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USS Richmond K. Turner (CG 20) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Richmond K. Turner (CG 20). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 331 crew members registered for the USS Richmond K. Turner (CG 20).

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Kaiser, RichardRD1963 – 1966sonar
Magnusson, MelTMCSep 1963 – Sep 1965WeaponsRetired Nov 1977 as E-9
Thiel, JohnFTM1Dec 22, 1963 – May 16, 1966Fox
Hart, Heber "Bart"MT/FTM1Dec 28, 1963 – Dec 30, 1968Fox Leading Petty OfficerPlank Owner, Member of Nucleus Crew, Fox Division Leading Petty Officer 1967/68
Powell, Lee P.MT31964 – 1966WeaponsPlank owner. One tour of Vietnam. Had a great time.
Hall, R.j.IC21964 – 1968EPlank Owner, 2 Tours WesPac, Remember Philadelphia and ship yard?, Apple festival in B.C.?, For my tour,I remember a lot of bitching and alot of good times.
Johnston, JerryENGINEMAN 3RD1964 – 1966A plank owner, remember living aboard while still in dry dock,too many memories to mention,anybody remember "Omar thompson" (Gerald).or any of the first A gang? remember the liberty in Olongapo, the jeepneys and San Miguel......never forg
Beaudry, GarySeaman1964 – 1965BosinmateFirst crew after commission of the Richmond K. Turner and first crew that went to the Gulf of Tonka to pick-up pilot's that were shot down over Viet Nam.
Majors, RobertE-2 machinist mate1964 – 1965Engine roomI enjoyed my time on her, it was the best time of my service!
Thompson, Gerald/omarMM3Jan 1, 1964 – Jan 1, 1966A-DivisionLooking for Paul M. Schultz Jerry Johnston Louie Fletcher
Blankenship, KenMM3Mar 1, 1964 – Sep 1, 1965A division
Morgan, Marshall "Neil"DK1Mar 2, 1964 – Feb 19, 1968SupplyWith the help of the shipfitters I built the Disbursing Office by converting a charts and photo equip. room to disbursing. We had a great Capt. Plate and crew. We made 2 trips to the Tonkin Gulf.
Morgan, Marshall "Neil"DK1Mar 13, 1964 – Feb 19, 1968SupplyI was on the precommisioning detail at Newport, RI. With the help of the shipfitters we built the Disbursing Office and set it up. We had a great crew.
McAdoo, JamesIC31965 – 1967electrical
Latour, GeorgeIC2Feb 2, 1965 – Jun 15, 1967ElectricalI am a plank owner. I put the USS RK Turner in commission. We had Many a good time and worked with MANY a good men.
Lockwood, DaveGMM3Mar 5, 1965 – Dec 28, 1967WeaponsShe was a great ship even from the beginning. Lots of fond memories.
Flanders, MarvinFTM2Apr 10, 1965 – Mar 13, 1965FOX
Boman, StevenRD3Sep 18, 1965 – Jul 1, 1967OI DivisionMy time aboard the RKT was a very specialtime in my life. I made a lot of good friends and served with some of America's BEST. The 30 Know Ghost of the Viet-nam Coast and the Tonkin Chargers were two songs I wrote.
Burkett, RussRM2Oct 1965 – Sep 1968OCWhen I was on the ship, it was a DLG20. Made three trips to Vietnam on it. Ship's captains while I was there ...Capt. McClain and Capt Smith. We had a major fire on the mess decks while in port in San Diego. Circa1966
Hill, Richard LBT STRIKER E2Nov 1965 – 1966firstwas plankowner and sea sick
Redding, JesseSN1966 – Dec 18, 1968!st & transfer to supplyCould not wait to get out & then spent alot of time missing the RKT & some good friends. Made the 66&68 West Pac cruises.
Cochran, CharlesMR31966 – 1967A GangA good time to grow up
Gallagher, Jamessh3May 1966 – Dec 23, 1968supply
Gallagher, JamesSH3May 9, 1966 – Dec 20, 1968
Gallagher, JamesSH3May 11, 1966 – Dec 18, 1968Supply
Gallagher, JamesSH3May 12, 1966 – Dec 20, 1968Supply
Gallagher, JamesSH3May 15, 1966 – Dec 20, 1968supply
Gordon, Alvin. Aka Abey, AbdabGMM2Jun 1966 – Dec 1, 1969WeaponsGreat Ship. Great Crew. 2 Westpac cruises. Good times. Some great liberty when I wasn’t restricted to the ship. They don’t take AWOL and Missing ships movement to kindly. Man we sure knew how to party! Wouldn’t change.
Gordon (Flash), LarryGMM2Jun 10, 1966 – Dec 1, 1969WeaponsMade the 66 & 68 Westpac cruises. Great times. Loved good ole Olongapo.Anyone remember the Salem Hotel? Spent all my money on women and booze. Passed out in a flop house. AWOL. Made it back to base next morning. Missed ships movement. My luck!
Cosby, JamesQM-3Jun 15, 1966 – Nov 10, 1967Navigation DivisionEnjoyed my time aboard RKT. Enjoyed serving with QM-3 Eddie Vail, QMSN Mark Flanagan, MM3 Matzel, SN Larry Gordon. West PAC was very interesting as was Hong Kong, Subic, and Yokosuka.
Mcnear, Jesse D.FA/BT2Aug 1966 – Aug 1970B
Shank, BobFTG-2Oct 30, 1966 – Oct 10, 1969Fox
Thompson, Rich (Thom)IC/11967 – 1969ELeading IC PO 3rd Vietnam tour. Medic ret. Graduated; BS Geneva College (Beaver Falls,PA),M/Div Southwestern Baptist (Ft Worth,TX). Live in FL/PA
Bell, RonSM21967 – 1970OCon board westpacs 3&4 remember field day - Turner duty band - fantail barbecues - missile launches - Capt.Floyd Smith and Australia -- YAHOO!
Gilcrease, MichaelSA1967 – Sep 1968FIRST
Harwood, RobertFTM1Mar 1967 – Dec 1969Fox
Todd, Gerald (Sam)FTM2Jun 1967 – Aug 1970FoxI had training on both the MK119 and WDE. I bounced back and forth between Fwd Plot and Weapons Control.
Marshall, WylieYNSN/E-3Jun 22, 1967 – Dec 22, 1968One tour Vietnam. Returned home via Austrialia.
Jones, Gregory (Greg)SNJul 26, 1967 – May 18, 1968FirstCame on board just as the Turner went into drydock at Hunter's point. Brought wife with me and we lived at 72 "I" Street on the point. Got out just as Turner left for Vietnam tour of '68.
Burdette, TomRM3Sep 1967 – Feb 2, 1970OperationsDid 1 Viet-Nam tour of duty from June - Dec. 1968. Got an early out 2 weeks before ship left in Feb. 1970 for Viet-Nam again. HELLO all in Radio Gang! Tom
Morgan, RickRD 3Oct 1967 – Oct 1969Ops/Radar (Scope Dope)Back in my day it was the DLG-20. I remember the bar-b-que's on the fantail. Also, port/starb on "Y" station. Best part was crossing the equator and becoming a "Shellback". Aah, good ole Brisbane & Sydney

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1967 | 1968 – 1972 | 1973 – 1976 | 1977 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1989 | 1990 – 1992 | 1993 – now

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