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USS Worden (CG 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Worden (CG 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 828 crew members registered for the USS Worden (CG 18).

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White Jr, James JimE31972 – 1975B
Sterling, Robert (Crystal His Niece)Boatswains maten e31972 – Apr 16, 1972Uss wodern tf 77 7th fleetI am Robert (Bob) sterling neice. I never got to meet him, my family never talkied about what happend or about him. You guys were with him.
Wuthrich, Randy WoodyBT31972 – 1974B
Elliott, EdwardEM31972 – Dec 14, 1973E DivisionNorm Hood, been looking for you for many years. Remember Flagstaff and Lake Powell and the beans. Elouise still reminds me of the gas.
Nichols, JimETN2Jan 1972 – May 1975OE
Green, MichaelE3Feb 1972 – May 19741st and OCGreat years on a great ship. Alot of friends in the 1st Division and Radio Shack. Those who remember me, email me. Member of Sterling watch that night in Vietnam. Yes, Tolkin Gulf Vet.
Midgett, DavidRM2May 1972 – Sep 1974OC
Midgett, DavidRM2May 1972 – 1974OC
Matthews, James "matt"YNCMay 20, 1972 – Jun 10, 1975XWonderful, learning and maturing experience. Extremely Proud to have served. Superb CREW! "Let Worden Do It!"
Richmond, JimEM3May 20, 1972 – May 22, 1973ELots of underway time. Trip to Hachi"nowhere"
McCarthy, Bennyrm3May 30, 1972 – May 28, 1973oc divisionmotivated to make a career in the navy based on two outstanding individuals. capt g. b. shick and rm1 dorman. a great life decision.
Adams, ThomasRM2Jul 1972 – Apr 1974OCGreat bunch of guys. Capt. Shick was the best. Who could forget the Tonken Gulf Yacht Club. Being overseas was a great place to grow up. Teletype skills got me in brokerage business. Been a stockbroker for 28 years.
Kunik, ChrisBTFNAug 1972 – Nov 1975 aft. fireroomGreat times and people
Kunik, ChrisBTAug 1972 – Nov 1974B-Div.
Schleicher, Frank "Paco" "pdb"ETR-2Aug 16, 1972 – Jul 14, 1975ElectronicsGreatest group of guys I ever worked with. Best Duty station served! She went down serving the Navy.
Martin, Tony (Stumpy)SH 3Aug 21, 1972 – May 20, 1973SupplyI wish I coud do it all over again. Great memories, great ports and one mighty fine ship.
Glanzer, PhilBTFNSep 1972 – Dec 1975EngineeringYea, for Subic Bay!!
Johnson, Alfred (Al)PN2Sep 1972 – Aug 1974AdminIt was a fantastic experience to serve on board the Worden. To bad she was sunk. Would like to hear from some of the crew.
Englund, Prairie WolfO-2Sep 1, 1972 – Jun 30, 1975ops, then weapshomeport yokosuka; visits pusan, keelung/taipei, khaosiung, hong kong, subic bay, manila, tonkin gulf x many, sattahip/bangkok; almosts pearl harbor, equator, singapore; dreams sydney, auckland. fair winds and following seas to all ... worden did it
Pierce, CarlDECK CREW E-1 TO E-3 THEN SH3Oct 1972 – Oct 1974Supply - operated laundryWas on Deck crew for about the first year. Knew the Penners. Don Fincham and I were good buddies. Struck for Supply Dept and operated Laundry then Ships Store. I was on Deck Crew when we rescued Taiwanese Fisherman from their boat during typhoon.
Kissling, RobertLTJGOct 9, 1972 – May 6, 1976OI
Reagan, AlanRM3Nov 6, 1972 – Sep 1, 1976OC
Latimer, FrankSKSNNov 24, 1972 – Jul 15, 1973supplyI loved being on the ship and being at sea. Loved the ports we went to. Hated the Navy
Tierney, FrankEW!Dec 1972 – Dec 1974OIBest cerw in the best ship. Meet my wife Nagisa (Mona) in YOKO. We were together 28 years. She passed away June 2003.
