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USS Texas (CGN 39) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Texas (CGN 39). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 779 crew members registered for the USS Texas (CGN 39).

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Tomichek, StevenMM20000 –MServed in #2 Engine Room.
Luther E Lineberger, Lutherchief petty officer+ chief of electrican1912 – 1952E 10served in world war 1+2 war
Blake, WilliamFIREMANOct 1, 1940 – Nov 9, 1941Engine roomNot sure of the dates. I was assigned to the Texas from boot camp when it was the flagship of the Atlantic Fleet.I believe the flag was transferred to the cruiser Augusta.
Perkins, John W.Yeoman1943 – 1945Ship's office and damage control
Boudreaux, Cully L.ET11974 – 1979RCPlankowner.
Stone, JohnMM11975 – May 10, 1978MPrecom unit Plank owner 1plant LPO Left Navy in May 78 Worked 18 years for HL&P at South Texas Project Nuclear Plant in Bay City Texas as plant operator and supervisor in Chemical Operations Currently own a business in Sealy Texas.
Haberle, JamesETR21975 – 1979RCPLANKOWNER
Wright Jr, JohnET11975 – Jan 1980RCPlank owner - I have many fond memories of the Texas "bull ship of the fleet" and our "nukes never have a nice day" tshirt. now working in nuclear test at Newport news shipyard for over 25 years
Miller, MichaelMM11975 – 1977A
White, Gordon (Bill)DK11975 – Aug 30, 1978Supply S-1Was with mthe precomm until retirement in Aug 78
Wasem, MikeMM21975 – Sep 12, 1979M2Highlite-al navy softball tourny Mayport, FL. Great friends, Bob Martin, Ted Rogers, Ivan Wilson, Gary Vance, Rick, Ed, Stansberry,Ryan,Cully I live Lusby, MD work for NRC
Weisenborn, Dana FMM21975 – Dec 1977MCGN-39 & CGN-40. Retired early USG Corp. Married 33 Yrs. 3 Living Child. 10 Grand-child. Live in Tucson. Saw new entry from Mike Wasem. Remember many good times with Mike incl. Annapolis visits.
Morway, RonRMC1975 – 1980OCGreat Ship with a great crew and an excellent CPO Mess.
Root, TimothySTG11975 – Jan 16, 1978SonarPlank owner
Martin, BobMM11975 – 1979MPrecom/Plankowner. Friends: Wasem, Rogers, Wilson, Ryan, Vance, Bonnette, Speas, Duffy, Knobeloch, Neuschwanger, Davis, Stansbury,Yoder to name a few. 35 yrs in Ops CCNPP Retired Shift Manager living in Winter Springs Fl
Smith, KenLTJan 1, 1975 – Jun 7, 1977RMI was the only native Texan in the wardroom, and PAO as collateral duty.
De Potty, Jeffey "j.j."OS2Jan 1, 1975 – Dec 20, 1977O.I.Part of pre-com crew. Plank owner.
Olsen, Larry (Olie)MM1Mar 1, 1975 – Jul 7, 1977M-DivGreat time with all my shipmates on the precom unit.
Roe, Terry profile iconMM1Apr 2, 1975 – Sep 10, 1979MI had a fun fun fun time aboard the Texas. Left to be staff instructor at the West Milton Site. I remember everything!
Gipson, JamesMM1Jun 1975 – Dec 1979M
Herrin, David (Fuzzy)YN3Jul 1975 – Nov 1977YN Admin for Capt. Peter B. FiedlerI was the first crewmember to check aboard the USS Texas as a Precom Unit. I checked in at NNSB and was temp. assigned to the USS VA (No one yet able to ck me in) Discharged before commissioning but put a lot of heart and sweat into Her.
McConaughy, MichaelYN3Aug 1975 – Mar 1979OPS/X18th sailor to report aboard. Operations yeoman for LCDR Scovill and LCDR Roberts.
McCutcheon, MichaelMM1Aug 1975 – Nov 24, 1978MMember of pre-commissioning crew. Have worked for large electric utility since leaving the Navy.
Grout, DonaldGMG-1/GMGC/CWO2Aug 1975 – May 1978COGreat ship, great crew. Arrived just days after Texas slid down the skids into the water. Left just after arriving in the yards for shake down availability. Many great memories of the time spent on her. Retired a CWO4 in 1987.
Peterson, DougICCAug 1975 – Apr 1977RCRC Div LPO
Billingsly, Ed(ward)MM1Aug 13, 1975 – Oct 3, 1978MPlank Owner, member of the nucleus crew
Diedrich, JohnE-6/ET1Aug 15, 1975 – May 16, 1978RCPreCom Crew - Plank Owner
Unger, William M.STG1Sep 1975 – Jun 1980Plankowner.
Chute, DavidMM1Sep 1975 – 1978Machinery#1 Engineroom LPO Retired 1995 as MMCM(SW/SS)while Command Master Chief of CGN-41.
