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USS Worden (CG 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Worden (CG 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 832 crew members registered for the USS Worden (CG 18).

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Hunter, DennisFTMSN1980 – 1983FoxHey Shipmates! I'm still here in the PI - doing underwater salvage stuff. Would be glad to hear from any of ya's - Im in the south now, in Palawan. -----"it aint what it used to be, but it'll do"
Helland, CarlE3 COOK1980 – 1981supplyjust got off reeves got on warden comming back from japan into dry docks again !! after being out in the gulf oman, up your iatola !! so we said, what a crew i was a cook and gave you guys all your snacks!! great time hard work need pics.
Cochran, De FordCDR1980 – 1982Executive OfficerI had the pleasure and curse of serving in Worden in the shipyard and then for the workup before deployment. We had a terrific crew that tore her apart, put her back together and made Worden a formitable warship.
Cox, SteveEM21980 – 1982ECame onboard in Yokosuka and stayed with the Worden when she went to Pearl Harbor.
Harris, DaleIC-31980 – Nov 9, 1983EngineeringI Love my ship. Great crew as well. Would like to hear from Chaplain David Metzger.
Jamison, TedFC1Jan 1980 – Dec 1984Fox
Hauck, KevinPN2Feb 1980 – Mar 7, 1982N/XGreat ship. Looong IO tour but Perth made up for it! Had a great crew. I know I got on Capt Nelsons nerves but who didn't! Capt Johnson was great. If anyone wants to email me it's
Johnson, MikeE3Apr 3, 1980 – May 5, 1981awasnt on your ship i was on cg28 do any of you know lionel let me know at i can reach him i work with him
Vukimhoabinh, Binh profile iconboat boyApr 22, 1980 – Apr 22, 1980rescueeI was 1 of the 44 boat people rescued by the Worden on April 22,1980. This connection needs to be revived in me and in my offsprings. Please help me to locate my sailors. Currently I am in contact with Capt. Carl Nelson.
Tullock, RobertMS3Apr 25, 1980 – Jun 25, 1984SUPPLYI had a great time on this ship made a bunch of friends that I will never forget and who can forget the Worden Soccer Team......
Wilkerson, John / BullyOS2May 1980 – May 1985OIThe one and only ship I served on couldn't imagine a better ship. Captain R. L. Johnson the best C.O. ever. To all my former shipmates I have some great memories. Thanks The Bully
Decker, TigerDS/2May 19, 1980 – Oct 19, 1983OEThe Worden was both the worst & best of my Navy career. Capt. Johnson made sea service bearable. Capt. Carl not so much. The overhperiod under Carl was brutal. I remember the change of command ceremony, does anyone else?
Kelly, Jr, Robert T.MM 2Jun 2, 1980 – Aug 31, 1980Engineering / M A - GangCame aboard after AC/R & AC/R centrifigal school, while she was steaming in the IO,was helicopter hoisted down on after deck. Remember fwd. pump room flood. Later in my career became 1st cls. navy diver, also served with NR seal team-8.
Abraitis, TomBT2Jun 17, 1980 – Jul 10, 1982Bbrings back good memoriers,shit street,bellows beach tungi monster,anybody heard from feedpump?
Hansberry, CarlSMCJun 30, 1980 – Sep 16, 1983OC
Palmer, PhilRM3Jul 1980 – Jul 1982OCFirst command after A-School. Reported onboard an RMSR, left an RM3.
Decker, Keith/deekDS2Jul 1, 1980 – Oct 30, 1983The Worden Was the highlight of my military career. I now wear an Air Force uniform (Idaho Air National Guard)
Cochrane, John R.LTJul 1, 1980 – Nov 15, 1983OC & RGreat ship, great memories, really great CO in Captain Johnson!
Heassler, Ernest J. "Jay"CG18Aug 1980 – Apr 1982FoxGood ship, good crew, fond memories.
