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USS South Carolina (CGN 37) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS South Carolina (CGN 37). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 952 crew members registered for the USS South Carolina (CGN 37).

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Jones, DavidEM11976 – 1979
Giblin, James1976 – 1980
Hogan, Russell Wayne HoganMM-31976 – 1978"A"Made some life long friends one is Charlie Mathews if anyone remembers him and would like to get in touch e-mail me.
Lucier, HarwoodRM11976 – 1980c
McInnes, JohnETN21976 – 1978OEMy first of many ships, SOCAR was home for many MED cruise's
Minor, DanielOS31976 – 1979OIDefinetley an adventure,ment alot of good people
Klauber, WalterIC 41976 – Apr 1980
Duffek, StevenEM-61976 – Feb 1980REAl Coons, Dave Jones
Means, ScottFTM21976 – 1980FOXGot to see a lot of great places and meet a lot of great shipmates.
Haws, DonET21976 – Aug 1978Reactor ControlsInteresting time as we transitioned to all volunteer army which had domino effect on the Navy. She was a steaming ship at the time, three yrs, 3 Meds, N Atlantic, and South American Cruises.
Slabaugh, BruceEN 2Jan 1976 – Aug 25, 1979A EAO2A Gang, more fun than a barrel of monkeys!
Sheridan, Dean (Doc)HM3Feb 1976 – Aug 22, 1977MedAlso remember Manville, J. McDonald, L. Whitezell, R. Chandler, R. Hixon, P. Simonton, and many others. Haifa, Toronto, La Spazia and Tangeirs were my most memorable ports. Also, South America. Can anyone forget the "Shellback" initiation?
Van Hoy, BillLTFeb 1976 – Oct 1977Gunnery OficerGreat ship and great crew. Worked with some of the finest NCOs in the Navy.
Adkins, Edward HMM3Feb 10, 1976 – Dec 21, 1977M
Miller, StanOS2Feb 16, 1976 – Apr 18, 1979OIGood times,loved the ports. I can't believe she's in mothballs.
Slafsky, RandyIC1Feb 29, 1976 – Jan 1979RE05, RE02miss the folks, miss the fun. don't miss the regulations. liked WC, hated BS.
Hallett, ChuckMM1Mar 1976 – Mar 1977M-Division (2-Plant)Made 1st Med Cruise (1976 - 1977) Discharged after returning in early 1977. Sorry to see the SoCar had such a short life. I still work in nuclear power industry and owe my career t the Navy Nuclear Propulsion training I received.
Bowman, DougRM2Mar 1976 – Oct 19, 1979COMMVery nice to see that CGN-37 still lives in our hearts. We may move on with our lives; but the time on the SOCAR we'll never forget.
Harrison, SteveFTM2Mar 1976 – Jun 1979FOXWhat great memories, there was some good times, did not seem like it then but makes me smile today. Glad I experienced it.
Hallett, ChuckMM1Mar 1, 1976 – Mar 25, 1977M - 2 PlantMade first Med Cruise with U.S.S. Nimitz and U.S.S. California. Great memories of Haifa Israel and home away from home in Augusta Bay Sicily. Was cruise book editor. Anyone have one they would sell or lend me? Lost mine in divorce.
Hallett, ChuckMM1Mar 1, 1976 – Feb 28, 1977MCruisebook Editor on 1st cruise with Nimitz to Med. Also ran phone patches for crew via ham radio during cruis
Jaramillo, Maurice , NickSKCMMar 5, 1976 – Feb 15, 1979S-125 year career best ship I ever served on
Coons, AlEM 2Mar 11, 1976 – Apr 6, 1980REGood times and great friends. Remember Paul and Mike and the partying.
Gwinn, KeithETN2Apr 1976 – Jul 1979OEHad a great time on the SOCAR. Retired as ETC in 94. Work for Governor Tomblin back home in West Virginia. Miss all the basketball teammates and the fun we had playing all the international games.
Tolbert, Keren/billFTM2May 20, 1976 – Nov 16, 1980FOXMANY LONG CRUISES
Witwer, RichardLTJGJun 1976 – Sep 1978Supply DepartmentSOCAR was my first ship and we deployed to the Med for many months. As an Assistant Suppo, SOCAR was the most impactful tour of my 20 year Navy career. I will never forget SOCAR with two children born during this time.
