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USS Biddle (CG 34) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Biddle (CG 34). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 547 crew members registered for the USS Biddle (CG 34).

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Dart, WilliamE11975 –machiners matelooking for the guys i served with esp. James Lenhard
Shields, DonaldEN21975 – 1979A Gang
McCarty, Troy2nd Class1975 – 1978OS
Kimbrough, Larrypo3Feb 17, 1975 – Oct 30, 1975supply
Davis, AlexSeamanFeb 22, 1975 – Dec 8, 1977DeckMan did i spend a lot of time chiping and repainting. I also enjoyed working in the forward compartment making all the MONKEY FISTS. You know i had to be first over on the bow.
Lowell, LeroyBTCMar 1, 1975 – Oct 1, 1977BRemember the PEB.
Murray, Howard/steveOS3Apr 15, 1975 – Sep 1978OI
Ball, ClintonSN/FTGMay 1975 – Nov 1975was transferred to silent service at Newport RI. by XO.
Boles, TerryOS2May 1975 – Sep 1979OIRemember Micky Mouse on the OI Diviion berthing door?
Lee, JohnFR E-1May 28, 1975 –Machinist MateI am looking for friends I served with on the Biddle
Rolleigh, LouisFTG3Jun 1975 – Feb 19772nd - WeaponsGQ in Director for the Mk 42 5-in/54-caliber gun, maintained radar, magazines, Security Patrol. Gun shack with Shaw, Gingras, Musser, others. Lots of fun and sun in Gitmo, and cold North Atlantic waters. I loved it!
Canchola, JoeMM3Jul 1975 – Dec 1977propulsion engineeringThe times at sea were great but I'll never forget the shipyard days in Bath Maine.
White, GregBM/SN to DS2Jul 10, 1975 – Aug 28, 197901 (Deck) and OE (NTDS)Great times, Great Travels, Great Shippmates!!!
Tom, HustonMachinest Mate 3rd classJul 10, 1975 – Jul 9, 1979M Division Foward Engine Room
Steven, NotafrancescoFTM2Aug 10, 1975 – Jul 10, 1978Fire Control MissilesIts been awhile since thinking about the days I served -- all good memories.
Driscoll, BruceGMM 1Aug 14, 1975 – Dec 20, 1979MK 10 Missiles System
Engebretson, RickMM2Oct 1975 – May 22, 1979MOur yard time in Bath Maine was indeed memorable but for me, Give me those North Atlantic Countries Any Time.
Jenkins, Albert profile iconSeamen 3Oct 2, 1975 – Aug 2, 1980Boatsonmate
Cross, MarkMSSNNov 1975 – Jul 1, 1978SupplySpent my time with the supply dept.,as a cook. Made alot of friends. My General Quarters was first loader on the 350 gun mount, Mount 31. After getting discharge joined the reserves and retired with the rank MS1.
Em3 Paul Greenfield, GreenieEM3Nov 10, 1975 – Jun 5, 1979engineeringJust wondering how you guys are doing and what everyone been doing with themselves.
Sardo, PhilipSNNov 27, 1975 – Jul 20, 1977BMTRULY the best time of my life. Loved the people . I remember hanging out with Rich working on the life boats. The cook MS1 Farmer was an idiot when I did my 90 days mess duty. He was the only problem I ever had .
Sardo, Philip JSADec 28, 1975 – Jul 20, 1976Boatswans mateI loved the ship and the time i was on her ! It truly was one of the best times of my life!
Schroeder, SteveYNCM1976 – 1978AdminLoved this great, steaming ship! Great CPO Mess with CMC TRAYNOR/NCC RICHARDSON. Best to the great YN & PNs who I served with.
Winters, FrankMM1976 – 1979Mworked in #2 Engine room good times for the most part
Kaminski, Glen (Ski)OS21976 – 1977OIWas a great time to be on board! Lots of interesting and fun people. Was an honor to serve on Biddle under CPT Henry. I hated port & stbd watches, 'never knew the time except by what was being served on the mess deck.
Kirk, Stew (Capt.)GMG3 Gun Mount 32Jan 1976 – Sep 29, 19792nd Division WeaponsGot on board in Norfolk when the Biddle returned from Bath, Gitmo Shakedown Cruise, 2 Med's, North Atlantic, and Multiple Carribean Cruises. Complaining in the Gunshack. Best friends GMG2 Willie Shaw and GMG3 Tom Deason.
