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USS Josephus Daniels (CG 27) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Josephus Daniels (CG 27). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 381 crew members registered for the USS Josephus Daniels (CG 27).

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Mercendetti, RickBoilerman BT31973 – Dec 1974B DivisionHad a great time with a good crew.
Smih, MichaelBMSN1973 – Jul 31, 19751st
Hurst, TerryIC31973 – 1976E-gang
Blackford, PaulMM31973 – 1973M DivOnly on for a short while, but the guys were great, loved playing cribbage on off time
Holloway, JimmyFTM11973 – 1974FOX--WeaponsIf anyone served with me, please contact me.
Williams, Ross (Willie)GMM2-1Jan 1, 1973 – Feb 2, 1976Forward MissileGreat crew-black sea ops was great hunting down Russia's new carrier KIEV. Basically pulled up along side😂 North Sea ops were great above the artic taking on 45 deg plus rolls
Henkel, PaulSTG3Mar 10, 1973 – Mar 10, 19753rdLooking for for STG1 Steven Bachtel. Please contact me of his whereabouts.
Young, Bob, BobbyRM3Apr 1973 – 1974Communication1 Med cruise, puerto rican cruise. Was aboard when ship hit the pier during docking on a family cruise
Bordeaux, RalphGMM1Apr 1973 – Jul 1975TE
Debruhl, SteveBT-2Apr 9, 1973 – Sep 22, 1976"B"
Skibinski, DaveEM3Jul 1973 – May 1975E i dont see anyone from the 'E' gang listed, but I had some great times on the JD. Hey, Jim Great to hear from you. I hope all is good.
Hough, William (Woody)MM3Aug 1973 – Jul 1977M DivLearned what the Navy was all about. Enjoyed Most of it. MM1 Williams - mentor, Tim (Cowboy) Brannon, Bill Strain, Greg Fegley, Travis Gibson, BooBaz, all BFF's but lost track of them. Now a Nuke Mechanic, SE Alabama.
Kirwin, Patrick J. KirwinMM2Aug 1, 1973 – Sep 10, 1976Best ship in the Navy. Many friends, many memories. I wish to contact shipmates during same time period. In particular Mark Warner. He use to be a close friend. I have talked to Mike Van Curen recently. He's do well - living in Texas
Russell, RickEM 3Nov 11, 1973 – Apr 1976EHello E gang know there is more of you out there. Had a good time aboard JD. Had a lot good guys thought a lot of them. There are 4 of us from E gang in touch . Would really like to hear from more of you. Russell EM3
Bowers, KennethOS2Dec 1, 1973 – Sep 8, 1975OIMy first ship was the Josephus Daniels. She was DLG-27 when I reported aboard and CG-27 when I departed her. Went through Ref Tra in GITMO and part of a Med cruise then re-enlisted and went to Japan. Lots of good memorie
Balzer, DonaldSA1974 – 1975boatsmanremember LTJG McCluskey, Mike Smith, Chief Brown
Rafferty, Jim profile iconEM 3May 1, 1974 – May 1, 1976E GangHi Ski,Russel.Reviewed some great pics of the 75med and Carribean after Gitmo.Great team that Egang headed by the Chief Austin.Memories, Brink, Burnett Hackworth,Chief Deatrick, Enrique(NJ)?Gaugh, Lots of others.HT Mumaw
Jones, RodneyBT2Jul 7, 1974 – Jun 20, 1979ACC TECH FIREROOM SUPERVISORAnyone out there that remembers the near collision with the russion frigget in 77
Williams, John(Willi)sm3Aug 24, 1974 – Mar 18, 1978ocdivhad the time of my life onboard the "joey dee". made 3 meds',countless "crib' cruises, 1 north atlantic(bluenoser), and jacked the russians off in the black sea. never forget, I'm your Captain!
Beaty, JenningsFTM1Sep 1974 – Jan 19794th
Hawk, LarrySeamanOct 1974 – Aug 14, 1976Boiler TechJust looking for someone who served with me on the Josephus Daniels 1974-1976 Raymond Bias, Bernie Combs, Walter Ketchum, Davey McCombs, Roger Steef and any others.
Bell, LeroySK3/E-4Oct 23, 1974 – Jun 25, 1975Supply Department
Paulson, CliffordmssnNov 28, 1974 – Jun 28, 1978supplyMade 3 med, 2 n. atl. and 5 carib. cruises on the jd
Day, Jeff (B.c.)SK2Dec 29, 1974 – May 23, 1978SupplyThe best ship and shipmates in the US Navy. Roy's boys, Captains Bernie, Oscar. Med, Gold E, Collision, Belknap tragedy, Black Sea, North Atlantic, Blue Nose, ShellBacks, Kiev, British Admirals, Swim Calls, Liberty. In all "A Great life expe
Foster, DavidFTM11975 – Nov 1979Weapons
Moore, RodneySA/DK3Feb 1975 – Dec 1977S-41st ship/command in the Navy very challenging and rewarding. Three cruises, one I remember the collision and time spent in the yards (anyone else remembers). Another one becoming a schellback. Great memories JoeyD.
