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USS Worden (CG 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Worden (CG 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 829 crew members registered for the USS Worden (CG 18).

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Dement, David (Sumo)RMC1974 – 1977ocRetired in 88 as RMCM and have great/fond memories of the crew. Japan was great as were the ports that we visited. Only crew member I've been in contact with is Jack Lott SM1 who is now living back in Japan.
Dwyer, Robert "Mother"BT11974 – 1978B Division
Merritt, PatrickE-2Jan 1974 – May 1974
Owens, PaulMM3Jan 1, 1974 – Jun 11, 1976MachinistmateHad afew great adventures , met some fantastic people and made some great friends. I was sad in a strange way to read that they sank the old girl. Like to hear from some of you T Dowey, C Hotard, froggy and the rest of you I can't remember.
Warner, TomMMFAJan 1, 1974 – May 5, 1975Engineering
Summerfield, RichardHT3Jan 3, 1974 – Oct 8, 1976R-Div
Tucker, ClintonSM3Jan 4, 1974 – Dec 10, 1975OC- DivisionBeing from a land lock small southern town and after 24 years of service. The USS Worden DLG-18 was my first ship and will always have a special meaning in my heart. Retired in 1997 as SMC
Mauk, DavidSEAMANFeb 1974 – Mar 19761st. (deck)first ship, worked for BM1 Penner. His stepson SN John Penner, SN Joe Harris, SN Whitten, also friends with FTC Dallaglio and Steve Whiteny
Parker, DavidMM2Feb 1974 – Feb 1976M DivBest ship I served on. Had some great shipmates!
Cole, RobertETFeb 1, 1974 – Oct 20, 1975ETWhat a HOOT!
Cole, RobertETNSNFeb 1, 1974 – Nov 10, 1975ET
Brady, RandallGMT1Feb 8, 1974 – Feb 8, 1977ASI remember lots of you. Wish I had kept in touch. Good ship, great crew. Retired as GMMC, live in Hawaii.
Henn, Francis (Scott)BT3Mar 1, 1974 – Mar 1, 1976engineering
Webster, Blake "Sonny"BT2Mar 12, 1974 – Sep 15, 1977EngireeringMan what a time...
Morales, John "Mo"HT3Mar 13, 1974 – Mar 20, 1976EngineeringApril 1975 - a month I'll never forget - sad...I grew up. I've been sober over 25 years - have two beautiful daughters (20 + almost 3) and one granddaughter - almost one Can't believe its already Summer 2011
Villasenor, JorgeOS2Apr 4, 1974 – Nov 16, 1978OIWorden was 3rd ship in my Navy career. Enjoyed Japan (while we were in port) immensly. Later transferred to FLEETACTS, Yokosuka ( a walk down the pier) for two more years in country. Strohl, Batley, "Charlie Echo", you out there?.
Holt, DamonHTFNJul 1974 – Jan 1976RepairTrying to contact HTN Summerfield. Request phone or email way to contact. Give me a call Zoomer!
Phillips, CliffHMCMJul 1, 1974 – Jul 1, 1976N&XServed as HM2 early in my career. What I learned from HMC Blake molded my career,
Lura, LyalMA1Sep 1974 – Jul 19771st Master-at-arms to serve on the ship. Great duty lots of good memories. Left as an E-7 and served with the finest chiefs in the Navy.
Monzon, Alfred T.EN2Oct 1, 1974 – Oct 31, 1977A-GangI'm writing this for my father: He was went on Persian Gulf deployments in 1974-1975 and 1976-1977. He told me that the Worden was beautiful ship, and was sorry they sunk her. He retired in 1987 as a Chief Petty Officer
Foote, CharlesOSSNOct 1, 1974 – Dec 22, 1977OIServed with OS3 Wilson, OS3 Walsh, OS3 Thompson, OS3 Johnson, OSSN Becker (we climbed Mt. Fuji), OS2 Taylor, OSSN Clayton, OS3 Persico, OS3 Simanton, OSC McQuaid(what an ass!). LCDR Sandway was the best! CAPT. Baumgartner was a gas!
Schmitt, SteveSMSNOct 1, 1974 – May 1, 1976CommunicationsI loved my time serving in the Navy. It didn't end well but I did allow others to continue serving by stepping forward and accepting responsibility for wrong doings.
Taylor, W.P. (Sonny)OS2Oct 11, 1974 – Oct 6, 1977OIHad a great time in CIC,retired OSCS(SW) Sept 1990.
Taylor, W.p. (Sonny)OS2Oct 11, 1974 – Oct 6, 1977OIHad A Great Time in Yoko, Great Crew,Retired OSCS(SW) 1990.
