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USS Worden (CG 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Worden (CG 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 827 crew members registered for the USS Worden (CG 18).

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Bearden, PaulBTFN1976 – 1978BoilersRetired at BTCS(SW) in 1996. Will always remember the times on the great lady Worden!
Hary, Timothy1976 – 1979Boiler OperatorHad the best times on the Worden. Met alot of great guys and saw alot of interesting places. Really missed the ship and crew once i left
Whitt, StanleySTG41976 – 1980ASAll the bitching and moaning and claiming to be ready to be done with this shit, to find today that those were some of the best days of our lives.
Whitt, StanleySTG 31976 – 1980ASWSorry to post it twice but forgot the email addy I used at the time lol
Whitteker, SamMACM (RET)1976 – 1980CMAAShe was a great ship with a great crew.
Brown, Raymond / PossumGMG31976 – 1978deckIt was a time i'll never forget.Hope my old buddy Keith Bowman EN2 is still living and well.
Mellema, JimFTM31976 – 1977First DivisionI worked in Forward Control, maintaining the forward 55B Radar systems. I'd look forward to hearing from any of my buddies from thos days, especially Tom Highfield and FTM3 Meyer
Mike, Bradford (Bones)BT31976 – 1978B-Division Forward FireroomEnjoyed those younger days for sure.
Bourget, DennisOS-2Jan 2, 1976 – 1978OITo the many sunrise services on the Ginza in Yokosuka with Thompson, Persico, et al. Got thrown in jail with Thompson in the PI and subsequently helo'd out to the ship. Enjoyed the trips to Subic City.
Baumann, PeterYN1Feb 4, 1976 – Feb 6, 1979N&XWorked in ship's office. Hung out with HMC BENDA and JOHNNY WALKER. Enjoyed the tour, would like to touch base with past members. Missed re-union in 2003 because of illness. Hope to attend future re-union
Puglisi, RoccoETR2Mar 1976 – Aug 1979OEI miss those good old days. Laughing that ET1 Fowler couldn't talk with waving his hands.
Donnell, OrlynBT 3Apr 1976 – Apr 1979B- OIL KINGWorden was a good dependable ship. It was not a good way for her to die.Met some of the best bunch of men on her. Would like to contact some of them.
Furgione, DavidSTG2May 14, 1976 – Nov 13, 1978AS
Trombley, Greg "Pappy"GMT2Jun 1976 – Nov 1979AS
Wright, JackTM2 - TM1 retiredJun 1976 – Aug 1978ASOne of the best ships i ever served on, i made some life friends there and i think of my time on the Worden often and people like STGC Gator, Yoles, Jumper, EW2 Don Smith (Smitty) STG3 Mark Shands, STG2 Murphy good times
McCracken, Kevin (Mac)FTM3Jun 1976 – Aug 1978FoxBringing her alongside during unreps was the best adrenalin buzz I've ever had. Yokosuka felt like home, and the Pacific was our homefield. Thanks for the good times shipmates! Hope to see Fujiyama one more time.
McLeskey, John (Mac)GMM5Jul 6, 1976 – Sep 3, 1978weaponsMade alot of friends in Japan.
Runge, Roland (Nick)HNAug 1976 – Aug 1978NX
Rumenapp, BobDS1Aug 1976 – Nov 1979OB
Wygant, MarkFTM1Sep 1976 – Oct 1978FoxUSS Worden Reunion, Aug 17-21, 2005, Sahara Casino, Las Vegas, NV. Send me an email for details. Try to attend if, it is great to see old shipmate.
Smith, DonaldEW2Sep 1976 – Sep 1979Operations
Ford, JohnnyFTCSOct 1976 – Jul 1977FOX
Cobb, KevinSTG3Nov 19, 1976 – Nov 26, 1979sonar
Richards, SheldonSNDec 1976 – Dec 1978I spent 2 out of 3 years in the navy on the Worden. Met some great people. It was a great ship. Good food. Good people. Sorry to hear they didn't treat her with the respect she deserved.
Samuel, GlennOS3Dec 1976 – Jan 1979OIWorden was the first of my four ships, and my favorite. We had a great division, and Asia was perfect for my formative years. I had a blast!
