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USS Dale (CG 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dale (CG 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 565 crew members registered for the USS Dale (CG 19).

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Mc Nivens, JimBT 31972 – 1974BIt's too bad they sunk it, would have liked to see it again.
Schmidt, DavidBT21972 – May 6, 1976BI joined the Dale in 72 and left in 76. It was a great party and work never really got in the way too much.I never saved a dime while there but recieved a good education and made great friends.
McNivens, JimBT 31972 – 1974B
Gimbut, Steve (Wally)STG3- STG2Feb 1972 – Apr 27, 1975WAI Joined the ship in Newport, RI just after it's recomissioning in Bath, ME and stayed with her to her new home port in Mayport, FL. Awesome Crew and Skipper. "Sittin' on the stack....just pinging away...."
Grosche, RonaldMS3May 1972 – May 1975Ships ServiceTo the best of my knowledge I was the last crew member to be aboard before they towed her away to be sunk. My son and I got a tour the day before she left Solomans Island for the deep six.
Bloomquist, JohnDS2May 1972 – Oct 1975OEI joined the crew in Newport, RI. Was proud to have served on the Dale. I have some very good memories.
McNivens, JimBT-3May 5, 1972 – Oct 14, 1974B
Penn, LanningLTJGSep 1972 – Oct 1974MPAMy only shipboard tour....great experience.
Hubbard, WayneDS2Sep 1, 1972 – Jun 1, 1976OEI am proud to have served my country alongside my countrymen. Remember how great our ship was, the excellence awards we won, and the pride we brought to our families and kin. Remember our friends on the Belnap. May you and yours prosper.
Jack, LarryMM2Oct 1972 – Aug 4, 1976MM A GangMed Cruise 1973 and 1975-1976. On board during the Belnap/Kennedy collision.
Lamontagne, MichaelE3Oct 1972 – Aug 14, 1976supplyhad a great time back then . memories a lot . and plenty of good friends recom as cg 19
Mercer, JimBT2Nov 26, 1972 – Jul 29, 1975Went from a boy of 18 to a man of 18 1/2.I got to see things and go places that I would have never been able to otherwise.To all my Shipmates who may read this I think of you and some of the CRAP we use to get into and how we made it back.
Johnson, RandolphGMM3Nov 28, 1972 – Dec 20, 197410 17 1972 The"Dale"was my very first ship and I enjoyed every experience.I also enjoyed the Ledership of two very dedicated "Captains".
Metcalfe, RichardBT2Dec 1972 – Jun 22, 1976BI really enjoyed performing with "The Dale Countrymen". I'll always remember Bermuda.
Mezzina, DominickBM31973 – 1975WDShe was a great ship,had a great crew ,and a great captain.
Ramsey, WilliamBT31973 – 1974B
Nicklous, JoeSTG31973 – 1974WA
Mikel, NewmanSHSNJan 1973 – Apr 1976SupplyLots of hard work on the Dale, and lots of good friends and memories.
Hackman, RodneyMM3Jan 1973 – Dec 1976M-DivGreat ship, great crew.
Reeder, BobBM1Feb 1973 – Sep 1976WDAlso on board 79-83 as BMC
Tafoya, PerryFTM1Feb 1973 – Aug 2, 1977WFSix years in the Navy felt like forever. I now look back with great memories. I was sad to learn the Dale was laying on the bottom but it's a peaceful resting site for our great ship. Waiting to hear from shipmates.
Blum, Bob/ LumpyCS 3Feb 8, 1973 – Feb 4, 1974Commissary ( Cook )
Dodds, Randall D. (Derf)MM2Mar 1973 – Jul 1976MWent from MMFN-MM2 while aboard.Didn't know it at the time but some of the best memories I have.2 Med cruises,Bermuda,Bahamas,Puerto Rico,Carribean,Cuba,Virgin Islands & Blue Nose cruise.Fantastic shipmates & especially fond memories of Capt.
Black, BarryEM3Mar 1973 – Jun 1975EngineeringI left the ship in August of 1975 and had troubles while home, ended up awol, and was eventually re-attached to another unit. Sorry I never got the chance to say god-bye to all my buds on the Dale.
Powell, David F.MMFNMar 1, 1973 – Jun 10, 1975M
Beckmann, JimBT2Apr 19, 1973 – Jan 20, 1975BCame onboard after dry dock in '73 and went on the Med cruise from April to Nov. of '73. Spent 70+ days on ship during the mid-east crisis. Boy was that a long time to be on ship without liberty.
