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USS Belknap (CG 26) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Belknap (CG 26). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 516 crew members registered for the USS Belknap (CG 26).

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Banaag, BayaniDS21971 – 1976OELots of memories good and bad. Weird and unique captains and crew. Fun times on UNITAS cruise of S. America. Lost 2 good buddies and fellow DS's during Kennedy incident. I guess many want to forget but I will never!
Masters, RonGMG2Jan 1971 – Aug 1975gwas proud to serve with the men aboard her
Monusko, Anton (Tony)RM1Jan 1, 1971 – Mar 1, 1974CSmy second ship and the best ever. Med cruises and all.
Mathews, Curtis (Matt)SM3Jan 21, 1971 – Jul 12, 1974CS
Marcum, RickQM 3Mar 1971 – Mar 15, 1972Navigation
Ferguson, KitFTM1Mar 1971 – May 1975weapons/4 thGreat ship - wonderful crew
Speegle, ArthurRM2Mar 13, 1971 – Jul 15, 1973CRWas DLG-26 when I was aboard
Hobocienski, Walter / HoboEM2Mar 15, 1971 – Aug 31, 1972EA great ship with a great crew. I have many good memories from my Belknap years.
Carey, DanielFTG3May 21, 1971 – Jul 1, 1974GDid two Med cruises- Portsmouth refit/ Gitmo shakedown. At the reunion in VA Beach right now!
Schlum, StevenbmsnSep 10, 1971 – Oct 10, 1973deck
Schlum, StevenE-4 BOATSSep 25, 1971 – Jun 19, 1973Deck
Firestone, ArlinE5Oct 1, 1971 – Mar 1974engineeringMy time aboard helped mold me into the person I am today.
Glascock, RickNov 1971 – Sep 1975oe
Aaron, Quentin (Skip)E-5Nov 1971 – Nov 1975Repair
Cavanaugh, Steve profile iconBMSNNov 1971 – May 1975Decksome of the best years of my life. Loved my ship and my shipmates.
Glascock, RickETR2Nov 28, 1971 – Oct 25, 1975oeServed Uss Belknap for 4 years. Was mustered off 3 days before accident with USS Kennedy.
Apuzzo, LouisE-3Dec 1971 – Jul 1975
Taft, William (Bullwinkle)RM31972 – 1975radiomany good memories from my time aboard Ma Bell and working with great rm gang
Backowski, John (AkaRM31972 – 1974Communications DivisionFresh out of Radioman A school in Bainbridge, MD, I received orders to report to the USS Belknap DLG-26. The few years I spent aboard Ma Bel were formulative" years for me and I cherish those years spent w/ my shipmates!
Zak, TomSM31972 – 1975signalmanI am from Rural Valley pa.drove to and from Norfolk Va.with my best man Denny Pollock had alot of good buddies on the Belknap I would enjoy chatting with again such as Mac Rick Mclaughlin,Steve Register,Denny Pollock Etc
Bourque, LeeLTJGJan 10, 1972 – May 10, 1974SupplySaw Belknap with my 2 sons just before decommissioning. Served under LCDR Kowalski & LT Schuck on 2 Med cruises. Great memories of Thanksgiving dinner during 30+ degree rolls in Atlantic returning from Med in '73.
Chamberlain, DonIC2Jan 24, 1972 – Apr 14, 1975E DivisionI am both proud and grateful to have served my country on this beautiful and awesome ship. It was a thrill to see so much of the world. The IC gang was a great bunch of guys. I was sad to lose those shipmates in 1975.
Shumate, DanielRD/OS 2Feb 1972 – Nov 1975OI
Hennessy, PeteFTMCFeb 15, 1972 – Oct 15, 1975FOXWas in charge of WDE and the 48 Radar. Worked with J.D. Keyes, Miles Herndon, Sr. Chief Bob McKee, Chief Devlin. Remember the guys in the 55B Radar and Missile Plot. Good ship, Great Crew!
Angle, MarkOS-3Mar 1, 1972 – Dec 23, 1973OIWorked in ECM with Gary "Wally" Walton and Paul Mason, both great guys. Still think a lot of the friends we all lost. I was PO of the Watch and logged MM1 Cass on board as a new shipmate.
