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USS California (CGN 36) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS California (CGN 36). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 646 crew members registered for the USS California (CGN 36).

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Dunne, ChrisIC21984 – Aug 3, 1987EWorking in IT field thanks to time on California. Drop me a line if ya got the time.
Firmin, Blaine(firm,aux Room Troll)MM-11984 – 1988Westpac 85,Hushpac 86,World cruise.Good times? more like tough times and great people.Left the nav became a veterinarian and went back home.Anyone know the whereabouts of Shane Baxter, Bill Chesbourgh,or Bob the R.O.?
Wheeler, Bobby JoeRM21984 – 1987OCShe was a great ship, but the best under the command of G.O. Poulson.
Kane, KevinEM11984 – 1988REGot BSEE degree and worked in power plants, goldmines, Honeywell, and American Express. In Phoenix currently
Burgamy, William (Beebs)OS21984 –OII miss my days on the Golden Grizzly! Lots of great memories, I would do it all over again!! RIP old girl
Jorgenson, Timothy profile iconET1984 – 1988OE / WEI will never forget the big ass storm when the ship laid on it's side for about 30 seconds and then rolled onto the other side. There was no atheists onboard that day cause we all prayed God save us! Bremerton next port!
Wheaton, PierreMS3Jan 1984 – Sep 1986S-2Two and a half yrs cooking in a galley designed by the Marquis De Sade...70+ hr work weeks...Two weeks in Diego Garcia...Shellback initiation...I hate to say it, but I miss that old pig. RIP CGN 36
Christiansen, MarkET1Jan 1984 – Mar 1985RCOne last time. The ship took a turn for the worse when I got back.
Abrahall, Rick profile iconRM2Jan 1, 1984 – Jun 1, 1987OCI spent 6 years active. 4 years on the USS California. Met many great people.
Baker, JohnCTT2 (SW)Jan 7, 1984 – Aug 22, 1987OTIt was a great experience and great people. Fun, fun, times!!!
Buckley, MauriceE-2 RadiomanJan 12, 1984 – Apr 12, 1985communication
Jackson, Eddierm3Feb 1984 – Jul 1987communicationI think that being onboard the USS California (CGN-36) was perhaps one of the highlights of my life. I enjoyed different port visits along with the many relationships established with my crewmembers.
Capps, MichaelMM1/SWFeb 1, 1984 – Aug 1, 1987LGood memories of our shipboard family. Calfornia was my last ship command as I joined the diving Navy and eventually ended up with EOD. Just retired after 26 years of active and reserve service. Drop me an email
Sarate, JerryDK3Feb 7, 1984 – Sep 10, 1989Supply
Nelson, Jon M.MM3Mar 1984 – Dec 1986AThe Golden Pig Rules, any A gangers out there give me an e-mail. I will never forget my time on the California, the A and R divisions ruled the boat.
Wagner, JefferyMM3Mar 1984 – Mar 1986A-Division
Wagner, JefferyMM3Apr 6, 1984 – Apr 10, 1986A-GangI found a couple of the gang but not much luck. A-Gang was a great time and we had fun running the ship. I still work in the field as a lead HVAC Technician and moved back to NY.
Felty, RickSMCMay 1984 – Jul 1987
Cole, BillyBMJun 1984 – Jul 19911ST
Cioffi, CarlosBM2Jul 1984 – Jul 2004I retired in July 2004, after 20 years in the US Navy. I am now living in Quincy, Ohio where I am enjoying being able to be with my family 100% of the time. I would love to hear from some of my old shipmates.
Greer, Richard, Aka "Rosie"EM2Jul 1984 – Jul 1988Reactor Electrical84-88, Russian cruise, Westpac 85, Round the world cruise 87, Australia, Kenya, great memories and great friends on board. Returned home to Texas, married-2 kids, career as state police criminal investigator.
Moreland, DennisEMCAug 1984 – Jan 1991RETwo tours, with a break at NFAS from Jan 86 to Oct 89. Ended first tour as O6A as the junior nuke chief.
Nardella, Paul "the Nose"MM3Aug 1984 – Nov 22, 1987A- GangWhat a lot of great memories. The division of the 80's was a blast, a lot of characters. When I think of those days I always smile. Great port visits Australia, Naples, Rio, Singapore, Kenya and of course P.I.
