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USS Texas (CGN 39) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Texas (CGN 39). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 779 crew members registered for the USS Texas (CGN 39).

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Dortman, WillamSN1977 – 1978ODPlankowner
Beckman, PhilYN31977 – 1980engineering logroomEngineering Yeoman, Plankowner Living in Indiana.
Deland, GordonSTG11977 – 1978CAPlank Owner, Pre-Commissioning Crew, Commissioning Crew, Protestant Lay Leader
Flahardy, DonMM11977 – Feb 1978LELT; ended my enlistment with the Texas. On to Oregon for 5+ years at Trojan NPP, then to New Hampshire at Seabrook NPP. Fond memories now that time has had its chance to smooth out the non-fond ones :-)
Barnes, JwEM21977 – May 30, 1980Electircal
Long, JackMMFN1977 – 1980awas trying to get a hold for shipmates teddy left his name said to call but left no number. mine is 812-699-2654. email is
Baczkowski, Jaroslaw (Ski)SH31977 – Oct 1980SupplyPrecom, Plank Owner, worked at the ship yard, lived in the apt next the yard and ate at the "greasy spoons". I probably cut your hair, did your laundry and sold something from the Ships Store.
Rodriguez, Dannymmfn1977 – 1979Aplank owner
Greenia, BrianSHSN1977 – 1980S1Plankowner
Chialiva, James "Rocky"SMN GMG1 GMG21977 – Jan 1981combat systemsI was part of one hell of a plankowner crew It was also an interesting shellback ceremony on our way to rescue the hostages in Iran
Brown, Ben C profile iconDeck sn - Sh-21977 – 1981Deck/SupplyWe stayed at sea. Must of visited st croix 10 times. We did 2 med cruises and attempted the rescue of 53 American hostages. Ph# 214-240-6348. Remember the cruiz cuts. I was ships barber. on fb
Davis, TomMM21977 – 1981M1I worked in Engine Room #1. I was a crew member for 4.5 years. I wonder about a lot of guys and where they wound up. I only have stayed in touch with a couple of crew members. I'm still in the nuclear business.
Pugh, EricMM11977 – 1978RCServed during precommissioning and commissioning. Was an ELT. Would love to reconnect with other coworkers and football or softball teammates. Especially Hector Davilla (medical) and Elliot Rolle (electrical I think)
Larkins, RonSR1977 – 1979Deck / Missile LaunchPlank owner. Entered service very young and immature. Lot of good memories and bad ones have faded away. Use to apply deck knowledge to chipping burnt non-skid after launch and constant cleaning hydraulic fluid.
Patterson, MalcolmLT1977 – Jul 31, 1980Electrical OfficerPlankowner: JRCDO, Admin Officer, RCDO, Electrical Officer / Reactor Controls Assistant. Baltimore Gas & Electric (10 years), SCIENTECH (3 years), freelance (13 years). 2006-present at NRC doing PRA.
Long, JamesGMG31977 – 19782ndPre commissioning crew, Plank Owner, Commissioning crew
Gibson, GeorgeYN21977 – 1980AdminPlank owner, was on board when it went to Texas, made med cruise, went around the cape of Good Hope into the Indian Ocean for the Iran Crisis, left the Indian Ocean on the USS Kitty Hawk.
Mooney, EdHT21977 – 1979RWas a Plank owner and on the pre commission crew.Had the time of my life . Met some of the finest young men around and have lots of great memories
Paquet, StanGMM1977 – 1978OrdinancePlank owner - Shakedown cruise
Adkins, TimothyGMG31977 – 1979Combat SystemsPlank Owner September 10 1977 Great ship and crew!
Schwalm, WilliamHT21977 – Oct 1981A. then RPlankowner,Shellback, Bluenose. Member Texas softball team went to Mayport Fla. for tournament ,we were runners up in fleet.
Williston, JayFTM21977 – 1981CD
Pennington, John (Bull)BM/SN-ET3Jan 1977 – Dec 1980DECK/ET COMMStarted as Deck, went ET, Left Navy in 80. Came back in 84. Went SUBS and stayed until I retired in 2001. However The Texas always had my heart.
Luecht, Richard (Bagger)IC3Jan 1977 –ERetired after 20 years. Still looking for my friend Ed Flannigan
Allen, KevinPC 3Jan 7, 1977 – Aug 1979X divisionPlankowner. First postal clerk. Great memories. Played on ships basketball team.
Curless, SidCWO-2Jan 8, 1977 – May 20, 1979RMPrecommisioning crew Commissioning Crew Asst Crypto officer
Bohn, LarryOS2Jan 10, 1977 – Aug 1, 1978OII was in the Pre-com Unit and then made the trip to Galveston, TX after commissioning!
