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USS Vincennes (CG 49) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Vincennes (CG 49). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 421 crew members registered for the USS Vincennes (CG 49).

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MacAbalitao, ArturoSH1(SW)1999 – 2003S-3It was the most challenging and tough tour on the mighty Vincennes. I still see her mothballed next to a few carriers that were also decommissioned.
Ding, YiquanEM3Jan 1, 1999 – Feb 1, 2003E
Matlock, TeddyGMCJan 23, 1999 – Feb 1, 2002CS3I enjoyed the crew and the ship the entire time I was stationed aboard. The best Gunner's Mate team around.
Lopes, MatthewLTjgFeb 5, 1999 – Jul 20, 2000ElectricalElectrical Officer for USS Vincennes CG 49 and also served as Main Propulsion Officer during the same time period.
Nunez, JonathanTM3Apr 1999 – Nov 2003CAMiss all of you characters. Good times bad times, and everything in between.
Bunstone, Merrick/ BunsE-4/HTApr 1, 1999 – Feb 5, 2001RepairMiss that ship, great times with the boys at Georges. Derek, Tits, Deano, Chuck, Jesse. Left to early guys but had a blast. We'll meet again.
Guidi, MarcoFCCMay 29, 1999 – Dec 1, 2003CF
Carmona, Vic profile iconMS3Jun 22, 1999 – 2000SupplyMy name is MS3 Carmona, I’m trying to locate Cheif Tumalac and or anyone that can recall when our ship came back to Aden port in Yemen after the cole was hit.
Pilkington, KenET2Jul 20, 1999 – Jul 20, 2002CEI had some of the best times of my life onboard the Vincennes. Of coarse there were times when it sucked bad too, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I miss many of the friends I made. They are friends for life.
Karg, Richard (The Karg Dude And The Karg Mart)SH3/E4Aug 1999 – Oct 2002S-3I sure do miss running that Karg Mart. I don't miss the cocksuckers and backstabbers though. I'm permanently assigned to the USS DD-214 now, but when I think about the navy I can't stop thinking about the great times on Cell block 49!!
Powers, TedE3Aug 3, 1999 – Mar 3, 2001Rany dc's on here
Whatley, JasonE-1Aug 5, 1999 – May 27, 2001OD-01
Milling, Hannie / DonnieET3Oct 11, 1999 – Dec 2, 2002CETo the friends that I have made off the vinny that will be my boys forever. Not saying goodbye, just until next time.
White, John ButchOS2Oct 20, 1999 – Nov 15, 2002OI
Slade, Dc2dc2Oct 26, 1999 – Feb 17, 2002repair17 WHEN I ARRIVEDTOUGHEST YEARS OF MY LIFE. IT MADE ME STRONG I . To all who served alongside me thank you for the gr8 memories, CHIEF now LT COMMANDER JOHN BROWN HIT ME UP COMPTON_CALIS_FINEST@YAHOO.COM
Lugo, JackFC2 (SW)2000 – 2005CF and CSThey calle dme the TAG OUT Nazi....I don't know why....
Unroe, RobertQM2Jan 2000 – Jan 2002NAVIGATION
Currier, AlexanderGSM2Jan 7, 2000 – Jan 8, 2004MPBeing forward deployed was an honor and the Vincennes was the hardest working ship in the 7th fleet.
Odell, Brian (Odie)IT2/E-5Jan 21, 2000 – Jan 21, 2004OPS/OCThe First and Best Command i could've been on. Miss the good 'ol day's. Good luck to everyone. Who knows it's a small navy, i'll see you around.
Curry, Richard "Powder"E-5/IT2(SW)Jan 21, 2000 – Apr 7, 2003OC-O1TO all my freinds, O'dell, Lonnick, Vinluan, Dale Wells, Bogavich, Camacho, Russell, OS2 White, Ding, Pulvino, Condon, AGG(smith), TEX, MEX, Pops, ITC Edwards, ITC Mooring, BM1 Hoffman, and Snyder. You all made a positive influence,Thanks, curry
Lonick, ChuckFC2(SW)Jan 24, 2000 – Jan 3, 2003CGBest crew that i have ever had the pleasure of working with. Miss all of you guys. Chubbz
Bergstrom, James Keith (Iceberg)E5Feb 6, 2000 – Aug 20, 2002FCFamily of James Keith Bergstrom "Iceberg" would like to keep in touch with shipmates. Keith passed away from leukemia at age 25 June 3, 2003
Maechling, AdamOS2Mar 2000 – Jun 2002OII miss all you guys.
