident and working for an insane OSC, I enjoyed my time on board. Guys like LeVan, Walrod, Bastoni (the idiot!) Flournoy and Mech made it a great experience. OSC Hodges?? I remember signing your quals!
Smith, Steven W.STGCSFeb 5, 1996 – Jul 20, 1999CAGreat tour/people. Can't forget the TR ramming us 10/14/96. Truth? it WAS their fault, NOT OURS! They never replaced the aft CWIS they lost that night! CO Vogan great relief! Still haven't figured why a CG has a Sonar?! Enjoyed the ride. -
Grether, EricOS3Mar 1996 – Jun 1997OI
Guthrie, John (Arlo)CTR2Mar 1996 – Mar 2000OT01
Jenkins, DrewEW2(SW)Mar 1996 – May 1999OT02Really miss seeing you jerks every day!
Ceci, RoyDK1(SW)Apr 3, 1996 – Oct 1, 2001S-4
Gonzalez, OmarSNMay 1, 1996 – Nov 25, 1997Deck
Vargas, Frederick3rd class / Damage controlJun 5, 1996 – Oct 15, 1998Damage controlStarted as an undesignated A- ganger then made 3rd class with the DC team. Great experience. I enjoyed our deployment. However, I still have nightmares of the collision with the TR that Oct morning.
Pafundi, TedIT1Aug 1996 – Aug 1998
Santos, Ismael/izzyOs2Sep 16, 1996 – Feb 25, 2000Oi divGreat times great people miss everyone
Hayes, DanielGSM2Sep 27, 1996 – Sep 26, 1999MP
Poe, KevinSM3Oct 13, 1996 – Jun 1, 2000NAVGreat Memories from the old Double Nickel with great buddies
Adams, CoyENSNov 14, 1996 – May 18, 1998OEFirst Division Officer Tour (EMO). Received my SWO pin, deployed one month after collision with TR and left to have my hip replaced. Wonderful Ship & Crew!
Wickman, AdamOS21997 – 2001OI
Wood, Barry / Woody profile iconMS21997 – 2002S-2
Keul, RoyceGM31997 – 2000CM
Barry, RandallGSM3Feb 24, 1997 – Jul 23, 1997mp
Hightower, Gregory J SrDC1(SW)Mar 28, 1997 – Mar 4, 2001RepairA pleasure to have worked with such quality sailors. A shipmate could not have asked for more.
Hodges, CraigOSC(SW)Apr 4, 1997 – Dec 2, 2001OI
Marciniak, Edwin W. Jr.FC1(SW)May 1997 – Apr 2002WS
Lapenna, JosephOSCS(SW)Jun 1997 – Jun 1999OIGreat split tour, earned me my "star"!!
Keil, JoeLTJGJun 1997 – Jan 1999CA / ODEarned my SWO Pin.
Cooper, TonyBMC(SW)Jun 1, 1997 – Aug 1, 2000CAWas an STG3 -onboard STG2(SW). Served during some of her finest hours.
Grest, Christian FC1(SW)Jun 15, 1997 – Jun 15, 2001CFMan do I miss those days! Had lots of great times onboard the double nickel. Some not so good, but the good far outweigh the bad. Capt. Donahue was the best CO of my 9 1/2 years serving!
Raysor, MichaelEM2Jun 17, 1997 – Jun 9, 1999EGlad to have served on a fine ship
Tyson, LeroyRM1Jul 1997 – Aug 1999OCGreat time, great Crew and great way to end my career
Barnett, AlphonsoJul 7, 1997 – Oct 7, 2000
Nealey, MichaelIT2Aug 1, 1997 – Feb 1, 2001OCHey everyone send me an email if you wish.
Medina, MonikaDC2 SWAug 11, 1997 – Aug 11, 2001R divisionBest part of my life. Best people I have ever met and trusted. I wish I could turn back time. My email is or google+
Lopez, Charlie "Sir Wicked"DCCAug 22, 1997 – Aug 1, 2001RTook me a while to get on.... but if you remember me hit me up on email Best time and place to grow up in the navy. Hightower, R Division Holla Back!
Swearingen, BillOS1/OSCSep 1997 – May 2002The best division in the fleet!!!!! Greatest guys and gals, enjoyed every minute onboard this ship! Miss all my brothers and sisters. Retiring OCT 2006 would love to have you guys there. e-mail me for details.
Frost, DuaneCMDCM SW/SSSep 27, 1997 – Nov 29, 2000Highlight of my 30 year career. Great CO, Capt. Ray Donahue. Great XO's. Tremendous CPO Quarters, Outsatnding crew. I think of you often. Drop a note, let me know how you are doing.
Ortega, Arnel 'Rebel'MS/CS2Oct 4, 1997 – Jun 15, 2001S-2i didn't know about this whole site i just happened to come accross it while browsing for CG-55 pics. online. anyway, i've had some good ports while on CG55. shouts out to Lopez, Medina,Gallegos, Fernandez and everyone else i hung out wit
Duncan, KeithSTG1Nov 1997 – Sep 2001CAI could not have asked for a better workplace in a more lovely city and state. Thank you, God, for placing me on America's Battlecruiser for 4 years of my life. If only they had NASCAR, toothless women and karaoke in Southern California... sigh.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1986 | 1987 | 1988 – 1989 | 1990 | 1991 – 1992 | 1993 – 1994 | 1995 – 1997 | 1998 – 2000 | 2001 – 2003 | 2004 – now

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