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USS Valley Forge (CG 50) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Valley Forge (CG 50). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 507 crew members registered for the USS Valley Forge (CG 50).

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Nelson, Michael/mikeE30000 – Mar 5, 2001BmI wasn’t in for long but I fondly remember the friends I made while in.
Abel, JimOperations Specialist Master ChiefAug 1971 – Jun 1976OI2nd Best Ship and Crew I served with. Best Ship and Crew was the USS Valley Forge CG 50. Retired from ComNavSurfLant Mobile Team Trainer (MTT) Teaching Link-11 and involved with the Development of Link-16
Deanes, Anthonysk2Mar 1, 1983 – Jan 4, 1988s1i am a plank owner the valley forge was decomed did not get my plank
Odgers, ChristopherGSM-2Feb 14, 1984 – Jan 26, 1986MPPRECOMM Unit
Agnew, PaulCWO3, RETIREDMay 1984 – Jun 1989This Vets Day has been more reflective than ever. Deep thoughts of the wonderful times. In a multitude of ways, Valley Forge was the beginning of my naval career. Thanks, all of you for being great shipmates. We did it right. Cheers.
Kidd, RaynardBMCMMay 1984 – May 1987!stThis is where it all began
Stavridis, JimADMMay 1, 1984 – Sep 1, 1987Operations OfficerWonderful ship - CO, Chief Engineer, and myself all lucky enough to become Admirals - best non-command tour of my 32 year (so far) career. I learned so much from Captain Ted Lockhart that helps me everyday in my career.
Jones, John L.CDR, SC, USN (RET)Jun 1, 1984 – Apr 18, 1987SupplyHighlight of my career. Best CO, officers, and crew anywhere. Thank you, Greenlee, Baggie, and all of the Supply Department
Thatcher, TerryEWCS(SW)Jun 14, 1984 – Oct 14, 1991OMBest ship and crew my entire career. I was sorry to leave.
Dunks, Robert (Bob)GMGC(SW)Aug 3, 1984 – Dec 3, 1986CGPlankowner, The best ship I ever served on. CO/XO/CPO MESS. Enjoyed working w/FTC Pitel, ENS. PLOPLYS
Bonds, Nelson E.YNSNSep 9, 1984 – Sep 13, 1986ExecMy first command
Clarke, LarryGSCS (SW)Oct 25, 1984 – Dec 1, 1989MP EThe finest ship I ever served on. The best crew I ever served with, kept me on my toes every day just trying to be as good as they were. Thanks to all of you for helping me be better when I left than I was when I got there.
Holcomb, MichaelLTDec 10, 1984 – Jul 1, 1987Disbursing/Sales Officer -SupplyPlankowner: Served with the best Suppo and SKCS in the fleet. "Grew up" on the FORGE...
Higgins, ShawnPN3Dec 17, 1984 – Jan 15, 1988nxShawn Higgins, PN3, would like to extend my greetings to my fellow shipmates. email me @
Burroughs, JoeGSM21985 – 1989Some of the best times I can remember happened here.
Figley, RussGSM11985 – 1990MPI wouldn't want to have been on any other ship with any other crew. Sorry to see her decommisioned. Ran into Dennis Corter in Philly a few years back, still had his coffee cup in his hand.
MacFarlane, MatthewOS21985 – 1988OIPlankowner: Good times aboard the "Happy Valley". OI division had the BEST people --except for the CPO's (just kidding). 1st West-Pac featured 100 straight days at sea and 4 cans of beer. PI was a blast--- the memories!!! Hi to my old OS sh
Sams, JohnYNSN1985 – 1987AdminPlankowner - The best CO and XO around. From the pre-comm days in Pascagoula (remember the Buffarillo Bar and Grill?) to the first West PAC (Diego Garcia, PI and Australia) it was a great experience with the best crew.
Molter, PhilET11985 – 1987CEPLANKOWNER - San Diego to 'Goula and back - that stop in Cancun and gettin' everyone up the ladder on the fantail in that chop...great memories excellent command..came back just to re-up on her!
Miller, DavidFC11985 – Aug 1989GunneryI met some of the finest individuals that I've had the privelage of knowing from pre-com until EAOS. I'm saddened by the fact that I missed the Decommisioning.