Carlson, James R.BM 2Sep 20, 1975 – Sep 19771STServed Pre-Com during construction in Newport News , Va. Transfered to NMCB-133 , Gulfport , Miss.on re-enlistment Sep. , 1977
Reasoner, DonIC1Oct 1975 – Dec 1978EngineeringPlankowner. Retired in 1994 as ICC(SW). Currently working Civil Service for the Coast Guard as a Work Leader repairing Falcon jet and CASA aircraft. Living in Camden, North Carolina.
Meigel, DavidMMCOct 9, 1975 – Jul 31, 1978MLeft CGN-39 transferred to D1G, followed by USS Virginia. Retired March 1986. Plank Owner. Current work at Norfolk Naval Shipyard Engineering Dept. CVN 68 Class Propulsion Machinery Group Leader
Carbo, ButchMM1Oct 9, 1975 – Oct 1, 1977M1st of 2 tours on a great ship!
Meigel, DavidMMCOct 9, 1975 – Jul 31, 1978M
Seaman, JimLTDec 1975 – Aug 1978Combat SystemsNTDS Officer
Hamer, RCETR21976 – 1977RCPlankowner.
Hall, JohnEM21976 – 1979REPlankowner
Greene, CliffET11976 – Jun 1978Precom unit and sea trials
Csihas, FrankPN11976 – 1978X-AdminPre-commisioning thru sea trials. Great Admin Team. I have lots of photos, and memorabiblia from commissioning dates. Will never forget my shipmates and the Galveston, Texas celebration!
Guyton, BillMM21976 – 1978RMLeft the Navy in 1978. Joined the Army National in SC, then joined the Air National Guard, retired May 1999. Currently work for CSC as a commputer programer.
Webber, DonaldMM11976 – 1979MachineryServed on precommisionining Crew. Served Nuclear Power School, USS Dwight D Eisenhower (MMC), Naval Reactors (ENS), USS Hunley, and Retired from USS Emory S. Land as LT. Now work at Monticello NPS in Minnesota.
Purdy, PhilEM21976 – Apr 1980EPlank Owner. Left ship day before the Iranian Hostage Rescue attemp. Looking for cruise book from 1979-1980 Med cruise. 25 years and counting with PPL Holtwood LLC as an operator.
Meyer, Rick (Oscar)MM21976 – 1979MPlank owner I was known to everyone as 'Oscar' even though my real name was Rick
White, LarryET 11976 – Sep 1979RCPlank Owner. Living in South Carolina since discharge.
Ryan, PatIC11976 – 1980Interior Communications - NucI remember the fun we had, Fred, Stansbury, Duffy, Waz, Wilson, Martin, Vance. Worked at Clinton Power Station in Ops ever since I got out of the Navy, retired and went back as a contractor.
Turner, BillET21976 – 1979COPlankowner - enjoyed some great times with some great guys.
Dunnwald, DonMM11976 – Jan 25, 1979Engineering
Hardin, MichaelET-11976 – Jun 6, 1978Reactor ControlPlank Owner seeking info on decommissioning.
Reese, RonFTM2Jan 1976 – May 1977cf
Bieze, KeithMM1 ELTFeb 1976 – Aug 1978RLPlankowner - Dosimetry Supervisor (RL03). Went to Idaho as instructor for remainder of enlistment. Left Navy January 1982. Been working ever since for Pacific Gas and Electric. Now Primary Chemistry Engineer.
Guthrie, SkipEM1Feb 1976 – Sep 1979EWorked in the topside Electric Shop. Stood watch in the enginerooms. Lots of memories
Weisenborn, DanaMM2Feb 1976 – Sep 1977MPlank Owner. Also CGN 40 Pre-com unit. Discharged Dec 77. Retired early USG Corp. Four children (3 living) 8 beautiful grand children. Now in Oswego, IL Moving to Tucson some time in 2009
Wallace, DonalMM2Feb 13, 1976 – 1978M1
Scheels, RollyETCFeb 16, 1976 – Jan 16, 1979RCPre-comm crew and plank owner - left Navy in 1982 & worked at Big Rock Point until 1997 - worked in electric transmision until 2008 & am sort of retired...
Cosgrove, Thomas / CosMM-1Mar 1976 – Sep 1981APlank Owner, Retired off USS America in 1989.SWOS Instructor, Graduated from Senior Enlisted Acadamy.
Carpenter, DavidET2Mar 1976 – Sep 1979RCPlank Owner. After leaving the service, got PhD in Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M. Work for Bettis Atomic Power Lab.
Wilson, IvanMM-2Mar 1976 – Aug 1980MPlank Owner LPO #1 Engine Room. Currently a manager at Crystal River Power Plant in Florida.