Clavin, BillQM2Feb 20, 1976 – Sep 30, 1979xWe had some great times with the gang from signal bridge,the snipes,combat,sonar,and just about everybody on the ship except for our officer TiTi if any of the old gang see my message drop me an email
Hawkins, Johnnie J JBM2Mar 1, 1976 – May 30, 1980Weapons
Tripp, Richardgmg2Mar 10, 1976 – Sep 15, 19792nd divisiongreat times. not a day goes by without thinking of my biddle family; 2 north atlantics, 1 med, haiti bayone numerous caribean cruises ect. and mount 51
Gates, TexOS2Mar 18, 1976 – Jan 8, 1980OI
Worster, Roland (Ron)FTMC (SW)Apr 1976 – Oct 1978Missile and GunneryOn board during shakedown/training in "Gitmo", North Atlantic cruise 1977 and Med cruise 1978.
Lundgren, BrentMM2Apr 1976 – Mar 1980MWorked in both engine rooms. I have heard the stories of the overhaul in Bath, ME., I'm sorry I missed it. Otherwise, what a ride! North Atlantic, Med (twice), Carribean. We should have crossed the Arctic Circle in 1976.
Gentry, Jeff profile iconHT2Apr 1976 – Jan 1980R DivisionGreat times
O'Donnell, Paul / OdEM3Apr 1976 – Sep 9, 1979EngineeringGitmo, North Atlantic goodwill cruise, 2 med, Black Sea, bicentennial in port-o-prince. So much fun until the military returned. I still think Haiti sucked! Moon the Russian carrier. Fantail after dark. Hi to all
Gingras, Paul (Littleguns)GMG 3May 1976 – Aug 1978GunneryHad a great time, miss all my friends.
Gingras, Paul (Littleguns)GMG3May 1976 – Aug 21, 1978Weapons
Devol, EdPNSNMay 9, 1976 – Nov 30, 1976NX
Capuano, Jimmy (Cappy)HT/E-3May 21, 1976 – Jun 6, 1978This New Yorker is still kickin'!
Grove, Wayne (Skid)E-5 OS2Jun 1976 – Oct 1979OI
Stanley, HolidayMM 2Jun 8, 1976 – Apr 8, 1980Engineering My only regret was just serving one enlistment. Enjoyed the time spent on the Biddle
Gates, R.w. (Tex)OS2Jul 14, 1976 – Jan 8, 1980OI DivHad some great times and travels. Wonderful shipmates and friends.
McMakin, JohnFTM2Aug 1976 – Sep 1979Gm
Grow, Timothy RGMM2Sep 9, 1976 – Sep 5, 1980GMIt was an experience of a life time. Proud to be a veteran of the US NAVY.
Wirfs, David (Waldo)OS2Sep 29, 1976 – Aug 28, 1979OIThanks for the scotch.
Bianic, PierretranslaterOct 25, 1976 – Oct 29, 1976petty officerI'm french, and I served on that ship at the end of October 76 like translater. It was for me the last days of my military service in the franch navy.
Parris, Keith (Trouble)OS 2Nov 1976 – Apr 1980OII remember my first underway cruise and getting my sea legs, puked for 1 week straight at midnight of every mid-watch. But the best times were the first visit to Palma Spain and the birthday celebrations of rum and coke on watch.
Kuykendall, MelvinEWCNov 1976 – Jul 1980OE
Richardson, CarliseGMM2Nov 1976 – Oct 1980WeaponsI miss my crew mates, had fun, hope you guys are doing well.
Bandy, Rick profile iconGMM2Nov 16, 1976 – Nov 16, 1979GMHad a great time loved the ship and all the good times we had. Would love to here from some of you.
Charlton, Monroe (Butch)IC1 (SW)Dec 1976 – Oct 1979E
Lewis, Joseph / JoeE-3/SN/SMSNDec 9, 1976 – May 11, 19781st Division/Nav-XStan Madison what a name and a boxer wont forget it did the carribean and the med cruz while onboard i remember sn polaco from puerto rico and Doc Purvis had a blast in the past.
Steward, Charles "Stewie"MM3Dec 29, 1976 – Sep 16, 1980MWorked in #2 engine room. I hyad alot of fun. I still remember scrubbing deck plates every day.

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