Lundgren, SteveSTG2Aug 1980 – Jan 1982ASWCross-decked over from Reeves in Aug 80. Ship needed overhaul. I cruised through the yards as LPO of the Fire-Watch division. Best "skate time" in the Navy. Paid for it though on xfr to Morton DD-948, ship that rammed Worden when moored to
Bicknell, BobEM3Aug 1980 – Jun 1984E DivSome of the best years of my life were aboard the Worden at Pearl Harbor. I would like to hear from old shipmates.
Aulner, LyleMRC (SW) RETNov 1980 – Sep 1984She was my first ship and the best ship of my career. Had a lot of good times. Keep in touch.
Sheldrake, JayOS3/OS2Nov 4, 1980 – Apr 1, 1984OIHad a great OI Division, remember so many of our shipmates...Capt. Johnson rocked! Retired OSCS (SW) April 94. Great being part of the Pineapple Fleet
De Kok, Christian "Dutch"MM2Dec 1980 – Aug 1984M, A-GangThe friends and memories I have of Worden will be with me till the day I die. To any of you who remember me, mahalo. EMO2, midwatch, ECCET drills, 6and 6 and 24 & carry on. Any pictures exist of Worden's finale?
Lopez, JessieRM11981 – 1984OCHad a good time on the Worden, arrived as an RM2 left as an RM1- Obtained my SW classification during my tour
Bloxham, JohnMMC1981 – 1984
Houghton, KenEN31981 – 1984A-gang
Russell, Harold profile iconBT3 / BT21981 – 1983BoilersGreat times on the Worden. Many memories and friends. Retired LDO living in San Diego. Any shipmates requesting contact my e-mail is
Yohnke, MikeCDR1981 – 1985OCWas an SM2 then...Best ship, cruises and crew ever! If not for her and my first naval experiences, I would not have served the 29 more I did on others. I great career birthed among the finest Sailors and officers.
Weaver, JimBT3Jan 1981 – Feb 1984Some ships in a career really stand out, but your first is always special, especially when its home port is pearl harbor Hawaii, where's rudy, feed pump? Mike"john boy" walton or Chief Ralph ? I was i could go steam her again!
Hanna, JackieHT3Mar 1981 – Dec 1983R I got to the Worden when she was still in dry dock in Hawaii. What a great time that was. Had alot of good and live long friends that will stay with me. Had great time with WESTPAC of 1983.
Gordon, Tom "flash"TM3Mar 3, 1981 – May 27, 1984GMIt was a pleasure to serve with those guys. I miss the card games in the mess area. WAS UP to the 1MC and Kevin C. Lets do a reunion soon. Peace
Scott, ChrisSTG3Mar 3, 1981 – Sep 15, 1983ASWHad a blast. Even refueling at sea in the Aleutian Islands. I loved everything about Asia, even liked the IO. Miss the guys Vandetta, Hoffman, even Boddi. My contact is
Luksich, MarkOSSNApr 1981 – Aug 1984OPSOnly one WESPAC, ran a lot of miles on that deck. Still running. Spent a lot of time in the sun behind the FC radar. Still remember the bucket of chill water EW1 Latner dumped on me.
Gordon, (Flash)TM3Apr 1981 – May 1984WeaponsI miss the card games (Spades) in the mess, the cruise and the great people I served with... Reach out, would enjoy hearing from the old gang.
Hug, MaxBTCApr 4, 1981 – Jun 30, 1984BBest damn Cruiser in ANY Fleet !
Gribbins, JeromeFc1Apr 15, 1981 – Jun 1, 1984Fox
Kirk, Brian (The Greater)LTMay 1981 – Dec 1982Fire Control OfficerSaw Capt Johnson in Kona - January 2005 and January 2006. He and Dot are doing well.
Gribbins, JeromeFC1May 15, 1981 – Jun 15, 1984Foxremember the smow and cheese balls
Baker, JimDS1May 19, 1981 – Apr 1, 1983OBGreat ship, great crew. Pearl Harbor was the best!
