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USS Reeves (CG 24) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Reeves (CG 24). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 557 crew members registered for the USS Reeves (CG 24).

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White, DennisFCCAug 1076 – Jun 1980FoxGood Times, Good crewmates, Good Cruises. Sometimes dream of being back there. Scarey, but interesting.
Suszko, JohnOS21391 – 1393OI
Culver, Robert J.GMM31962 – 1964AFTER MISSILE HOUSE
Lykens, TomETR21963 – 1966OEPlank owner; made first WESPAC cruise; maintained AN/SPS 43 air search RADAR. Worked under Reno, McKerns, & Raede. Looking for any former Reeves crew members who were in ET, RD, or RM gangs during 63-66 time period.
Fergerstrom, Clarence "Fergie"1963 – 1964My father was a plank owner. He passed away in 1974 of a massive heart attack. He would have been pleased to have been added to this list.
Johnson, James / JimMM3Feb 1963 – May 1966M-EngineroomsPrecom to Bremerton, Plank Owner, to Long Beach. First WestPac Curise. Aft Eng. Rm. and then in '65 moved to Fwd. Eng .Rm. Left in May '66 just prior to Her going to Japan.
Price, Robert D.SK3Apr 1963 – Apr 1966SupplyOriginial Plank Owner Bremerton, WA. Servered in operations in Gulf of Tonkin with USS Oriskany, COMDESRON 9
Harden, GeorgeMMCApr 1, 1963 – Jul 31, 1966Original crew from Bremerton to LB, shakedown, to WestPac, Vietnam and back. Best ship ever served on. Capt. Wentworth was skipper and best I served under. From memories told to son Steve. Passed away in 2000, still a sailor at heart.
Vanderbeck, JimRM3Apr 5, 1963 – Apr 14, 1966comOrig plank owner, took her on her first trip to the Nam. Would be interested hearing from someone who has cruise book from that 1st westpac trip.
Stewart, JackMM1Apr 6, 1963 – May 4, 1969MWas on nuclas crew in Bremerton, till Ship was Com. in May of 1964 Worked with the Shipbuilders till all Machinery was aboard, Stayed on the Ship till Decom. in Bath Maine, in 1969, Was PO in charge of After Engine Room. Great Ship.
Morris, Melvin L.EM1Nov 1963 – Apr 1966E
Evans, George (Gunner)FTM1Dec 1963 – Dec 1965FoxPrecommissioning Detail in Bremerton. Worked in WDE. In 1965, I discovered Hotel Street in Pearl, Olongapo, Yokosuka, & Hong Kong and they were as advertised. Also found out where Viet Nam was located. Spent lots of time at Dixie Station.
Elkins, CharlesIC3Jan 10, 1964 – Dec 10, 1965EPlank Owner. Would like to see anyone that served on the Reeves come to the ship's reunion in October. Would enjoy seeing everyone again.
Hines, GerryFTM2Feb 1964 – Sep 1968Fox
Hines, GerryFTM2Feb 16, 1964 – Sep 27, 1968FoxPlank owner, made some great friends, spent a lot of time going back and forth in the Tonkin Gulf. Would really like to hear from any old (we are all old now) Fox Div. sailors or any others that knew me.
Draeger, GeorgeMM3Mar 1964 – Jul 1965MachinistI was one of the orginial crew to commission it in Pugent Sound, Bremington, WA.
Ford, BobETR-2Mar 1964 – Sep 1966OEPlank owner. Served aboard during 1st cruise and part of 2nd. Departed in Sept. '66 to return to school. I often think about the great people I served with.
Pitts, Haroldgmg-2Mar 1964 – May 1966gunneryplank owner,went aboard in Bremerton Wash. when the paint was still wet
Pitts, Haroldgmg3Mar 15, 1964 – May 31, 1966gunnerypart of the pre-commisioning crew ,paint wasnt even dry when i went aboard. would have liked to have at least apaint chip from it before it went down.
Elegino, Paulino Jr.SK2May 15, 1964 – Oct 13, 1966SupplyPlank owner took her to Long Beach for shakedown, bound to Westpac, stoped over in Hawaii, then to Japan, then to Subic Bay, went to Nam, and Hong Kong for RR. Also I was the captains driver.
