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USS Virginia (CGN 38) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Virginia (CGN 38). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 446 crew members registered for the USS Virginia (CGN 38).

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Baker, MikeDS11973 – 1977Data SystemsShipyardwas hard work but we enjoyed it. Gee? Am I the "old-timer" on this list?? Yes, 1973 is correct. I was p/o a special Combat Systems tech team at Mare Island prior to being precom and finally plankowner!!
Skidmore, CharlesYNJan 1974 – 1977unknownChuck aka "Red" talked highly of his shipmates, and his love for the USS Virginia. He retired in 1996 as a Chief Yeoman. Chuck passed away January 13, 1996.
Haney, JohnMM2-MM1Jan 1974 – Feb 1979M-1Plankowner, this was my first "Nuc"powered ship. Learned a lot from BTC Mess and others. Retired as a CW04.
Harp, HaroldHT2Sep 1974 – Apr 1977R-DIVISION
Stewart, JosephEMCSep 1974 – Aug 1978EGood friends, good times, lots of hard work
McNeil, Larry /macETCSNov 1974 – Aug 1977Reactor ControlsI also recall the long boring days in the precom building. A positive memory was the design school in NY! Had some good times, and met good people! RCLPO, Plankowner Retired as CWO4 (USNR) Left active duty 1977
Hallett, ChuckMM1Dec 1974 – Mar 1976MPrecom Unit; Came from USS Enterprise with others, including Capt. George Davis. Left (Shanghaid to USS South Carolina) before commissioning
Banta, JamesMM1Dec 1974 – Jul 7, 1977M Division
Banta, JimMM1Dec 1, 1974 – Jul 7, 1977MPlankowner, LPO # 2 engineroom, honorably discharged 7/7/77.
Sikes, JerryEM-21975 – 1979E
Erdman, EdET-21975 – 1978Reactor ControlsPlank owner
Hostman, JohnEM21975 – 1978EPre-comm to the first Med cruise. RE01
Holman, RichardEM11975 – 1978E DivisionIt is an honor to be a Plankowner on the USS Virginia CGN 38.
Loos, TomDK31975 – 1977Supply
Godby, Tyrone ( Ty)HT31975 – 1977RPlank owner, I was on the weather deck when we where testing the forward 5 inch 54. And shot off the weather break hatch I told Hal Harp and he told DC Central that we shot our selves. Then Heard Cease fire Cease fire
Capron, DanMM21975 – 1977M-DivPrecom M Div though Shakedown, Gitmo, etc.
Milbee, MikeET1Jan 10, 1975 – May 5, 1978Reactor ControlsMiss alot of good friends...
Cianciolo, Paul (Scungy)ETCFeb 1975 – Feb 1979Reactor ControlRemember going into Halifax in dense fog. We were guided in similar to an Air Traffic Controller guiding a plane. Long boring hours in the precom building and long working hours in GITMO.
Hughes, MichaelMM2Feb 1975 – Aug 1978MDesign School and Precom; #2 Engine Room; M-Div Office and Supply Storeroom for a couple of years. Haunted the darkroom as the Ship’s Photographer. Great times in the Caribbean’s on Transfer Day. Retired in 1990.
Horan, JohnGMG2 TO GMG1Mar 1975 – Oct 1978COWhat a great ship! Great gun and missile gang and a great crew. Went back to Knox class and Mk 42's. Retired GMC(SW) in '91. Living and working RI
Glasgow, JeffEW-1Apr 20, 1975 – Dec 15, 1980O/IFirst EW-1 on with the SLQ32.
Noble, MikeO-1 TO O-3May 1975 – Nov 1978Shift Test Engineer, R NavigationGosh it just seems like it was yesterday. The work was hard, the hours were long and the responsibilities were enormous. But it was worth it. The whole crew was a class act. What a rush. Thank You.
