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USS Bunker Hill (CG 52) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bunker Hill (CG 52). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 368 crew members registered for the USS Bunker Hill (CG 52).

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Sanchez, JohnOS2Jan 1, 1999 – Jan 1, 2003opshad a pretty good time on that ship.
Ken, GregAMSANFeb 27, 1999 – Nov 11, 2007AIMDgood
Marshall, JonGSM2May 1999 – Jul 2001MP
Lang, WilliamFC2Aug 1999 – Oct 2003COI was pretty disgruntled at times. Never a lifer..Looking back now, it really wasn't that bad. I actually have some good memories, I kinda wish that I would've done more tourist stuff overseas instead of pub crawls...but it sure was fun!
Larson, ScottGM2Sep 1, 1999 – Jul 28, 2002CX01Gotta love the Bunker Hill- always haze grey and underway!
Brown, DavidMS3Oct 1999 – Oct 2004S-2I left the Bunkerhill with a lot of regrets. Mainly how i conducted myself on board. I still had a great time n a lot of great memories.
Palado, RonaldMS2Oct 17, 1999 – Jun 16, 2002S-2, S-5, S-2 againServed as Watch captain, Wardroom, and Bake shop supervisor. Hated repair locker training, fog watch and underway replenishment detail, plus being the only cook that didn't smoke.
Howerton, DavidFC2Dec 1999 – Jul 2002fc
Smith, JasonFCC(SW)Jan 2000 – Jun 2004CF....FCS/ORTSThe single best ship on the waterfront. HOORAH!
Kirby, ChrisDC3 E-4Jan 3, 2000 – Sep 5, 2001R
Fisher, JackHM-3Apr 1, 2000 – Apr 22, 2002adminI miss taking care of all you bed wetters. That was a fun crew. The best time in my Navy Career.
Hineman, JeffOSC(SW)Apr 11, 2000 – Jun 15, 2005
Moua, Tony profile iconBM2Jun 19, 2000 – Jun 20, 2004OD"Momma, Momma can't you see?"
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Yoon, AnthonyFC3Aug 7, 2000 – Aug 7, 2005CFSPY-1A Radar Tech
Terjesen, Tim (Tj)GSM 3Oct 1, 2000 – Jun 15, 2003MP - ER02Anyone know the where about of Johnny Lowery ??? GSM 3 Lowery..... let me know.
Holcomb, MichaelDC 3Nov 2000 – Oct 2003R
Sivilaythong, Don Aka Thong ManEN3Nov 6, 2000 – Jul 17, 2005Ayo A-Gang all the way dont forget who make the water for the ship and keep everybody if you dont like it get the hell out of here
Weber, Markos1Dec 6, 2000 – Oct 4, 2003OPS OI
Shelley, DanielDC3 /DCFN/FNDec 7, 2000 – Mar 26, 2004MP/R
Rosenfield, DaveFC1Feb 20, 2001 – Jan 4, 2003CO / CIWS
Holt, TimET2(SW)May 2001 – Nov 2003CE
Speer, ChristopherCTO3May 21, 2001 – Apr 1, 2003OMThe good old days on the 03 level doing clamp down.
Fender, RobertE-3/ FNJun 6, 2001 – Sep 14, 2004mphey this is fire man fender, robert, my e mail is
Rice, PatrickCTT2(SW)Aug 15, 2001 – Jan 24, 2005OM/OTmuch respect for IS1 Richards, CTRC Taylor, CWO2 Dilfer, CTT1 Dan Meaney, CTO1 Craig Anderson, Lunchbox, Nacho, Big Ern, Minty, Precious, Juice, Huskey, Danny "What, Son?" Castillo, Hard Hatt Matt Hess of the great state of IDAHO, Gibson
Varela, Jose Aka Furby/hoserDC1Sep 2001 – Jul 22, 2002I was only there for a short time, still kicking myself for not staying for deployment, but Momma wanted me home for a while.
Garcia, BrianE-5/DCSep 15, 2001 – Sep 3, 2006Repair
Wallace, JoshEn3Nov 2001 – Nov 2004AuxBest crew ever. X-31 for life boys
Valdivia, Danny (Val)E5 DCNov 1, 2001 – Nov 15, 2007R
Anderson, Jim-aka GrapeapeCG 52Nov 29, 2001 – Jan 15, 2006RepairGreat Crew, good tour of duty. Capt Farwell was the best CO. R-Div was Great, Val, Brian, Hoser, and Matt(I poke badgers with spoons) YOU guys are the best. Best Regards to all of you. Y'all can email me at james.o.anderson at
Vue, Johnny VueEM3Jan 2002 – Jun 2005EI learned a lot, lived a lot, best experience of my life. I learned life's little lessons from some of the best. Everyone taught you something from all walks of life, there was always something new to learn. Anyone know about EM3 Wicker?
Western, JeffreyDCCS(SW)Mar 2002 – May 20043MCLast ship of my Navy career.
Showers, DustinCTO3Mar 3, 2002 – Jul 9, 2005OM
Western, JeffreyDCCS(SW)May 1, 2002 – May 1, 2004R3MC
Herrera, PedroGSE3(SW)May 22, 2002 – May 31, 2006MP
Wolcott, NickE-5/FC2Jun 1, 2002 – Apr 27, 2007CFI had a great time everyday! Did way more than my rank implies, met some great people. Chief Warrant Officer Joseph Delgado really stuck out in my mind. As well as ICC Van Pelt~Simply amazing at what he does. (CSMC)
Taylor, MarlonCTRC(SW)Jun 17, 2002 – May 5, 2005OMSome days were better than others. If you want the excitement if you want the thrill dial 1-800-Bunker-Hill!!!!
Rulenez (Sickau), Jaysonsk3Jul 26, 2002 – Sep 20, 2005storeskeeper
Ward, ScottBM3Aug 2002 – May 2006Deck
Nation, CalebAMC (AW) THEN AM1Oct 1, 2002 – Jun 1, 2003AIR (HSL-45 DET 5) I have cruised on many ships, small boys carriers etc. The Bunker Hill is by far the finest ship with the finest crew I have ever encountered in my Navy career. I was honored to be on board during Iraqi Freedom. Keep the legacy going!
Hess, MattCTT2Oct 19, 2002 – Aug 16, 2006OM/OT
Mercado, DanielGM3Nov 2002 – Jul 15, 2005CO-CGit was fun....more fun than on the outside...wish i was back in but i make more money out
Attebury, JonFC2(SW)Nov 2, 2002 – Sep 11, 2006CGI just want to let everyone know, don't be scared to get out. Life is soooo much better. If you love the Navy fine, but don't stay in because your scared. There is a ton of jobs for FCs and ETs that make just as much money,but your hom

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1985 | 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – 1992 | 1993 – 1995 | 1996 – 1998 | 1999 – 2002 | 2003 – now

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