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USS South Carolina (CGN 37) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS South Carolina (CGN 37). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 952 crew members registered for the USS South Carolina (CGN 37).

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Charles, SmouseFC31992 – 1995CF
Williams, ChristopherEMFN1992 – 1994NUC-E/Conventional EMy first ship...
Williams, Antoine "Don Tuan"MM3Jan 1, 1992 – Jan 11, 1996M-1Life was good in the shipyard! Remember Shutdown Rover Watch. Was that a breeze or what? Sure beats Main Engine watch full steam ahead on five and dimes. Miss you guys! Who has the short timer book?
Carter, Henry "silo"E4Jan 1, 1992 – Jul 6, 1996M-21.Never volunteer for anything 2. the more you do-the more you do 3. if you tell a lie stick with it! Never change your story.
Wingler, DerickEW2Jan 3, 1992 – Dec 13, 1996OT
Herman, CarlET2/E-5Jan 10, 1992 – Aug 1996RCLooking for Josh "JG" Gardner and John "Tanka-Blanka"Pianka from CGN-37/Hawaii. I'm livin' it up in Vegas now!!!
Smith, Craig A.MM2Feb 1992 – Sep 1995M-2Some of the best times of my life were spent serving onboard the SOCAR!
Byrd, JoeET3Feb 1992 – Jul 1993
Erbacher, Gene (Bacher) profile iconE5Feb 1992 – Dec 1994OTCTO2
Plank, AnthonyE3Feb 1, 1992 – Oct 1, 1993BMNa
Meat, TracyMM1Feb 4, 1992 – Mar 8, 1997M-1
Dewey, ThomasMM2Feb 28, 1992 – May 28, 1996M-2
Gross, RobertMM3Apr 1992 – 1993RT
Singer, JoeMM1Apr 10, 1992 – Feb 1996M-2
Hileman, BlainMM2May 1992 – Aug 1996M1/M3Anyone for an ORSE?
Hileman, BlainMM2May 1992 – Aug 1996M3
Stock, LeeEM2May 4, 1992 – Jun 4, 1996RE
Rasmussen, Curtis/ RazmanMM2May 5, 1992 – Aug 17, 1997M-1Well left the ship but not the life. Working at STPNOC power plant as an Design Engineer. Hope some of you are still around I emailed those that I could be glad to hear from you.
Freeley, Tom "Ace"ET2Jun 1992 – Feb 1996RCBig G I'm in Virginia Beach look me up. I also sent you a message here.
Bolte, ScottEM2Aug 1992 – Nov 1995RE DivisionCouldn't stand the Navy when I was in but after getting out I realized there were a lot of good times! Stinks that I found out SOCAR is gone! Wish I could have seen her again. Looking or fellow RE people.
Smith, RichardPN3Oct 1992 – Apr 1994Admin
Hawkins, KevinEM3Oct 30, 1992 – Dec 1, 1996RE
Dyksterhouse, RickRPC(SW/FMF)Nov 1992 – Oct 1995ChaplainRan the library for 3 years. Remember SALTS email on the rack in the p-way? Great times and great friends, thanks for the memories.
King, LeeFC2(SW)Dec 1992 – Feb 1997CFsome of the best years of my life except, midwatch POOW inport Norfolk in winter BRRRR!!
Bieder, DerekDC2Dec 7, 1992 – Jun 30, 1996RGot out when I left the SOCAR in 96. Came back in as an ET in 99. Now an ET1 instructing at Dam Neck. I'd still rather be back in R-Div.
Gardner, JoshuaMM21993 – Feb 1997M1Anyone seen (or heard from) Carl Herman or John 'Tank' Pianka?
Lee, BenOS31993 – 1997OII hate snow. no really. and peir 37 ruled, but Big Dave (mike davis) tossing me over the side of the Ship on a bosuns chair from the 04 level was a blast. with a bucket of paint, and a working lanyard. whoo hoo. and to OS1 Harris.. NYANYA
Sutton, Steve (Steveo)EM21993 – 1996RECrazy Crew... Crazy People... Good TIMES!
Askren, Michael (Tony)HT1 (SW)1993 – Dec 1998Repairwould like to get ahold of old friends
Smith, TyroneETC/ETCSJan 1993 – Oct 1995RC/RTMy first ship after making Chief. I still remember reporting to the ship and being the only CPO not qualified Surface Warfare - the CO even announced it to the crew. Fishing Cubans out of the water, tip of the spear and all.
Fouss, AndyOS1 (SW)Jan 1, 1993 – Jan 1, 1997OIOI
Bowerman, DaveET2 (SW)Jan 4, 1993 – Jan 1997CE
Furr, Jonathan MitchellMM3Feb 1993 – May 1995A
Lee, JonMM2Feb 1993 – Jun 1996M-1Good to see some old familiar names. Got tired of ship life, now I'm flying P-3's. Definately some good memories from my SOCAR days.