Gordon, "Flash"TM3Jun 1981 – May 1984GMI missed the days of spade games in the mess area, the memories are and will be in my heart. What happen to my buddy the "1MC" you all know who I am talking about
Burggren, James "the Bone"OS2Jun 1981 – Apr 1985OIJust looking in on some old shipmates. Ratboy, nashbo, puffy, fig, todd, marty the wad. Drop me an e-mail.
Hunt, Michael RoyYN2Jul 1981 – Jul 1984X
Tomsic, JamesMS2Jul 1, 1981 – Jul 31, 1985Supplygreatest time in the navy was on this ship. many nights of spades on the mess deck. email me at if you remember those times. was disbursing clerk for first two years on ship.
Turner, Rodney Big Tmmfn/mm2Aug 1981 – Apr 1985M-Div, EMO2I have to say that the Worden was the best ship that I have every served on. Great people, work hard, play hard.. The Best Damn Softball team in Pearl Harbor.
Erickson, BrianEW2Aug 12, 1981 – Dec 2, 1984OSSome great memories and great group of guys. Would like to hear from some who aren't in jail! Lol Drop me a line sailor!
Kryske, LarryLCDRSep 1981 – Jan 1983ENGBest Engineering Department afloat!35 + knot full power trial. Underway first day of OPPE--FIRST CG in PACFLT in 1.5 years to do this. Great officers, CPOs, and sailors!!!
Severson, Jeff(doc)FTG1Sep 1981 – May 1986FOXBest Ship I ever served on
Allen, RickEM3Sep 1981 – Jun 1985EHoping to find any E div guy's who might be out there. Borich I do remember you, how are thing's? Cap Johnson partied with the best of em. RIALLEN@NA.COKECCE.COM.
Spruce, StanOS2Sep 1981 – Aug 1985OIHad a blast with all you guys, went to Hawaii for a vacation with my family....the only thing that seemed the same was going out to the USS Arizona Memorial. Capt. Ron Johnson was the best CO you could ever ask for...
Allen, RickEM 4Sep 1, 1981 – Jun 1, 1985E DIVISION
Word, TimothyPN3Oct 1981 – Nov 1984AdminGreat ship! Loved being a part of this crew. First shellback aboard USS Worden.
Rogers, KevinSTG2(SW)Oct 1981 – Dec 1984CAKicked some butt in the softball league at pearl those years!!! Worden Warriors!!! Lookin for the blond haired OS2? that played shortstop, and the outfielder who was a die hard jets fan...awesome time guys!
Schram, Michael/ SchramboGMM2Oct 10, 1981 – Jan 1, 1984gmLooking for all my old shipmates
Clairmont, KevinSTG2Dec 1981 – Jan 1984ASWhat a great bunch of characters in this division from flash to vandetta to hilliard to rogers to donaldson, couldn't get much better. Hey Flash, gotta smoke? You owe me a few.
Nonaka, Kevin (Mr. N)LTDec 1981 – Mar 1985NTDS, SWC,Great crew, great fun and great memories. As WOG's (w/DS's), kidnapped the Royal Baby and egged King Neptune from the signal bridge. WART (Worden's Amazing Running Team) 26 yrs & still going (12/07)
Lehrer, TonyBMSNDec 1981 – Aug 1984first Good times good times, ship yard Pearl Harbor, West pac 83.. Aloha to all ship mates.
Tafoya, Patrick/ MaynardBM3Dec 26, 1981 – Aug 23, Crazy times on Worden, 2 West Pac's. Left the Navy in 85 and return to the reserves in 2001 after 9/11. Did 3 yrs and got out. Great memories. Contact at
Eline, John The MadmanSHSNDec 30, 1981 – Aug 25, 1985SupplyLooking to hear from OS Div, Jim Tomsic,Orlando Peoples, The Bully, The Wingman and anyone else that has partied with the Madman out in Hawaii.

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