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USS Thomas S. Gates (CG 51) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Thomas S. Gates (CG 51). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 469 crew members registered for the USS Thomas S. Gates (CG 51).

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Andrews, Wendell, (Gib)ET2Nov 6, 1984 – Jul 26, 1989CEActually got frocked to ET1 at the Precom det in Norfolk. The day I left the ship, the CPO results had been released to CO's and Captain Sutton stopped me on the QD before I got bonged off to make the announcement. CMC precomming DDG-100 now.
Looney, Anthony R.FC11985 – 1988Combat Systems Aegis SPY-1Plank Owner.
Burghart, Douglas (Burggie)EN31985 – 1991A-GangPlankowner. It was great. Best part of my navy career. my email address is
Wisniewski, Robert C.E6 PLANKOWNER1985 – 1989NavigationPlankowner
Fowlkes, DouglasFC21985 – 1988CFPlankowner, saying Hey!! Display Tech
Horton III, DelbertGSM31985 – 1988Engineering/ER2
Young, Ronaldmsc(SW)Mar 24, 1985 – 1989s-2This was the best command that I was attached in my 20 year naval career
Slagle, TimOS1Apr 25, 1985 – Jul 15, 1987OIlooking for old shipmates
Calloway, RobertGSM/2Apr 29, 1985 – Apr 28, 1989Had a great life experince being on the commissioning crew of the Tommy G
Gates, DouglasPNCM(SW)Jul 7, 1985 – Oct 1, 1990Navigation/AdminGreat tour of duty. Miss those days but glad to be retired. Instructor now in NJROTC program at High School in Louisiana.
Bowers, BobFC1Sep 1985 – Aug 1987CFLeft right after commissioning to become an officer. Made that, hated it, and now I'm a contractor.
Lewis, WayneGMM1Sep 1985 – Feb 5, 1988CmFirst GMM1 assigned. Unfortunately cut short due to illness.
Hamil, MarkRM1Sep 1985 – Sep 1987operations
Paine, Dennis (Chief)E-7 ETCOct 1985 – Aug 1988CEGreatest ship I ever served on. Best men to work and associate with in the AEGIS world. Pop me an e-mail at Retired from Northrop Grumman and now work for Sayres and Associates on the DDX-1000 shipbuilding projec
Meeink, MichaelGSCS RETIREDOct 3, 1985 – Jan 4, 1992EngineeringBest ship, best people, great ports. We had a great time. Gates Greats. Still hanging out. Mike Timko, Rob Rice, John Ullery, John Slehsinger. What a great time we had up in Bath Maine.
Coale, DonFC1Dec 1985 – Jul 1991CF
Ottesen, WayneFC2 (SW)Dec 14, 1985 – Oct 10, 1989FCPlankowner, I can't believe she is already decommissioned
Zakarauskas, MikeET2(SW)1986 – 1990Combat SysytemsPlankowner
Jackson, SkipFC1(SW)1986 – 1989CFPlankowner. CF01 SPY tech along with all the cool cats of CS. A big shout out to all my fellow plankowners, but esp my SPY GUYS...Daren Hill, Eric Towe, Don Coale, Tony Looney and all the other "SKIN-TO-SKIN" killers. What a time on Tommy Tund
Cole, BrianIC2(SW)1986 – 1989EPLANKOWNER Retired ICC(SW/AW). Had a great time bringing TSG to life. What a great crew and ship.
Robu, DaveEW31986 – 1988OpsPlank owner. Left shortly after first reftray. Went on to the Forrestal, got out in '93 now living in Wi. Drop me a line.
Hartz, GregPN3(SW)1986 – 1990Nav/AdminI am honored to have served with the Precom crew onboard this one and only ship while I served and to be a Plankowner. Thank you to all whom was a part of my great experience. God bless and God's speed CG-51. Email:
Freeman, EddieGSM31986 – 1988EngineeringGSMC(SW) Mike Meeink. What a party! Knock more than just your socks off!
Recker, JeffreyE51986 – 1989Engineering
Swanson, KeithLCDR (CTO2)1986 – 1989OperationsPrecommed the Gates out of Bath Iron Works in Maine. Met a lot of great people and would like to get back in touch with everyone who served.
Ayers, Jimpn3Jan 1986 – Jun 1989admin gates told me not to do it? But I stil have my plankowner plaque. Hello to all the admin had some really funny times
Hurst, JamesIC1Jan 1, 1986 – Jan 2, 1988ENG.long,long ago and far,far away
Argenti, MichaelFC2Jan 10, 1986 – Jan 20, 1989CF02Plank owner.
Stanbridge, KevinOS1Feb 1986 – Aug 1989OIPrecom until Russian visit.
Kearns, Charles DavidSTG2Mar 20, 1986 – Jul 7, 1991CombatPlank Owner Just wanted to see if any of the old crew is still around.
Kehn, Charlessm1(sw)Mar 30, 1986 – Oct 30, 1987oc divi am proud to have a hand in bringing the signal gang to work as a team.i live in tampa,fl now retired.
