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USS South Carolina (CGN 37) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS South Carolina (CGN 37). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 952 crew members registered for the USS South Carolina (CGN 37).

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Macke, Vincent P.MM10000 –M
Thompson, AaronOS1(SW/AW)0000 – Nov 21, 1999OIThe SOCAR was my introduction into the Navy and I don't think I could have been on a better ship with a better group of people! Go Navy.
Smith, NickE5/YEOMANMay 15, 1900 – Sep 14, 1993XServed on the USS South Carolina from May 1990 to September 1993. Hoping to find buddies to remember the old times.
Delacruz, MacE6 PO1.1970 – 1972SupplyDivisionI am just enjoying the beautiful place of Florida.
Brown, JamesLt1971 – 1974MPALoved my time
Mudgett, RussIC11972 – Dec 31, 1974REPlankowner/Pre-Commissioning On watch at electrical panel when #2 reactor went critical for the first time.
Haberle, JamesETR21972 – 1975rcPlankowner
Kanitz, RogerMM31972 –M DivCapt Neal was a great captain. He knew the crew on a first name basis. The Circ pump and the Delaval were my home.
Wilkerson, James(Wilkie)FTG 1Mar 1972 – May 1974FoxLoved my time onboard working on MK 86FCS
Alder, JoeMM3Jun 1972 – Sep 1977MThe SOCAR is always in my heart.
Haskell, EdCWOSep 1972 – Dec 1975M, APlank Owner. Initial Precom Crew
Peterson, Richard "Pete"IC 1Oct 6, 1972 – Dec 18, 1974REPlank Owner. Member of the first increment of the Pre-Commissioning Crew, attached to the USS California. Served as ship's Technical Librarian intitially, later as shift Leading Electrician. Received an early out to return to college at SDSU.
Gardella, Richard (Andy)YNSNNov 14, 1972 – Aug 30, 1974first striker to serve eng logrm yn one of the originals can't forget those glen garden apts
Marvin, RickRM21973 – 1975communicationsPlankowner, very first radioman assigned to the PCU they put us up at Heritage Apartments in Hampton...we had a lot of fun there...saw a lot of concerts
Oswalt, LarryIC11973 – 1977EPlankowner
Adkins, Aubrey W.EWC1973 – 1976OIPlankowner
Johnston, MichaelMM21973 – 1977MJust curious about this gray lady that I am a plank owner
Neste, CarlLIEUTENANT1973 – 1976Fox Officer
Watson, GregoryEM21973 – 1975REI remember listening to the noise of shipbuilding and watching the ship come to life with great crewmates. Going to sea, traveling to the Carribean and northern Europe and then being transferred while in London to go to another precom unit-the IKE.
Martin, Ray E. "rem"ETR-21973 – 1975ROA green kid who learn to have GREAT Friends - O' how I remember the sounds of the engineroom and standing Throttle Watch and setting at the RC Panel or Control Alley - I do remember Richover's (sp) visit . . . and the North Atlantic Cruis
Noggle, JohnETR31973 – 1977Reactor ControlsI was in the precommissioning unit and a plank owner. My main job was to be the RC Division clerk and stand watches in the engineroom. It was a good ship and a good crew. One of the more interesting times of my life.
Lennox, BarryDSCJan 2, 1973 – Feb 2, 1976Plankowner
Newman, RickyMM2Mar 1973 – Jun 1976A GANGPLANK OWNER GREAT TIMES
Brown, CaronEM1Apr 1973 – Feb 1978REPlankowner. Pre-com unit. Made lots of friends, saw lots of ports - favorite was Haifa Israel. On watch, 1EPCP that fatefull Sunday morn off Sicily with dual plant scrams; boy it's quiet in the engine room, no engines running, only the hiss of ste
Burnett, StevenHT2Apr 1973 – 1975A GangPlank owner. Drove the bus :) Transferred to USS Hunley in Goose Creek, SC. Discharged in 1979. Worked at Chas. Naval SY until 2004 where I retired. Currently living in Jacksonville, FL (2011).
Simmonds, JamesMM2Apr 1973 – Dec 31, 1975Pre Com ComandPlank Owner. Served on the pre commissioning ship while being built in the Shippyard. Took her out on sea trials and good will trip to Charleston, S.C. Got off just before her first trip to Europe. Wish I had made that!
