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USS Worden (CG 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Worden (CG 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 829 crew members registered for the USS Worden (CG 18).

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Clark, JimGMM31986 – 1988gunnersmate
Parson, JohnCG 181986 – 1988It was a slow row to Australia with one boiler.
McClain, ToddQM21986 – 1989N/XQuartergaskets rock! Haime-Degeorgi-Stazione-Durbin-where you guys at?
Fulgencio, Nick (Jr.)RM21986 – 1989Had a great time on the ship, hitting Waikiki and sticking together during hard times. Aloha guys (TJ, Chris, Wick, Gecko, Steve, Arnie, Castle, Smitty, Scotti G, etc.). e-mail:
Morgan, GeraldBM 31986 – Apr 1, 1990Deck
Reber, DaveGMM1(SW)1986 – 1990WeaponsMany friends, two great missile houses. Perth was awesome. Good times in Hawaii. Sad they sank her in deep water. She would of made a great dive site.
Middleton, Brad profile iconGMM11986 – 1989WeaponsA big hello to my buddies John Campbell Bill Back Gordon Whann and Wes Samms Miss you guys would love to hear from yall
Jewell, DanIC1(SW)1986 – 1988Eng/EAmazing 2 year Tour of Duty, Great Shipmates that I continue to maintain contact with and hope to see again soon as I prepare to retire again, with 35 years combined Government Service.
Black, RobertMM3Jan 1986 – Jul 27, 1990M Div #2 enginroomBest time of my life. made lifelong friends and memories. Mac were the heck are you? rwblack620@aol,com
Cordova, TimSK2Jan 1, 1986 – Dec 31, 1987Supply
Kvammen, ScottTM2Jan 7, 1986 – Aug 16, 1989WeaponsThe ship was great, shit street was better!
Jones, ThomasRM2Jan 14, 1986 – Dec 1, 1989OC01
Evangelista, MarcosSRFeb 1986 – 1992DECK
Hoff, JamieEW2Feb 23, 1986 – Mar 20, 1991OPSHOWDY
Sinclair, ScottBM1Mar 10, 1986 – Nov 17, 1989DECK
Campbell, JohnEM3/EM1Apr 1, 1986 – Apr 1, 1990EWhats been going on shipmates! Drop me a line.
Ahlgrim, MichaelLTApr 10, 1986 – Oct 5, 1988M & FoxGreat time
McDonald, Curtise4/mmApr 15, 1986 – Dec 15, 1989mMade a lot of good friends.
Norkaitis, TonyLTMay 1986 – May 1989BThe greatest ship and the greatest mentor was Capt W Hancock...what a horrible death for Worden
Deen, WesleyMM2/MM1May 22, 1986 – Apr 23, 1990MEM02 it was the best ship in my 24 year career.We had the best MPA Moe Wear/Engineer I have ever had.The crew was top notch.You guys take care and Fair winds and following seas.Work hard play hard old NAVY.# 2 screw crew.
Perron, Keith PufferdogEW 3Jun 1986 – Nov 25, 2000OI/OMPuking on the fantail, one nice pleasure cruise to the West Coast. Puking in the EW Cubical. Three West Pacs, still puking. Seven trips to the PI. The Gulf, the Gulf & the Gulf, but 4 1/2 of the best years of my life. 1st to know, 1st to go. Set YOlk
Smith, RyanIC1 (SW)Jun 1, 1986 – Jun 1, 1989EGreat ship, Great times and made alot of friends. I still think about the good ole days !!
Jean, DavidMM3Aug 1, 1986 – Feb 14, 1990
Hawkins, ScottGMM3Sep 15, 1986 – Sep 15, 1990GUNNERSMATEProud to have served with such a fine crew and all the gunners. Great memories of Westpac 1987
Billiel, YurIISm2/EO2Sep 15, 1986 – Sep 1, 1991OChad alot of good memories. miss the travel. made alot of great friends. living in corpus christi tx went back in after 911 as a seebee (EO) OOORAH!!!! (361)947-3793
Demarco, JosephET3Oct 1986 – Dec 1988There is no experience better than being underway at night. God Bless the Worden and all that server aboard her. Hickam Water Ski Team RULES...
Vosskamp, Jj "Skippy"OS2Oct 1986 – Jun 1990OIAnyone remember that Med cruise that turned into two months in the gulf? Aloha to all da kine shipmates.
Charles, RobertOS3Oct 1986 – Aug 1990OII really enjoyed being on board Worden. I met a lot of really great people. Anytime I think about the Navy, my thoughts always go back to Worden. One of the best time I every had.