Bartlett, RonFTM21965 – Jul 1967FoxGreat bunch of guys. Transferred to Sterett DLG-31, when Reeves returned to states. Discharged Oct. 1969. Returned to Japan Jan 1970 where I completed a BS and MBA at Sophia University Married a Japanese girl of course.
Trantham, EarlETR3Jan 2, 1965 – Oct 1, 1966OperationsPicked up USS Reeves in Long Beach and then left for Vietnam to become a member of the Gulf of Tonkin Yachting Club. Transferred home base to Yokuska Japan and then cruised the Gulf of Tonkin some more
Olson, RichardQM3Jan 30, 1965 – Aug 30, 1967NavigationJoined the Reeves in Long Beach Ca. and saild aboard for the better part of her first WestPac tour in the South China Sea and The Tonkin Gulf. Spent many long watches helping to keep DodgeFalls on her station weather it was the North or South SAR
McGinnis, MikeYN2Jun 1965 – Apr 1968PersonnelStarted as Weapons Yeoman, then Personnel office and finally transferred to COMDESRON 9 whose Flagship was the Reeves. Made trip to WESTPAC from Long Beach & was home-ported in Yokosuka.
Arthun, GeorgeLTJGSep 1965 –TDY from USS MidwayI brought a SAR helicopter aboard the reeves for quicker response times when the Air Force and Navy went after sam sites near Hanoi. A Commadore was on board and went for few rides with us. Lots of fun.
Congable, James (Jim)SH3Oct 1, 1965 – Jul 13, 1967Ship Service - BarberThis was a great "new" ship when I was assigned in 1965. My friend Bob Daley and I finished boot camp together and both got assigned to the Reeves. I became the ship's barber after the first month and it was great.
Sumner, "Cotton"MM3Dec 1965 – Mar 1968Worked in the #2 Engineroom. Old shipmates e-mail me.
Carroll, Charles E.MM21966 –MOne of the most beautiful ships that I sailed on.
Auger, Edward (Augie)IC31966 – 1968RAny shipmates - please contact me
Asher, AllanBT3Jan 1, 1966 – Jan 1, 1970DeckMy dad was on the USS Reeves for a few years in the late 60's, he was a plank owner and we were just looking around for some info on where she ended up.
Bateman, WilliamBT 2Jan 15, 1966 – Dec 5, 1967
Burek, JohnIC 3Jan 20, 1966 – Oct 20, 1968ic gangwould like to hear from other ic mates 1966-1968
Hugdahl, JohnETN-3Mar 12, 1966 – Jan 11, 1968OEOne memorable event on a SAR mission in the Tonkin Gulf was when we picked up some North Vietnamese refuges who were fleeing to the South. I was a messcook in the Chief's mess at the time and have a few pictures of them.
Federighi, RobertHM2Apr 1966 – Sep 1967MEDICAL UNITHave great memories of the Reeves. We had an excellent crew. Myself, Chief Spencer and Dr. Munden were the only medical staff on board. I think we had the only baby blue sick bay in the fleet. Great times, will never forget her.
Rassett, DanETR 3Apr 1966 – Dec 1968OEWas an Tech for two years in the ET Gang
Fogel, OrtonMM2Apr 1966 – Jun 1968R Division A GangBest Ship in the Navy!
Murphy, PatrickTM3Apr 10, 1966 – Aug 10, 1967ASWHey, hey to all Reeves mates, especially the Sonar gang and Chief A.E. Knight TMCM, Yribe, Murray STG3, Cherry FG2
Dudley, RobertETN2May 1966 – Nov 1968OEServed in OE Div from May 66 to Nov 68. West PAC tour. Still have the Cruise Book.
Holtz, DavidRD 3May 13, 1966 – Aug 13, 1968OIServed on Reeves when it was still a DLG. Was aboard during it's entire homeport relocation to Yokosuka for support to Viet Nam.
Smith, DennisBMCMay 15, 1966 – Mar 15, 19691st, xo, 1stBecame a man and a sailor on the USS REEVES.....
James, Albert (Harry)EN-3Jun 12, 1966 – Dec 17, 1968
Braker, Gary NormanETN-3Aug 1966 – Oct 1968OEAny of my shipmates that remember me give me a call or send me an e-mail 847-875-2534 cell or 847-587-7781 home e-mail

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