Bradford, Paul HthtDec 1972 – May 1975repair divisionis there any one that was on DLG18 and CG 18
Teodoro, LouSM 3Dec 27, 1972 – Dec 20, 19731stI think a lot about Bob Sterling and the guys who were injured in '72. Bob was a great guy. We were a tight crew and Capt. Schick was a great guy. I was stationed in Norfolk's Comm. Sta. from '73 to '75 as a RM 2 in the Crypto ar
Isenberg, DavidQM SR1973 – 1975N&X AND 1stMy first ship. Started out as quartermaster SR; later became a member of 1st division. It was a good ship; I still have fond memories of leaving Yokosuka and going on WESTPACs and being helmsman during UNREPs.
O'Leary, DaveOS3Mar 1973 – Mar 1975OIMany 12 on 12 off radar shifts.
Hilemon, DaveOS3Mar 1, 1973 – May 1, 1975OIAt that time, best CIC in any navy.
Fortin, 410 ShotgunYN#Mar 15, 1973 – Jan 10, 1975WeaponsHave been trying to find the name of the sailor who was hung, or hanged self in Sep=Oct 73 during or right after visit to Hong Kong
Coombs, Tedsn3Apr 1, 1973 – Dec 8, 1974OpsInteresting time of my life
Rote, GerardOS-2Apr 15, 1973 – May 30, 1975oiI sat as greyhound golf mof tonkon last battle. I miss the old crew and skipper
Warner, Thomas MMMay 1973 – Jun 1974MM
Bray, TabMMMay 16, 1973 – Jan 25, 1977M-DivBest Command I was ever on!!!!!!!!!!!
Oltmann, DonFTG 3Jun 1973 – Jun 1975Interesting time in history and my life.
Gordon, FlashQMSNJun 1973 – Jun 1975NXGreat Ship as I look back...sailed merchat after the Navy.
Jeffery, LesliebtfaJun 19, 1973 – Jun 20, 1975Bworked in the aft fire room
Holmes, John C RedneckBM3Jun 26, 1973 – Feb 16, 19761stHad a lot of fun met some great people got to see a lot of places when I got out i stayed in the PI and THAILAND shipping animals back stateside for a couple years, sorry the old girl is gone but she wont be forgotten.
Manganaro, BillENSIGNSep 1973 – Oct 1976E/IC, First, NavigationReported aboard as ensign from Annapolis. Electrical/IC Div Officer and first to qual as EOOW in the memory of any aboard. First Lieutenant and then Navigator for MIDLINK 75 and 17,000 mile cruise from Yokosuka, Japan to Bandar Abbas, Iran
Manganaro, WilliamLt (jg)Sep 1973 – Oct 1976Electrical, First and NavigationHomeported in Yokosuka, Japan. Qualified as EOOW, first officer to do so in memory of BTCS who had been aboard for six years. Bset job was Navigator; took ship to Bandar Abbas, Iran on Operation Midlink 75.
Miller, TonyBTFAOct 1973 – Sep 1975Boiler TechnicianThinking back on all the good people and friends on the Worden.
Kelly, WilliamE-3 /FTMSNOct 10, 1973 – Sep 27, 1975FOX Div.Returned to Worden after FT"A" School Phase 1. Many changes took place, Assigned to AFT Plot then re-assigned to 48Rdr., ship re-designated CG-18, the Navy advanced me to 3rd class and I re-enlisted for "C" School.
Abraham, Richard (Abe)mm3Dec 1973 – Dec 1975M-divisionwas my first ship and learned alot from some great sailors. Had alot of fun with good friends in the fareast anf IO.
Hiday, BosnBM2Dec 1973 – Dec 1976Deck DepartmentGood ship but too many turnovers at the BMC level. Transferred to SIMA SAN Diego
Tidd, RandallGMM3Dec 8, 1973 – Jun 30, 1977GMBest ship and crew there ever was. Learned alot on board her. Spent a 4 year cruise on board, then 28 years after that in Japan in Japanese corporations. Learned Japanese fluently and have a beautiful Japanese wife named Misa.
Duncan, MichaelDec 8, 1973 – Sep 19, 1975sure am sorry to hear about the ole girl going down.. but at least we sunk her and nobody else. I worked with GMT1 Brady and GMT2 Tippet AS Division. I'll never forget Capt Hayes and all my friends from 1st division.
Crowley, Charles (Larry)PN3Dec 15, 1973 – Feb 15, 1976AdminReported as a naive 18-year-old, left as a jaded 20-year-old, but had quite a time. Saw Sinatra on the Midway in Yokosuka in '75. Always kept the personnel office door open.

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