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USS Virginia (CGN 38) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Virginia (CGN 38). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 446 crew members registered for the USS Virginia (CGN 38).

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Gravitt, RichardIC21981 – 1984EI had alot of good times, even one the Capt. Cup once. Hello to all my fellow shipmates. I retired 1996.
Bradley, RobertMMC/MMCSJan 1981 – Dec 1988A
Williams, ScottOSSN - OS1Jan 16, 1981 – May 25, 1986OIHello all, I'm about to retire after 27 years and am looking for shipmates. Email me so we can catch up on old times.
Rosenthal, JedOS3Feb 15, 1981 – Jul 15, 1984OIIt was a great ship, and I have a lot of good memories.Would be nice to hear from any of the guys from OI Div. 1981-1984 Now living in Ohio. To bad she is no longer haze gray and underway!
Sanchez, ChezE-3Mar 17, 1981 – Feb 17, 1985S 2
Estes, Andy profile iconEM3Apr 1981 – Jun 1983REMany good memories of some really great people, and the best CO and XO I ever had the pleasure of knowing. Capt. King was the best!
Carlisle, Christopher H.OS2Apr 18, 1981 – Aug 7, 1984OILooking back it is hard to believe that it has been nearly 20 years ago that I served on her. What a great crew. Sad that she is gone!!
Rowlett, TimHTFA-HT2Jun 1981 – Dec 1984RLots of memorys some good some not so good. Still wouldn't trade the time spent or the friends made for nothing.
Johnson, DannyEM3Jun 18, 1981 – Jun 21, 1984E
Klima, JohnEW2Jul 1981 – Jul 1984OIGood people.. Great Ship.. Fantastic memories.
Jordan, James "jj"OSSN - OS2Jul 1981 – Apr 1984OIOI Div: It was truly an Honor to serve as part of that team. We got the job DONE unlike any other team I've been part of since. Thorough understanding of AAW, ASW, and ASuW...Individually Strong and cohesively Powerful! Peace and Blessings
Felix, Joe profile iconSH-3 (SW)Jul 1981 – Nov 1984S-3Looking out to the crew that still needs a haircut to go on liberty. LOL. Contact me @
McKeiver, Kenneth ( Doc)HMAug 3, 1981 – Oct 4, 1984MedicalAn experience I'll never forget
Pyle, RussellBM3Aug 12, 1981 – Nov 22, 1983DeckLove to hear from some of you that I served with.
Gayle, JimOS3Sep 1981 – May 1984OI
Piotrowski, RobertMS2Oct 22, 1981 – Feb 27, 1983S2Looking for those pre-com cooks?
Robinson, JeffreyMMFANov 1, 1981 – Aug 3, 1983Mfrom the day i stepped on board i was on a mission to go home i learned a lot about people like hill, harmon ,willande , chief ,trimble, beatle bailey ,kenneth 24 years ago i left where abouts of any above email me
Smith, Mitchell profile iconMMFA-MM3Nov 10, 1981 – Mar 19, 1985A-GangOne of my greatest times in the Navy. Miss the old crew. Hope all is well. Retired in 2002. Who would figure I would last that long. Now livining in WA Power Plant Operator
Graham, DavidET1Nov 15, 1981 – Jun 15, 1985RCGreat bunch of guys to serve with. Beirut left a lasting impression. Good to hear Henry Roman and Bill Townsend's names again. Will never forget steaming through 4 Russian ships anchored off Libya just for fun.
Brown, Don01-03 SUPPLY OFFICERDec 1981 – Jun 1984SupplyI spent 23 years in the Navy and served in three ships. None was better, with a finer crew than VIRGINIA.
Waltz, DougSK2Dec 1981 – Aug 1985S1Hello to all!
Farley, KimOS2Dec 20, 1981 – Jul 16, 1984OI
Shiver, James (Jimbo)OS21982 – 1986OISome of the best times I ever had, made alot of good friends. "In God we trust, all others we Track."
Meigel, DavidMMCSJan 2, 1982 – Mar 31, 1986MRetired March 31, 1986. Currently work at Norfolk Naval Shipyard Engineering Dept, Code 266. CVN-68 Class Propulsion Machinery Group Leader
Meigel, DavidMMCSJan 2, 1982 – Mar 31, 1986MI retired while onboard CGN-38. Made two Med cruises. Worked for Norfolk Naval Shipyard for 28 years. retired from there in 2014. Living in Virginia Beach
Drummond, MichaelOSSR-OS2Jan 4, 1982 – Apr 24, 1987OIGreat crew long 5 years, no regrets.
Barriteau, PatrickSM2May 15, 1982 – Aug 18, 1986octhat crew was my real family,especially capt king,he was a true leader in every sense of the word.he truely commanded respect throughout the ranks on that great ship...i miss it all very much
Lessmann, KarlOSSN - OS2Jul 1, 1982 – Jun 16, 1986OIMade some good friends; made some fond memories; had the experience of a lifetime. Thanks to all that became my Navy family.
