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USS California (CGN 36) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS California (CGN 36). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 646 crew members registered for the USS California (CGN 36).

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Hall, JohnEMC(SW)0000 –RE
Klocinski, RobertRM20000 – Feb 1, 1988OCGo Radio Central! NORPAC operations in 1986 was a memorable moment. Heavy seas, ice, and snow! A hearty cheer and a toast to OC division. Retired as an ITC(SW) and currently live and work in the Washington DC area. email:
Threadgill, Dionseaman0000 –boatswains mateLooking la,alcocer,bake daddy baker,tmac,cooper,glover,bm2 Cole,melton and the rest of the crazy guys
Rasheed, GeraldCTRC(SW/NAC)Jan 5, 1902 – Jan 31, 1995OT
Heggie Jr, JohnSN Supply/CookJan 23, 1970 – Jan 23, 1972SupplyBest Cook on the ENTIRE SHIP!!!!! Thank-you
Twigg, NicholasET1Nov 1970 – Jun 1975RCPlank Owner
Scott, Dennis /dennyMM11971 – 1974"M"
Hunt, Roger profile iconETN21971 – Jun 17, 1975OEI saw the Nimitz just last year 2013 in San Diego while touring the Midway. The California was a great ship and crew. I miss them all. Plank Owner. I was the six crew member aboard at Newport News Shipyards.
Canada, DanielMM1Jun 5, 1971 – Jul 7, 1976MOne of my duties was to drive a standard drive school bus to pick up the crew for training in the mornings. The only problem was I didn't know how to drive a stick. Everyone would cheer when I finally got the bus in gear and got on the roa
Jones, RalphMMCMSep 1971 – Jun 1974MI was the first M division leading chief and #2 plant watch officer during construction.
Goff, DavidE4 Em3Oct 15, 1971 – Jun 6, 1975EMy final command. Started on Mattaponi AO 41
Meigel, DavidMMCNov 10, 1971 – Sep 4, 1975MCurretly retired from USN. Worked Norfolk Naval Shipyard 28 years also currently retired. Living in Virginia Beach
Davis, GlennET2Nov 20, 1971 – May 9, 1975RCGood crew other than the CO, who convinced me that the Navy was not a career for me as I might end up serving for someone else that would be as bad in the future.
Leeper, Leighton (Lee)EM2Dec 1971 – Nov 1975EPlank owner. Currently a retired biomed from the Fort Wayne VAMC.
Stewart, JosephEM1Dec 1971 – Sep 1974E
Wright, George J.E-4 PETTY OFFICER, BOATSWAINS MATE 3RD CLASS1972 – 19761st weaponsPlank owner. She was a fine ship.
Miller, MichaelMM21972 – 1975M
Bialorucki, JohnEM 21972 – Apr 7, 1977EGreetings to my fellow Plank Owners. There were plenty of outstanding people on board. I wish you all the best.
Rishel, HarryMM21972 – Sep 1976MI tell my wife "Leaving that ship was the happiest day of my life until my son was born." But to save my butt I add "But getting married is in the top 10." There were some good times, but the ratio to good to bad, bad
Irwin, Reactor PhilMM21972 – Oct 21, 1977M DivisionI remember Flashlight Floyd
Weatherly, WilliamMM2Jan 15, 1972 – Aug 17, 1975AI reported aboard California in Jan. of '72, was part of Pre-Com Unit, Plankowner, Shakedown, Halifax, NS trip, lots of time training off Gitmo, good liberty in Rosey Roades & Virgin Islands, and Sea Bats . Good Ship, GONE BEFORE HER TIME!
Grondin, F. C. "Skip"MM1Jan 20, 1972 – May 7, 1976MWas there during precom and the first couple of years at sea. Learned a ton and met some of the best people on earth. Sad she had to go so soon.
Koehler, ChrisGMMiMay 15, 1972 – Aug 10, 1975Weapons MissileThis was a pretty good group of men. We had a lot of fun between a lot of hard work. I was Leading Petty Officer from the time she was commissioned till I left to go to Seal Beach Navel Weapons Station get in touch asap
Kentch, GeneMM1Jun 1972 – Dec 1977MLooking for reunion information
McKinney, Sr., EmmettDSCJun 1972 – Jun 1975OE Division
Forbeck, DanielETN3Aug 1972 – Aug 25, 1975OEWhat a sad end to an honorable ship and crew. Jaramillo...
Flippo, DavidGMG2Aug 1972 – Jun 1976G
Peterson, Richard "Pete"IC 2Oct 8, 1972 – Jan 8, 1973REAttached to California while waiting for Pre-Commissioning Crew (1st Increment) of USS South Carolina to form. Original orders to Nimitz Pre-Com. crew cancelled due to construction delays.
Buhler Jr., William ( Bill)E-2Oct 25, 1972 – Sep 1975Boatsin Mate
Stephenson, ThomasLTjgNov 9, 1972 – Nov 11, 1974GGunnery Officer and Plank owner. My last ship in my 26 year career. The last two duty stations were in Italy and Earle
Jackson, FelixMM21973 – Mar 1978M DIVISIONLong trips- med trips,gitmo,Eng.,.Canada, part of commish crew.
