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USS South Carolina (CGN 37) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS South Carolina (CGN 37). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 950 crew members registered for the USS South Carolina (CGN 37).

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Comer, JosephYN31981 – 1983XServed in the Engineering Log Room and Ship's Office.
Tullis, Philip W.MS31981 – 1983S-2
Chandler, Greg (Boomer)ET11981 – 1984RC
Heffner, JimHM21981 – 1984MedicalWow! What a great ship and great times. From the MedCruise in 82 to the North Atlantic 82 or 83 to the Shipyard 84,Sean Sullivan (Sully), Randy Arends, & Dennis Yancey. Great Friends & Great Shipmates! Where's the rest of the Docs?
Land, JoeJO2(SW)1981 – 1985Left the Navy in 1990 as a JO1(SW). Recognized as the 11th JO in the Navy to be warfare qualified.
Taylor, BillOS21981 – 1986OPERATIONSQuite an experience. Wouldn't take anything for it.
Anders, DonaldYN31981 – 1983Getting older now. Miss my days on this fine ship...was young and had a good time, now having to work for a living. Just think people pay for cruises.
Petrantis, MikeIC21981 – 1983Wow! What a blast. The 82' Med cruise was. Evil if you read this you forgot me.
Piomelli, JoeOS31981 – 1985OIWOW.. How "UZE GUYS" Doing???
Kreutzer, KirbyMM31981 – 1983AOften think about old friends that were made on my time aboard. I had great experiences while in the Navy and meet many people I don't get to see but will never forget.
Simpson, DrexelE-31981 – 1983personnelFor anyone who remembers Drexel Simpson, he has passed away at an early age of 54. He had been remembering the times aboard the ship lately. He had lost touch with most. I was his wife then, now divorced Leica
Gregory, Ray profile iconCTT11981 – 1984OTMy first ship but not my last.
Harris, RockyMRFAJan 1981 – Jan 1982
Lee, Michael (Tony)BM2Jan 1981 – Sep 19841stthe best deck crew i've ever served with. if any of you are out there, holla at me.
Raisbeck, ScottOS2Jan 25, 1981 – Jun 25, 1983OI, is there another?moose, shipp, trippy,joe,ford,barry and andy, OSCM Mason, the best, ya dickweeds,what a bunch. best damned OS's in the fleet
Miles, MarkFTM2Feb 1981 – Nov 1983FoxGreat Ship, 48C tech. - First deployment, Med82. What a trip that was. Quite an eye opener for a midwest boy. Tangiers, Tunis, Athens (ah greek food!) and Palma. Toured Cairo too.
Yancey, DennisRM3Feb 22, 1981 – Feb 22, 1985CommWhat a great ride. Toured the world and met great friends in John Halliday and Jim Heffner.
Melvin, RogerDS2Mar 1981 – Jul 1984OEHad some good times with you guys. Artie, Perez, Cave-baby, drop me a line.
Apoian, GerryEM2/1Mar 1981 – Apr 1984RE
Curry, JerryIC1Mar 1981 – May 1983RE, EHaze gray and underway! (52%) Remember the port calls and crew the best. Shellback and bluenose while on board, got on in Portsmouth after the IO & off there too. It would be great to hear from any of you.
Ferrand, BrianSH3Mar 5, 1981 – Jun 15, 1983S-3I joined the SOCAR right after my 18th Birthday. Strange days. I went on to serve in the Army as an Airborne medic, then as a Nurse. Medically retired in 97. Anyone remember the dates of the shellback,and blue nose crossing? I lost my mine
Barnes, DarrellRMMar 13, 1981 – Mar 13, 1983?Darrell passed away, Dec 6 2006. He was a radioman and aboard when the ship visited Greece in 1982. He left the Navy as RM1 with 11 years. I guessed at the date he went aboard and left the ship. - his father
Ferrand, BrianSH3Mar 15, 1981 – May 15, 1983S3I was an SH3 when in the Navy. Became a Nurse in the Army. Would like to hear from others on the old SOCAR!
Otto, Daniel EricGMM3Apr 14, 1981 – Dec 20, 1984GBest damn ship I ever served on.
Runyon, TimSH2May 1981 – Nov 1981S-3 I was TAD from the USS Arkansas for 6 months.
Sawyer, BarryOS1May 1981 – Jun 1986OIGreat memories. It was a good place to grow up and meet good friends
Thatcher, Mike (Molly)rm3May 7, 1981 – Jun 15, 1984ocman i sure feel sad and very shocked about D.B.
Grubbs, MelvinMM1(SW)May 10, 1981 – Dec 10, 1988MThis was so long ago....I only remember the good times and a lot of good ....and bad ......guys :-). Hope you all have done well.
Stapleton, RonnieCTM 1May 31, 1981 – May 31, 1982OT DivisionNow with Computer Sciences Corporation
Cupchack, MarkOSSNJun 1981 – Dec 1983OIEddie,Moose,Artie,Barney Rubble!!!!!! Socar,Best of Times!
Seal, Bob profile iconICCSJun 1981 – May 1984Reactor TrainingGreat ship and crew!
Smith, BryanHT2Jun 9, 1981 – Mar 29, 1984
Lord, JamesBMCJul 18, 1981 – Jan 31, 19851stenjoyed the 4 and 1/2 years onboard,one of the best ships I sailed on with some of te best cpos ,and the best deck division I ever served with
Dunmire, David  NEWCTO2Jul 20, 1981 – Jun 10, 1984OTBest shop I ever served on.
Williams, StephensaAug 8, 1981 – Jun 6, 1983gmmguncrews infatry and seamanship speciallists
Trepanier, TomLTSep 1981 – Apr 1984A, DCA, RTGreat ship with great people.
Copeland, WayneHM1Sep 1981 – Aug 1984HGreat ship and great shipmates! Went to the final port call in Charleston in '98 to see SOCAR one last time. Hope all you guys are doing well...
Dempsey, DaveET2Sep 1981 – Jan 1986CE
DeLazzari, VicEM1Oct 1981 – Oct 1984REMade a second tour aboard 1988-1991.
Roberge, DanMM2Oct 8, 1981 – Oct 11, 1985M
Kennel, JohnMM1Nov 1981 – Dec 1985M
Davis, MarkEN2Nov 15, 1981 – Jun 10, 1985A GangGreat times on the SOCAR. Served under ENCM Fox. Worked with EN1 Dana, EN2 Smart, EN2 Bute, EN2 Hogan (our favorite wanabe seal), EN3 Shawler, EN3 Mahr, and a lot of other good A Gangers (even ENC Merrit). Sure miss those Fairbanks Morse.
Hopp, ThomasGMM2Dec 1981 – Aug 1984GUnfortunately the only ship I served on, but had the time of my life and wouldn't trade it for anything. Sad to hear the ship is gone, but I have the memories of the Med, North Atlantic and the Carribean

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