Goddard, Mousebt3Mar 10, 1975 –b
Beaty, RussellFTM 3Apr 30, 1975 – Jul 19, 1976WeaponsI was stationed onboard with my brother
Winkler, Ron (Wally)OSSNJun 10, 1975 – Oct 1, 1976OI
Black, DougE3Aug 1975 – Jan 12, 1979OC
Selby, DennisIC2Aug 1975 – Nov 1977E
Tucker, Heber E.SK3/SK2Aug 14, 1975 – Oct 30, 1978Stores
Abelquist, PaulEMCSDec 1975 – Dec 1979E
Daniel, (j.d.) JohnPO31976 – 1976communicationsThis was one of the best ships I had ever been on.
Baker, Thomas/timGMG21976 – 1978Weapons
Rafael Enrique Manresa, RafaelE11976 – 19761st division
Ozment, The Oz (Dave)MR3Jan 1976 – Aug 27, 1977maintence
Charles, ChuckFTG3Jan 4, 1976 – Jul 19802ndRemember some great times with shipmates. Hope to reconnect with them.
Beeman, DavidMM-3/ E4Feb 2, 1976 – Aug 1980EngineeringGreat memories, did three Med Cruises...partyed like a Rock Star! Was onboard the night of the collision with the Russian ship that crashed into us, remember being in my bunk when General Quarters was sounded..."freak me
Crist, KennethOS 3Feb 16, 1976 – Jan 14, 1979OII seen several Shipmates, over the years, Knew OS1 Jim Evans whom later made Chief Then worked at DamNeck. I remember OS Chief Harvison too. Our great CO Captain Chism. Heard Josephus Daniels has been Decom'd mothballed or sold? Any Runion
Sample, DennisOS2Mar 1976 – Oct 15, 1979OI - Surface Side - CICS Watch Supervisor
Humbarger, Walter (Gator)E5Mar 17, 1976 – Mar 14, 1980boiler techLookin for Tom daly of new york was on the ship when I left In jacksonville FLA/Tom email me or facebook
Harvison, Billy E HarvisonOSCSApr 1976 – Oct 1980OICame aboard as first class, made chief later transfered to damneck and made senior chief before retiring in 1983. The Daniels was one of the best I ever served on. Am looking for oscs Evans from Ohio and Lcdr Covington ops boss 1979-1980.
Burton, HowardIC2Apr 1976 – Jul 1980E DivI talk of my time aboard the Joey D. often. I look back on the experience as one of the greatest in my life. I was honored to serve with the finest.
Breyette, MichaelFC2Apr 1, 1976 – May 1, 19824thGreat first ship
Huddleston, HudGMM2Apr 1, 1976 – Sep 30, 1980Missile
Dalton, PaulBT2Apr 25, 1976 – Apr 25, 1980Good years,great guys some very good memories
Rafael Enrique Manresa, RafaelE1May 1976 – Nov 19761st division
Witherspoon, Otis/spoonYNMay 1976 – Oct 1979ExcutiveMy best time in the Navy...
Evans, James C. (Jc)OS1May 5, 1976 – May 1981OI Division (CIC)Reported aboard as an OS3 reserve. Made OS1 prior to transfer to FCTCLANT Dam Neck. Benedorm Spain is still the greatest Port in the Med in my memory! Great Ship, Great crew. Many Friends, Many ports. Many Memories.
Coffey, GaryGMGCMay 15, 1976 – Sep 12, 19792ndThis was the best ship I served on in my twenty years and where i made CPO
Zier, BillSTG1Jun 25, 1976 – Feb 15, 1979Third
Blackburn, WilliamGMG2Jul 1976 – Aug 1979
Brannon, Robert "Cowboy"MM2Jul 1976 – Nov 1979MMy time on the Joey D was definitely a time of growing up and experiencing different cultures not only abroad, but here at home (USA). One cannot help but wonder what has happened to all of the shipmates you shared experiences with 30yr ago
Burroughs, Carl profile iconMMCJul 1976 – Jul 1981MFeel free to contact me at
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Molina, TonyE-2Jul 1, 1976 – Apr 5, 1978First divion
Smith, GregQmJul 6, 1976 – Jan 4, 1980Navrandom memories: the Kiev, the Collision, liberty in Barcelona, Yards in Piraeus, Brits in Toulon, Black Sea ops, OCC and RRR, 40 ft swells, Portsmouth yards and barracks, good people.
Lake, TomJO3Sep 1, 1976 –NXLooking to connect with former shipmates Ed Stottlemyre, George Oberlin and Mike Bruns. Miss you guys! Please reach if you see this.
Sprenger, WernerIC2Nov 22, 1976 – Oct 20, 1979ICGreat ship, great crew, great time

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