Mann, BillEN3Apr 1986 – Apr 1988ALooking for others who are plankowners of the Thomas S. Gates
Cowell, Ross profile iconGMC(SW)Apr 1986 – Nov 1991COHad a fantastic time on the gates. Got on as a 2nd class and left as a chief
Yurtsever, Galip (Yogi)OS2May 1986 – 1990Operation SpecialistHey Boo Boo
Bracknell, Terrell Dean (Tex)ENFNJun 1986 – Sep 9, 1988A - GANGPLANKOWNER LOOKING FOR OTHER A-GANG MEMBERS
Wood, Peter (Woody)LCDR (OS1)Jun 1986 – Oct 1988OIPlank Owner, Part of the elite OS's. Passing the time away in the Naval Reserves. E-mail,
Jones, DavidGSMC(SW)Jun 3, 1986 – Feb 1, 1989MPPLank Owner
Berube, DeanSTG2(SW)Jun 28, 1986 – Jun 28, 1991CAGreatest moments of my navy Carreer
Fields, James D.CWO3Jul 1986 – May 1, 1989MASTER AT ARMSIt was great to part of the birth of a great ship and crew. Fair winds and following seas to all.
Kearns, CharlesSTG2Jul 16, 1986 – Jul 7, 1991CAGood times and lots of good people. Wish i had stayed in the Navy. Got out for 20 years then went in the Army. Yep got the bug again. Navy is better then the army hands down. Out of the army 21July 2014
Kalal, PaulCWOAug 1986 – Jun 1989OTPlankowner - Best tour in my entie career. Best crew and wardroom I ever served with.
Behrman, Joe (Boo Boo)OS1Aug 1986 – May 1991OIThis was the absolute BEST ship in the fleet during this time. The BEST port visits with the BEST crew and the BEST Navy memories.
Cissell, GeorgeSTG1 (SW)Aug 10, 1986 – Jun 5, 1989weaponsGREAT TIMES AND GOOD FRIENDS
White, KenSTG2Oct 1986 – May 1989CAPlankowner - What a bunch of
Williams, RoyceTM3Oct 1986 – Apr 1989COBest command I ever served in. Over the past 20 years, never have I served in such a close knit command. Everyone was great. Even Ledlow had his good side. I still see Martin Burnore, Frank Dawkins, and Doug Folks on a regular basis.
Pullen, RichardSTG1Oct 1986 – Jun 1989Combat SystemsMany good times and friends
Cocuzzi, RonEW2/EW1Nov 1986 – Apr 1989OTPlank owner. What a great tour even though the shipp was cursed.
Scott, MikeSTG3Nov 1986 – Aug 1989Combat
Contestabile, JamieEN2Nov 1986 – Apr 1988A-DivGood Ship,Great Crew. Experience of a lifetime
Haynes, Terry OS1(SW) PlankownerNov 1986 – Jun 1992OIThese were the best OS's and individuals ever assembled. I consider all of you guys friends for life.
Williams, DerekBM3(SW)Nov 1, 1986 – Aug 20, 1990DECKI hope all you guys are doing well.
Stitzer, Michael A.MSSNNov 5, 1986 – Nov 15, 1989SupplyEnjoyed being Capt. Robert Suttons personal chef and being the first chef plank owner to be honorably discharged from the USS THOMAS S. GATES.
Johnson, Charles ScottQM2Dec 1, 1986 – Aug 16, 1990NavigationPlankowner! The Old Girl's been decommed! Where's my Plank! Lol!
Wood, PeterOS1/E6Dec 1, 1986 – Oct 1, 1988OI
Burton, , Robert "Pete"CTO2Dec 3, 1986 – Jul 1, 1990OTSomeone who knew a lot more than me, did me a favor and sent me here 1st.
Moore, PaulGMG1Dec 6, 1986 – Nov 30, 1989CGI was the second gmg assigned to this ship. Behind Gmc Bobby Durham,I was the QA guy for all of the weapons systems(not SPY). I find it hard to understand that the ship was decommed for having the mk 26 vs VLS!!!!
Haynes, Terry "TH"OS1(SW)Dec 11, 1986 – Jun 4, 1992OIIt's been 20 years since PCU Bath, Maine. WOW. I would love to hear from any of you guys. My e-mail is
Wright, Juano3Dec 15, 1986 – Sep 15, 1990SupplyPlankowner
Remson, Vincent E.DK3(SW)Dec 17, 1986 – Apr 30, 1987S-4 - SupplyHad to save the day after DK2 Ledlow ran off with all of the $$$
Michael Barnes, MikeGSM3/ Oil KingDec 31, 1986 – Aug 26, 1990EngineeringI am glad I found this site. Did not know it existed. Plankowner. Hope my ship mates are good. Take care.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – 1992 | 1993 – 1995 | 1996 – 1997 | 1998 – 1999 | 2000 – 2002 | 2003 – now

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