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USS California (CGN 36) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS California (CGN 36). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 629 crew members registered for the USS California (CGN 36).

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Watson, Jeffrey H.OS21979 – 1980OI
Madden, JamesFTM1979 – 1982T-DIVBeen a long time since Pig boat days, and Nuke Boat Hero's!
Crawford, SteveEM1Feb 1979 – Apr 1981ERemember Magen's Bay, St. Thomas? Neither do I, but I have pictures, so I was probably there. Didn't appreciate my time aboard CGN-36 until that unfortunate accident in St. Croix landed me on shore duty.
Buonaiuto, MichaelFTM-3Mar 29, 1979 – Mar 26, 1982T-Division It seems like a life time ago I served aboard the California 12/1979 - 3/1982. I am trying to reach Chetly Atkins GMM-3, Russ Crawford FTM-2, Tim Bircree, Jim Madden (Muldoon). MB7594@AOL.COM
Strickland, LarryMM2Apr 12, 1979 – May 24, 1982A ganginto radiology now in N.C. operating MRI unit
Williams, CarlLTMay 1979 – Jun 1981Ops and A DivI was EWO for the first part of the tour and then A division for the last half of the tour.
Cohen, MatthewO-2May 1, 1979 – Sep 30, 1981SupplyServed as the Food Service and Ships Store Officer. Greatly enjoyed my time aboard serving wiith a supert crew and on a excellent ship
Agin, SteveMM2Jun 1979 – Sep 1983M (Nuke)Some of the most challenging years of my life. That 9-month cruise was long (GulfofOman)! Knew many great guys (incl. officers). Proud to serve my country. In 1979, accepted Jesus Christ in ER1 somewhere in Caribbean.
Matthews, AlanSTG3Jun 26, 1979 – Dec 15, 1980ASWas only there for 18 months. It was a hell of a ride though. Good friends made there.
Matthews, AlanSTG3Jun 26, 1979 – Dec 1, 1980ASyeah I was there
Blink, Russ profile iconSTG2Jul 1979 – May 24, 1982AS
Barone, JosephETN-6Aug 28, 1979 – Jun 28, 1983Reactor DivisionHad a great time sailing around the world. Lots of good times in all the ports. Capt. Paulson was the best
Ryan, TomDK3Sep 1979 – May 1981supply
Martin, TerrySM 2Sep 1979 – Mar 1983OCWould Like to reconnect with fellow shipmates.
Seekell, Philip (Bugsy)EM2Sep 1, 1979 – Sep 30, 1983E-DivisionHad some good times but remember that moral was low among the EM nukes.
Seekell, PhilipEM2Sep 15, 1979 – Aug 30, 1983E
Petteys, NelsonMM2Oct 4, 1979 – May 8, 1981M, and Rad Con MonitorArrived onboard one month to the day before the Iranian Hostage Crisis began. We escorted the NIMITZ along with the TEXAS. Left Livorno Italy 3 Jan80, returned to Norfolk Memorial Day. Left for OCS, now retired O-4.
Holmes, JimET-1Nov 1979 – May 1984OESeems like half a life time ago. I'll never forget that ship and more so the people that rode her.
Wheelis, ScottE-5 / Gunners Mate MissleNov 1, 1979 – Jul 1983T DivisionI miss the Pig Boat. Sailed all over, but never saw many ports just a lot of water. Miss all my friends, David, Mole-Man, Kelskey ya'll know who you are. Get ahold of me.
Ranco, Todd ( Sarge )SN/HMSNDec 5, 1979 – 19811ST/H
Rembert, John BlackwellDS31980 – 1982ON
Swimp, ArthurSH-11980 – Jan 1985S-3
Clayton, MichaelET1980 – 1981OE
Ness, Steve profile iconEM31980 – 1984RE
Cahill, Michael ( New Wave)OS31980 –OIMy time onboard were some of the best years of my life, I also became the youngest AIC, at the rank of OSSN, in the Navy's history. I wish I could go back and do all over again, only this time get it right.
Hardison, DavidCGN-371980 – 1983CF
Barrett, Edward M.EMFN1980 – 1983E
Egner, John (Tom)OS3Jan 8, 1980 – Sep 17, 1984OI Had a great time on the Golden Grizzly until OSC Lombardi and his thug's tried to make my life hell. I got through it.. Buzz Sawyer... Stayed in retired OSC(SW) in 2000. For my friends, Drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you!!!
