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USS Vincennes (CG 49) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Vincennes (CG 49). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 421 crew members registered for the USS Vincennes (CG 49).

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Petes, JasonGMM 2Jan 1, 1994 – Sep 15, 1995Weeps
Ruiz, Eric T.EM1(SW)Jan 14, 1994 – Apr 30, 1998Great Crew and lot's of memories
Ocampo-garcia, Rick (Ricardo)GSM2Feb 1994 – Feb 1997EM01Just remembering the Passing the line we had. I actually have some footage of that. Will not be in the Navy much longer. Will definitely remember the good times on board.
Perez, EduardoBMSN/SH3Feb 14, 1994 – Oct 1997DECK/SUPPLYMy second ship after the Standley. Had lots of good times especially partying with Deck and Supply in good 'ol TJ. Will never forget my homeboy Dalida. Thanks to those who persuaded me into reenlisting! TEAM-49(94-97) R/MA1(SW) PEREZ
Craig, MarkFCCApr 1994 – May 1998CSFI miss the good times...Don't miss the Vinny. Good to be retired...keep the rubber side down.
Kellner, BillIC2May 1994 – Jun 1999CSE03I have some great memories of the Vincennes. Sorry to see her go
Spickard, David (Mighty Mouse)GMM3May 5, 1994 – May 15, 1996weapons/ordinanceto the greatest bunch of knuckle draggers i ever knew, You know who you are, THE BANG GANG!!!!! Look me up somtime gunners!!! LS1 is batlle proven!!!!
Henson, RobertEWC(SW)Jun 1994 – Jun 1997OMHad a lot of fun. Wish I could get together with some you guys in the future.
Miller, ScottGSM2Jun 25, 1994 – Jul 25, 1997MPJust thinking about my time aboard brings a smile to my face. Great memories from Westpac 1994, Counter Drug Ops in 1996 and everything in between.
Crisp, JeffreyE2/GSEJul 15, 1994 – Apr 5, 1996EMO3Hey guys, remember me? Email me!
Reyes, Alejandro/ Jr. GunnerGMG 3Sep 7, 1994 – Aug 13, 1997COWhat's not to like about being on the waves with the Vinney? Had a lot of fun, seen a lot of countries. Even got to tie up Officers when i was a lowly poly wog awaiting my ass beating for my shellback card!
Lancaster, MichaelYN3Oct 1994 – Jun 1997ADMIN/NAV
Barber, DarryllGMCDec 1994 – May 1997COThe Vinny was a good ship. Sure would be great to see some of you guys again.
Hooge, MicahE-3Dec 9, 1994 – Aug 1, 1997
Nylin, Vince (Gunz)GMG1(CC)1995 – 1997CGSaw Mt 52 going down Interstate 74 yesterday. It was sad to see one of my gun mounts on a truck headed for Louisville most likely. She was a good ship.
Marren, DanielFC 21995 – 1997CF
Mix, RaymondSrA - JIATF EAST USAF1995 – 199667 Intel Group Air Intelligence Agency USAFThis JIATF-East wingnut spook was assigned to the SES (SIWO's dirty library) & LWlf Sq during Vinny's CD ops in Carib. Love y'all 4 treatin me as crew from day 1- would 'swpr swpr man a broom' 4 any y'all anytime! ;)
Robichaud, RyanFC3Feb 1, 1995 – Feb 14, 1997WeaponsGreat ship, great memories, nice ports, some good shipmates
Schultz, ScottSKSRMar 1995 – Dec 1997SupplyI hope this will let me re-connect with the others I served with. Please e-mail me if you recognize me as serving with you.
Ricard, JoeGMCApr 1, 1995 – Aug 1, 1999CS3As Teddy Matlock said best bunch of Gunners anywhere
Hamrick, JimmyFC2Jun 1995 – Aug 1999CSFGood times, bad times, great experience.
Darby, TedEW2Jun 1, 1995 – Jul 1, 1998OPSI miss all you guys. We had some great times on the ol'Vinny.
Youngblood, Young B (Chris)SHSNJun 3, 1995 – Jan 19, 1998SupplyGOOD TIMES! Good memories... hated to see "her" go. Anybody from deck div. that served with me, email me!
Shaw, Michael profile iconE5Jul 1, 1995 – Jan 1, 1997Combat SystemsHad a lot of fun, met some good friends, but happy to have moved on from the Navy to the private sector after my first enlistment.