Cornelius, Robert (Bob)HT1Feb 1, 1993 – Mar 1, 1996Repair
Waldow, NicholasE-4Mar 1993 – Mar 1997S-2
Marquez-diaz, Nestor "doc"ET3Mar 1993 – Jun 1996CEI purged the date info from memory. The Hotel California Class, nukes, JTFX, Able Vigil, a Med, Mast, those were the good ole days. Congo, Culver, McGinley, Bowerman, "Billy" Mitchell, "Will" Borall, miss you guys, hope you are a
Conover, BenE-3Apr 1, 1993 – Nov 15, 1995deck
Stout, JasonGM2May 6, 1993 – Oct 10, 1998CGHas been the best ship I have been on. Still wish she was around. I am now a GMC serving at MARMC in Code 953D
Stires, EricIC3Jun 1993 – Jun 1994Eng ElectricalSpent the last year in the Navy at the shipyard finishing the refuel and refit of South Carolina, only going to sea once for a fam cruise to Baltimore and back to Norflok before leaving the service.
Graves, Greg "Big G"MM3Jun 7, 1993 – Aug 14, 1996M-2
Carman, EricOSSNJul 1993 – Feb 1995OI
McKinney, MattMM2Jul 1993 – 2000You guys miss being "flame sprayed"?
Gibson, EricEWSNAug 1993 – Aug 1996OT
Rider, DanielFC3Aug 1993 – Nov 1994CF
Cooney, BobCGN 37Aug 1993 – Jul 1997OIDid a couple deployments and cross rated to AC
Tredick, Bill (Nemo)BM3Aug 1993 – Apr 1996OD01Left the SOCAR and the Navy in 96, came back in in 02 and cross rated to MA, now I'm an MA1, hopefully MAC next time around. I sometimes miss the days of Deck Division. AL where are you?
Walter, WaltIT!Aug 4, 1993 – Sep 4, 1998C4IThis was my first ship. I got there right after it got it's 2 new reacors in 95. I enjoyed every minute of it. I was one of the lucky few to stay behind and decom her. Wish I had a piece of the hull.
Erskin, Stephen W.DCFNAug 5, 1993 – Jun 14, 1996RIT WAS A BLAST.I MISS IT
Reed, SteveSKCM(SW/SCW) RETIREDAug 18, 1993 – Jun 18, 1997S-1 StoresCheers to all the guys that worked with me to turn S-1 into the best damn Stores Division on the waterfront. Final SMI grade of 99.7%. They had to find something to keep us from making a 100%. I think they found one "i" that was not dotted.
Freeman, JayMM2Sep 1993 – Oct 1994M-2The time of my life.
Cabell, JohnET2Sep 9, 1993 – Jun 18, 1997RCNow that it has been over for many years, I'm glad I was there. I would not want to start my time over again, but it taught me a great deal.
Foster, KennethFC2(SW)Oct 1993 –CF
Goldhahn, LarryFC3Oct 1993 – Oct 1994CFWhat a ship. I learned a lot on board and I was sad to see her scrapped! Able Vigil was particularly interesting...
Harris, MattSN/E3Oct 15, 1993 – Jun 4, 1995ODI had a fun time on the south carolina and it was a great learning experience!! I met some great friends and went to some cool places. so long SOCAR!!!
Davis, Micheal (Smoke)OS1Nov 1993 – Oct 1996From CA to OIThe SOCAR was the best ship in he business with the best and tightest crew any person could ask for. Does anyone remember Capt Gaffeny's nickname during his tour as CO? Spades all night until the next watch!!!!!!!!!!!!
Johnson, BujuOSCNov 1993 – Jun 1997OIGreatest ship every. After five ships I still revert back to the memories and let lessons from the SOCAR. The greatest experiences through the port visits.
Smith, Corey "FATCAT"SH3Nov 10, 1993 – Dec 20, 1997SupplyWouldn't trade these times for anything.
Yarnall, ShaneMM1Dec 1993 – Jun 1999M-2the tip of the spear
Clay, BobbyMM2Dec 3, 1993 – Jan 18, 1998M-1They actually let Angry Bob stand ERS? Last days of the SOCAR, what a time that was. What up Ruth and Scrappy!
Miller, RichardMM2Dec 3, 1993 – Nov 12, 1996M2I loved that ship! I would have gone back after my CVN tour had they not decommishioned her.
Storey, TomENSDec 10, 1993 – Sep 8, 1996OCGreat times onboard SOCAR, I will always remember my first ship, and she was a beauty!!!
Williams, RodgerSK1(SW/AW)Dec 18, 1993 – Jan 31, 1997S-1 Yeah babyThose were the days! Nothing like getting you butt kicked my SKC Reed!!!!!! Thanks for everything! I wouldn't be where I am today without your knowledge and guidance. I hope to make SKC next year and complete the cycle!

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