Lind, DennisDS 1Dec 7, 1976 – Dec 7, 1979OB
McCormick, markSM3Dec 24, 1976 – Dec 12, 1978OCIt was a great ship&crew.Miss my skivy waving shipmates
Inboden, Joe1977 –
Shiner, JohnSTG31977 – 1979ASWhat a great cast of characters! I looked forward to Sonar watch to read the unofficial log, the NRR, full of rants and philosophical discussion. Funniest read ever. Also recall burying a fathometer at sea, not to mention liberty ports!
Swiggs, DarylEMC1977 – 1979ERetired and Happy
Hary, TimothyBT21977 – 1979Bwho's out there? Would like to hear from any shipmates,
Miller, RobertBM31977 – 19771st
Baumgardner, JohnLT (62-64) CAPT ~ CO 1977 – 1979Retired & enjoying the quiet life on my horse farm in Pungo, VA (Virginia Beach).
Pecore, ShawnGMG21977 – 1979WeaponsBest Times In The Navy
Turso, BillE-51977 – 1979OCmiss that cruiser had good times on her
Duncan, WillSN1977 – 197901Deck DivGreetings fellow shipmates! Glad to have served with such fun, cool, and respectful men.Soloman Bills, Mark Yates, Bootsy, Smitty, Rerun, Tucker,Joe"Cool", Big "trumpet" Williams. I'm 27years married to a great woman.
Spangenburg, Robert (Spange)FTM21977 – 1979FoxFirst ship. What a ride! The Orient was our playground. Remember the earthquake coming out of Yokosuka?
Jouppi, Darryl / DjHT2Jan 1977 – Feb 1979RToo many good times to list. Hope you all are doing well.
Haney, DavidGMG3Feb 1977 – Feb 1979WeaponsFirst ship...met alot of friends that I have no clue where they are. Stand by to shoot the GUNS Mount 31. Do you remeber Subic Bay!...I DO !!!
Ellerbee, ChuckET2Feb 1977 – Aug 1980OEBest in the west for sure. Great times for a great crew. Send me a note if you remember OE Division from 1976 to 1980. "B"
Moon, TimQMSNFeb 1, 1977 – Dec 24, 1978NXWorden was a great ship and the navigation team was a blast to serve with.
Krout, DanaFTM2Feb 1, 1977 – May 28, 1979FOXCalling all salty dogs...those were the days my friends!
Kelly, WilliamE-5 / FTM2Feb 6, 1977 – Jan 12, 1980GM Div.Returned to Worden again as 2nd class and advanced to 1st class. I amazed even myself, came aboard as a Deck Seaman in '71 and left as 1st class LPO of Guided Missile Div. in '80. What an adventure....
Francis (Mudbone) Kinney, MudboneSH2Feb 15, 1977 – Jun 23, 1980SupplyLooking for alll brothers froom the mess deck players club and the weekend runners to Tokyo, Club Mugyn and The Soul Embasy....
Spangenburg, BobE5/FTM2Feb 15, 1977 – Feb 15, 1979Fox
Johnson, MartyDS2Feb 20, 1977 – Sep 28, 1981OBSome of the best and brightest I have ever worked none.
Carter, Lauren/tinyQM3Feb 21, 1977 – Mar 18, 1978N and X
Tortorice, TonyMar 1977 – Mar 1979Engineering/BoilerroomA great and formative experience for me. I would be interested in hearing from shipmates from 77-79.
Siuzdak, EdBM3Mar 1, 1977 – Apr 1, 19791stFirst ship. Great times. Great memories. Dunn, Bob Miller, Rob Miller,Bamm Bamm, Cruz, Little Richie, Big'm, Cook, Burchfield, Hackathorne, Joe Kool, Speedy, Peterson, Barber.
Boyd, JohnBMSNMar 10, 1977 – Mar 10, 19791stFirst command, learned alot from BM3 Speedy that lasted me my whole career. Retired in 1995 as a BM1. The Worden will always be special in my heart.
Riley, Thomas R.BTC(SW) RETIREDMar 18, 1977 – Jul 26, 1980I started as e-2 and made 2nd class on board the worden met alot of good people during my time onboard. It was a shame to get rid of such a good ship.
Benda, CharlieHMCM (SW/AW)Apr 1977 – Apr 1980N/XWorden was my independent duty tour. I went aboard as a 1st Class and left as a Chief. It set the tone for the rest of my career. We had a great Chief's Mess. I have very fond memories of that group.