Vargas, AnthonyMM2May 1975 – Dec 1978M
Ptacek, DanielMM2May 20, 1975 – Jun 2, 1979M divisionEnjoyed my time on the Virginia. Proud to be a Plank owner. Lots of good memories lots of good friends. Hey Swede remember the good time we had at that pub in Portsmouth England . didn't we have fun drinking with locals.
Evenson, RobertMM1Jun 1, 1975 – Apr 23, 1979MLPO ER#2 Had a great time on the girl. Really sad she didn't last longer.
Levesque, DavidEM-2Jun 18, 1975 – Dec 20, 1978Electrical REO-2My tour on board was fantastic. Learned a lot and met a lot of great people.I was truly happy to serve on the Virginia, the 1st of its class. Everything I learned in NUC School and @ Prototype was real...
Davis Jr, LawrenceE4 MS3Jun 29, 1975 – Sep 11, 1976S2Well I was on board the USS Virginia it was one of the best duty I'm sorry that I was not able to be On it first cruise but I enjoy the commissioning of the vessel and being one of the first Virginian To duty.
Gower, DavidMM1Jul 15, 1975 – Jul 13, 1979M1Precom Unit, Plankowner, EM01. Never a dull moment!
Barlow, JamesHT3Jul 20, 1975 – Apr 22, 1979(green goggles gang)Just looking to see if any of the old plankowners are still out there. We had some good times on the old girl.
Mello, KenIC2Aug 1, 1975 – Jun 12, 1979E
Larger, ChrisENS/LTJGSep 1, 1975 – Sep 1, 1978Combat Systems/OrdnanceFond memories of a great ship and a great crew and the amazing spectrum of work and training done by all the departments to bring a ship into the Fleet and ready to deploy.
Whiting, JohnRMCSOct 1975 – Sep 1977OCThe Virginia was my last tour of duty and was also the worst. If not for the Virginia I would have probably stayed 30 years in the Navy. Would have had to do one more year aboard if I re-enlisted. But I did have the best division offic
Evans, Harold JayOS2Oct 15, 1975 – Apr 14, 1980OIServed with kowalski;mongeon;moon;whitfield;and yancy.
Moon, BruceOS2Oct 15, 1975 – Jan 20, 1980OISorry to see she's gone. First ship in my career. Also sailed on her as part of CCDG-8 Staff during workups in 1983, I believe.
Shattuck, HamiltonFTM1Oct 30, 1975 – May 1, 1978CFPre-commissioning crew for AN/SPS48A radar system with FTMC Joe Hill, FTM1 Glenn Kleckner and FTM2 Ernie Sizemore...we had a great time!
Callender, JimHTFA - HT2Dec 1975 – May 1979R - Green Goggles GangAll I have left is apiece of wood, some pictures, memories, and a tatoo! With all her flaws she was one ot the Navy's best. After 25 years I still feel that way. Yorktown to the Keys in 10 hours, Chief Bro the TURKEY is ready, wishIhadmorespace
Breslin, BearHT-2Dec 1975 – Jul 1980r-div.plankowner /commisoning crew.just reaching out to my shipmates,hope to hear from my friends who i made great memories with. hope to find everyone in good health, god bless. Bill(BEAR)breslin
Miskar, StevenE3Dec 1, 1975 – Aug 8,
Anderson, MarkSTG-21976 – 1978CAHad alot of great memories of serving with a great group of saliors.
McMinnis, Lester, (Ted)SK21976 – 1980SupplyJust looking to see if I know anyone and leave my email address if anyone knows of me Be great to hear from you. Best
Dawson, ClaytonSN1976 – 1978ODPrecomm crew
Scheinkopf, JoeOSSN1976 –OIWas sad to hear about the early decommisioning of this fine ship..hey what happened to OI gang Ray Durham, Harold Evans,Tom Pacheco, Rusty Daniels, etc etc?
Mechure, PeterBM-HT1976 – 1980RHonorably Discharged 1980. HT Mechure Plankowner Departing.