Hevel, AllenRM3May 1, 1972 – Aug 1, 1975OCLove the med, love south america and i love the caribbean. Lets take another cruise!
Kleaver, DaveHM3Aug 1972 – Dec 1973NXHad a lot of great experiences onboard. Would like to hear from my old shipmates.
Hewitt, Freeman / FreddyOS2Aug 1972 – Nov 1975OILoved Ma Belle. I was on my third deployment the night of the accident and was below CIC with Ketcham and St. Marie shortly before the collision. That night changed my life.
Elledge, Joe (Steve)PC3Nov 1972 – Aug 1975NXWonderful experience having served aboard the Belknap and being part of such an awesome crew. I was discharged just before the Belknap sailed for the Med in Aug 75.
Heisel, WilliamEM31973 – 1974
Perry, DavidIC11973 – 1975E
England, TerrySTG21973 – 1975Weapons/AS
Gambrell, GaryOS31973 – 1974OIWas on board during UNITAS cruise in 1974. Left in Lima, Peru.
Lambers, MikeE5/ETR21973 – 1974OEMade the Med cruise and got tapped to go on WBL TV with Bill Kelly (Kelso Kool). Had some great times doing the show and creating those crasy commercials. Looking for Bill and Dave Lassiter.
Perry, DaveIC11973 – Nov 1975E Div
Clark, DonaldSh21973 – Aug 17, 1975Ship ServicemanDischarge in August, 1975 before Med Cruise.
Jones, Robert "Bob"MM1(SS)Jan 1973 – May 1973MI was fresh out of "A" School waiting for Nuclear Power School my short time on the Belknap. It was a real learning experience. I left the day before they went out for a Med run.
Farrow, JimRM1Feb 9, 1973 – Dec 20, 1975OCBest ship and crew I ever worked and sailed with.
Popadak, MikeETN2Mar 1973 – Aug 1974OEMany thanks to all those shipmates who helped me on my first sea tour. Glascock, Gettler, Carpenter, Flash, Tom Walters.
Good, JohnOS2May 1973 – Dec 1975OII served from 73-75 & was on duty in CIC during the collision with the Kennedy. What a horrific night. I thank God for all who survived +those who helped us from other ships. I pray for those who died & who still suffer.
Fournier, MikeMM3May 8, 1973 – Sep 4, 1975Eng.Left the ship in Rota just a couple of months before the accident. Lost some great friends and miss them. Best ship in the fleet
Kelchner, DvaeFTG3Jun 1973 – Nov 1975GHad fond memoories of the Belknap. Med cruise when I met her in Rota, Spainin 1973.Next year 1974 Unitas cruise.Great women in South America and then deadly Med cruise in 1975. But had a great time.
Keenan, WilliamBT3Jun 10, 1973 – Nov 25, 1975BTrapped below decks B&M division compartment for what seemed a long time. smoke got thick,hard to breath. X division compartment on fire above us. What a night.Still think alot about guys who did not make it.
Webster, JoeMS/3Aug 11, 1973 – Apr 10, 1976supply
Gambrell, GaryOS3Oct 1973 – Nov 1974OIShe's an equal part of my sweet dreams and my nightmares. The friends I made and the friends I left behind are the foundation of my soul.
Jurusz, DavidQM2Nov 29, 1973 – Dec 20, 1975NavigationAn expereience I will never forget. On board during collision..One of the 100 that stayed aboard after, getting towed to Naples
Richard, Carl PEM3Dec 1973 – Nov 1975EWas on watch with Kawalo, Freeman and Case. Matter of fact the only reason Im here today is because Kawalo ask that I swap watch, aft to forward, with him. (God's plan) I live and dedicate my life to their memory. These were topnotch MEN.
Horner, JohhMSSNDec 1973 – Nov 1975S-2i was in the galley as night baker on the night of nov. 22 1975 and went through all of that night with the rest of the brave crew to save ship and lives.
Richard, CarlEM3Dec 1973 – Nov 1975E DivisionI was on watch with Kawalo that night. He and I exchanged duties on generator forward and aft. I had cigars from both he and Freeman before the watch. Both were expecting and they wanted to write their wives.

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