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USS Horne (CG 30) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Horne (CG 30). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 250 crew members registered for the USS Horne (CG 30).

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Schrand, JayDS21966 – 1967ONFair Seas
Spack, Thomas/ JackCS1Mar 15, 1966 – Aug 1970supplylooking for other cooks and bakers frome uss horne dlg 30
Oldenburg, KurtE4/SK3Nov 15, 1966 –Supply 2Plankowner
Veen, JanSTG31967 – Sep 28, 19693rdPlankowner-check out There is a pretty good list of the crew on that site.Also info on upcoming reunion and past reunion.
Bachelder, JamesRD2Feb 1967 – Jul 1970OI
Kite, WayneBT3Feb 1967 – Aug 15, 1969"M"
Clemen, DonBM2Feb 1, 1967 – Jan 1, 1969Deck ForceCharles Stratton, Rich Carsley
Feeler, WesleyCSCFeb 21, 1967 – Feb 15, 1968supplyplankowner, i made the comminsioning cake
Bachelder, JimOS1 (sw)Apr 15, 1967 – Jul 10, 1970OIPlankowner who served two Westpacs in Gulf of Tonkin (1968 & 1970) as ECM operator.
Robertson, EugeneE3Apr 15, 1967 – 19701stWould like to know where Jerry Russell and Ron Shirley are.
Knight, VernonSNSep 10, 1967 –deck
Willard, RandyRm31968 – 1971OCConnect with old shipmates.
Leal, SteveE-3Jan 28, 1968 – Oct 10, 19691st, Ships Office
Counts, Glenn/noahSNFeb 17, 1968 – Oct 31, 1969Supply
Tapp, DavidSKCJul 8, 1968 – Apr 18, 1983Supply S-1Made chief on board DD 971, west pac 78-79 on CG 30, discharged onboard FF 1047 in 83
Tate, FredRD-1Aug 1968 – 1972OWAfter Electronic Warfare schooling joined ship in Subic Bay as RD-0335 Rating, before it became Electronic Warfare. Nine trips total off the coast of North Vietnam during 1968-1971 in the upper Gulf Of Tonkin, off their city of Vinh.
Benefield, Gary profile iconRD3Nov 1968 – Mar 1969OIWorked in Chief's Mess until I made RD3 - TAD EW school.
Severson, Jackseaman1969 – 1970boatswain mate/radioman
Hodges, Wm ClarkLTJan 1969 – Aug 1970WGCame from USS A. J. Isbell DD 869 & 2 WestPac cruises. Served as Gunnery Asst. and Legal Officer when Horne was still a DLG and was aboard for '70 WestPac cruise when we had the Flag on board. Stayed in the Reserves until 1978 in Miami.
Kleckner, JimETR2Feb 10, 1969 – Dec 6, 1973OEWork Center Supervisor for ET Radar gang
Herron, MikeOS1Mar 1969 – Nov 1974OI
Harris, MarkGMM 3 E-4Mar 1, 1969 – Jan 31, 19734 DivisionShe was definately a good old boat, proud to have served on her.
Annett, Daniel profile iconRD2Mar 1, 1969 – Jul 13, 1972OIThe good/bad/ugly of avoidance of conscripted military svcs via USN default brings back bitter-sweet recollections. Apparently, it wasn't such a bleak period as I've attended approximately one reunion/2 yrs since 2003.
Gust, Kenneth KFTM1May 1969 – May 1971Weapons DivisionTonkin Gulf north SAR 13 miles off of Hinoi NV was intense.... A good ship and equipment and a smart crew saved our ass many times.
Warren, LarrySTG2Jun 1, 1969 – Dec 29, 19723rd
Irish, MarvinOSCAug 1969 – May 1972OIGreat Ship great crew . Had a great time at the Reunion in San Diego 2003.
Reeder, JohnMMCMOct 15, 1969 – Sep 1, 1972M3-M CORDINATOR, EOOW, COMMAND MCPO
Beckham, Peter "pete"RD 21970 – Apr 18, 1971OIIt was a great Ship. Also served on the USS Wainwright DLG 28. 1968-69
Lintemuth, GlennSTGSN1970 – 19703RDLooking to reunite with former shipmates and wish to receive information on future reunions. Currently living in TN.
Johnson, SamBM3Oct 1970 – Jun 19741 st DeckOnboard Horne for 3 West Pac cruises and extended periods in the Gulf of Tonkin. Met some of the best people in the world on this ship and a few butts, haw!! Had a great time and only regret getting out of USNsvy when I did
Johnson, SamBoatswains MateNov 1970 – Jun 19741st Division Deck gang
White, DaveMM2Nov 9, 1970 – Apr 9, 1974A GangRemembering the Horne every day.
Lavender, Lawrence (Larry)OS31971 – 1974Division 1 and later CICNeed the date the USS Horne anchored in DaNang Vietnam and sent the admiral by Barge to meeting ashore. It was in 1971 or 1972-1973 WestBac Cruise. Needing info for agent orange claim.
Vought, JimSM41971 – 1972OCMy first ship! Many great memories! My first WesPac was a blast! Anyone from the "Signal Gang" send me a message and let me know what you been doing the last 40 years!
Gourlie, MikeEM2Feb 1971 – May 1971ElectricalShort tour while waiting for Nuclear Power class to start at Mare Island.
Davis, DaveBTFNMar 1971 – Jun 1971BDLG 30
Hogentogler, TimRM3Mar 3, 1971 – Feb 25, 1973OCMany good memories of time aboard Horne and the entire OC gang on our Westpac cruises.
Tranzor, F DouglasETCApr 1971 – 1972EJust wondering; anyone seen or heard from MCPO John Reeder, CSSC Benedict, EMC Russell, ETCS Brady, ET2 Thor, ET1 Butterfuss, ET3 Palfry or any other ETs aboard in 71-72?
Wilmoth, WillyRM2Jun 1971 – May 1973OCGreat memories and friends in the radio shack. "Liberty Call" Hong Kong and Singapore my favorites. Proud to have served 2 WestPac cruises to the Tonkin Gulf. Memories of recovering pilots Jan '73
Leighly, PaulOS3Jul 1971 – Jul 1973OI
Swim, KyleSk3Jul 1971 – Dec 1974Supply25 year Navy veteran now residents big in Christiansburg Va.
Fitzsimons, John (Jack) profile iconLt(jg)Sep 1971 – Nov 1974Weapons/NavigationMissile Ordnance Officer and Navigator
Carl, RussellSKCSOct 1971 – Feb 1975S-1
Kuzell, JohnETN3Oct 10, 1971 – Mar 12, 1976ET/OSCommunications and Nav Aids
Kuzell, JohnETN3Oct 10, 1971 – Mar 12, 1976OE
Vaux, DonaldTM2Nov 11, 1971 – Sep 14, 1972AS
Sharpe, William W.SNDec 29, 1971 – Aug 19751st

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