Stuchkus, RichardENCMAug 20, 1982 – Sep 20, 1987CMCSome of my best days were spent on the Virginia
Wilson, GlenMM3-MM2Aug 20, 1982 – Oct 23, 1986agreat crew
Moore, Timothy / IgmoOS3Sep 1982 – Mar 1, 1985OI DivisionMet some very interesting Sailors while on board. Some were excellent and I admired them, others I avoided at all cost! I'd do another med Cruise w/ a different group of Sailors just to see if that cruise would be better
Jacobs, Jason R.OS1Nov 1982 – Nov 1987OISpecial Ship and Crew. Lots of memories!
Popadics, TimMM2Nov 1982 – Aug 1986M - Engineroom #2Looking back, I would'nt have missed it for anything. The '83 Med Cruise and Beirut are the strongest memories I have of the ship. I'm sorry she is gone.
Grant, JimEM2Nov 1, 1982 – Apr 1, 1985REGoon Bucket we did all the Steamin, Bldg 40 got all the glory. Will never ever forget that day off Beruit, and how many times we tried to go home. Retired 1996. Way Northern New Hampshire,NH State Park Ranger and Licensed Fishing Guide
Stage, Larry PDK1Nov 20, 1982 – Nov 11, 1985SUPPLYbest fighting ship i was on while in the Navy. I served on seven ships. Virginia was my last
Robinson, JohnnyEn3Dec 1982 – Nov 1986A divisionGlad to have served
Austin, Shawn /pipelayerBM3Dec 15, 1982 – Oct 10, 19860d
Behler, EricOS21983 – Jun 1985OILotsa good memories and lotsa familiar names
Marshall, ThomasSR-BM31983 – 1985DeckFirst and best Ship
Dubois, KarlFA MM31983 – 1987A GANG
Williams, AllenOSSR-OS2Jan 1983 – Jul 1986OIThey say that your first ship will guide your path and future. Who would have thought that "Biff" would be an LDO CDR. I owe it to all those who showed me "How to do it Right".
Brown, RobertDK2Jan 1, 1983 – May 12, 1985supplymed cruise 83 was cool, got off ship while in drydock, went uss worden cg18 honolulu, hi, if u know donny morris, tell him to email me.
Austin, ShawnBoatswainmate third classJan 10, 1983 – Oct 10, 1986Operations div.
Keane, WilliamPN2Jan 14, 1983 – Jan 15, 1984X
Willis, ThomasMM1 (SW)Feb 1983 – Oct 1991RLWhat a ship! Best there was. Dead on the money. Beirut beagle survives.
Hoare, David (Hip-hip)ET2Mar 1983 – Sep 1986CEGreat memories!
Schwartz, DaveRM3Mar 1983 – Aug 1986communicationsi can't believe they scraped the best ship in the fleet. i had the best time of my 8 year career on that ship and should have never left.
Dave Schwartz, DaveRM3Mar 1983 – Aug 1986OperationsIt was the best duty station I served on during my 8 years, should've stayed. i can't believe they decommissioned her and then made a sub and used her name.
Mansfield, StephenDS3Mar 15, 1983 – Aug 15, 1987CDGreat Ship.... She was a bad little Bitch :)
Coughlin, SteveMM2May 9, 1983 – Jul 31, 1986M
Pelland, WilliamHTCSJun 1983 – Jul 1985R
Kline, Gerald, (Skip)MS2Jun 1983 – Dec 1986S-2
Carroll, PaulSTG3Jun 6, 1983 – May 31, 1989CAHello shipmates. Alive and well in Florida. Any old buddies can e-mail me at
McKeiver, KenHM3Aug 13, 1983 – Apr 15, 1986MedicalI came aboard the USS Virginia in Norfolk and left 4 days later for the coast of Lebanon with Captain King,,, really cool guy who played " coming to America" by lee greenwood on the return to the US at end of that cruis
Ricks, IraRMSNAug 29, 1983 – Mar 29, 1987communication
Roberts, RobbieFC3Dec 1983 – Aug 1986cs
Oneill, BillEM1Dec 1983 – Dec 1988REAt the time I really didn't enjoy my time all that much. Looking back it was undoubtedly my favorite ship to serve on. Did a second tour August 92 until decom.
McMullen, Kenneth (Gator)MM1Dec 1983 – Feb 1988L and T DivisionsMany great memories. Was glad to leave, but miss it now!!
Oneill, BillEM1Dec 1983 –Reactor Electrical
Dix, PaulSK3Dec 1, 1983 – Jun 1, 1985SupplyHello to everyone
Reinhardt, RobertE5/OS2Dec 2, 1983 – Mar 16, 1988OII had a great 4+ years on the Virginia, learned a lot. I was saddened to see her decommed like that, especially when she was still so young and viable. The first on the east coast to get Tomahawk.
Ellmaker, KeithSTG1Dec 27, 1983 – Dec 15, 1985CAHave some great memories from being in the SONAR Gang

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1976 | 1977 – 1978 | 1979 – 1980 | 1981 – 1983 | 1984 – 1985 | 1986 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – now

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