Billingsley, Charles-chuck profile iconBM31976 – 1978deck force looking for old friends
Fitzgerald, DennisBM31976 – 1977DeckLiving in Seattle.
Terry, DyerE 21976 – 1977Auxiliary
Dietrich, StevenSTG2Jan 1976 – Jul 1979CAIt's hard to believe she is gone now. At the time, there were a lot of people onboard that I could live with out,but I wish I could see them again.
Dawson, ClaytonSNJan 1976 – Sep 1978OD
Hons, RickMM2Mar 1976 – Sep 1978M Div
Dunaway, SteveEN3/EN2Mar 1, 1976 – Oct 15, 1979A-GangLooking back she was a great ship. Would like to walk her decks again. My first Med and only Med cruise.
Reed, GeorgeMS-3Mar 1, 1976 – Sep 15, 1978Where did the time go? I'm still UA!!!
Stephenson, CharlieBM3Mar 10, 1976 – Dec 10, 1978deck forceany one heard from Derek Lutz
Brinker, CarlGMG2Apr 1976 – Jul 1979COIt's sad to think she was De-Comm. after only 18yrs of service
Bramlett, Jr., EugeneMM1Apr 1976 – Dec 1980L-DivisionA long, long time ago in a port far, far away ... or so it seems. Fair winds and following seas to all my shipmates.
Bennett, DaveEN3Apr 1, 1976 – Oct 25, 1978ALooking back fondly to my times on the VA, I miss her, I would like to walk her passageways again, don't think I stand a chance.
MacKey, Bob MaincommRM2Apr 1, 1976 – Jan 1, 1979ocLook back with many regrets about what might have been if I were more mature. Many nice people aboard that I would have loved to have gotten better aquainted with. Nevertheless, glad I did it. Army National Guard retiree now. Iraq (yuk).
Cass, Joseph (Joe)EM3Apr 1, 1976 – Aug 28, 1980EPre-Comm crew. I was the last continuous Plank Owner to leave the ship. 1/4 deck guy did not know about dinging off plank owners. I did it myself. In Subic P.I. at the time. Got degrees and worked in power plants since
Kennedy, AaronMMCSApr 7, 1976 – Aug 9, 1978A,DivWorking at BAE system Norfolk va
Alcocer, FrankMMFNApr 14, 1976 – Sep 30, 1979 AServed as a Plank Owner, Not the all the best experiences of my life But, I loved the cruises and the friends I made. I was proud of having experienced seeing a ship go from the yards to joining the fleet. The north atlantic and med cruise
Hoffman, KeithMS 3May 1976 – Aug 1979S-2Orginal plankowner from Sept 1976, enjoyed Med trips and liquor runs to virgin islands
Green, MichaelPN3May 1976 – Aug 1978XWe called her the "Love Boat" ... I had a great time with a great bunch. I would go to war with that crew... only with the same crew. We were a family. Pre-Comm, and Navy trials in the Virgin Islands.
Glasgow, JeffryEW1Jun 1976 – Nov 1980OIMajor learning and GREAT crew members. CGN, the N stood for never home. Scott nice seeing your entry
Whitfield, JamesOS1Jun 15, 1976 – Jun 15, 1978OI
Mixa, DaveMM2Jul 1976 – Mar 1978L
Overton, TomAug 19, 1976 – Oct 11, 1977Chief Whiting was cool; Davis hated me.
Scholler, DavidFTM2Oct 6, 1976 – 197848 radar and 51d radar
Clark, Daytonmm3Dec 26, 1976 – Dec 26, 1981a-gangMy only regret is I didn't get asigned back in dry dock so I could have the honer of saying I was a plank owner, but I had alot of good times on the best ship in the fleet. I learn alot both in my trade and about myself

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1976 | 1977 – 1978 | 1979 – 1980 | 1981 – 1983 | 1984 – 1985 | 1986 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – now

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