Duran, RafEM2Jun 9, 1976 – Dec 18, 1978RE&EHad some good times on the old Socar
Doss, TimothyEM3Jun 15, 1976 – Mar 3, 1980EngineeringLoved every minute of my time onboard
Duran, Rafael "raf"EM2Jun 26, 1976 – Dec 15, 1978RE/ESome good times in the Med and Brazil good people I will always remember
Slingerland, RichardETR-2Jul 1976 – Feb 1980RCGood memories.
Warner, MikeEMFNJul 1976 – Apr 1977EHad good times. Made ships 1st med cruise. Remembering alot of good people.
Hamel, RickE1-E4Jul 1, 1976 – Mar 25, 19791STThe So Car was my first ship and my first love in my time in the Navy I will always think about her and all the good times
Williams, Rodney "Willie"STG-1Aug 1976 – Apr 1979ASMy last and one of the best commands I served on.
Jackerson, JeffreyLTAug 1, 1976 – Aug 15, 1977Medical OfficerGot to take my kids back to SOCAR just before decommision to show them a real ship...proud to do it.
Wilson, Ernie/willieBM3Aug 26, 1976 – Aug 29, 19791st divisionI looked to the sea & all I saw was the sea. To all my shipmates, I will never forget the SOCAR. "what a long strange trip it's been. Became a riverboat Capt.on the ILL. river,how ironic,huh? Brown water is a lot different than blue. U.S.N.
Colvin, OtisE.3Sep 1976 – Apr 19771stWaiting for my "A" school, I made part of a Med cruise.
Avery, DuaneMM3Sep 1976 – Aug 16, 1979a gangjust looking for old friends
Wilson, WillieE-4Sep 1976 – Aug 26, 19791STRemember alot things with good friends.Afew Med. cruises.South America & Shellbck intiation ,miss those days.JAGAT PADMNI,and the rescue of Indian passegers. I could go on. Haze grey and underway!
Glenn, GregSH3Sep 1976 – Nov 1980supply/s-3 divisioni loved serving on the south carolina... i was the BARBER then...i'm an electrician now... man !!!.... i was 20 yrs. old...good times !!! lots of fun...scene to bridge #1 firefighting team/phonetalker
Hogan, JerryE2Sep 1, 1976 – May 1, 19771stFond memories. Good times.
Freer, RaymondSTGSNSep 1, 1976 – Oct 3, 1979ASServed with a great group of sonar techs, gunnersmates and torpedo specialists. Saw many countries and appreciate being the American my country afforded me. God bless the USA.
Simonton, BenCAPTAINOct 13, 1976 – Feb 29, 1980Commanding OfficerSOCAR was a great ship, great because of its crew members and what they did. It was a real honor for me to have served with you. If I had to do it all again, I would chose to do it with each and every one of you. I was blessed.
Ducey, PatrickMM2Nov 1976 – Nov 1978MOut of S1C to somewhere in the Med. Missed Haifa, but saw most other ports. Going down to Rio, receiving Shellback Certificate, {it's framed and hanging up). I also have some nice photos of the freighter fire.
Villanueva, Heribert / EddieSH 3Dec 1976 – Aug 1980S-3 and 1stCame on board 1976 was assigned to 1st Division. Then ended up in S-3 and remained there until my discharge. Shipmates Johnny Ornelas, Armand Brown, Gregroy Glenn, William Martinez, Mack MCCullum, James Glass, Edwin Delvalle,Naim Salaam
Taylor, TerryBM3Dec 1976 – Dec 19791STNONE
Sievers, CharlesRM1Dec 1976 – Apr 29, 1979OCWas the LPO for division and the department. Enjoyed working Radio Gang.
Villanueva, Heribert / EddieSH3Dec 1, 1976 – Aug 1980S3My other partners name is James Glass, he also started out in 1st division before he became an Electrician or Signalman hes from Ohio. I am trying to recall people who were assigned to S3 or just assigned to the SOCAR.Its been a long time.

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