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USS Yorktown (CG 48) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Yorktown (CG 48). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 532 crew members registered for the USS Yorktown (CG 48).

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Lewis, JamesBM/SN1996 – Apr 18, 19981STGOOD TIMES GOOD PEOPLE
Murphy, JuanBM31996 – 19991stthat was one of the best fucking commands I have ever been. i also met some cool ass peoples and i hate that the ship had to be decom'ed!!
Polk, JeremyBM31996 – 19971stIt was the best of the three ships I served on. Great group of guys and lots of good times.
Crespo, James Aka C-poE31996 – 1998BoatswainGood times
Rowland, TerryOS2Jan 1, 1996 – Jan 1, 1998OILots of fun...just retired in Nov 2009 as CTRC. I converted right after I left the ship. Best tour of duty I ever had....hope everyone is doing good, god bless you all.....
Turner, JamesMR1Jan 10, 1996 – Jan 14, 1999DC
Burke, PatrickEN2Feb 1996 – Oct 1999A-GangGreat Carribean Cruises
Clouse, JoshDC2 (SW)Feb 11, 1996 – Jun 22, 1999Repair
Wilson, Michael A.E-5/RMMar 3, 1996 – Sep 13, 1999OCAll I can remember is that my Radio Chief drank coffee everyminute of the day and always asked me if I was listening to Toad the Wet Sprocket! Oh yeah I had some great friends and even better first bosses. Thanks for the memories.
Sydow, KevinSTG3Mar 15, 1996 – Apr 1, 1999CAHad a great time! My only regrets are not taking more pictures, and not keeping in touch with as many people as i should have.
Murry, BlakeIT2(SW)/RM2(SW)Apr 1996 – Jan 10, 2000OT Best group of guys I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Wilson, Meehan, Mcsweeny, Smitty, and Ross OH and Harley J Skelton
Gilroman, Ralph GilluminatiE3May 14, 1996 – Apr 17, 1998engineeringMet alot of good people. Would love to hear from my old buddies. Please feel free to contact me anytime.
Garfield, DaveEN2(SW)Jun 1996 – Jul 1999A-GangHad a lot of good times on the ole gal. Also had a few bad times but more good than bad.
Williams, ClaytonFC2 (SW)Jun 1, 1996 – Aug 1, 2000CGWe all worked hard and played even harder
Davis, AnthonyOS3Jun 9, 1996 – Dec 20, 1998OperationsThis was my last ship before I left the US NAVY! Had many good memories! Great Ship, Great Crew!
Reed, ChristopherOS2 (SW)Jul 1996 – Oct 2000OISome of the best memories and best friends of my life were forged during my time on the YORKTOWN. I remember spending a lot of my time complaining yet it was one of the best times of my life.
Lobert, BrianFC1(SW)Jul 19, 1996 – Dec 15, 1999CGGreat ship and crew we did the smart ship right. that is the way ships should be manned and fought at sea. Loved the ports in the Carribean and the great times we had there. Made excellent friends there and met a lot of them again in Great lakes.
Meehan, MikeRM1(SW)Aug 1996 – Sep 1999OCGreat ship. CDR Rushton was a great CO. Smarthship was good idea gone bad. Paperless Navy Yeah Right.
White, ChrisEN3Aug 1996 – Apr 2000AGreat ship, outstanding people, made many great friends. Sorry to see SMARTSHIP no longer sails. Remember, if your not an engeiner then your just a passanger!
Chiacchia, JoeyEM3Aug 1996 – Jan 1999A@EHad a great time I miss some of the guys.
Richardson, John Aka RichE4/GSESep 1, 1996 – May 30, 2000EM05Good times. Past friends feel free to contact me.
Roberts, KeithNC1Oct 1, 1996 – Nov 1, 1997TRNG
Otwell, AndrewBM21997 – 1999Lots of fun..... I think
Harshman, GlennLTJan 1, 1997 – May 31, 1998WardroomSmartest bunch of guys I ever worked with.
O'Brien, DanielE4/osJan 2, 1997 –Os
Adkins, MarcPNSNFeb 10, 1997 – Aug 28, 1999Personnel/BM'sI still remember the days.....I must say that it was an experience. If I could do it over again I would....I met some fine people onboard the USS Yorktown. Some of the best friends that I've ever had was aboard this ship.
Wooten, Wesley "big Woot"BM3Mar 1997 – Mar 2000ODAwesome ship. Would give almost anything to be on her headed out to sea again. I made the most of my time and on May 2, 2008, I'm getting commissioned...
Gregory, Audy (Head)EN3Mar 7, 1997 – Mar 20, 2001A-Gang & Oil Kinghad some great friends and some good times
Conover, KennethMS2Mar 11, 1997 – May 20, 2001S-2 DivisionRetired CS1 in 2011 after 20 years of service. One of the best ships I've been on in my Navy career. Great crew, great memories, and allot of great port calls.
