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USS Vincennes (CG 49) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Vincennes (CG 49). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 421 crew members registered for the USS Vincennes (CG 49).

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Polland, JodyDC11990 – Jun 30, 1992Nice ship, but the DCA was a dick!
Austin, Paul (Pauly)GMM2Feb 1990 – Jan 23, 1993CONow 14 years since I left, and I still have dreams and thoughts as though I were still aboard. I was happy o leave at the time, but now miss the times I had. Two west Pacs, Drug ops, and many many other days at sea. I miss the crew. Pauly
Parks, DonaldEN3Feb 7, 1990 – Feb 7, 1994engineeringHad a really good time with alot of crazy guys hope every body is doing as good as I am.
Denney, DannyE-5Mar 1990 – Jul 1992WeaponsLeader on Sm2 Missile Launch thru Aegis ORTS
Canfield, RobertIC2Mar 1, 1990 – Jul 12, 1993CE03Best ship I have ever served on.
Alston, Russellrm2Mar 10, 1990 – Aug 15, 1990communicationon board short time, u guys probably don't even remeber me. wish i would stayed around with you guys seemed like a good crew
Cubero, LouCTO3Mar 28, 1990 – May 27, 1993OMMemorable experience. Working in SSES, all the traveling and friendships made. What a great way to have served my country.
Matushek, Andrew, "Andy"EMCMApr 1990 – Apr 1994E / XWe had some great times on the Vinney Maru! Would like to correspond with shipmates.
Crotty, JamesLTMay 1990 – Aug 1992OPSAssistant Operations Officer and Combat Information Center Officer. And I must add, T.C.J. McGinley without a doubt, the worst CO in the Navy!
Leach, RdogerEW2Jun 1990 – Oct 1993OMgood times with alot of good people
Frank, Rod profile iconGSMCJul 22, 1990 – May 1, 1996MPTeam 409. Great Ship, great people. Loved it even though two of our Captains turned out to be complete jerks. The last cruise with Captain Murray was the best.
Canfield, RobertIC2Sep 1, 1990 – Jul 12, 1993Combat Systems
Gardner, JeffGMCNov 1990 – Jul 1993CO
Gardner, JeffGM2Nov 8, 1990 – Nov 12, 1993CG
Kaczar, RonIC 3Nov 10, 1990 – May 24, 1994dont rememberLove my time onboard the older I get the more I appreciate it
Elder, CraigE4/ET31991 – Dec 1993CE
Bowen, JasonBM21991 – 1993OD
Nguyen, TedGSE21991 – 1993MPIt's nice to say Hi, to the people that I served with.
Knowles, DavidEN2Jan 1, 1991 – Nov 1, 1993ARealize now how much I miss her,closest friends lost so easily as time goes by. Section 2 inport, you know what I mean.
Tarallo, RobertEN3Jan 5, 1991 – Aug 5, 1992A GangWow, this is my ship! I was the one who climbed down the fire hatch and removed the 5 pound blocks of ham & cheese from the galley. Can I still get court marshalled for this?
Hastings, LorenEN3Feb 1991 – Jul 1994a-ganggreat bunch of guys that i will never forget the good times and all the memories i have from the ship are incredible.
Hanson, JeffDC3Mar 1991 – Dec 1994RI truly miss the time I spent on her. I miss westpac and all the guys in ER01 and ER09. Best damn division on that ship. I can't believe they decommed her. They should have called her the USS General Quarters. Y'all know what I mean.
Blanco, RodrigoSNApr 1, 1991 – Nov 1, 1992DECKSup dudes... Long time no see anyone. Join us in Facebook at USS Vincennes Veterans Group.
Olen, AndyDC-2Apr 12, 1991 – Dec 18, 1995RepairA great buch of guys. A whole lot of stories.
Daley, Sean (Wheels)QM3Apr 15, 1991 – Apr 15, 1995NavigationI thoroughly enjoyed serving aboard the "Check Mate Crusier" during the first Gulf War. To all my shipmates, thank you for the memories. God Speed, and God Bless America. Freedom is not Free!
Allen, TravisENFNMay 1991 – Jul 1994A-gangI miss all the times we spilt oil in Singapore and Canada. I miss the smell of oil on the oceans surfaces. Did the Russian trawler ever get fined for our oil spills?
Riley, SchoenDC3May 30, 1991 – Jan 2, 1995RepairThe crew of the Vinnie-Maru was the best, out of all my commands. I toured the ship after she was decommissioned, crawled back over the port shaft in shaft alley and saw my name I scribed there alongside those of my shipmates.... Fair Winds
Wiseman, PhilE3Jun 1991 – Oct 1994DeckDave A. & Dale M. you guys were the best. We had some awsome times......Dave hope your doin well. Dale.....GOD BLESS YOU......
Agnew, PaulCWO3Jun 1, 1991 – Mar 1, 1994Systems Test OfficerIt was a great experience to serve onboard this fine ship. The wardroom was always team oriented and the crew performed magnificently in every mission. I was proud to have peaked my warfare qualifications on Vincennes.
Malley, Joseph "old Man"SNJun 5, 1991 – Jul 1, 1993DeckHad great times aboard. Had some real aweful times too. But I will never ever forget that I was a crew member aboard that ship. I'm still in, after 15 years so it couldn't be that bad. Sail on CG 49
Blalock, StanleyRM2Jun 8, 1991 – May 24, 1995OC01It was lot's of fun.
Morris, CraigFC3Jul 1991 – Dec 1996CG
Pirkle, Brian PirkleYN2Aug 1991 – Dec 1994NavigationLoved it, I have friends for life from the experience. Loved the ports - didn't like getting there.
Bitter, AndrewSNSep 1991 – May 1993DeckSweepers Sweepers!!!! Jeepers Creepers did that ever get old!!! Great Times, Better Memories. Sail On CG-49!!!!
Cousins, JimCTO3Sep 16, 1991 – Jul 28, 1994
Oakes, TonySM3Sep 25, 1991 – Sep 25, 1995NavagationBest bunch of shipmates I will ever have the pleasure of working with.Gods speed. Go sigs! feel free to contact me shipmates.
Pitkin, BlaineSM2Oct 1991 – Sep 1993OSGood ship. Great bunch of guys all around.
Janke, DennisStg3Nov 1991 – Sep 1993Sonar
Moore, ScottE-5 / gse2Nov 3, 1991 – Mar 4, 1994mpextremely proud of my service on the "vinny"...i agree with richard gowenlock...drydock was a blast!!!! "DANGER" "WE MERELY SCOFF AT DANGER!!!!" shout out to all former snipes!!!!
Lopez, Robert (Aka. Pez)OS3Nov 15, 1991 – Jul 21, 1995OII sure will miss that old girl. I had alot of fun. Made alot of good friends. I'll miss all my boys from the KLAs clan. KLA (Kelley,Lopez,and my main man Addison.) If you want to contact me, email me at
Long, DamonE-3Nov 26, 1991 – Jul 28, 1992weaponsVincennes decommissioned........So long Vinnie Maroo.. I'll miss you...
Jackson, TroyYNC(SW)Dec 27, 1991 – Sep 10, 1995ADMINMy career started on the VINNY as a YNSN. The best DAMN command of my career and I needed it. I transferred in 1995 and I still, to this day, think of the VINNY. Chris, Red, Smitty and Parker, we were the originals "click" and I miss all those

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 – 1996 | 1997 – 1998 | 1999 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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