Stokes, RonRM3Jan 25, 1977 – Jun 28, 1979ocpre-com/plank owner
Van Allen, JeffSR-SM3 (SM2 LATER IN THE RESERVES) OUT IN 81.Feb 1977 – Nov 1979OPS Office/Sig shackWhat a ride!, from the old WW2 barracks at NOB(drove MAC Cammauf nutso) to Newport News, trials-shakedown, Comm, Galveston, Carrib islands,GITMO and then the Med. Memories for a lifetime, thanks all. We sure worked hard then partied harder.
Smith, Mark (SmittyHT2Feb 1977 – Aug 17, 1980RReported aboard as part of the balance crew(pre-comm), And commissioning crew. Became a Shell-Back when during the ships first over-seas deployment we were diverted to Iran for the hostage crisis. Retired reservist.
Graham, Darrell (Sea Gypsy)EN3Feb 1977 – Oct 1980A Gang (Engine)Emergency Generators, & the Boats (This was where my 20 year career began. Plank Owner, Pre-Commissioning, and Commissioning Crew, Good times. (Shellback, & Blue Nose too)
Harvey, DonaldSK2Feb 1977 – Jul 1979S-1PLANK OWNER - I reported pre-com as a SKSN. It was a great tour of duty and enjoyed working with my fellow crewmembers. Only bad memory was when they cooked chitterlings in the galley. LOL
Gilliam, DavidEM3Feb 1, 1977 – Jun 1, 1980EMy Navy experience has paid dividends for years. Went in at 17 got out at 21. GI Bill was great.
Winters, Glen G.OS1Feb 11, 1977 – Jul 29, 1981OIHope all my former shipmates are fairing well. I'm doing OK. My Plankowner, Shellback and Blue Nose Polar Bear certificates and picture of the USS TEXAS are hanging on my wall at home - I still have my uniform with ribbons and medals too.
Winters, GlenOS1Feb 15, 1977 – Jul 29, 1981OI
Gilliam, DavidEM3Feb 25, 1977 – May 28, 1980EI stayed on Texas from pre-commisioning through the Gluf in 1980. My thanks to my fellow crew members for giving me memories for a lifetime.
Kelly, Scott (Scooter)HT2Mar 1977 – Sep 1981R1Plank Owner; married 25yrs, 2 kids that I am very proud of. Living in Delaware. Have been welding since I got off the ship. Lots of good memories on the Texas. Would love to hear from some of you guys. Wow this brings back memories..
McCauley, JohnO2, O3Mar 1977 – May 1980MFine ship, outstanding crew, lots of time at sea and great memories.
Shows, RickSAMar 1, 1977 –supplyI was on board pre launch. Ran the ship's store's supply room. SH
Garrity, ThomasPNSR - PN2Mar 27, 1977 – Aug 5, 1980XRetired as an Admin LDO, 1 Aug 1999 with 23 yrs svc. TEXAS provided the best sea duty memories.
Lyon, DaveFTM2Apr 1977 – Aug 4, 1981CDPlankowner, SPA-48 Radar System
Williston, JayFTM2Apr 1977 – Aug 4, 1981CDPlankowner
Duncan, JohnDS1/DSCApr 1977 – Jul 1980Combat SystemsGreat Times. Had excellent people in my division. Had some great shipmates. Miss the comradeship.
Shepherd, Clayton (Shep)OSSN - OS2Apr 1, 1977 – Aug 22, 1980OIPlank Owner and Memeber of one of the tightest CIC crerws ever. Lot's of quals for the team to go through and lots of great memories. Chief Green, OS1 Parrish, OS3 Moulton, OS3 Tatu, where are you? Live now in the DC area.
Fenwick, StevenmmfaApr 1, 1977 – Nov 29, 1977A GangPlank Owner-worked in A gang, then I worked the chiefs mess the last two months I was onboard, went to Gitmo, and shook Charlie Pride's hand at the Commissioning party, I was only 17 yrs. old at the time, It was fun.