Ozio Clay, OzieBT3Aug 1973 – Jun 1976engineeringWent aboard in rota spain1973, Had a great time aboard the Dale. Many good friends. Fan tail BBQs, with the ships band playing music, getting laid, becee drills, remember the USS me4092938598
Waldron, TomBMsaNov 30, 1973 – Apr 15, 1977wddave prive drop me a line dave young , skip sheaperd , dug stenson , lock
Wiederhold, PeteQM21974 – 1976NXCame on board in Newport and made homeport move to Mayport FL. Had 2 great Med cruises including the Belknap collision. Remeber France anyone? Stewart Nelson out there? Send me a note guys. Memorable Captain: Warren C. Hamm.
Aydlotte, GeneIC21974 – 1978ICLooking forward to talking with some of my shipmates
Ledbetter, FinleyIC 31974 – 1974UnknownI was on board for one short cruise to Bermuda where we witnessed a jet try to sink a abandoned ship we had to finish w guns and two days in Hamilton Bermuda I dont remeber alot but ET I was friends with...
Lasalle, WilliamE31974 – Sep 23, 1975Interior CommunicationsWorked with a great crew.
Leger, Lynn profile iconbt/fn1974 – 1977blooking for red,big bird,goober, boo boo, or any one that was with me at shipyard in charlston sc, or van club we were in #936-597-3105
Gilmore, Patrick profile iconFCC1974 – 1979WFStation on board from 74-79 and again 93-94, decommissioning crews. The best damn cruiser in the fleet, lots of good and bad times
Smith III, Marshal LamarOS3Jan 1974 – Jan 1978OIGreat Ship,Great crew,and Great Commanding Officers and Ship Officers. Think slot about the time I served on board. Great experience and friends.
Smith III, Marshal(Lamar)OS3Jan 1, 1974 – Jan 1, 1978OIIt was an honor to serve aboard such a wonderful ship and to serve with a wonderful crew(Officers and enlisted). The memories of those whom I served under and with will always remain in my heart.
Williams, WilllyHT3Feb 14, 1974 – Jun 28, 1974R-DivisionFlew in from Mayport, caught the boat at Newport for thebig move back to Mayport. I wasn't on board long, 2 digit midget at the home port move..........but the time I did spend on the Dale was GREAT!!
Chipps, Harold "buffler"OS2Apr 10, 1974 – Jul 17, 1977OISorry to see she has been sunk. Was there for the Belknap insident and that Med cruise. All you older guys can get in touch if you want. She was a good ship and was used as a platform to test new systems. Fair winds to all.
Rompies, RickBT3Apr 29, 1974 – Apr 29, 1976BTShe was a great ship, I was on her when she was a DLG-19, then the Navy changed her to CG-19. It was the best 2 years I have ever enjoyed. Had a Great time and a Bunch of great guys I worked with. I would do it again.
Sloan, JohnnieBT/M3May 1, 1974 – Jun 1, 1977E/// divison Hello everyone good times long a ago
Ramsey, WilliamBT-3Jun 1974 – Jul 1975BHad a great time.
Wagner, David profile iconBMSN/YN3Jun 1974 – Oct 1977WDHell of a time. Great ship and crew. Capt Hamm was a piece of work as we say. Never forget when he played chicken with the Russians. Good stuff. Work hard, play hard. Hey to Carter and Irwin, etc. Shoot me an email.
Ledon, RaulEM3Jul 1974 – Nov 1977EngineeringGreat ship, learned a lot. Grew up a lot on board her.
Duffey, Ernest N "duffey"ETCSJul 6, 1974 – Jan 1977OE
Carrigan, GeorgeRM2Aug 1974 – Jan 22, 1978Communications DeptI Would like contact with RM1 Larry Arzman, RM2 Edward Sneyers, and Rm1 Lane Shephard.
Schmidt, James I.BT2Sep 1, 1974 – Sep 1, 1976B1723 Via Enacantadoras San Ysidro Ca. 92173 phone#619-690-9445
Krass, BobEW1Sep 1, 1974 – Oct 1, 1976OI/OWDale was the best ship and the best tour of my Navy Career.
Arszman, LarryRM2Oct 1974 – Sep 1976Communications (Radio)
Watson, IvanMR3Oct 7, 1974 – Aug 9, 1976R-Gang
Irwin, Gregory W.BM3Oct 15, 1974 – Feb 7, 1978Weapons/DeckMiss the DALE
Irwin, GregoryBMSNOct 15, 1974 – Feb 7, 1978WDI still have the Dale's picture hanging in my livingroom. I got to see her, on a Sunday, one last time in the Philly Yards after she was stripped. I had my 2 sons with me and was able to talk the guard into letting us walk out on the pier
Gilmore, Patrick profile iconFTM2Nov 27, 1974 – Oct 1, 1979WFLooking for FTM1 Web (hot dog) FTM1 Benjamin and the rest of the WF gangs.

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