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USS Antietam (CG 54) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Antietam (CG 54). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 353 crew members registered for the USS Antietam (CG 54).

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Jones, RichardSR1989 – 19901ST
Allmacher, KevinFC21989 – 1992CM
Helton, TedIC21989 – 1991CSHad a great time and knew a lot of great people on the Antietam. Shouts to Eric Ward, Kody Farmer, Ron Zajac, and Tom Brown.
Barbee, DanielGSM1Jan 1989 – Jan 1992MPI worked with a lot of good people on Antietam and had some great experiences
Sahm, Garrett L.BM3Jan 4, 1989 – Aug 8, 1992OpsIf anyone remembers BM3 Sahm contact me!
Deli, CarmenRM1Feb 1989 – 1991CommC some familiar names, hope everyone gud, I am still running like I'm on Magsaysay Dr hollar posted 5 jun 2012
Gomez, RaoulOS2Feb 14, 1989 – May 10, 1994oiEnjoyed my time aboard this ship. Great crew. I miss those west-pac deployments.
Allen, WilliamOS2Mar 1, 1989 – Sep 1, 1993OIGreat ship and crew.
Allen, WilliamOS2Mar 5, 1989 – Jan 5, 1993OIEnjoyed every trip. Would like to conctact fellow OS's that serevd during the time I did.
Farmer, KodyIC 3May 20, 1989 – Apr 10, 1991CSMy First Ship. I loved it, wish I was a little older when I was on it, I was a young punk, but I still loved the ship. I tell my kids about it all the time.
Kaylor, PaulGSM2Jun 1989 – Dec 1990MP DivisionGreat tour! Loved long beach and miss my old shipmates. Hotaling, Wissenback, Senior Q, GSMC Hemphill and many others who are in the back of my mind!
Johnson, Milton ARM1Jul 4, 1989 – Feb 24, 1991OCBest ship and crew ever, Proud to have served on this great ship. Gulf War Starter Boat Behide the scenes
Gains, DaleGSM3Aug 1989 – Jun 1994eng.e-mail me guys, and lets have a reunion!
Dolbee, DavidEW2Aug 1, 1989 – Apr 20, 1992OE
Smith, ClaudeHM3Aug 1, 1989 – Aug 1, 1991NXProud to have served in Desert Shield on a bad ass ship with fearless, hard working and fun loving shipmates. I'm sure I gave everyone Motrin or Sudafed. I still remember all the minor and seriously injured shipmates.
Wilson, LonnieICCAug 12, 1989 – Jan 15, 1992CS-4The last of five ships I served on in the Navy.
Pytlak, JosephCWO4Sep 1989 – Mar 1993E
Morris, Howard "Mo"ISC (SW)Oct 1989 – Oct 1992SESS
Baerga, Anthony profile iconSNOct 17, 1989 – Nov 17, 19921st.My time on the Antietam was adventurous. I was a BMSN assigned to the Vessel Board Search and Seizure Team. I also worked on the flight deck crew. I held the fastest chock and chainman record on the Antietam.
Baerga, AnthonyE-3Nov 1989 – Nov 19921st. Division
Nielsen, DougOS1(SW)Nov 1, 1989 – Oct 1, 1994OI
Martin, RonaldE-4 MS3Nov 1, 1989 – Jan 9, 1993SupplyI really enjoyed the Navy. It was my privilege serving our country during the first Persian Gulf War. I met many good men and made a few great friends. I would love to here from anyone who remembers me. God Bless.
Simon, Kevingsm2Nov 28, 1989 – Mar 6, 1992mpGreat fire team and great ship
Lopez, CarlosDC 3Dec 1, 1989 – Dec 1, 1992ERGreat times on board a great ship and great crew HT1 MARSHALL, LT( MAIN MAN)Zollo, DCFN Oceguera, DC1Willie, DC BARRY, Its liberty call time in P.I., Australia, Thailand, and ur favorite place Bahrain.
McFadden, JackSNDec 20, 1989 – Aug 23, 19931STdoes anyone remember how BM1 looked like Homer Simpson or how Clueless Mr. Mariano was?