Keyes, QuentinET1(SW)1985 – 1989CE LPOI will always be proud to be a plankowner on the finest cruiser in the Navy. Earned my ESWS pin aboard Valley Forge. She was an excellent ship with top notch officers and crew.
Williams, RussQM31985 – 1988NXBest ship/crew of 8 served before retiring in '02. Great memories of 'Goula, BB&G & Socal. Still yakkin w/Vanatter, Porter & Cortor. Where's Spike, Joe Read or Pizza Bev? Was at decom/sad day, yet still loving life! Reunion?
Fine, MitchMS21985 – 1990S2"Plankowner" Currently a CSCS on active duty. Best assignment of my career. Best Food Service Div of all time! Great ship's band "MATOFI" , fantastic memories. feel free to contact. Reunion?
Logan, GrangerHT 2ND CLASS1985 – 1987RPlank Owner, I enjoyed my time on board and every trail and liberty port. Remember Hawaii !!!!
Irvin, DanFC11985 – 1989CFIt was an honor to serve with the some of the finest men in the Navy. I have a lot of special memories. I was sad to hear she was decommissioned so quickly. Anyone know why?
Fischer, Carl / "Fish"EN31985 – 1989A-GangServing the USS Valley Forge was the proudest time of my life.
Graham, JimSTG11985 – 1989CAThe precom unit Valley Forge and then USS Valley Forge was my only sea command, and so it was the best and the worst. Best: the camaraderie and bonds of the plankowner crew. The worst: when that changed w/o good process.
Mike Coogan, MikeGMG21985 – 1994CGthe last plankowner to leave.the only ship i ever served on and had the pleasure of the greatest bunch people to sail with.
Poag, RoyCWO31985 – 1988A DivisionCommisioned Valley Forge as a new CWO after commisioning Harry W. Hill (DD-986) as a GSM1 in MP Division. I am proud to have led the Best Group of A- Gang'ers in the Fleet.
Baker, LaneGSM11985 – 1987MPWonderful memories
Davis, BrianAW21985 – 1986LAMPS III DetachmentI was part of the original crew of the Valley Forge. Hello to all who served on her.
Isabell, Mark Izzyht31985 – 1987rIt was great to be part of the original crew. I went on to the EOD community and still blow stuff up today. LIFE is good! I hope you all have gone on to rich and rewarding lives.
Armstrong, JamesSTG11985 – 1990ASWPlankowner....One of last to leave. Felt a bit old when I saw the ship I pre-commissioned was sunk. Still remember her as the envy of every Navy in the world. I look back now on years at sea and miss being out there.
Rice, WesleyETCJan 1985 – Jul 1989CE Division
Whalen, SteveGSCM (SW)Jan 1985 – May 1990MPSome of the most difficult times I have ever experienced in my life but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Pre-com plaque and ship's picture hang proudly in my office. Great officers and enlisted crew!
Zandanel, NicholasBM3Jan 1, 1985 – May 23, 1989DeckHad the time of my youth on this ship. Great crew, great memories. Plankowner and PreCom Honor Gaurd. Xanaduuuu! God bless you all!
Whalen, Steven R.GSCM(SW)Jan 4, 1985 – May 10, 1990MPPlankowner. Grateful to have been a commissioning crew member on of one of the finest ships ever built!
Collis, DougOSCJan 15, 1985 – Nov 7, 1986OI Division2nd AEGIS cruiser Precom. VF was a great ship and a great crew, from the Skipper right on down. One of the greatest memories of my naval career and, also one of the most challenging experiences of my life.
Compere, John T.HT3Jan 18, 1985 – Mar 1, 1988R
Cray, Claude profile iconETC/SWMar 1985 – Dec 1990CE
Peters, ErnieFC3/FC2Mar 10, 1985 – Jun 13, 1989CGPlankowner/T.C.Lockhart,L.Ploplys And Jeff Pitel fine leaders all. The crew was some of the finest men I have ever known
Johnson, PhilbertQM2Mar 21, 1985 – Mar 5, 1988opsplankowner,still waiting for my first westpac album? enjoyed serving with you all, plankowners! retired in 96' off the USS Jarrett.
James, LarryFC3/FC2Apr 1985 – Aug 1989CFFrom pre-com to EAOS. What a great experience in my life. Where is everyone from CF?
Ford, BenLTApr 1, 1985 – Nov 1, 1988MPThe good ole days!