Cosker, BrianIC3Apr 1, 1997 – Jan 27, 2001Best thing I ever did was join the Navy. The next best thing I ever did was get out. Thanks
Jackson, HughDK1Apr 1, 1997 – Sep 13, 2001S4Was a great tour and great port visits. Hope everyone is doing well. Disbo Ledden, Boutte, Sleesman still doing well. Keep up the spirits and stay in touch. Retired and Loving it.Take care
Garland, JasonCTR1Apr 15, 1997 – Apr 1, 2001OTGood times on the O-3 level painting and non-skidding, like almost everyday. Miss the good times on the deployments.
Barnes, Joseph/ Big CuzEN2May 1997 – Mar 2002A-GangI miss all of my Shipmates!!! Great time and wonderful friends.
Smiley, Nathan profile iconE2May 1997 – Jul 19981stHad a wonderful time and met some great people. Some of the best days of my life...I wish my health would have been better
Cook, AaronSH3May 7, 1997 – Oct 28, 2000Great ship to serve on. Made many friends and memories.
Cosker, Brian AIC3May 11, 1997 – Jan 29, 2003CEThe Yorktown was one of my worst experiences but at the same time was the best group I ever belonged to. Best times of my life was in the Navy. Thanks
Peterson, Remon (Pete)E-6/ GM1 (SW)Jul 1997 – Dec 3, 2004CM'97-2K was the best of the best time. Ship's mission brought the fun-meter down a few notches, but we did it up.
Jones, Anthony (Vlade)GSE3Jul 1997 – May 2000mp
Newton, Rodney (Fig)OS1Jul 7, 1997 – Oct 1, 2003OII enjoyed my time on baoard and will miss all the good friends and good times
Armstrong, WilliamGM2Aug 1997 – Apr 2001CGHad some good times and some bad, but the memories are precious.
Hanich, TadCTRC(SW/AW)/CTRCS(SW/AW)Aug 15, 1997 – Aug 13, 2000OTNobody could ever touch Yorktown's style with Big Money in charge. We did it right with Smart Ship and the Best Chief's mess I have ever known. The Posse will always ride together. The Navy lost a great ship.
Mora, MiguelGM3(SW)Sep 1997 – Aug 2000CGBest time of my life regardless of what happens from here on out. Civilians can't even begin to understand. And I'm still the 2000 USS Yorktown Bluejacket Sailor of the Year!!!
Robles, ChristopherSNSep 1997 – Sep 2000Deck
Kelly, Doug profile iconSTG1Sep 7, 1997 – Jan 7, 2000CM SonarLooking for anybody who knew me, send me an e-mail. Doug Kelly
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Landetta, Henry (Mario)SH3Sep 9, 1997 – Jun 14, 2000SupplyWhat can i say, the best ship in the NAVY period. Sometimes i just sit back and think about the great friends and good times i had while onboard the CG-48. I just want to say to all those that know me, let me know whats really good with you
Tower, MichaelOS3Oct 1997 – Mar 1998Operations DivThis was my First ship in the Navy, though I was only assigned to her for 6 mos, she'll always be the first. I later went on to be assigned on her sister ship, USS Ticonderoga/CG-47.
Canton, Lou Warren profile iconSK2(SW) Canton, LouOct 8, 1997 – Apr 1, 2001S-11ST SMART SHIP IN THE U.S NAVY.... Best ship and crew I served with. Hands Down!!! 12 sections Baby!!!! converted MA after I transfered. Currently MAC. 1ST SN to attain Surface Warfare (SW).
Ritchie, MikeFC1(SW)Oct 14, 1997 – May 12, 2002CGLet me think, Checked on as an E4, met my best friend, married his sister, and left as a E6. What else could you want out of a command. Will always remember FCCS Taylor and Cmdr Kerno. Thanks to you both for everything.
Edwards, NealeIC3 TO OS2Oct 31, 1997 – Nov 18, 2000CE-04Lost 4 years that I wish I was in college for, paying for it now, but wouldn't trade those 4 years for anything. Best Band of Brothers a man could have.
Delisle, JamesGMC(SW)Dec 1997 – Oct 1999CM
Cooper, JimmySTG2 (SW)Dec 7, 1997 – Dec 1, 2002CABest group of people ever and the best sonar shop in the fleet, nobody has ever done it better, god bless you Ogre
Fisher, WesleyDC2(SW)Dec 28, 1997 – Jun 1, 2001RepairThe best ship that I served on Engineering Dept was untouchable thanks to GSCM Simpson and everyone else for making it what we were Thanks for the great memories and good times

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1983 | 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – 1993 | 1994 – 1995 | 1996 – 1997 | 1998 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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