Taylor, W.p. (Sonny)Oct 11, 1974 – Oct 6, 1977OI
Martin, Mike (Marty profile iconEM3Nov 1974 – Dec 1976ElectricalWas with EMc Lay and Em Gray, Got court martial during drydock . Wacky weed in Thailand. I paid dearly for those shenaigans, but took punishment and have electric company in mi, also sailed with usns and great lake ships
Johnson, MikeGMMCNov 15, 1974 – Nov 1978
Madden, RichardYN3Nov 25, 1974 – Nov 25, 1976N&XWORDEN was my first ship and after that no ship could match her or the crew. I worked for YNC Malloy and he set the tone for the remainder of my naval career. I left the WORDEN as a YN3 and retired as a YNC in 1994.
Stanisich (stan), DonFTM 2Jan 1975 – Mar 1977FoxMost vivid memory: Operation Frequent Wind...seeing the choppers around the Midway during the evacuation of Saigon.
Summerfield, RichardHT3Jan 1975 – Oct 1976Rin contact with Holt, would like to know what happen to Sanders , Bradford , Helms and the other HT's
Branham, Danny FroggyMM3Jan 1975 – Jan 1, 1977
Kopp, PaulCS1/MS1Jan 1975 – Nov 1978Supply S2Seemed like Worden was always underway. Midway Battle Group. MidWay would pull into Yokosuka and we would stay underway steaming around in circles until Midway got underway again. Good ship.
Clim, MichaelBT-3Jan 1, 1975 – Nov 30, 1976forward fireroom
Strohl, JohnOS2Feb 1975 – Jan 1978OIHomeported out of Yokosuka, Japan, it was my second of three ships in this class. Some great times with a great crew. Saw Japan, was in a few important places when it counted...doesn't get much better than that. Wonder where Bill Bailey is?
Crowell, BillyMM3Feb 1975 – Nov 1976a-gang
Calderon, GeorgeSHSNFeb 1975 – Feb 1977SUPPLYIf i wasn't cuting your hair I was selling you Gedunk. I attended the 35 annivarsary of Vietnam Evac, on the USS MIdway. During that time, April 75', on condition 3, 1 hour sleep a day if lucky-fun stuff.
Hawes, Richard " Hoss "MM3Mar 1975 – Dec 1976MShe could STEAM. Great bunch of guys in Main Control. Medley, Bray,Hotard,Dowey,Sheehan,Jones Norton,Delaney,Arco.Things got wild off Nam, chasing the Midway. All the way from Yoko to Iran and back. She made us grow up, She'll be missed.
Guevarra, WillieSK3/SK2Apr 1975 – May 1978S-1My 1st ship and my first duty station out of boot camp. Spent 3 wonderful years on board and made a lot friends, and a great deal of experienced- 3 WESTPACs, 2 drydocks and change of ship's designation from DLG to CG. And Japan of course! Love it!
Lenzenhuber, Louis M.DS2May 1975 – May 1977DS-ET
Long, FrankGMM3May 1975 – Sep 1979WeaponsGood memories. Met a lot of really patient people....Did a lot of growing up. Hope to see you all in Vegas!!!
Horan, Jeffery (Turkeysoup)RM3May 5, 1975 – Jul 2, 1978OCRan out of sunlight chits all the time. Dement, Eubanks, Finley, Smitty, AC, Hal Hazel, where are all of you?? Miss the old girl sometimes, but at my age I forget where I hid her. Too bad they sank her.
Heyer, KentFTG3Jun 1975 – Jun 19772nd, WC
Carter, John , "Aj" , " Iceman"OSSNJun 1, 1975 – Aug 8, 1976OIwas a heck of an experience for a 16 yr old . Didn't quite get the hang of the Navy but had a succesful career and retired from the Air Force
Persico, Bradleye5Jun 5, 1975 – Jul 21, 1979oiAs I grow old I now know that these wrer the most exciting fulfilling years of my life
Lawless, TomSKSNJun 18, 1975 – May 9, 1977SupplyHad some of the best times of my life while on the Worden. Visiting Subic Bay (what fun) Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. Made many frieds.
Doy, HoltMM3Jul 15, 1975 –EngineeringWhat happened to Frog, Dewey and "Horny Dog" Carter??
Rock, DonaldBT3Aug 1975 – Mar 1979BoilersHad alot of good times started my Naval Career there as a E-2 and today 29 years later a BTCM. COLD IRON SUCKS
Rock, DonaldBT2Aug 1975 – Mar 1979BStill active as a Master Chief, good ship- good times
Osseweijer, Andre (Luigi)MM3Aug 1975 – Dec 1977Engineering-Main Control
Young III, Lawrence (Larry)RM2Aug 1975 – Jun 1976OCOnboard Worden Aug 1975 - June 1976, then discharged from active duty in Treasure Island, Ca June 21 1976. OC Div, had LTjg Dubina as radio commo officer. Great ship, great duty for my last year. Loved Yokosuka.
Fowler, JimET2/ET1Nov 1975 – May 1979OEGreat ship, great crew. Taught me what doing it right the first time meant. Lots of good times. Retired in 1994 as a ETCS(SW). 20 years in Japan. Did a tour on the Midway just before she came back.
Coleman, TerrySNDec 1975 – Dec 19761stMy first ship. She was homeported in Yokosuka, Japan.

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