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USS Wainwright (CG 28) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Wainwright (CG 28). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 422 crew members registered for the USS Wainwright (CG 28).

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Baker, CurtisFN1987 – 1987Fwd Engine Room
March, StephenET31987 – Nov 1989CEAlways proud to have been part of such a great ship and serve with great people. Hey Jake!
Hampton, Ron / HamptoniusE-31987 – 1989Deck SeamanMy shipmates were the most memorable aspect from my Navy experience. Can't wait to catch up on the good times. I loved being a sailor and many times regretted not making it my career.
Deliz, RaymondE-3Jan 1987 – Jun 1988FirstOperation Praying Mantis was some really scary stuff, but if I had it to do it all over again I'd do it in a heartbeat.
Goodwin, WillieHM3Jan 10, 1987 – May 14, 1989AdminI am trying to get in contact with HM3 Rodriquez.plz contact at
Dunlap, GaryOS3Jan 11, 1987 – 1989OI
Semeyn, JeffE-3Jan 18, 1987 – Feb 10, 1990First
Neary, PatrickMACSJan 29, 1987 – Jan 26, 1990
Neary, PatrickFN-SM2-MACFeb 1987 – Dec 1990B- OC
Riley, James BM2Mar 1, 1987 – Jan 27, 1991First DivisionReaching out to my old shipmates! BZ! enjoyed my tour aboard the Lonely Bull, Battle Tested, Battle Proven... Great Ship and great crew, forever embedded in my mind as a place that made me who I am.
Baginskie, Alex (Bagman)E-5Mar 7, 1987 – Oct 11, 1993QuarterMastersHey I want to hear from the Quartermaster gang. You know who you are!
Tawney, JamesOS3Apr 1987 – Nov 1989OIAnyone from Operation Praying Mantis that wants to chat send me an email. I am proud to have served on such an active ship with some very good shipmates.
Frady, JohnE5/EM2Jul 1, 1987 – Oct 1990Electrical Division
Barz, David LE-5/OS2Aug 1987 – Aug 1989OIGreatest 2 years in the Navy was onboard CG-28. Proud to be there during Operation Praying Mantis. "If it flys, it dies."
Guerra, Prescott (Scott)RM2Aug 1987 – Sep 14, 1989OC
Birchfield, Charles H.GMG3Sep 1987 – Mar 31, 1991CG05Had a wonderful time and made many new friends.
Frith, Lee (Scrappy Doo)SM3Sep 1987 – Dec 15, 1990
Lawson, MichaelHT3Sep 19, 1987 – Jun 16, 1989R
York, JamesFNSep 20, 1987 – Sep 9, 1989
Parks, BarryEM-3Oct 6, 1987 – Jun 2, 1989E Division
Meredith, VincentMM3Oct 16, 1987 – Apr 12, 1991Mspent some of the best times of my life on this ship in aft engine room(braveo-4) . Any of the old gang out there e-mail me.
MacLin, FreddieRM2Oct 28, 1987 – Feb 24, 1991OC DIVLooking to touch bases with shipmates
Adams, RobinHT1Nov 1987 – Oct 1992ROut of numerous commands in 20 yrs, WWT was by far the best. Would really enjoy hearing from my shipmates from the same time frame. Before sinking her, they should have given her a fighting chance. Or were they afraid of her power? Never know will
McCalla, JacobDS1Nov 23, 1987 – Dec 25, 1991EUgh
Hoover, MichaelOS3Dec 1987 – Aug 1990OIJust wanted to say HI to all my fellow shipmates out there.
Zschiesche, JeffBM3Dec 12, 1987 – Sep 20, 1991Deck
Henderson, Dalee-31988 – 1990Engineeringserved as a bt
Gioia, KennethOSSN1988 – 1990OIWould like to get in touch with any of the operations crew,when I left the navy I was less than impressed but I guess when I look back on things it was probably one of the best things that has happened .
Drake, MarkSK2Jan 2, 1988 – Aug 14, 1990S1Great memories and even better ship. No other command I'd rather have served on. Palma Naples Tulon - great ports of call. Did we really get shot at by a Harpoon missile? Wow!
Clark, JosephE5 Machinist MateJan 3, 1988 – Jan 1992M DivisionI am very proud to have served with a great group of guys.
Seckinger, B. Austin "Seck"SA / SN / GMMSN / GMM3(SW)Mar 1988 – Jul 1990Deck / CMNow an ISC(SW) [USNR], serving in Atlanta. Will become more involved in the WWT Association in the near future.
Kraus, WaynePN2Mar 1, 1988 – Sep 16, 1991NAV ADMIN
Leonard, SeanE-5/MM2Apr 4, 1988 – 1990MTwo weeks onboard and everything changed. Chief Trammel, Chief Blair, and Senior Chief Thompson set me for the next four years after the Wainwright.
Dibiaso, Ken (DeebeGMMSN/ GMM3Apr 15, 1988 – Apr 16, 1991CMwhat a crew
Pelkey, DavidMM2May 1988 – Apr 28, 1992A-GangFresh Air Snipes, all of the skill, none of the stink!
Harmon, DavidFNMay 4, 1988 – May 4, 2000A GangI miss "MY" ship :(
Gialluca, Peter JSTG-1Jul 1, 1988 – Nov 1, 1992CA (sonar)I still to this day think she was the best ship in the fleet!
Sosa, Garrette-3Aug 16, 1988 – 1991eThose were some of the best years, and some of the greatest times of my life. I miss all of you guys. I hope you've all had success in your lives and loves throughout the years. good luck to all my shipmates.
Clanton, OcieE5Sep 1988 – Mar 2, 1991OC
Neill, JimBT3Nov 1988 – Oct 1991B-Div/ Oil Lab
Webster Sr., Parker R.BT2Nov 9, 1988 – Apr 12, 1992BWould like to hear from the snipes of my era. Still wild and crazy and believe it or not still married to Lori.
Lovell, RussellMM2Nov 20, 1988 – Apr 15, 1991MI was surprised that the ship was sunk! Good ship and good times! Would like to get hold of Jeff Kuhn from R division. I also remember some of the other snipes! Hope you all are well! E-mail me.
Cole, JeffBT3Dec 1988 – Jun 1992B DivisionMiss the guys, wonder what Chief D'Angelo is up to. Miss all my softball buddies, good times!
Kuhn, JeffDC3Dec 8, 1988 – Apr 1, 1992B then R

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