Koth, DavidGSM3Jul 15, 1995 – Sep 19, 1997MPBest ship I served on! Sure miss the the sound of those turbines. I still think of my shipmates and I am glad to see this webpage.
Gee, DarmondE3/FNSep 18, 1995 – Jun 15, 1998MPI miss the Vincennes. I had a lot of great times while serving onboard. It was my home for 3 years. I almost cried when I heard she was decommissioned.
Butler, KieronGM2(SW)Sep 19, 1995 – Sep 10, 1999Weps/ CO01Great bunch of gunners! Miss you all. Got your Finger tip here Joe
Ricard, Joseph L.GMCSOct 15, 1995 – Aug 1, 1999Combat OrdnanceBest damn bunch of Gunners Mates to go anywhere with. Hey anybody seen my finger tip?
Mayville, Jason/ Jay/ SmartassMS3Nov 11, 1995 – Sep 3, 1999Supply/ S-2Made some awesome friends on that boat! I'll never forget "The Crew" and the "whistle" we had. Come on everyone, we're TEAM 4"O"9!!!
Tompkins, JohnGSE3Nov 25, 1995 – Feb 18, 1997MPWhat"s up Vincennes? Damm sad to hear your gone. You will be missed, and your memories will live on forever.
Herring, BradET2/1 (SW)Dec 1995 – Aug 1997CETeam 49
Gibbany, MichaelfnDec 15, 1995 – May 10, 1997auxillaryhope all is well
Bacon, SamMS31996 – 1997GalleyShe was my last command, and I only served on her for a year and a half, but she took me from San Diego to Yokosuka and Pusan, and she was the best damn floating hunk of junk on the water
Brown, BrentENS-LTJG1996 – 1999mp
Harris, ClayCWo31996 – 1997oi
Michelson, RobertJan 1996 – Aug 1997
Weinberg, JonathanIC3Jan 15, 1996 – Oct 1, 1999CShello boys, hope all's well. Hope to hear from you soon.
Sumner, ErnieHT1(SW/AW)Mar 1996 – 2000R1st ship. Good times. Email me if you know me...
Magwire, ChadGM2(SW)Mar 10, 1996 – Jan 25, 2001WEPSWas on the Vinny along time and met alot of interesting people. Will never forget the time on cell block 49.
Chatman, JasonOS2May 11, 1996 – Dec 11, 1999OIThe Vinny was my first ship. I have fond memories of that ship and the great crew. Rode her to Japan. We had to cross deck with Sailors from another ship and the old crew was broken up and things went south from there!
Ommen, AndyOS2Jul 3, 1996 – Jul 1, 1999OICan't wait to hit my rack! Living in SoCal working in GIS. Great memories and good friends.
Colohan, AaronSTG2Jul 3, 1996 – Aug 16, 2000CAFour years of my life, I wouldnt trade for the world.The best crew a man could ask for. I will always be, and always remember "Brothers Man" . Still wondering who painted over the bat cave in Sonar 1, took a lot of trouble to keep that u
Epperson, BradGM 3Sep 1996 – Jun 1999Combat OrdinanceGreat memories and great times. Gunners rock!
Hobbs, Allen profile iconLTJG / LTSep 12, 1996 – Jul 7, 1998OPSCIC Officer under CAPT Craig Murray then CDR Alan Maiorano. Made homeport shift from San Diego to Yokosuka and deployed to the east coast of Austrailia.
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Tryon, MatthewCTO3Nov 20, 1996 – Sep 4, 1999OPSHey boys it's been 11 some odd years and was feeling a bit nostalgic for the wild hard charging party days!! Hope that if anyone I served with see's this they'll drop a line and say hey.
Lopez, Fidel (El Cholo)E-2 / EMDec 4, 1996 – Sep 4, 1997First ship and best one too. Never forget the request chit to perform "Exorcism" all the way forward radar room I think. Or the "Painted Indian" down the shaft alley that never faded away. Sound and Security sucked for the midwatch. An
Brown, DallasSTG2(SW)Dec 26, 1996 – Sep 22, 1999CA
Arteaga, FredySNDec 30, 1996 – Jan 1, 2000DeckThe good old days. To all my homies from that era...I still got the memories. If any of you remember hit me up Haze grey and underway.

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