Ortiz, LawrenceFC2/FC1Apr 1, 1985 – Jan 3, 1989CFBest Ship I ever served on.
Nguyen, VuGSE1Apr 1, 1985 – Apr 1, 1990MPHad a memorable time with some great friends.
Broussard, RogerCTRC(SW/AW)Apr 10, 1985 – Nov 25, 1987OMPlankowner and first CT/EW LPO. I earned my ESWS onboard this fine cruiser. The CO and XO where certainly the best officers I served with in my whole career.
Snyder, RaymondE-5 HT2Apr 15, 1985 – Feb 21, 1987RLooking for addresses and phone numbers of the first crew,plank owners.
Thomas, Mark profile iconSH2May 1985 – Apr 6, 1989SupplyHello PLANKOWNERS! I just heard VF was decomm and sunk. Too young to be taken out. The best crew, best Supply Off - CMDR Jones, and SHC Esconde. Enjoyed being your Ship Store Optr for 3 out of 4 yrs. Happiness/Health
Beatty, DaveRM2May 1, 1985 – Jan 28, 1989OCHope all is well. I wanted to say hello to all the other "Plankowners" I had the honor of serving with on such a great ship and commanded by such a great Captain. Drop me an email. I'd enjoy sharing some stories and catching up. Take care.
Quinn, JamesGSE1(SW)May 1, 1985 – Dec 1989MPThe memories of all the great crew members and good times we all had. I will never forget those times of being a plankowner of the USS Valley Forge (CG-50)
Snyder, RaymondE-5 HT2May 21, 1985 – Feb 21, 1987R
Hagerty, Brian ( Hag )GSM 1Jun 1985 – Nov 18, 1988MPPLANK OWNER Definitely some of the best times of my life!I miss my old engine room bros!The Navy trained me for a career in Power Gen.that I still enjoy.Wouldn't change a thing!
Dylla, DaveOS2Jun 1985 – Jan 22, 1990OIIt's hard to believe the "Happy Valley" has departed active service. First in War, First in Peace, First in Moth Balls...
Johnson, HowieOS1Jun 1985 – Oct 1987OIPlankowner.
Rosso, ChuckFC1Jun 1985 – Feb 1988CF
Joplin, GaryET2/ET1Jul 1985 – Dec 1990CEBest ship I had the pleasure to serve on. From the CO down to everyone of the crew members. LCDR Crouch was my mentor! I am always proud to say I was a plank owner of the USS Valley Forge!
Hardman, CleveJO2Jul 5, 1985 – Jan 11, 1988XPlankowner. Great crew led by now retired RADM T.C. Lockhart with other rising stars like now VADM Stavridis and RADM Moeller. And what fun in crossing the line.
Kewish, JerryOSCJul 6, 1985 – Sep 30, 1988OIAwesome Ship & even better Shipmates from top to bottom. The best Navy Christmas party ever at the Sheraton Harbor Is. in 1986 and one phenomenal port o' call at the Portland Rose Festival. Made many life long friends!!!
Clay, MikeGSM2Jul 15, 1985 – Dec 15, 1988EngineeringHad a great time. Could not wait to get out when was in, only to realize that when I was out I had been part of great thing, the USS Valley Forge. I run across Dennis Cortor, Joe Burroughs, & Scott Hudecheck from time to time. Great times.
Lively, ChipSTG2Aug 1985 – Nov 1987CAPlankowner
Hale, JohnEW2Aug 1985 – Dec 24, 1988OMPlankowner. Can we ever erase the memory of those 100 days at sea, unless we replace it with the superstructure in the cornfield. Happy times, happy Perth and the Happy Valley. Love to hear from all.
Cornmesser, RaymanGMM2Aug 1985 – Dec 1989CMThe Valley Forge was the start of my career. Being a plankowner on such a fine ship with the crew we had was an experience that no sailor should be without. Those were the best times with the finest men on the face of the planet.
Shipman, DarrenHT2Aug 1985 – Aug 1989EngineeringJust heard about the ship being sunk and something sank within me. I had hoped to get to walk here deck again some day at the decommissioning and see some of my brothers from a life gone by. Well maybe someday we will have a reunion and we
Shoop, VictorE4Aug 1, 1985 – Apr 10, 1989od/cejust wanted to say hi to all who are plankowners. I enjoyed my time and it was my first shipp email me
Brady, DavidEN3Aug 1, 1985 – Mar 15, 1988A
Vigil, JuanFC2Aug 1, 1985 – Aug 29, 1989CFPlank Owner: Ah what memories of pre-commissioning to system trials. So many missiles fired and telemetry gathered. I remember the first time we entered the Strait of Hormuz, I was on watch. Great times!!
