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USS Dale (CG 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dale (CG 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 565 crew members registered for the USS Dale (CG 19).

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Fochtman, DavidRM21988 – 1992
Ridings, BillMM21988 – 1994EngineeringGreat times, met good friends1
Adams, JeffMM21988 – 1992Almost four great years abord the Dale. Got to see a lot of the world. Made some great friends...some I still keep in touch with. I could still stand lower level or throttleman in Main Control and feel right at home.
Stephens, KevinET21988 – 1992OEThe Dale was A great ship with a great crew. I had a blast!!
Sepaniak, ChrisMM21988 – Jun 1993after engineroom
Sumrall, TomET11988 – Dec 19, 1989OE
Seidel, WesMR1 (SW)Jan 1988 – Dec 1990" If we can't fix it, we'll deep 6 it !"Snipes Rule
Dyess, Tim Big DOS1 (SW)Mar 29, 1988 – Oct 7, 1992OIThis was the 1st of 4 ships I served on. I made many friends here that I still keep up with and see from time to time. This was one of the 2 best ships I served on!
Doolittle, JohnApr 1988 – Sep 1991OIDale was my first ship and the one I remember best. One of the best crews I served with and I learned the most for them.
Tisdale, Richard "Tiz"FCCApr 1988 – Apr 1991CF "will always be FOXDale will always be "The Mayport Cruiser"
Cotter, Matthew/strikerQM3Apr 1988 – Dec 1989OpsAt times I hated it,loved it and will never foget it...but would do it all again.
Doolittle, JohnOS2Apr 1988 – Sep 1991OII served on 8 different ships in my career and this was the most beautiful and best ship. There was something special about her. The crew was excellent and I was proud to serve with them.
Doolittle, JohnOS2Apr 8, 1988 – Sep 13, 1991
Ward, Robert ToddBT1May 1988 – Jun 1990BHad some wonderful times on The "Dale". Almost cried when I found out they used her as a target.
Steinberger, MikeGMM2May 30, 1988 – Aug 23, 1990Combat SystemsBest Time of my life! Miss the Crew and the best damn boat in the fleet!
Davis, TimmMMCJun 1988 – May 1991M
Frazier, Roland/ MoondogBT3Jun 1, 1988 –BWhat's up fellows! Had a great time on the ship. I use to fart alot and be late at Quarters all the time. I use to wrestle in the fire room with Brian, Kelly, Mo, and Howie. At the Shellback I was the Dog and I humped the Chaplin. lol
Roth, Tony (Boot)STG3Jul 1988 – Feb 1992ca
Brown, RickOS2Jul 1988 – Apr 1992OILink - 11 Operator/ CIC mushroom
Howell, ShaneYNSNAug 1988 – Oct 1989EXECGreat ship tp be on. Came there after my first ship was decommisioned and loved every minute of. The Med/IO cruise, the Suez, and become a shellback where some of the great experiences. Can't forgot saving that poor catmaran disabled at sea.
Campbell, MarkHM2(SW)Aug 1988 – Aug 1991XMed/IO '89.Gulf War, Red Sea Potrol. HMCS Hoover and you to Lumsden. UNREPing in a hurricaine. Shout out to all my Dale hommes, it seems like a dream now.LE OPS, ton of weed 30 kilos of cocaine that I know of. You all know it was real and more!
Coffee, Dereck0S3Aug 1, 1988 – May 1, 1991operationThis was and is a great ship. I had the best time of my life serving on aboard this ship.
Porter, MarkEM2Sep 1988 – May 24, 1992electricthe dale gave me the experience i needed to enjoy a wonderful career in civilian land nothing better than watching the world go by on the fantail. also agrivating all you "military discipline" types. engineering dept was the best
Colon, Armando profile iconMM3Sep 1988 – Aug 1990ENGINE ROOM #1Great ship. Have very good memories.