Carpenter, Chris (Carp Or Carpy)MM1Apr 20, 1973 – Aug 1, 1977M DivisionHad a nice time for being in the Navy. Met some good guys while building,testing and sailing to Europe,Med,Ft Laud,St Thomas,Rio etc.Wished I could have visited before scrapping.Nice that the bow is now part of a park .
McEntyre, GlennETR2May 5, 1973 – Sep 1, 1975RCPlank Owner- Remember being throttle-man watch during sea-and anchor -detail in Gitmo (1975), and going DIW. Remember getting BEDQ quals from the "old salts" in the Jefferson's Bar next to our pre-com dungeon(basement) in Newport News
Weaverling, EdwardMM2Jun 1973 – Aug 1975MPlankowner. 2nd tour aboard 3/84 till 9/87.
Bump, RobertEM3Jun 1973 – Nov 1976E(nuc) E(ElectricShop)Plankowner. Anyone remember "The Triangle" at West & 37th? Street?
Kremm, FrankMM2Jun 1973 – Aug 1975MPlankowner - Ships Force Turnover Crew for Rx/Eng Spaces w/Denny Duvall, drew 1st bubble in #1 pressurizer, collapsed the 1st bubble in #2. Assigned to #2MMR. Sad to think that Socar is gone..great lady..great friends..great to all
Stevens, William (Wes)EM2Jun 1973 – May 1976RESecond increment PCU. Very Versatile platform. Sorry to see it leave service while still young. Ft. Lauderdale and the Virgin Islands - Spring of 75. What a voyage!
Allured, Bruce/redMM2Jun 1973 – Oct 14, 1978
Kovacs, SteveET-1Jun 1973 – Dec 15, 1976RC I took #1 reactor critical for the first time in NNSDC. Half the crew was sick coming back from St. Thomas on one of Capt Neal's 'island visit's", Noggle and Stankiewisz couldn't even take logs. I was RT. XO helio'd me of
Baldwin, MarkMM1Jun 1973 – Aug 1977MMany memories, including PreComm
Javarone, MarkEM1Jun 1, 1973 – Dec 2, 1976EPlank owner
Wyant, TerryOSCJun 15, 1973 – Jul 1978OIOn Ship five full years - longest of original Chiefs. Have one copy of Commissioning booklet. (25Jan'75). Then designated DLGN 37. Good people all, oil costs kept Nuclear too many days away from Home Port of NORVA.
Nehrbass, RichardFTM2Jul 1973 – Jan 1978WeaponsHad some good times, had some bad times, but wouldn't trade the experience for anything.
Wyant, TerryOSCJul 1973 – Jul 1978Operations Intelligence
Dandurand, KennethHT1Sep 1, 1973 – Sep 1, 1977RPlankowner. It was fun to build, fun to sail, and sad to see her hull barren in Washington state.
Burleson, JerryHT/2Sep 1, 1973 – Jun 15, 1975APlank owner,precomm. Went from Carolina to U.S.S. L.Y. Spear AS-36. Medical discharge(leg). Moved to San Diego worked as civilian subcontractor, lots of work on lots more Navy ships. Now in Lubbock, Texas
Dandurand, KennethHT1Sep 30, 1973 – Sep 30, 1977AWas on Pre-Com unit and spent the next 4 years on board her. Loved the ship and her crew. All of them. The CO during pre-Com and first CO on the SOCAR was Capt, Neel, the relief and second CO was Capt. Simonton. Would love to have served under either one
Plummer, James F.OS1 to OSCOct 1973 – Apr 1977OIPlankowner, was the second OS to report to the PCU
Harris, JerryGMM1Oct 1973 – Aug 1976GPlankowner
Gentner, Terry "bear"STGCSOct 1973 – Jul 1975ASPrecom/com. When the word came out that she would remain on the East coast, I started seriously plotting how to get back to PAC fleet. Out of colonys and back to the West. Retired out of MOTU 5 SD in 78.
Baird, DavidYN3Oct 1973 – Dec 1975G Division & X DivisionPre-comm unit through a shipyard availability in Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, VA
McCurley, MikeGMT1Nov 26, 1973 – May 21, 1977ASWAttached to Precomissioning unit, Sea Trials, Assigned to ASW division. Arrived GMT3 advanced to GMT1.

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