Grabe, KenET2Aug 15, 1985 – Nov 29, 1989CEWow.... Just in a state of shock right now that the Valley Girl has been Decommissioned and even more suprised that they sunk her!! Great Memories of this ship, Capt. Lockhart was a GREAT CO. Feel free to contact me at
McGuinness, Paul "mad Max"OS2Aug 26, 1985 – Mar 15, 1988OIHaze gray and underway that was the life on the USS Valley Forge. Proud of being a plank owner. Met lots great people on board the ship.
McDaniel, Danny (Odie)SM2Sep 1985 – Mar 1988OCFrom the Pascagoula daze to the Persian Gulf haze... I have yet to find a better crew to clean a ship with. We had the best lookin ladder backs in the fleet, tks to Ops. Dept. Hope to hear from you fellow plankowners, find me on
Linch, DwightSEAMAN, RADIOMANSep 1985 – Apr 1988Deck, RadioHello everyone, I heard rumors the girl was Decomed. bummer. Maybe we should plan some kind of reunion or something.
Read, JosephQM1(sw)Sep 1985 – Jul 1990Navigation
Jones, Leonard M. IIIIC1(SW)Sep 15, 1985 – Dec 8, 1990OD & CE"PLANKOWER" It was an honor to serve for the best CO and XO I have had in my career aboard the best ship in the Navy. It was my first ship and scary at first but it was the best experience I have had.
Myers, DaleYN1(AW) RETSep 28, 1985 – May 1, 1989DECK/OPS/ADMIN
Myers, DaleYN1(AW)Oct 1985 – May 1989Deck/Ops/AdminAs I approach my retirement, I look back and remember that the best time I had was with the Forge. From pre-com to becoming a shellback and onto my departure. Good job to a great crew and T.C. your the best CO ever. God Bless the Forge!
Jamison, JeffreyEM3Oct 1985 – Jun 1989Plankowner,started out in the deck division,crossed to electrician.Lot of great memorys
Harman, RogerGMG2Oct 1985 – Nov 1990CGPlankowner Mt 51
Jamison, GregHN - HM2 (SW)Oct 4, 1985 – Jun 30, 1991OMThis was the best duty Station I had as a HM. HMC Bejarano. was the Best Cheif Doc there ever was. I spent most of my career with the Marines but the VF-CG 50 was the GREATEST Navy Team I was lucky enough to serve on. NAVY the best EVER!
Kline Jr., Boyce GaraldOS2(SW)Oct 8, 1985 – Jun 1, 1989OIPLANKOWNER. It was an honor to serve with the best CO, Captain T C Lockhart, and crew I had in my career aboard the best ship in the Navy. Greetings to all my fellow plankowners!
Thibodeau, JonENC(SW)Oct 15, 1985 – Jul 10, 1990A-GANGBEST TOUR OF MY CAREER
Szarkowitz, Thomas M YN3Oct 15, 1985 – Jun 15, 1988OIIt has been an honor to have served with you, the best crew in the Navy. The many memories I have will be cherished for the rest of my life.
Thompson, BillHT1(SW) / HTC(SW)Nov 1985 – Apr 1991RPlankowner ... From Pre-Com to Desert Storm ... From learning it as they built it to Mine watch ... If given a chance I'd do it all over again ... what a ride!! Great Ship! Great Crew!
Nowlin, TedBM2Nov 1985 – Apr 1988DeckPlankowner. Had a great time, great memories. In shock that they had to sink her. Wish I would have known.
Ragsdale, MyronMS3Nov 14, 1985 – Jun 15, 1990S-2Plankowner, it was my pleasure to serve under the best c. o. and best ship in the navy, I could always be found the galley on mid watch baking cinnimon rolls, cookies, pies etc, always having crew members wake up out of sleep asking for samples. Our
Ambrose, DonaldMS3Dec 1985 – Jun 1989S2Hello and what's up to the commission crew of the USS Valley Forge. MS3 Donald Leo Ambrose JR

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