Roberts, RonniePNCMOct 1988 – Jun 1989XWas only assigned for a short time after decom of my previous ship but really like the ship and crew. Would have stayed longer if I had the choice.
Midkiff, BrianPN2(SW)Nov 1988 – Feb 1992XMiss all them Dale Sailors...We were the best.
Morris, FredBT1/SWNov 1988 – Mar 1991BOILER
Vernati, AdamGMM31989 – 1991Combat SystemsGreat times!
Wise, AlanFTM11989 –FOXBest Ship I ever served on, Best Chief's and Ist Class mess ever. We got things done! No BS!!!
Bryant, KeithFC21989 – 1993CFMy first and only ship. Best and hardest 4.5 years of my life. Thanks to everyone who made the USS Dale a memorable experience.
Williams, DonE31989 – 1992D1
Jones, ChrisE31989 – 19901stHey Guys. It's the It's the forward unrep captain. Capt.Seaman Pattarozi. Or seaman Jones. Greatest times of my life on this ship. Some of the longest nights too. Emergency recall from Singapore for 1.
Harris, ToddOS2(SW)1989 – 1991OIThe time spent on the Dale was great. Good crew great friends.
Walker, MichaelEwc1989 – 1990OI02
Gager, ThomasE-5 / ET21989 – Sep 1993ElectronicsThe Dale was a home away from home. I wouldn't trade my time on-board for anything. Great memories.
Caldwell, JamesGMM31989 – 1990Weapons
Gilcrest, Stephen/steveHT2Feb 1989 – Jun 1991LOOKING FOR OLS BUDDIES
Lumsden, JosephHMFeb 8, 1989 – Jan 2, 1992MEDICALWhat a great command. Best ever. Still active duty and think about the ship every day. Nothing like great teamwork.
Reale, GinoOS2Feb 10, 1989 – Oct 10, 1994operationsShe was my only ship. I miss the friends I made and have made few as good since I left. Im proud to have served with such great people.
Payne, Robert W.EW3Mar 25, 1989 – Oct 18, 1990OWShe was my first ship and was a joy to sail aboard. I miss the wonderful lines of the cruisers of her class.
Sappington, SapSeamanApr 17, 1989 – Jan 30, 19901stEnjoyed serving with you guys.
Bell, JasonOS2Apr 25, 1989 – May 25, 1992OperationsBest time I've ever had except when we were in 60 ft swells in the Indian Ocean. I still talk with Gino Reale now and then and would love to know where the rest of you are. Peace
Castillo, PatrickRM2May 1989 – Nov 1991OperationsWe had a great crew in the Shack. we like to hear from any of the old crew.
Nicholson, Rob-"nick"SNMay 1989 – Apr 19911stI had a lot of great times in those 2 yrs. Some of the best people I've ever worked with. Would love to here from some of you.
Pickett, RonaldBT3May 1989 – Apr 1992BHad 2 much fun on that boat espeically when we went 2 shore.
Leroy, Moaken2May 15, 1989 – Mar 1, 1992abest ship I served on
Cordevant, MarkDC1Jun 1989 – Jan 1993ENG-Repair
Bulpitt, Joseph (Bull)STG2(SW)Jun 1, 1989 – Aug 1, 1991Weps2nd ship great crew and great times chasing drug boats.
Williams, SeanMM2Aug 1989 – Apr 1992MI was in 2 main for a while, then moved to the Oil Lab.
Geske, Jasonen3Aug 21, 1989 – May 21, 1993a division
Meadows, RayBTSep 1989 – May 1991Eng.Hey Moondog whats up you ready to roll again but Howie and Moe cant jump in and it be 3 on one that wasnt right
Disidoro, Michael/dizzyBT2(SW)Oct 1989 – Dec 1991B/EB01
Lynn, Robert (Redman)SKSNDec 1989 – Dec 22, 1992Supply
Williams III, Wallace (Carl) profile iconRM1Dec 27, 1989 – Jul 24, 1994CommOne of the best commands I had the privilege to serve aboard.

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