Lombardo, JohnEM3Mar 15, 2000 – May 15, 2003
Cutshaw, TerryCTT1(SW)Mar 18, 2000 – May 1, 2003OM01Seems funny being out of the Navy now, for 8 years life was so simple...sweepers, clamp downs, freshwater wash downs. Hated it while we were there, but miss the hell out of it now. Made some great friends and remember some of the wild times
Gonzalez, Johannes J.NC1(SW)Mar 20, 2000 – Apr 18, 2003MP / GSE1The best crew! Will do it all over again with the same crew. To my brother Berg, Valla con Dios hermano! Jay
Harris, EdwardCTAC(SW)Apr 2, 2000 – Dec 1, 2001OPSGood ole Vinny. One of the best tours of my career. I met some good friends on her. I missed the good times while serving aboard her. We had a good crew. I saw the world and sights I thought I could never see. FARE WINDS FOLLOWING SEAS TEAM49!
Hopp, RustyCWO4Jun 9, 2000 – Apr 1, 2004OI/AOPSI am completing 30 years in the NAVY. The VINCENNES is my last ship and will always be special to me. The OS's when I first got there were the best! Worked for some very good men, I'll miss the place, people, and of course the sailors. Good
Smith, Gabriele-4Aug 4, 2000 – 2004cd/01crossed anchors forever!!!!, miss fred n jents who looked out for me all those "LIFETYMES" we had to suffer together!!!!!!!!!!!.now that were back home stateside safe n sound we can live on the rest of our lives in peace
Guilmette, DavidE-3Aug 10, 2000 – Feb 15, 2004CD-01Who was I? The skinny light-skinned black trying to learn spanish again by listening to bachata and merengue with my Columbian buddy Gustavo Mendoza. My Puerto Rican buddy Perez from Chicago, what's up?
Witmer, JustinET3Aug 15, 2000 – Jul 15, 2003CEFor a first ship, she wasn't a total loss. Met some good people, saw some cool things. Any of y'all who know me, feel free to get in touch. Witty
Jose, AguileraE-4/EN3Aug 17, 2000 – Jul 15, 2002MPBEST CREW I EVER WORK WITH. FUN PORTS :)
McPherson, JasonDC3Aug 18, 2000 – Aug 18, 2003R Repair
Easton, John "kiwi"GM2 (SW)Sep 5, 2000 – Aug 29, 2003CG01It was the best 3 years of my life, met a lot of great people, went to alot of great places and took away alot of great memories, will never forget all the gunners that made it fun! And the working with the best GMC's ever, Barry & Teddy!
MacE, KenE-4/BM3Sep 13, 2000 – Sep 18, 2003CD01For the 3 years that I was on the vinny although some days were unbearable an ruff I enjoyed my time aboard the great vinny. To the officers and crew of Vinncennes thanks for the memories stay in touch and fair winds and following seas.
Holcomb, GrantOS2Sep 22, 2000 – Aug 15, 2003
Schmick, ShawnEM1 (SW/AW)Oct 13, 2000 – Sep 17, 2004LPOA great platform with a great bunch of guys!
Leverette, CoreyFC3Oct 31, 2000 – Sep 4, 2003CGI will be a VInny Boy till I drop!!!!
Black, ErnestSR - MA3Nov 5, 2000 – Nov 5, 2004CDHey, I've lost touch. I'd like to know where everyone ended up.
Hunter, StephenMS3, MSSN, MSSR,Dec 29, 2000 – Aug 3, 2003S-2, S-1Talk about bad timing. I will have to say S-1 division was awsome with a real lower chain of command. In the end it was SK2 Lutch, SK3 Flickinger, and myself. I miss you guys. Yes even SKCM Rivera and LTCDR Swain. S-2, you know who you are. THNX

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 – 1996 | 1997 – 1998 | 1999 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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