Donoho, GregGMM3Oct 1, 1986 – Oct 20, 1989WEAPONSStill remember all the mates and every port of call. How about Bombay? Look out for the Maldives. That scullery sink was the freakin pitz! Hope all you guys are blessed. Thanks for giving of yourselves!! Peace
Chalcraft, SteveMM3Oct 19, 1986 – Apr 20, 1990a gangergreat times spence, cat, whitey, dash, womack, kaz, bloom, boyd, hansen, grutgen, smitty, barney, velez, dotson, collustro, hano, black, trumbo, mac
Spicuzza, RayPNC(SW)Oct 24, 1986 – Nov 1, 1988ExecutiveGreat ship, great crew, learned a lot. Miss the good old days. Had a very close chief's mess.
Rinker, AlbertFC2Oct 31, 1986 – Mar 1, 1990Weapons
Dyke, MikeGMM2 SWNov 17, 1986 – Dec 30, 1990CGMHad lots of fun and great memories. Loved Australia PI and the Gulf. Don't miss Bombay much. Often wondered about my old friends. Great working (and drinking) with you all. Glad I don't have all those armory keys on my beltloop anymore.
Tutt, SteveGMM2Dec 1986 – Dec 1989Had a good four years on her. Miss the old gang of Gunners Mates and going to Bellows beach. Worked in both Aft and Fwd Missile houses. Hated being a mess crank and working in the deep sink! at least it was only one tour.
Hunter, JeffreyOS3rdDec 1, 1986 – Jun 1, 1990CICHawaii was one hell of a ride.
Nabb, AubreyBMCM1987 – 19911ST / CMCDefinately some fine sailors on her--would serve anywhere / anytime in harm's way with them !
Hull, ShannonBT 21987 – 1990Lots of memories, lots of crazy times.
Mason, BrentQm31987 – 1991n/x
Mergen, David "Butch"ET3Jan 1987 – Jun 1988OE/CEHad a great time.
Sidawi, MarioSEAMANFeb 27, 1987 – Jan 25, 1988FirstGreat ship and miss the good times very much. Will always remember the crew. I will look forward to the reunion, whenever it comes. Aloha
Evangelista, MarcosBM1Apr 9, 1987 – Aug 10, 19911STDa best crw ever...Mahalo!
Hole, MikeHT1May 1987 – Aug 1989Impossible to forget-great people,great times
Silberman, WarrenMS2, MS1(SW)May 1987 – Oct 1991S-2Tutter, you really didn't mind the deep sink! Kaz, you crazy SOB. I enjoyed my entire tour there, Made chief two years after leaving, retired in '01. i miss the people more than the ship.
Halpin, JohnRM2May 1, 1987 – Apr 1988OCO1RM2 , west pac, operation ernest will
Harris, Scott MBT3Jun 1, 1987 – Jul 14, 1990BI worked in Aft Fireroom. Had a Great time.
Mayers, AntonioFC2Jun 17, 1987 – Feb 5, 1992FoxI was one of the FC on board that repaired the C.I.W.S., Harpoon, Weapon Systems
Friedl, JoeE-4 QM3Aug 1987 – Apr 14, 1991N/XHad some great times. Where are the QM's I served with and those great frinds I made from the hab team?
Molinaro, Coach profile iconOS2Aug 1, 1987 – Jul 25, 1991OIAlright checkin in SEPT/2021... Looking for my boys "Jungle" Mills, the rat bastard, and of course my roommate in dry dock QM3 Mason...Seriously though, Sabitini, Hayes, etc... Loved WRDN... Hutch!!! my boy. shout out!!
Mayers, AntonioFire ControlmanAug 13, 1987 – Aug 8, 1991cfoxJust a note to all who served on the USS Worden The Facebook Page for all to join is: Tons of pictures ,cruise books,and memories over the life of our fine ship. Come join !
Lov Ett, KhristopherOS3Sep 1987 – Sep 1990OIBest Div i served in and ship aboard
Guanga, MarlonE1-E5Sep 1, 1987 – Apr 1, 1991Best crew ever!!!. Remember me, the shipstore guy?
Marlon, GuangaSH3Sep 1, 1987 – Apr 20, 1991Supply S3Best ship ever. I'd fiat Worden Si.
Russell, FrederickBM3Oct 9, 1987 – Jun 21, 19911st Division(Deck Division)I served on board the USS Worden from 1987 to 1991. I deployed to the 1st Gulf war on aboard her. I had alot of good times and alot of good friends.

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