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USS Dale (CG 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dale (CG 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 565 crew members registered for the USS Dale (CG 19).

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Greenhouse, DavidQM1977 – Apr 1979NAV
Doerrer, RaymondGMM21977 – 1980WM
Melvin, Charles profile iconBT1 and BTC1977 – 1980B
Snyder, MichaelE11977 – Aug 6, 1978MSJust looking to see anyone remembers me or an EM named Shirtleff?
Graham, GeorgeBMJan 4, 1977 – Feb 9, 1979WeponsIt was a great time. Learned a lot, saw a lot.
Middleton, BradMM2Jan 6, 1977 – Jul 11, 1979MMy first ship and some great cruises and memories and friends.
Phillips, Paul "P. Funk"FTM2Feb 1977 – Aug 1981Weaps/WF/Aft RadarI didn't realize then what a great time we were having. My first and only ship and proud to have put the Gold Missile E on the old lady.
Rice, JerryIC1Feb 15, 1977 – Dec 15, 1980E DivisionLearned more on the USS Dale than any other ship I was ever on. Capt Butts was the greatest!!
Potter, StevenBM3, (BM1 USN RET)Mar 1977 – 1980WDMy First of seven ships I served on. I had a lot of firsts as a Boatswains Mate onboard the Dale. I learned a lot and have many happy memories of adventures. Captain Butts was are best CO ever.
Guldin, RichardYN-3Mar 1, 1977 – Aug 1, 1980X-DivisionStarted off in Deck, made 3rd Class Yoeman and moved to X Division. Made some great friends.
Totty, DoyleSM2Mar 10, 1977 – Jul 2, 1979OCGreat times and a great ship! Life on the signal bridge wasn't that bad!!! Evans said I'd miss it.....and I have!!!
Soileau, Don F.E3Mar 28, 1977 – Nov 15, 1978Weapons/Deck, marlinspikelace,Bosuns,Line,paint Lckr,Boy, the term Cruiser was right and cruise, we did. I kinda hated the whole year 1978 in that ship, then. Now, I'd do it all over again, gladly.
Wesley, RichardFTM1Mar 29, 1977 – Apr 27, 1980WF
Kvammen, ScottApr 10, 1977 – Apr 10, 1980Weapons
Bentley, Mike (Bents)OS2Apr 15, 1977 – Sep 9, 1980OISome of my best memories came from my time aboard the Dale. Hey to all you OS's out there. Hey, WAG, remember the first thing you said to me when I arrived in Charleston when I walked into the classroom?
Gamache, John T.QM3Jun 1977 – Jun 1980quartermasterI enjoy all the men iI got to serve with!!! Great ship mates!!!
Irving, Ken profile iconMR3Jun 1977 – Mar 31, 1981R divisonWas in M div then moved to R div.Stood underway watches in main control. The best and only ship I ever served on. Joined the ship in the yards and left her in the yards. Still married to same woman (Cindy) since 1977
Wojnar, DonaldOS3Jul 1977 – Aug 1979OIWhere is everybody?
Lara, German (Rocky)SK3Aug 1, 1977 – Jun 10, 1981Supply / BotswainmateThe Soccer team that played all over Europe, Carribean, North Atlantic etc. The parties with all the great buddies all over the world. The experience, stayed on board for the 4 years. Met her (Dale) in Charlston and left her in Cahrlston.
Richardson, GeorgeensAug 7, 1977 – Sep 18, 1981engineeringWhere r u Al Mcgurr?
Wenzl, Williamrm2Sep 6, 1977 – Jun 24, 1981oc
Gamache, John T,E-4Sep 9, 1977 – Jul 15, 1980quarter master navigationWhere are all may old friends??
Angelillo, JohnQM2Sep 15, 1977 – Jan 27, 1981OSI served on the Dale for 3 and a half years & had a lot of fun on board. A QM was a great job especially with the gang we had on board ie J. Johnson, S. Posing, D. Greenhouse & Joe Angelini really made the whole experience so much fun!!!.
Barger, DavidOS1Dec 1977 – Jun 1980OI
Vollmer, ThomasDS11978 – Oct 9, 1980OB
Dale, Billybm21978 – 1979deckanyone out there ? ( 210 ) 550 - 7386 call sometime
Stepp, NicholasFTG21978 –Fire ControlDeceased in 1984
Peikert, WallyMMFN1978 – 1979MWent on a med cruise with you guys, had a good time. Be nice to hear from any of you from M division. Living in NH now, married with two children. My best friend Gene Salovitch passed away on 2/26/16, we'll miss him.
Pileggi, AlMM-3Jan 10, 1978 – Sep 12, 1980MProud to have served in Main Control engine room as top watch for my final Med Cruise. Many, many memories! Often wonder.."Where are all you guys?" and yes, still a New Yorker! I pray life is still serving you well. God Bless.....
Vovakes, DonBM2Feb 1978 – Oct 31, 1981WDDALE was a great ship, and I now consider myself fortunate to have been there. Could there have been a better CO than Capt. Butts? Could there have been a more dedicated BMC than Chief Myllykangas? Shipmates are brothers. Hindsight is 20/20.
Patton, Richard (General)STG1Feb 1978 – Feb 15, 1980WAMy last ship, Capt. R. F. Butts was a great captain to serve under. A lot of time at sea, but that’s where sailors belong and I always enjoyed being at sea.
Boice, CharlieOS2Feb 1, 1978 – Aug 3, 1981OIIt's great to have served with you guys. There are a lot of fun memories from those days. Paulson, Barger, Harms, Bents we sure had some good times.
Gillaspia, KevinE-4Feb 14, 1978 – Mar 3, 1980BThe Moose is loose.
Walker, AllenBT 3Mar 1978 – Dec 19, 1978(B)
Lubrich, JohnBT2Apr 1978 – Jul 1984b
Clodfelter, VirgilBT2Apr 1978 – Jul 1981BStationed in the Forward Fire Room. Served with some great guys! I would do it all over again!! We were always underway, but we made some great port visits!
Cowell, AldoBM2Apr 16, 1978 – Sep 21, 1980deckmayport was fun the navy was great
Hill, KennethBT2May 26, 1978 – Jan 17, 1982B Forward FireroomThe Dale was the first ship I was stationed on and by far the finest ship in the 6th fleet. Everything good that happened to me in the navy Happened ondoard Dale .Capt. Butts was a great C.O., So was Capt. Rodgers.BT2 Banks is now a LCDR .
Hill, KennethBT2May 26, 1978 – Feb 8, 1982B
Paulsen, DennisOS1Jun 1, 1978 – Sep 1, 1979OI
Fowler, Robert (Bob)MM2 (RETIRED MMCSW))Jun 6, 1978 – Oct 1, 1983AReally enjoyed my time on the Dale made a lot of good friends while serving on board
Liles, Wes (Cactus)DS2Jun 10, 1978 – Jun 1, 1981OBWhat a ride.
Dittoe, BobRM3Jun 17, 1978 – Nov 16, 1978operationsHad a great time. Should of stayed in.
Demers, Denismm3Sep 1978 – Apr 15, 1981m - div after eng roomwas by far the best ship i served on had a great time ret in 1996
Torres, JoseOSC(SW/AW)Sep 18, 1978 – Sep 1983operationsAs some crewmembers said; It was the best ship I served on. Would like to hear from DK 2 Zayas who later was a CDR and BM3 Eugenio Cruz and anyone else.
Kahmar, MikeIC#Nov 12, 1978 – Mar 13, 1981E

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