McFadden, JacksnDec 20, 1989 – Aug 1993ODO1
Motoike, PhilOS21990 – Oct 5, 1994OI
Black, Travis (Bucketpatch)DC21990 – 1992
McDonald, John "Mad Mac"GSM31990 – 1992MPMy first ship. Capt. Eddingfield and CDR. Stavridis were role models of excellence! She set the bar for superior performance!
Lutes, DavidCTR11990 – 1992OEGreat experience!
Whitehurst, KevinE5/RM21990 – 1992OCHad some of the best times while stationed in Long Beach, CA aboard Antietam. Then when it was time to deploy here we go westpac (Thailand & P.I.). I only hope my son has as much fun as I did in the Navy.
Pelt, JosephSTG1990 – 1992Sonar
Motoike, PhilJan 24, 1990 – Mar 19, 1992
Burke, EmmanuelSNSM (WAS E2)Feb 1990 – Nov 25, 1997Flight DeckAntietam 91 in charge of flam 1 and paint locker. Looking for anyone who remembers me. Call 510 755 0694.
Boston, MikeFC 3Feb 4, 1990 – Oct 21, 1993Tomahawk Weapon SystemsTwo westpacs and 1 RIMPAC. Visted 20 ish countries. 1 st battle group in the gulf for desert storm with the independence battle group. Served with Tom Hancher, Steve Soltesz, FC3 allen, Todd Tran, Kevin Allmacher, and many others
Weller, BobbySTGSN-STG3Mar 1990 – Aug 1993CAGreat times. Did 2 deployments while on board. Meet lots of good friends. Cross rated to the Seabees in 1996 and currently a Builder 1st Class. Planning for my retirement in April of 2009.
Ortiz, JasonSAApr 10, 1990 – Apr 10, 1992deckI only served for a couple of years but was able to meet some great people. Does anybody remember Rob "Tweety" Canady? He and I were joined at the hip. I would like to find him if anybody knows how.
Black, Travis (Bucketpatch)DC2Jun 1990 – Feb 21, 1992MR1 Stevenson, HT2 Keenan,MR3 Buck,Dc2Stanley,HT2Anderson,and GM2Barbee,and LT. Zollo(Mr Z)All the good times will not be forgot.and Dcfn (Fergi)Ferguson
Arthur, JoeSTG3Jun 29, 1990 – Aug 25, 1992OSMan I hated it then... but many fond memories... such good friends :)
Jones, MichaelOS3Jul 1990 –OIThis was the best ship ever.
Buck, JamesMR3Jul 7, 1990 – Nov 20, 1994RepairThe BEST Command to serve on!
Grafton, BillSTG2Aug 2, 1990 – Mar 24, 1992CSA
Huddleston, KeithOS2Aug 2, 1990 – Sep 6, 1992OIBoy what a great crew we had. Man the 92 West PAC was the best.
Huddleston, KeithOS2Aug 5, 1990 – Sep 10, 1992OIWhat's up all you Scope Dopes. What a crazy time the early 90's were. Drop me an e-mail sometime.
Schleich, CharlesYN3Aug 17, 1990 – Feb 14, 1994EXEC
Torres, GeorgeET3(SW)Sep 10, 1990 – Sep 28, 1994CEWouldn't trade the time on Antietam for the world. Living in Texas for a while now back to the frozen tundra in Chicago. Still talk and work with a few of the guys, Hampster and John Bo Waynick.
Christensen, SeanSK3Oct 13, 1990 – Oct 13, 1991S1SKSC LAXA, SKC SPURGON, SK1 Chestnut, SK1 Beatrice,, SK2 Saau, SK2 Aichozt,, SK3 Nelson, SKSN SMITTY (I saw him a couple of yrs ago he was a first class) SKSN Fitzpatrick.. Small Division .. but the back bone of the ship
Corsmeier, RichardFC2(SW)Oct 14, 1990 – Oct 10, 1995CM, CF, & ISI had a great time onboard. Visited many countries. Remember Wednesday Field Day followed by sliders for lunch? Those were the good ole days.
Olson, KevinETCOct 22, 1990 – Jun 1, 1993

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