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USS California (CGN 36) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS California (CGN 36). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 646 crew members registered for the USS California (CGN 36).

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Doyon, JeffIC31994 – 1997E
Mazey, JeffFC21994 – Oct 11, 1997had some great times on board, especially australia if i can remember right. i do miss it being out to sea, makes me wonder what would have happened if i stayed in.
Kohl, KristopherEM1994 – 1998RELeft for shore duty at Bangor. While at Bangor, completed several Microsoft certifications and promptly and successfully changed careers upon EOAS. Stayed in Kitsap and work at a local software dev co. I have 2plant's pig :-)
Straw, LukeEN-11994 – 1996A
Coleman, BrettHT3Jan 1994 – Sep 1997R4 and out, working on my M.A.Ed. Waxing nostolgic about those carefree Navy days.
Elhardt, AndyFC2Jan 1994 – Sep 1998CFGot out of the Navy in 2003 and went back to school. Currently I am a student at Oregon Instititute of Technology earning a B.S. in Electronic Engineering Technology. I made a lot of friends during my tour on this ship.
Efthemes, AnthonyE-3 SEAMANJan 1, 1994 – Sep 19, 1995deck
Gutierrez, Bryon (Goot)OssnJan 1, 1994 –Operations
Alvarado Jr., Robert (Chuco)SNJan 19, 1994 – Sep 19, 1995DeckI miss the guys I hung with (blue shirts) A-GANG on SUBMARINES now!
Gable, ChrisCTR3Jan 20, 1994 – Oct 1, 1996OTGot out. Got married. Started two companies. Playing Golf and look forward to retirement
Montgomery, MontyCTO1(SW)Feb 1, 1994 – Mar 1, 1997OT
Radtke, MichaelMM2Mar 1994 – Oct 1996RLHey fellas!!! Currently a shift supervisor at James River Power Station in Springfield Missouri!! I guess the Navy did pay off in the end. Tracy and I currently have 3 kids, mortgage, and an SUV, the American dream!
Latimer, AaronCTM2 (SW)Mar 5, 1994 – Aug 9, 1998OTCurrently (2012) a Medical Service Corps. LT serving aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) as the Ships Physical Therapist.
Bell, ChristopherCTR2(SW/SS)Mar 6, 1994 – Sep 5, 1994OT
Bryant, ShayneEM2Mar 29, 1994 – Nov 26, 1997REI separated from the Navy in Sept. 2001 after a few years at NPTU NY. Worked a few jobs since then, most recently at Fermi Nuclear Power Plant. I have since moved back to Boise and work as a Power Plant Designer at Idaho Power.
York, JonMMApr 1994 – Apr 1999M2Vato Loco! M-2 rules! Or whatever. Did 2 yrs at SIMA SD and got out. The good times....the bad times...Wait, that's a song. Sure miss the people, if not always the circumstances . Peace brothers, keep the faith, Biff
Brown, Mike profile iconET-2Apr 1994 – Jan 1998RCEnjoyed my time and friends made but glad I got out when I did! Currently living in South Texas, married to a beautiful wife with two awesome boys ages 10 and 5. Working as a Controls Engineer for an Oil and Gas based Engineering Company.
Riddley, RaymondSH1/SHCApr 1994 – Jul 1997S-3What do you know about the Big Bad SHC? He made it happen, yeah that's right!!!! Retired from Nav in 2007, retired completely in 2010, living in Tx finishing my MBAs, Finance and Project Management. Life is Good!
Lalanne, JoshuaEM3Apr 30, 1994 – Jun 17, 1998REDid we earn the Southwest Asia Service Medal for Westpac '94 or '96?
Jackson, CraigOS3Jun 1994 – Oct 1997OI
Niemeyer, RickMMCMJun 1994 – 1999M divisonThe ship where I made chief! Great ship, great crew. Decom'd way to early!
Smith, RobertEM1Jun 1, 1994 – Jul 9, 1997RE01
Bratt, Kristopher profile iconMM2Jul 10, 1994 – Sep 2, 1998M-1The only thing I miss is the people of M division especially you Bill. Corn Rules! I'm a Operations Supervisor at a Coal Power Plant in Springfield MO. Coal is great no ORSE's or NRC qualifications.
Lester, CarlosMS3Jul 15, 1994 – Sep 1994s2had some great times and the the great grizzly
Stallmann, MarkEM1Sep 1994 – Sep 1999RE
Snyder, DerickET2Sep 1994 – Apr 1998RCIt sucked at the time and now I look back and laugh. Got me a job writing software and now I work for Microsoft. Go figure...
