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USS Vincennes (CG 49) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Vincennes (CG 49). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 421 crew members registered for the USS Vincennes (CG 49).

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Szabo, MarkFC3Jan 2001 – Aug 2003CF
Glass, QuincyCTT3Jan 2001 – Sep 2003OM/OTWhile it wasn't always the best of times, the people on the ship made it a better place. It was the most tight knit group that I have ever known. Good luck to you all in your future endeavours! Hope to cross paths with some of you later.
Eladjoe, Ryan/ EjSK1Feb 18, 2001 – Mar 23, 2004S-1We were the best crew on the waterfront cause we knew out to roll with the punches. I'm still in Yoko so say hi if you see me around. I miss all you guys!
Staley, JacobGSM2 SWMar 15, 2001 – Mar 25, 2004MPWhile serving on the vinny I learned more than I will ever learn about life. Had the best and worst times of my life while onboard the vinny. Altogether it was the best thing I could have ever done.
Peacher, SpencerCTO3(SW)Apr 2001 – Jul 2004OPSwouldn't have changed my experience for anything. as shitty as it was we always stuck together and made the best of it.
Martin, GrinchE-3Apr 4, 2001 – Sep 25, 2004DeckR u serious.
Timmons, BrianMS1Apr 24, 2001 – Apr 24, 2006MSI can cook like the dickens!!!!
Mendoza, GustavoBM3May 5, 2001 – Nov 17, 2004CDWhat a ship!!!, Had a lot of fun with my friends. y'al know who u R!
Molina, Russell (Mo)FC3Jun 1, 2001 – Aug 25, 2003CgHated the ship but miss my friends
Erisman, JoelSTG2(SW)Jun 16, 2001 – Jul 1, 2005CAYou never know how good something was until its gone. All the years onboard, all the shipmates and duck tape, all the good and bad...I think of it daily and I hope to someday see you all again. Thanks for the incredible experience. Scuba?
Garcia, A.j.OS3 (SW)Aug 1, 2001 – Aug 22, 2004OI
Bolden, ChrisOS3Aug 14, 2001 – Jul 12, 2004OICB 49 was a big part of my life. I met so many people. . had so much fun. .. partied hard. I wouldn't take that experience back for nothing. .. Smoked alot of weed and Got kicked
Mahaley, CurtisET3Sep 21, 2001 – Jun 15, 2003CE
Searcy, LanceFC2 (SW)Oct 1, 2001 – Jul 1, 2005CFOne of a kind on the Yokosuka waterfront. Couldn't imagine how it could have been better, even going to mast.. Keep our fallen friends in our hearts: RIP FC2 (SW) James "Iceberg" Bergstrom RIP FC3 Richard "Star" Fox
Williams, Noah "Old Willie"ET3Nov 2001 – Dec 2004CE
Turbeville, ChrisIC3 SWNov 9, 2001 – Jul 31, 2004CEHad a great three years onboard.
Kuske, Brian (Old Man)ET3Nov 22, 2001 – Jul 23, 2003CEI miss you all.
Garcia, LucasE2Nov 29, 2001 – Sep 23, 2004cdhaha all i could do is laugh tried to do us in but no luck
Huynh, Son Or ChappaSK32002 –gonna be back home soon
Austin, MichaelSKSNFeb 12, 2002 – Mar 21, 2004S1
Williams, Michael/chillSK2Mar 12, 2002 – Apr 1, 2005S-1/S-7
Yates, DurandLTJGApr 18, 2002 – Apr 28, 2004S-3/S-4/S-6Bravo Zulu Team 49. Supply types, repair locker types, flight deck crew, & the rest . . . WE HAD SOME GOOD TIMES. We earned our salt. Pleasure being your DISBO.
Hoyt, StevenHT2 (SW)May 10, 2002 – Apr 1, 2003
Castro, MichaelBMCJul 4, 2002 – Jun 22, 2005ODThose who knew, know those who don't never will. Thank you OD Divsion you have made my tour a walk in the park.
Wools, JoelFC3(SW)Aug 5, 2002 – Jul 1, 2005CFPart of the Decom crew, have tons of pictures of the ship on her decom cruise. if anyone is interested, drop me an email, i'll be happy to send them!
Wiles, FrankEN1Aug 10, 2002 – Sep 27, 2004ABryant we were a great team
Mangus, West VirginiaHT2Nov 3, 2002 – Jun 25, 2005RBesides the BS it was an adventure. I meet some good people and saw a lot of crazy things.
Martinez, MattFNNov 20, 2002 – Sep 15, 2003MP
Sayon, Paul "Zenergy"EM3Nov 27, 2002 – Jul 1, 2005EEM3 also known as EM3 old man
Bagtas, FrancisSN/PS3Nov 28, 2002 – Jun 5, 2005OD/NXThis was my first ship and i've had my bad and good times here. I miss all my old friends here too especially all the Pinoys here. Yokosuka was a good place too although there are restrictions for junior sailors. Good ole times!