Nickols, JamesLCDR (CHAPLAIN)Feb 1980 – Aug 1982Chaplain
Brower, TomMM1(SW)Mar 1980 – Mar 1985M2Many ups & downs. Great people. Great friends. 9 man.
Schwiker, Mark (Spike)ET2Mar 1980 – Oct 13, 1983RCIt's fun to remember.......
Hallman, JamesQMC(SW)Apr 1980 – Sep 1983
Fenstemaker, BillQM2May 1980 – Nov 1983Nav/AdminNorfolk to Alameda by way of The Med, The I.O., The Panama Canal, Around the World, the Caribbean, Cape Horn,etc,etc,etc.What a trip. If I had it to do all over again..........................I would! The best duty I had.
Georges, TomMay 1980 – Oct 1983wow were has life gone, spent 3 of the best years of my life on the california. alot of good times and long cruises and alot of time trying to find answers in the bottom of a beer bottle, damn it was fun.
Jones, Raymond "Ray Cat Or Ray Jay"OS2 THEN OSC NOWMay 1, 1980 – Mar 15, 1985OIThis was when the Navy was hard!!! I learned a lot and was mad e into a man and a SAILOR!!!!
Jones, Raymond "Raycat"OS2May 1, 1980 – Apr 7, 1985OIOI division OSSN through OS2. First duty station, overall a great command. World Cruise 1981, although not enough port calls. Loved Perth Australia and Singapore!
Farrell, JohnFTG2May 12, 1980 – Mar 25, 1983G Division
Dills, ChuckGMM2Jun 1980 – Jul 1981T
Finch, RobertMM2Jun 1980 – Jan 1984A -Gang25 years where did the time go? Some good memorys 1st World cruise, Panama canal 2 twice. Singapore and Australia good times. A/C 2 refrigeration leaks and faulty feedwater valves on the reboiler are still fond memories.
Cornell, James (Mitch)FTG1Jun 1980 – Mar 1983G
Eslava, ArnoldJO2Jun 8, 1980 – Mar 1984XWould love to hear from my old friends.
Lewis, DarisCTO3Aug 1, 1980 – Sep 3, 1980NAVSEGRU CommunicationsI was on temp assignement for a Black Sea Show the Flag Cruise. It was the most seasick time of my Naval Career. (4Yrs)
Mazella, JoeFTM1Sep 1980 – Aug 25, 1982TAlot has happened in the 21 years since leaving the nuke boat. Would love to hear from any old shipmates to share some memories.
Rembert, John BlackwellDS3Oct 20, 1980 – Dec 13, 1982OE/ON
Petrie, ChristopherEM2Oct 31, 1980 – Jul 24, 1984Any of my old shipmates still out there?
Coleman, Richard profile iconLCDRNov 1980 – Jun 1982OPSOPS officer under CAPT Chuck Smith and XO CDR Neil Brennan. IO deployment. Great ship, great leadership. I learned a tremendous amount there. Gordon Dorsey was a great shipmate. Contact me at
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Mosher, BryanMM1Nov 1980 – Oct 1982M/RTSecond tour on California first tour was 1975-1979. retired as MMCM after 20 years. This was my favorite ship. Drop me a line.
Reynolds, KeithMMC (SS)Nov 1980 – Oct 1984M Division and A DivisionHad 1 Plant, and M Division for 3 years and some months and had A division for my last 6 months on board did the around the world deployment in 1981, the overhaul in 82-83 and the homeport change in 83
Hensley, BillOS2Nov 1980 – Jun 1983OIA great ship.. a great Division and a great bunch of shipmates!! Those were some good days served on-board he Golden Griz!!
Wheelis, Donald ScottGMM2Nov 10, 1980 – Jul 16, 1983THazes grey and underway! Anyone seen Chief J.B. Miller?
Reynoldes, KeithMMC(SS)Nov 15, 1980 – Nov 1, 1984M and A/RReported during SRA Fall of 80 My first Surface Ship 1 Plant M LCPO Jan 1981 - July 1981 M Div LCPO July 1981 - Spring 1983 A/R Div LCPO Spring 1983 to Nov 1984 a hell of a tour
Kautzman, Kente4Nov 30, 1980 – Aug 31, 1984OC Divseeking for some guys that was on the ship. and Does remember the westpacs
Manning, MikeSKSNDec 10, 1980 – Jul 15, 1983S-1My best memories was the friends I made and the adventures I witnessed and of course the Crossing at the equater and became a shell back. I in enjoyed ever moment of it. I will always cherish those moments.
Easterbrooks, PaulSK2Dec 30, 1980 – Oct 15, 1984S-1

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