Watts, CliftonEM2Aug 1984 – May 1989RELoved my time on board. Made many friends and went to many great places. WOOHOO! Austrailia
Henley, EdwardBM3Aug 3, 1984 – Jul 15, 19881st/ DeckI had the best time of my life on this ship I hated to see her leave the fleet. Hello to all my friends out there, I'm retired now and now working on my pilot licence.
Schlotterbeck, EugeneBM2Aug 30, 1984 – Apr 8, 19881stYou never forget your first, and she stayed underway. The '87 Cruise took us around the world...we just never pulled in. I miss those days. Retired in '08 as a CWO3 Bos'n.
Wedgeworth, Jeff/ DS2Sep 1984 – May 1988combat systems
Dunn, Nathan J.STG 3Sep 1, 1984 – Sep 1, 1986WSIf you are still around, hello to Ronald Retzlaff, GMT2, who saved me more than once. Thank you.
Atencio, MarkEM2Sep 1, 1984 – Sep 1, 1988REWest pack 1985, world cruise 1987. Life long buddies, even though I haven't seen most since I got out. Got my BSEE in 94. Been married for 30 years and still very happy. Currently engineer at intel.
Espiritu, JerryHM1Oct 1984 – Oct 1987H-DivisionMy fondest memories and greatest experience in the Navy was while serving aboard the "California". From my LPO, HM1(SW/SS) David King, I learned how to think "outside of the box". To my fellow shipmates I wish you well
Bartholomew, BartEW2Nov 1984 – May 1986OT
Sundita, Melvin "Mel"YN1Nov 1, 1984 – Jan 30, 1988admin/navwhatever happened to the crew of world cruise of 87?
Olson, Kevin OlyIC3Nov 10, 1984 – Nov 21, 1987EI am doing fine and I am living well if any of you find out that I have posted please email me at anytime I hope that you are all doing well and I hope to hear from you soon. Espeacially, if Bill Simmons. Thanks, Kevin
Candiff, RonOS2Dec 7, 1984 – Apr 19, 1988OIReported to the ship in the shipyards in Puget Sound when I was 17yrs old.. that was more than 20 yrs now!!!! met some great people.. went alot of nice places....hello to all.
Candiff, RonOS2Dec 7, 1984 – Apr 19, 1988OI
Wiedenbeck, WesOS2Dec 15, 1984 – Sep 24, 1988OIReally enjoyed all the special shipmates I met over my 4 years onboard and all the awesome countries we visited
Rhodes, KenETC1985 – 1990RCServed twice, '80-'82 & '85-'90. Survived both trips around the world. Some things I'll never forget: shaving cream fights (upper RC & lower RE), GONZO station, the hostage rescue attempt, the good times. They were feww, b
Wise, RaymondET2/ET11985 – 1987RCDropped in on a line in the Gulf of Arabia and left during the world cruise at the Panama Canal. Rio de Janeiro was freaky.
Lopiccolo, MichaelFC31985 – 1986Combat SystemsOn board for about 1 year as I remember. Left for a "Brother Duty" assignment onboard the USS O'Brien. Pretty cool ship - severe lack of mail..haha. Funny the things you remember. Rio was awesome - twice was even better.!!
Scroggins, DanFC21985 – 1987CF
Chapman, JonGMG21985 – 1988WG
Samples, JesseIC21985 – Sep 17, 1987electric
Stevens, William (Wes)EMC1985 – 1987RE/EScrewed the ride of this ship when the "armored" superstructure was added. Nothing like steaming into the Arabian Sea a few days ahead of the battle group (only nuke surface ship in the battle group).
Pauler, DeanE5/CTO21985 – 1988OTGood times in the USS California. Anyone heard from BM Nick Bacetti? Miss all the guys in my OT division
Chapman, JonGMG21985 – Jan 22, 1988WG
Vanburkleo, TomEM2Jan 1985 – Jan 1989REBeat Napoleon McCallum's volleyball team on the fantail even with that dang string tied to the ball. Finished college and work for the school district in Wichita. Hey Kane, Atencio, Hornberger, Greer and all you other sparkies drop me a note.