O'Connell, MichaelENS / LTJGSep 20, 1994 – Jul 9, 1997S2 / S3/4I was the FSO and the Di$bo on the Golden Grizzley. 2 deployments. Still in the NAV, now a LCDR, getting my MBA from Georgetwon Univ in DC.
Davis, JeffEM2Oct 1994 – Dec 1998RE (2-PLANT)I wouldn't say I had a good time, but I did get to know some really great (and really NOT great) people and I definitely had my fair share of alcohol. Danny Moeller must have never slept very close to Josh Lalanne's feet.
Bapties, StuartHMCSOct 1994 – Jun 1998HHotel California Great Chiefs Mess. I ended my career by serving 8 years with Naval Special Warfare and never made it back to Sea. Retired in 2008 and now the Director of an Air Force Base Health and Wellness Center.
Mohnen, GabeMM2Oct 1994 – Dec 1998M-2It got me to where i am today, and if had to do over again, i would.
Jordahl, RockyMM1Oct 1, 1994 – Aug 31, 1996A
Mason, DavidMM11995 – 1999M-1Don't regret going in ....... don't regret getting out! .
Short, James (Jim)EM11995 – 1999RE 02Miss all my old buddies from the Cali. Lost track of most of them since I got out. In Nebraska now at Cooper Nuclear Station.
Henderson, SteveET21995 – Dec 1998RCGreat ship and crew. Miss the card games and friends.
Schultz, Eugene (Bo)MM2Jan 1995 – Jul 1999M-1Gladly got out of Nav after decom and 8 long months on the Vinson. Got my B.S. in Agriculture from The Ohio State University. Currently operate the family farm in Geauga County, Ohio. Using my nuclear and ag backgrounds, trying to grow tomaccoes.
Carter, IrishMM3Jan 1, 1995 – Jan 1, 1998A
Herrman, MichaelIC3Feb 1995 – Jul 1998in 1st then moved to ETMan It is good to see a site like this. I miss all my old shipmates and wish I wouldnt have made the mistakes I did. Send me an email I would love to hear from any one on the Great California
Bershaw, AlexBM2Mar 14, 1995 – Jan 5, 19981st...Welcome to the Hotel California! Any past Cali crew member's that I know, shoot me an email.
Tong, DanE4Apr 1995 – Jan 1998Nav/AdminDon't regret Joining, Don't regret leaving.
Happ, TimQM3May 7, 1995 – Jan 24, 1999
Fonseca, JulioEM3Jun 1995 – Jan 1998EStill think about the old friends I had back then.
Kotila, Robert profile iconSm3Jun 1995 – Jan 1998Started in 1st div, struck out to the signal bridgeSettled in oklahoms. Involved in management of businesses I choose to work for. Married no children, still act like shore leave on the weekends.
Zervas, MikeMMCSSep 1995 – Aug 1999M-1/RTMy last ship in the navy and a good one as far as ships go . We had great leaders the last few years (CO/XO/CHENG's). Notorious B-I-L-L; do you ever stop complaining?
Scott, JimMR1Oct 1995 – Oct 31, 1997R/MAARetirement
Kelly, PatrickLTOct 1, 1995 – Mar 10, 1997EngineeringGot out in 97, currently a business analyst / software engineer for a packaging manufacturer
Cantrell, ChrisMM2Oct 13, 1995 – Apr 5, 1998M-1I am the Chief Boiler Inspector for the state of Nebraska and am married with 2 kids. Write me a message if you want to catch up, ***-off if you don't.
Clark, MatthewMM2Nov 1995 – Jul 1999M2Wow, seems like forever ago now. I had great times, and shitty too. CrackPac was awesome, for a deployment anyways, but decom was the best! Hope everybody's doing well. Work as an aerospace test tech in SoCal.
Smith, TyroneETCS/ETCMNov 1995 – Jun 1998RC/RTMy last ship. Got to qualify EOOW - what a blast. How about the Drug PAC in 1998 - firing warning shots over the bow of the "Go-Fast". Who could forget the OOD having to tell us whether it was cold enough to wear a coat to quarters!
Harkins, AndyE3Nov 1, 1995 – Dec 1, 19971stI have some good memories of being on the Cali I wish i hadnt made some mistakes just when things were starting to go well for me I would appreciate it if any of the guys that might remember me would drop me some words
Cooper, James profile iconHM1(SW/SS)Dec 1995 – Oct 1998NavAdminLoved Washington state.
Tomlin, ChaplainCDRDec 10, 1995 – Jan 5, 1998Religious MinistryIt was terrific serving as the Command Chaplain on board the Cali. I am now back on active duty, a Commander, and Command Chaplain on board the USS John F. Kennedy Mayport, FL.

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