Durham, JayET1Mar 1976 – Aug 1978RCPlankowner
Yoder, Tim profile iconMM2Mar 1976 – Jul 2, 1980MPrecom and Plank-owner. Worked for the Perry Nuclear Plant (went there when it was a hole in the ground, and stayed until the first refueling in 1989). Went to work for Northwest/Delta Airlines.
Kirts, WillieSEAMANMar 16, 1976 – Aug 16, 1979ODHi, I hope all you guys are doing well! It'll be good to hear what's going on! waitng to hear from you. Boats!
Crawford, TimEM1Apr 1976 – Sep 19, 1978Engineering-ER 1went back to Michigan, spent last 32 years working as electrician and technician. Currently working for Honeywell doing ventilation, steam plant and boiler controls.Precon and Plankowner
Race, Michael, MikeRM2Apr 1976 – Jun 1981OCJoined during precom, transfered to have brother duty. Saw alot of wonderful places and met alot of great guys. What I can remember of it that is.
Merrill, JeffreyOS2Apr 1976 – Nov 1979OIPlank Owner - Great ship with to short of a life. I'll always remember the great times we had and the great guys I served with. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
Gaiennie, L. Rene (Scotty)FTCS/CWO3Apr 8, 1976 – Jun 10, 1980CF/CF Off/ CO OffPlank Owner-Set up Weapons Dept with Mike, Hoot and A-Watt along with Poats and our one and only sticky finger GMGC Wipperman with a NEW Chief's welcoming machine that was beyond belief-I never knew peanut butter could look so gross! Memories are
Lamarche, MikeSK1Apr 17, 1976 – Jul 1978S-1S-1 LPO, 1ST CLASS MESS PRES. Texas was one of the best tours of my career. Worked for SKCM Tufnell. Retired CWO3(SC) aug 1994
Davis, TomCWO-3May 1976 – Jun 1979OEPlank Owner, Operations Electronics Division Officer
Hayes, Gregs/rMay 15, 1976 – Jul 1978airmani was raised on a farm for most of my life and went in at very young age and grew up was an overwhelming experience and one of the best in my life. i will never forget that ship and all of the life experiences.
De Esch, DougEMFNJun 1976 – Mar 1979EPlank Owner
Futch, Woodysh2/1Jun 28, 1976 – Jun 29, 1979s-3retired after 25 yrs with the rank of mcpo
Jackson, RickMSSA-MS3Jul 20, 1976 – Dec 5, 1979SupplyAn original crew member, worked in the shipyard and lived in the apartments. Fed most of you, and you loved it.
Stansbury, TimothyETN-2Aug 1976 – Nov 1979RCPre-Com - PLANK OWNER. Fred Hammond, Pat Ryan and myself were the ones who created "Bullship of the fleet" T Shirts. Spent 2yrs at Beaver Valley, PA before switching to Avionics for 27yrs, living in Melbourne, FL
Gamper, JohnSTG2Aug 8, 1976 – Aug 12, 1980Combat - SonarPlank Owner, Shellback
Dixon, Billy JoeMM1Aug 30, 1976 – Jan 1978A DivPreComm and plankowner Hydraulic Shop LPO--Retired in 1989 one of the best commands I was on made many friends I still have today.
Rust, TerryEM2Sep 1976 – Aug 1980EPlank Owner, Site TV LPO, primarily Engine Room #1 watchstander. Now In New Mexico
Wentling, DirkEM3Sep 1976 – Aug 25, 1980E DivisionPlankowner, Ship's collateral duty photographer, Set up ship's darkroom, helped run the onboard TV and Radio station. Memories grow fonder as time slips by. Glad I spent my entire "naval career" onboard the Texas.
Beck, TerryEM-2Sep 1, 1976 – Jun 27, 1979EGood friends, good times.
Vorhies, DougMSSep 11, 1976 – Mar 13, 1980SupplyPlank owner
Amos, HawesITCMOct 1, 1976 – Jun 1, 1979Precom Unit, Plank Owner (RM3), xfr'd to Iceland, retired in 2000 after 30 years service.
Garvey, WalterMM3Nov 1976 – Mar 30, 1979A
Carrico, FrancisE4 EMNov 10, 1976 – Mar 1, 1979Electrician TopsideGreat experience.
Robinson, ThomasPNSNDec 1976 – Mar 1979XPre-Com and Plankowner.
Vanderslice, SteveET2Dec 1976 – Oct 1980RCSeems the longer I am around the better the times were
Lewis, CharlesMR2Dec 3, 1976 – Dec 3, 1978RPlank Owner. 1st Machinery Repairman on board. Made alot of name tags! After getting out in 1978 I worked as a machinist until 1990 and then started selling for some local machining houses.
Thomson, William LloydET3-ET2Dec 6, 1976 – Oct 1, 1980CEHad a good time on board, Miss a lot of this crew.
Bell, KevinTM2Dec 28, 1976 – Aug 8, 1980CAPlankowner

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