Torres, IvanLTJGDec 2002 – Jan 2004FCO
Enriquez, VictorioCTM1Dec 2002 – Jun 2005OTShe had more than her fair share of incidents. But, I wouldn't have wanted to go through it with any other crew. It was the tightest group of people I have ever been part of. Miss all of you guys... well, almost all... =)
Enriquez, VictorioCTM1Dec 2002 – Jul 1, 2005OTShe had more than her fair share of incidents. But, I wouldn't have wanted to go through it with any other crew. It was the tightest group of people I have ever been part of. Miss all of you guys... well, almost all... =)
Grant, Ryon (Lunchbox)FC3Dec 5, 2002 – Apr 2, 2005CG setting the standardI miss that ship. Now I'm stuck on a minesweeper, working in the armory, and all I can think of now is where's my 5" guns and my gunners.
Russell, Robert (Rj)GSM2(SW)Dec 13, 2002 – Apr 20, 2005MPI learned that you base all the other ships you serve on based on your first.Its pretty hard to beat the good times/great friendships created on the Vinney.I would reenlist if they recommisioned her and brought back the crew I served with!
Gross, DustinSTG3Jan 1, 2003 – Feb 9, 2004CSmarried now. workin, makin the big bucks in the oil fields. miss japan, the boat and all you idiots. i dont drink anymore which means i actually have money now.
Perez, GustavoSRJan 3, 2003 – Jun 5, 2005OD
Dominguez, Ismael (Izzy)EN3Jan 24, 2003 – Jul 1, 2005A-Gangwhat it do, fam?? man, it seems like yesterday when i first checked on board that beast. all i can say is that we've had good and bad times.. but i'm damn proud to have served it with you guys. love ya/miss ya bros. holla at ya boi!!! peace!
Ahn, JasperCTT2Feb 2003 – Jul 1, 2005omthe most miserable time of my life... yet im glad i went through it
Huasasquiche, HSN/PN3Apr 17, 2003 – Jun 30, 2005CD-01Yeah I miss the good old lady, My first command and I wish I can go back in time to chill with the boys ya'll know who you R. H
Mendenhall, EricOS3Jun 11, 2003 – May 1, 2005OIMy First Ship... I miss her and all the Vinny Boys too, even the ones I beefed with. The Vincennes made a better man out of me than I would have been without her. Thanks for all the life lessons and good memories. FW&FS
Scoggins, Matthew J. MooseGSM 3Jul 3, 2003 – Jul 1, 2005Engineering Main Propulsionyou never know how good a ship was until you lay her to rest, she brought me home for a little while, but then it was back to 7th fleet, to the USS Fitzgerald, I will miss her, and all the blood sweat and tears i put into her, Rest in peace.
Lebron, BenjaminSTG1(SW)Aug 22, 2003 – Apr 7, 2005CAThe Vincennes was the finest ship ever put to sea. We had our share of incidents but that which doesnt kill you only makes you stronger. I'd like to thank Senior Chief Matthews and the whole CA. All the cool peeps I hope your doing it BIG!
Smith, StevenE-4/AG3Dec 6, 2003 – Jun 14, 2005CF!Wow! I can't believe I miss that ship! Made Some good friends. I Miss the gang in CF!
Kezala, Yusuf(blamo)E-4/FC2Dec 22, 2003 – Apr 29, 2005CGWTF!?! I can't believe I miss this place. Ohhhhh, Maaann!
Grob, MarkLCDRDec 27, 2003 – Jul 1, 2005Chief EngineerIt was a great honor to be the LAST Chief Engineer and Senior Watch Officer on teh best battle-cruiser of the navy! The forward deployed navy was tough on family and crew alike--and we are all better for it. Japan will never be the same. Fairwinds
Carpenter, Travis/carpoFC3Jan 9, 2004 – Jul 1, 2005CF
West, MikeGM3Jan 9, 2004 – Jul 1, 2005Had a great time serving with the gunners on cell block 49.
Randolph, Adam (Reggie Ray)ET3(SW)Jan 18, 2004 – Jul 1, 2005Combat ElectronicsDamn I had some good times, and some crappy times. But I will never forget the people that made it fun. Miss All Yall.
Thomas, JoshuaCTTSN(SW)Apr 2004 – Apr 2005OTThought it was bad when I was there, but I miss it now, you could not ask for a better crew.
Kelly, WilliamET2 (SW/AW)Apr 1, 2004 – Jul 1, 2005CE
Timpa, Darrell (Doc)HMC/HMCSMay 4, 2004 – Jun 30, 2005MHO1This was some of the best duty I have ever encountered and still share many sea stories of things that happened aboard. I will never forget the best crew in the US Navy.
Yawn, GeneGSE2(SW) / E-5May 10, 2004 – Jun 29, 2006MP
Simpson, Charles profile iconOS2SWJul 17, 2004 –OII was only there for about a year in Oi Div before we brought her back state side for decommissioning. I had a great time met alot a great guys most who transfered over to Uss lassen ddg82 with me. Great ship
Dow, Tristan/frankensteinE-3/SNOct 1, 2004 – Apr 26, 2005OD-01first ship but the best, miss everyone that I served with on the ship, will never forget the people or the memories...

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 – 1996 | 1997 – 1998 | 1999 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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