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USS California (CGN 36) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS California (CGN 36). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 646 crew members registered for the USS California (CGN 36).

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Ruggiero, Michael (Ruggdoctor)HM21992 – 1994H- MedicalThe Golden Grizzly was great. Alot of memories and great experience. Still miss it today. I have a cool video from Mike Mcgee e-mail me if you want a copy of it.
Thomas, JaredET11992 – 1996RCWow! What a flashback! Did my 6 and out. Working as a maintenance supervisor for Nissan in Tennessee. Married with 3 kids.
Phelps, MikeE-5/MM21992 – May 25, 1994Aux/A-GangAfter the Lasalle, coming back to the Pac NW was a dream, no matter what ship it was. Getting underway in Jan after the overhaul for sea trials, getting on deck and feeling the cool spray of the Puget Sound was awesome.
Robnett, Danny profile iconICC(SS/DV)1992 – Mar 1995IC
Newquist, MichaelEM2(SW)Jan 1992 – Dec 1995E Division
Lilly, SteffenMM1Jan 15, 1992 – Jul 15, 1997M1Did my 5 on the pig, went to Bangor for 3. Got out in 2000, Computer Engineering at Gonzaga... Masters at Boston University. Now I build towers for the FAA. Remember that when you fly!
Rayle, Rodney profile iconIC2Feb 27, 1992 – Feb 26, 1995E
Stroke, ClifordcommanderMar 3, 1992 – Mar 3, 19992
Stroops, Brian 'Fat Head'MM2 LEFT AS AN MMSRApr 1992 – Jul 1994M-2Amen Brother Bill - there never was a good day on the 'Pig' ...after 30 days in the brig in Yokosuka(7/94) got job as bartender in ID then moved on to riverguide in MT & ID in the summers. B.S Public Admin./Math Boise State. Work at UPS in
Galvin, BrianLCDRApr 1, 1992 – Nov 15, 1994Engineer OfficerMy tour in CALIFORNIA was one of the highlights of my entire career (Navy and non-Navy). I still harbor many fond memories and I often tell stories from the CALIFORNIA and its great crew.
McCann, PaulOS3Apr 3, 1992 – Jan 22, 1996OI
Hxxx, DerrickGM2(SW)Apr 10, 1992 – May 31, 1996CGNow converted to the IT rating but remember the days onboard the Cali... Still in the service but most personnel served with are retired or out of the nav.
Williams, ToddOS2May 1992 – Sep 1996OI
Grover, ScottMM2Jun 1992 – Jul 1996M-2Happy to have been in - happier to be out. Working for Lockheed Martin in Minnesota. Still doing steam, but now the fired variety. Finally got my degree... in business. Married, 2 kids. Thnks for the memries - at least the good. Bill, what... ???
Wright, CoryMS3Jun 12, 1992 – Jun 8, 1996S-2I enjoyed my time on the Golden Bear...I'll never forget it.
Tapparo, TapSH2 E5Aug 27, 1992 – Apr 24, 1996s-3
Zimmerman, MichaelCTR2(SW)Oct 1992 – Dec 1993OTGreat Tour, left early became an Arabic linguist, medically discharged in Jan 2000 living in Oregon
Wilke, Mike/ HossIC3Oct 20, 1992 – Mar 20, 1996EHave some really great memories. glad I served better to be out. Went back to scholl twice. once for nursing and then for physics.
Bell, StaceyCTR3 / E4Dec 1992 – May 3, 1997OT
Thompson, TateMM3Dec 1, 1992 – Aug 1, 1993A-Gang
Sell, GlenMS3Dec 17, 1992 – Dec 22, 1994S2Have great memories with former crew.I'm now working at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard as an electrcian.I served my last years in the navy here.Still looking for fellow crew mates that I worked along side with.
Steller, ChadOS?1993 – 1995OIGood times...spent a lot on the ship in the end. Back in Michigan...finishing law school. Happily married with two kids. Thanks for helping me figure things out!
Mike, WilkeIC31993 – 1996E
Hahn, GregoryEM11993 – 1995REPIG!
Scott, TravisMM2Jan 1993 – May 19, 1997M-2Sucked off Johns for 25 cents a pop until I got my selfrespect back. That cost me a marriage or two. Now I work when I am not duck hunting. I was in Texass for a while then Michigan for a decade. Now I am back in WA. FTN
Martens, JonSN / QM3Jan 1993 – Aug 19941st / NavDeck crew - striked to QM3 last few weeks. 1st Division check out this site:
Cross, BillMM2Jan 31, 1993 – Nov 28, 1998M-1 / Reactor TrainingI cant begin to tell you how many times I would be walking to the ship and WISH that ONLY the superstructure was sticking out of the water. Got out and waved goodbye with ONE FINGER! I'll never look back and say it wasnt that bad... FTN-4-LIFE
Smith, Bryan KMM2Feb 1993 – Apr 1997M2After I got out of the Navy I got my Engineering degree and now I live in Virginia. I work for the same shipyard that built the mighty Pig-Boat.
Pennington, MartyMM2Feb 1993 – Apr 14, 1997M - 1No Regrets - Experience on the Cali got me the job I have today, Control Room at the Lansing Board of Water and Light. Only now I can read on the job without getting in trouble.
Bales, GeneMM1(SW)Mar 1993 – Aug 1999M-1
Swenty, BobET3(SW)Apr 1993 – Dec 1996CESilly Servant in San Diego (FACSFAC) now....
Dube, BrianMS3Apr 1993 – Nov 1996S-2
Askren, Michael (Tony)HT1 (SW)Apr 1993 – Dec 1998RepairJust looking for anyone on board around that time.
Norton, ChadE3Apr 18, 1993 – Feb 16, 1995deck, struck to DKThe Golden Pig, as I recall. Good times. Typewriters don't float.
Rudolph, MikeEMCMay 1993 – Nov 1996Engineering admin
Medford, ThorinOS3May 3, 1993 – Feb 3, 1997OIThe funky Marquis is alive! What's up, fools?
Miller, ReggieFC2Jun 1993 – Oct 1999CFEmail me Back in California Miss the old Gang
Williamson, DonaldETC (SW/AW)Jul 1993 – Sep 1997Reactor Cotrols
Sherer, KeithMM1(SW)/LTJul 1, 1993 – Feb 28, 1998Engineering/M-1Remember the good and the bad, definitely miss the people. Can't complain the Cali helped me get commissioned and flying Currently staioned in Okinawa.Dont be bitter Bill!
Pennecke, MarkFCCJul 1, 1993 – Jul 15, 1998WO
Huggins, Charles (Chaz)ENS/LTJGAug 1993 – Oct 1996Deck &Nav/Admin OfficerGot out in 1999 after a shore tour in GLAKES, travelled independently for 5 years after, rounded Cape Horn in a sailboat, currently in Boston in the merchant marines.
Moya, JeffIC3Aug 9, 1993 – Jun 30, 1997E
Saucedo, Enrique/ HenryE3/SNOct 1993 – Jul 28, 1995OPS/ 1st DivisionIt was fun and it was real but it wasn't real fun. I enjoyed the time and made lots of friends. Wonder what they are all up to.
Jackson, StephenMACS(SW)Dec 28, 1993 – Nov 27, 1997X-4Awesome crew and the best Chief's Mess!! I probably pissed off some of you but I sure enjoyed working and serving with each of you. Underway from Chinhae was quite nukes sure keep life interesting!

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1973 | 1974 – 1976 | 1977 – 1978 | 1979 – 1980 | 1981 – 1983 | 1984 – 1985 | 1986 – 1987 | 1988 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 – 1995 | 1996 – now

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