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USS William H. Standley (CG 32) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS William H. Standley (CG 32). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 407 crew members registered for the USS William H. Standley (CG 32).

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Moomy, DavidLT1969 – Aug 1970ASW officer
Walker, Dick profile iconOS21969 – 1971OI
Kauffman, Thomas J.HM2Jan 15, 1969 – Jan 15, 1970NavigationChief Bebout HMC just curious, are you still in Virginia?
Cooksey, DanLIEUTENANTJun 10, 1969 – Mar 15, 1972Weapons/NavigationOriginally Gunnery Officer - then Navigator
Angley, SteveFTM2Jun 15, 1969 – Jun 15, 19744th DivisionDid WesPac and trip around the world, followed by Med cruise. Worked on AN/SPS-48A Radar as well as some time on the 55 radar.
Schinsing, StevesnJun 16, 1969 – May 27, 19711st i had a great time on the standley and all the places we went
Feagin, MikeE-3Aug 8, 1969 – Aug 10, 19721ST
Smith, MelTM2Sep 6, 1969 – Jan 4, 1974
Kellermann, RalphBM31970 –deck forceLoved the around the world cruise and the guys on board.
Keller, DonRM21970 – Nov 1972Radio ShackWest-Pac, Med, Caribbean - Great Ship, great crew mates, and Captain Blanks was a great skipper. Loved all of it.
Bowin, KennyE-4Jan 15, 1970 – Nov 1970OI RD3Still looking for anyone I served with, met a couple new ones, good to hear from, but I would like to find some I served with, either on the Standley, the Hampton, or Barbers Poiint, boy that was rough duty. lol
Hookey, Stephen/hookMS-3May 1970 – 1971SUPPLY/MESS HALLGreat time. Learned a good trade. Got to experiance great adventured during World Cruse.
Carr, JimDS2Sep 1970 – Jun 1974OEWESPAC cruise in 1971. Med Cruise in 1972. Charleston Naval Shipyard 1973. Lots of places seen, good times, and stories to tell (and a few not to tell).
Schwendeman, MichaelBM3Sep 1970 – Oct 19731st DivMy name is Michelle (Schwendeman) Carpenter & I'm the daughter of Michael Schwendeman. Trying to help him reconnect. He doesn't have a computer & I'm willing to help relay info to him so he can call folks. Thanks!
Bentrem, Bob (Benny)YN3Sep 1, 1970 – May 4, 1971NavigationHighlined to an Oiler in the Gulf of Tonkin (Yankee Station)
Strawn, JohnSTG2Dec 5, 1970 – Aug 17, 19743rd
Heflin, Edward/hefOS2Dec 7, 1970 – Jun 15, 1972OISome of my best memories are from the Stanley Steamer. Who could ever forget Olongapo City.
Grimes, DavidFTM11971 – 1977WeaponsGreat ship, great crew, fond memories
Spell, MartinBT3Jan 1971 – Oct 1973B Division Forward FireroomGreat ship, with a great crew. A high maintenance lady, but I loved her just the same. I was saddened to hear about her demise. Main control, FWD Fireroom, 1A and 1B boilers in full automatic, ready to answer all bells.
Misevicz, Dan FireplugBT2Mar 1971 – Nov 1975looking for 72 to 75 aft fireroom buddies
Paige, RobertPN2May 1971 – Mar 1975NavigationLots of good memories, 2 med cruises, carribean curises, north atlantic, and just steamin around
Ford, Joseph (Joe)BT 3Jun 1971 – Sep 1974BI was the ACC King, stood watch in the Aft Fire Room, Sea and Anchor and Battle Stations in DC Central, BTC's Sanford, & Williams. Had a good time and learned alot.
Purcell, GerryEnsign RNZN (on RNZN/USN JO Exchange)Jun 17, 1971 – Jul 14, 1971SupplyChoppered in from USS Kitty Hawk with two other RNZN Ensigns. We enjoyed two months exchange service with USN, May/Jul'71. Left WHS in Singapore, returned to HMNZS Otago. Retired from RNZN in 1995 as LtCdr(S).
Fennell, FredBT21972 – 1973
Wilde, RichardMR1972 – 1974MEnjoyed my time on the Standley.
Emerson, StevenCTM(EW)31972 – 1974EGreat memories of the Standley. Looking forward to conversing with shipmates.
Fett, RichardFTG 21972 – 1974Second
(Adinolfi) Stamp, TeresaAXANApr 1972 – Jun 1972HC 4 helicopter crewMy husband Paul Adinolfi was in a Kaman helicopter that crashed at sea in June of 1972. His life was lost. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers the accident or knew any of the help crew.
Keys, RoydSTGCSMay 1, 1972 – Sep 1, 19753rdFinest sea tour with the finest Division in my 25 year career.
Perkins, TerrySTG3Aug 1972 – Dec 19753rd
Lee, StephenSTG2Sep 1972 – Dec 1978SONAR 3RD
Kretzschmar, Markgmm3Sep 1972 – Jun 21, 1975weapons divloved the good times recognized a couple names on the ship crew list that I served with
Doratt, Michael profile iconGMG3Oct 30, 1972 – Jun 27, 1975GMG
Guldenschuh, Blaine (Eddie)DS21973 – 1977OE3 meds, panama canal, bremmerton
Knouse, Richard/ RickElectrions Mate/ 2nd Class1973 – Apr 1977EA great ship with many adventures!!!
Hansen, Melvinos31973 – 1974oiCame over from the USS MacDonough after doing a six week cruise on the USS Guam LPH 9. Got my brother David on board. Maybe you remember us.
Hardy, KimOS21973 – 1975OIGreat memories of my time on board the STEAMER!
Scudder, RichardMM3Feb 2, 1973 – Jan 23, 1976M -Worked in main control. Chief woods was great.LT Blanchard was regular navy. Old Man Ike Collins BT1 ex-UDT 21-22 Old Salt, Great Guy. HAZE GRAY SALT SPRAY UNDERWAY IS THE ONLY WAY. WISH I WAS BACK ON BOARD THE STEAMER. HOO-YAH
Reed, JackPN1Feb 10, 1973 – Dec 29, 1975NavigationEnjoyed many a good liberty with BM1 Jenkins and SM1 Prince. The Hot Dog was a good ship and had a fine crew. Retired in Nov 89 as PNCM (SW)/AW).
Ashley, John/macTM3Mar 1973 – Aug 1975SonarOne damn good Much fun in Carribean. Wonder if Sam Owens, TM5 is still around?
Homer, GregoryEMFNMay 1973 – Sep 1974Electrical Department
Duncan, ButchOSJun 15, 1973 – Apr 15, 1974OI
Harriman, Ric (Harry)BT2Aug 1973 – May 22, 1977B DivWhat's kickin chicken? FFR carries the load!
Sonnleitner, Allen (Dino)BT-3Oct 1973 – Oct 1977Bsorry to see her go
Rogers, MarkBT3Dec 1, 1973 – Jun 15, 1976aft fireroomgreat ship,great crew,great sure goes by fast.the standley is gone but not forgotten.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1968 | 1969 – 1973 | 1974 – 1976 | 1977 – 1979 | 1980 – 1982 | 1983 – 1985 | 1986 – 1987 | 1988 – 1990 | 1991 – now

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