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USS Jouett (CG 29) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Jouett (CG 29). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 416 crew members registered for the USS Jouett (CG 29).

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Rowe, FredMM21976 – 1980MGreat ship, great guys aboard it. 2 Westpacks, lots of good times.
Hambrick, DanBM3Jan 1976 – Sep 19791stDid 2 Wes-pacs, served with some great guys and have lots of great memories. She was our home and place of retreat after lots of partying
Fickling-finley, HowardE4Jan 1, 1976 – Sep 11, 1979Administration and EngineeringI am now a soldier in God's army as an ordained baptist minister.
Mancuso, R.j./randyB.T.2Jan 6, 1976 – Sep 29, 1979To all the guys that were fortunate to serve on such a fine ol' girl as the Jouette. Had alot of GREAT memories with a bunch of great guys. Like to here from those I served with as well as those I didn't. Hi to Graz,Buff,CJ,Bone,Dalt,Good
Parrott, AnthonyEW1Feb 1976 – May 25, 1979EWLike they said, "You can take the sailor our of San Diego, but you can't take San Diego out of the sailor." I feel the same way about the Jouett. Always loved that ship and her crew.
Bordenkircher, MikeSM SAMar 1976 – Jul 1976Communications"The World's Most Capable Surface Warship" I was only on her for a couple of months and then went back to Balboa due to complications from recent surgery. She was a beauty though!
Cliburn, DonBM1Apr 6, 1976 – Apr 19791sti would like to get in contact with any old shipmates that remember me.
MacLellan, JamesStorekepper 3rd classApr 6, 1976 – May 3, 1980StorekeeperI served for 4 years and I don't see any crew
Vales, JohnBT3Jun 1, 1976 – Nov 1, 1978Engineering
Lewis, DanielGMG2Jul 15, 1976 – Oct 22, 1978CGA great two years with some good people. I still dream about 'Burl' and those pics in the gun shack. Brinkley has left us in case you didn't know. For Tom Allen: the 5" still rules and 3"/50s are small arms.
Harvey, Daniel (Buck)Aug 1976 – Aug 1978Deck/OIReup'd 80. Ret. '95 OS1 from the Naval War College. ASAC/AIC... 9 combat intercepts during Desert Storm. Now drive Big Rigs. Home...Waycross Ga. STILL A REDNECK with a DECK APE ATTITUDE!
Randolph, CraigMM1Aug 1976 – Apr 1981M-Division
Schirman, Steve M.Chief SignalmanOct 20, 1976 – May 22, 1979CommunicationsShe was a good ship to serve on .
Hall, KennethMM21977 – 1980M division
Brumfield, BrianFTM2Jan 1977 – Jun 1981FOX
Black, StephenEmJan 5, 1977 – Sep 19, 1980Engineering
Sherman, John (Chip) profile iconLTMar 1977 – Jun 1978WeaponsI was the Electronics warfare officer. Would love to connect with others from the wardroom and enlisted men from weapons department.
Moran, Steve / MonkFTG2Apr 1977 – May 1979FoxThe Elite of the Fleet. CG-29 had the finest Gun Crew in the Pacific.
Cassidy, JamesYN3May 1977 – May 1981NXLooking for old shipmates that may remember me while I was onboard. Would be great to hear from anyone from that time!
Restifo, RonEWCMay 1977 – Jul 1982EWDid 2 WestPac cruises on this ship. Also made Chief while onboard. Went on liberty with a lot of ship mates from other divisions. Best EW Gang there ever was. Retired in 1993 as an EWCS.
McGuire, JimmyMM2Jun 1977 – Oct 1982mem01 interested in hearing from anyone from m or b div especially. Got a final qual from Capt. Fulk as mmow. Only one known on planet. paid for it the rest of my time there.
Dickenson, ChetETN-3Jun 1977 – Aug 1978ET DivisionI was assigned to the Jouett after nuke school and stayed until just after I was married (to a very beautiful sailor/WAVE) and reassigned to a ship in Pearl Harbor. I was onboard when we went on a WesPac cruise.
Alford, SteveSTG2Aug 1977 – Feb 1981SONAR
Fraley, KeithGMG2Aug 1977 – Dec 1980
Cassidy, JamesYN3Aug 10, 1977 – May 30, 1981adminIhave served aboard this great ship for 4 years and seen 3 capts cum and go crossed the equator 4 times and served in the effort to free the hostages in iran having spent almost 108 days of the coast of iran wud love to hear frum peeps from that time
Whipple, MikeHT3Aug 10, 1977 – Dec 8, 1980
Alvarez, LennieE-4Aug 28, 1977 – Aug 29, 1981Deck/NXBeen looking for old shipmates......Jack Griffin, Jimmy Cassidy, and more.
Brenner, Gary profile iconMM3 BrennerSep 1977 – Mar 11, 1981MHT2 JOE Walker Email me @
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Wessman, RogerDS2Sep 7, 1977 – Jul 20, 1979I was honored to work with a bunch of awesome professional - DSCS Fox, Byron Warman, Bob Wood, Mike Miller, Carl Logan, Chet Dickenson and many others. I was honored to serve under Lt. Val Johnson, LCDR Lynch and Capt. Poling. Good times!
Maitlen, AlanRM2Sep 10, 1977 – Apr 3, 1982OC Division First ship of my Navy career, learned about long hours hard work and great friends and shipmates. Great memories for the rest of my life.
Thomas, RobMM 1Oct 17, 1977 – Jan 20, 1980M2 WEST PACS, 1 Rim Pac, 1200 psi quals. 120 days off Iran, barely remember coming up for air. Screw #2 RULES! Anyone heard from or seen L-T (ken Hall) Hated the Navy but loved my shipmates.Damn proud of the job we did and the Jolly J!
Snyder, DonOS2Nov 1977 – Nov 1981OII can't remember a lot of guys names but found Bill Bryan on the website. He stood up for us at our wedding. I also remember going back to the Indian Ocean when the Iranians took our fellow Americans hostage. I still enjoy sailing.
McCoy, Kevine3Nov 1, 1977 – Jan 22, 1980decki had a great time in the philippines so i finally made it back ther in nov 99.i live there most the time since angeles city where clark airforce base used to b.i thank the navy for taking me there.
George, Robert/bobFTM31978 – 1982FOXPart of an awesome group of 55B Radar techs.
Reed, ByronSA1978 – Mar 13, 19811st (Deck)Enjoyed Wespac 79 & everone i served with
Muniz, Don/muntzBT3Jan 1978 – Nov 1980Engineering
Bryan, BillOS3Apr 1978 – Jul 1981OPS/OIServed under Capt. D. Martin, & Catp. Fulk...Loved my tour. 1 Westpac, with 3 month extention for Iranian hostage crisis, "PIRAZ" station, Indian Ocean
Ready, KevinLTApr 1, 1978 – Mar 27, 1980Ordinance Officer
Brentlinger, DonaldSTG1Apr 28, 1978 – Sep 8, 1981AS
Walker, JoeHTFN TO HT2Jun 15, 1978 – Aug 10, 1981RSaying hello to all who served onboard with me. Looking for Greg Mills.
Claflin, Dennis (Claf)YNCM(SCW)Sep 1978 – Jul 1982Admin/NXMy tour aboard Jouett has been the highlight of my career. From the deployment to the Yards in Long Beach. From the great friends to my wife of today. Thanks Jouett.
Acup, Jackbm3Nov 14, 1978 – Jun 14, 19821st div decki had great time on westpac work with alot good shipmates like find the guys i serve with in deck div had alot of good times overseas now work at company install granity counter tops for 25 years live in st.louis,mo.i wi

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