Young, Scot profile iconFC1Jan 1985 – Apr 1989CS- '85 WestPac (Wog) - '86 NorPac - '87 World Cruise (Rio TWICE~ :) - '88 WestPac -- got off the ship Apr '89 - HEY~ Wally remembers the COFFEE~~! :)
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Nichols, DennisBM3Jan 14, 1985 – Sep 23, 19871stCurrently living in Bloomsburg,PA. Volunteer Fire Fighter/EMT, Also belong to local Technical Rescue Team, Member of Instate Urban Search & Rescue Team. Ham Radio Operator(N3VMM),Currently married and have 18 month son
Boyd, Robert profile iconEW 1Jan 15, 1985 – Apr 4, 1988OTCame aboard about time 49er's beat Dolphins in SBXIX Many great times,especially crossing the Equator as a Shellback & initiating many friends into the "realm!" Australia, Rio, & Mombasa will always be remembered.
Gilliland, DonaldMMFNJan 19, 1985 – Sep 20, 1985A GangAmidst a bunch of nukes, I was truly on board the wrong ship. Times were good (especially for the royal baby) Hee Hee Hee
Thomas, BarryMM1Jan 21, 1985 – Jan 7, 1987MMade 1985 Westpac and the start of the 87 Wespac. Flew out of Clark back to states for discharge. End of tour. I can forever be reached at (731) 986-4495 My address is 365 Bridgeman Huntingdon, TN 38344
Putnam, BarryMM 2 FROCKEDFeb 1985 – Sep 27, 1986MI was on-board for the 85 westpac, and served with a great bunch of folks in ENG'G, in both eng'rms, and enjoyed most of that time, did have my troubles on the next command (USS Shasta) and got out as a married man. Have 2 great kids, both teen
Lehmann, NickEM2Feb 1, 1985 – Aug 1988E Division
Smith, Christopher L. SmithMM3Mar 1985 – Oct 1988A-GangI now live in Ontario, Canada with my wife and 2 kids. My time on board certainly made me a better person, and gave me some much needed direction in my life. I t was an honor to serve with my crew.
Stidham, LarryRP2Mar 1985 – Feb 1987AdminThis is the first and only ship I served on in the Navy. I was a former Marine and this was quite an experience. I met a lot of great guys and learned alot about the Navy. If anyone remembers me drop me a line.
Heagerty, JoeEW1Mar 1985 – May 1987OA/OI
Buck, BillOS2Mar 1, 1985 – Jun 21, 1988OI
Rowland, GeorgeET2Jun 1985 – Oct 1988RCArrived in the middle of the '85 WESTPAC. Departed in the beginning of the 1988 WESTPAC. Now a corporate pilot flying out of White Plains, NY.
Wise, BrianMM2Jun 15, 1985 – Aug 7, 1989MMade the last half of the '85 WESTPAC, the '87 World Cruise and the 88/89 WESTPAC. Happy that I no longer have to use the backed-up M-Div head - home of the floating brown trout!
Rigsbee, LewisGM1Aug 1985 – Aug 1992WG
Stallins, JimMM1Sep 10, 1985 – Sep 1, 1987Hello all, left CGN 36 in 1987, served on CVN 72 'till 1991. Left Navy and moved back home (Florida). Hope everyone is doing well in life.
Nelsen, BillEM2Sep 19, 1985 – Sep 19, 1987REMy 1st boat! '86, Bering Sea, froze my ass off! World cruise 87! P.I., Persian Gulf May 87, remember the Stark? Safari in Mombassa. Rio, Thank you, ruptured sonar dome!! Panama Canal. Chile. Home! CVN72, CGN37, SIMA Nfk, Out in 98!
Ish, RobertMM1Sep 21, 1985 – Sep 18, 1989Mwhatever happened to yhe secret scroll?
Melady, MichaelMM2Sep 21, 1985 – May 1, 1988Hello to my shipmates in M-Division. Anyone know where Jim Stallins is nowadays? He once told me his dream was to return to Florida and drive a tractor on an Orange Orchard. I'd like to find out the rest of the story.
Edwards, AlanCTR3Sep 21, 1985 – Aug 26, 1988OTLots and lots and lots of good times... too many to list!!!
Keele, AaronEN2Nov 1985 – Jul 1989A-GangWhat a trip it was especialy Rio. The PIG BOAT RULES

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