Fahey, EdwardEM-21973 – Mar 1977EPlank-owner and nuke. Been a cop, an undertaker and now a licensed clinical social worker.
Vines, Joseph (Jay)EM11973 – Oct 1, 1976EPlank owner, REO2 supervisor, worked in R&D Fiber optics 15 years, learned to fly, bought airplane, have been and still am an electrical contractor for many years and now live in South Carolina with my wife-life is good.
Cripps, EdwardRM2Jan 5, 1973 – Jun 5, 1975COMM
Carbo, ButchMM1Jan 7, 1973 – Sep 4, 1975MThanks Skip for 39+ years of friendship!
Stock, EdETN-2Mar 1973 – Nov 1976RC DivisonAfter spending approximately 20 years as an I & C procedure writer at 9 different comercial plants & 8 years at the Hanford Waste Facility I am currently working at the Vit Plant in Richland, Wa.
Brock, DonMM2May 1973 – Aug 1975A GangLots of memories, Chief Flack, Rankin, Weatherly, Otte, Deangelis, just to name a few that remember Newport News, two trips two Canada, Gitmo. Currently reside in Andover, Ks. now, a suburb of Wichita. Still working.
Kerr, JimOS-3Jun 1973 – Jan 1977Operations IntelligencePlank owner who served with a lot of great guys. Years go by fast but the memories are still strong.
Beaver, MarkRM2Jun 1973 – Nov 1975CommGreat trips, fantail parties, First "brown bag" streaker on ship,thanks doc for not checking non-skid for burns, "shot the moon" for navigator, WO Ekardt master of cermony in tie w/no shirt! great cruses, Halifax, N. Europe, Rosy
Ekardt, DennisRMCSJun 15, 1973 – Apr 1, 1975CommI was the first reenlistment onboard. Made E-9 and then WO1 onboard. Had a good bunch of RMs and a great chief's mess. The chief's meet yearly at ICC Gary Mercier's Lunker Lodge near E. Cty, NC Cpt Hoss Miller, CO has been made honorary c
Sherwood, TimE - 3Jun 30, 1973 – Jun 30, 1975First DivisionRemember the 3 shows on the fantail? Well it's not "green" anymore! Living well now - retired after 28 yrs. of teaching. Those 2 yrs. helped me become a man. Captain Miller wrote me in 2006. Those were crazy times!
Curtis, WalterBM3Jul 1973 – Aug 19751stPart of pre-commissioning and commissioning crew.Had a greater time onboard hope to here from some of the Crew during that time.
Zillweger, Bruce / ZiggyIC2Jul 21, 1973 – Dec 28, 1976EMy four year enlistment and service on the USS California was directly responsible for my 38 year career with Lockheed Martin. My shipmates were the best and we were commissioned as DLGN-36 in 1974 and changed in 1975.
Adams, JimEM1Aug 1973 – Jun 1975E div
Friend, CraigOS2Aug 1, 1973 – Dec 17, 1976OICame on board during Pre-Comm of DLGN-36, and left during a Med Cruise. I ended up working for contractor at PSNS, the shipyard in Bremerton, WA. Was able to attend deactivation ceremony. First CO spoke; Floyd Miller.
Arnold, LeeOS 3Aug 1, 1973 – Dec 14, 1976Operations IntellegenceAh,Sicily!
Harrington, GaryEM-2Sep 1973 – Aug 10, 1977EPlank Owner - REO2 Work Center Supervisor for a while. Lots of friends and fond memories, of course some less than favorable too. Now a commercial power 'Nuke' - Kewaunee Nuclear Station, formerly Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant. Who'd a thunk
Prather, Brad At CoffeyMSSep 9, 1973 – Jun 6, 1977SUPPLYSome of the best years ever. God Bless you guy's.
Lord, JonSeaman E-3Sep 15, 1973 – May 23, 1975S-2I was a 2x6, 2 years active duty, 4 years reserves. I made Petty Officer 3rd class in the reserves.
Bruce, EdFTM2Oct 1973 – May 16, 1977TI would like to hear from some of my old ship mates.
Davies, FrankET-1Oct 1973 – Mar 1977RC
Keck, BobFTM2Oct 1973 – Nov 6, 1977TAs I get older I remember all the good friends and times we had on the " Hotel California".
Hollowood, RussFTM1/FTMCOct 1973 – Jun 1977T DivBest command of my career
Decker, RaySTG2Oct 1, 1973 – Apr 15, 1976ASAnybody out there?
Jaycox, JeffreySM3Nov 1973 – Jun 1976C
Bliss, JoeHT-3Nov 14, 1973 – Oct 17, 1977A DivisionBeen a long time but my son is navy now soit all comes full circle. I was a plank owner and original crew. So many memorfies. What a great tour of duty! Seems like only yestercday!
Sachs, RobertHTFNDec 1973 – Jan 1976A DIVISION
Gaspard, MichaelSH3Dec 28, 1973 – Oct 24, 1975SUPPLY

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1973 | 1974 – 1976 | 1977 – 1978 | 1979 – 1980 | 1981 – 1983 | 1984 – 1985 | 1986 – 1987 | 1988 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 – 1995 | 1996 – now

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