Grow, Dennis (Dw)FC1Apr 1977 – Jul 1979Fox ( F-Troop)Fire Control - stationed in Yokosuka - crew members became our overseas family
Neimeyer, David profile iconLTApr 1977 – Aug 1979Nav - MissilesI'd love to hear from any shipmates. I'm living near Allentown, PA. Hope to see you at the reunion
Coache, Raymond JEM2May 1977 – May 1979EShe was a steamer
Holton, SteveGMM2May 1977 – Aug 1980GMServed aboard many ships, none as good as Worden. Can't believe she was sunk, I would have preferred to see her mothballed for recommissioning or possibly a museum exhibit. what the hell, nothing lasts forever...
Fremont, LarryGMM4May 1977 – Jun 1979GMWhat a great time I had working in the aft missile house. That ship was great. Saw it in Seattle about 1986 during Seafair
Siano, BenjaminGMT2Jun 1977 – Jun 4, 1979ASGreat times and friends. Still haven't found Max Newton
Weeks, RonEN1(SW)-USNR-RJun 1977 – Nov 1978A-GangMy first ship. Grew-up alot as a farm-boy from Ind. Was in Yokosuka when Lahey ran a-ground and got a drink named after her on ginsa. I also remember Bowman on capt's gig when it ran a-ground in Iran. Good times.
Neimeyer, DavidLTJun 1977 – Aug 1979Navigator / Missile OfficerDid you know that there are Worden reunions every other year? We were in San Diego in Oct 2015. I'd love to hear from any Worden sailors.
Stidham, ShanePO3rdJun 1977 – Dec 25, 1979R div.
Black, Rick profile iconBT2Jun 1977 – Jan 1979rear boiler operatorGood times as well as bad times and what a great parting gift..Mesothelioma.
Velasco, RamonBMCM (SW/AW)Jun 1, 1977 – Jun 1, 19791STMy first ship... checked-in as Seaman Recruit... looking for my buddies. SN "BAM-BAM" Dorlan, SN Springsteen, SN McDonald, SN Sheppard, SN Russell, SN Cruz.
William R Maxey, RandyPN3-PN2Jun 1, 1977 – Jan 4, 1979N & XWORDEN was second duty assignment at sea and it is where doing it right the first time and having fun were combined. SN-PNCS-CWO4 and I credit WORDEN with getting me started and started right.
Yates, MarkGMG3Jul 1977 – Sep 1979GMAhoy, Mateys! Heartfelt thanks to you guys who looked after my Lynn while she was sick back in 79'. Bless you dudes forever. Lynn and I celebrated our 25th anniv. on May 23, 2008. We have two excellent sons...and a grandson! Stay salty!
Coache, Raymond JEM2Jul 1977 – Jun 1979E DivShe was a great ship and she was a steamer. Plenty of good shipmates
Conboy, Paul (Chowder)BT2Aug 1977 – Jan 1982BoilerWhat a great ship sorry to see her go like that But she had the last laugh took her a long time to go down Great crew of Snipes boy do I have some pic's Orley,Eck, Reily,Pitt,JP, Clark
Jordan, TomIC2Sep 2, 1977 – Oct 7, 1979N/XProbably already registered.
Jordan, TomIC3Sep 9, 1977 – Dec 10, 1979N and XI ran the CCTV station with Journalist Tim Rynkowski. It was great.
Green, MichaelOS3Sep 10, 1977 – Sep 1979OITo all the guys in OI Division I have to say these were some of the best days of my life.Persico,Cluck.Thompson,Busby and all the gang were the best friends anyone could have.The days in Perth & Subic were awesome.
Sweredoski (Ski), MichaelGMM2Oct 1, 1977 – Oct 1, 1981GMWhere is everyone?
Hayes, SteveOSCSNov 1, 1977 – Jun 1, 1980OII have great memories of my Worden tour. Great crew, great CIC gang. Let Worden do it!! Sorry that she met her demise as a target.
Pettey, RobDS3Dec 1977 – Aug 1979OBIt was a ship with a lot of pride. I disliked serving in the Navy but have some fond memories of that ship.
York, Mike (Corky)ET2Dec 15, 1977 – Nov 22, 1979OEOutstanding ship - outstanding crew. Called the "Best in the West" because she was.
Sweredoski, Michael (Ski)Dec 15, 1977 – Mar 17, 1981GMLooking for my old shipmates. Everyone should be old by now. I served in the GM Division. Caught the ship by helo in the Indian Ocean in Dec 1977. Hope to hear from everyone.

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