Mattson, SteveSH1 SW retired,SH3 while assigned to USS TexasApr 4, 1977 – Jul 27, 1980S-3just looking up old friends
Middlebrooks, Lenny -stormyE-4Apr 15, 1977 – Apr 15, 1980SUPPLY
Balchin, George/mickeyBM3May 1977 – Jan 1981Deck Dev Can't thank of a better place or group of people to serve with. Will never forget the shipyard life and all the time in the Caribbean and the trips to Texas. Send emails
Green, William D JrSEAMANMay 3, 1977 – Aug 9, 1979Deck then Radioplankowner
Vota, VincentQMSA /Qm3Jun 1977 – Feb 1980nav/BridgeAs the present time was slow. The memories that we all made have replayed in my mind over and over Gitmo these words Knock it down The orange drone cost us the letter "E" Hope all are well We made some history on that fine ship/ our crew
McKenzie, Jim/macIC3Jun 3, 1977 – Jul 3, 1980E-Plank Owner, Med, IO, Great people, Great times, Great memories, still cherished today ! Good memories DO last a lifetime!
Landman, LorenRM2Jun 6, 1977 – Jun 10, 1980OCPlank Owner. Still remember that building at 33rd & West St, the Korean Embassy, and the PSA Strike & what a Commissioning Party & visit to Galveston. First MED, Christmas in Italy, on to GONZO Station & visit to Port Louis, & what a H
Mays, LarryHT3Jul 1977 – Jan 21, 1980RI worked in the engine room as a nonrate. then moved to R division.
McKee, CharlesMM2Jul 1, 1977 – Dec 28, 1979APlank Owner. I always thought Cosgrove would go far. Work for Industrial gas Comapny and reside in wonderful western NC
Curry, CliffordBM1Jul 15, 1977 – Jun 1, 19801stI was a plank owner on uss texas as bm2 made med and indian ocean cruise was on the flight deck when we made the recue atemp of the iran hostage i was in charge of flight deck gear and operation
Moulton, Carl "Moose"OS3Aug 1, 1977 – Aug 1, 1979OPSGreat memories and sea stories that get better as the time passes. Stayed in reserves after Texas, commissioned into Supply Corps after Desert Shield recall. Retired Lt.(USNR-SC) Hi Shep and Bone! Live in FL.
Cole, T.c.EWCAug 19, 1977 – Jun 5, 1981OEGreat Ship and a Great Crew.
Small, RobertET3Sep 1977 – Dec 1980COJust signing up
Tilton, DougMM1Sep 1977 – Oct 1981M
Babb, MarkETR3Sep 1977 – Jul 1981RCWish I’d been a bit more mature than I was - guess I had to learn the hard way. Some day I’d like to thank Lt. Kimura - you made a bigger impact than you imagine. My salute now is genuine.
Baldwin, Robert KirkLT.Sep 10, 1977 – Sep 10, 1979EngineeringI left the mains to go to Intell. I wish I would have stayed. Lone Star state rules.
Cole, T.c.EWCSep 14, 1977 – Mar 5, 1982OEThe best ship I have ever served on. I can only remember the good times and the good shipmates. Contact me a my email and I will respond.
Small, BobET3Sep 20, 1977 – Dec 20, 1980OEPlank Owner, Lots of good memories.
Hall, EdwinET2Sep 22, 1977 – Dec 16, 1979RC
Carlson, James R.BM 2Sep 25, 1977 – Sep 1977ODFirst Texan , and first Boatswain to sign on board : Precom to maiden voyage and shake down. Transfered to NMCB-133 , Gulfport, Miss.on Re-enlistment in Sept. , 1977.
Bohn, LarryOS2Oct 1, 1977 – May 1, 1979OILeft Texas went to recruiting in Tennessee. Retired Jun 1994 as OSCS(SW).
Tanner, DavidJO3Oct 7, 1977 – Jan 7, 1980AdminWas aboard when rescue for Iranian Hostages failed from aircraft carrier
Novak, MichaelMMFNOct 10, 1977 – Jan 11, 1981M and AI reported aboard a month after it was commisioned. I was on during the Iran Hostage Crisis. I enjoyed my time onboard. I am now a Merchant Marine Engineering Officer. I have been sailing for 20yrs. I am now working for MSC and hope to retire frm thm
Ahearn, William (bill)PN2Nov 1977 – Dec 1981XThe TEXAS has given my some of my best memories of the service.
Deasy, John (Jack)LTJGNov 1977 – Jun 1980SupplyFood Service Officer, Ship's Store Officer and Disbursing Officer working for LCDR Jim Haynes and then LCDR Gino Marchetti. Many good memories. MED & IO cruise 79-80. Retired from Navy as Captain, Supply Corps, on 01 June 2007.
Flynn, GregFTM3Nov 15, 1977 – Nov 15, 1978Combat Systems
Stancato, SteveDS2Dec 1977 – May 1979 I was an original plank owner but went to school for DS C School in Mare island and missed all the activities, I did go to Galveston ,Texas when we got the invite from the State of Texas, after GITMO and Roosevelt Roads P.R. , that was fun !!!

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