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USS Worden (CG 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Worden (CG 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 832 crew members registered for the USS Worden (CG 18).

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Thompson, BobYN31971 – Dec 1973I was Weapons Department Yeoman while aboard Worden.
Lovitt, ChristopherETN2/ET11971 – 1973OEThen - Great Ship, Great Crew Now - Great Wife (of 28 Yrs), Great Kids (2), and Great Grand Children (5)
Wolff, Donald (Don)DSC1971 – 1974OEWriting for my husband who always said she was the best ship he was on. Great times in Bath & Yokosuka. Retired in 76, died in 00.
Rapp, BobGMM31971 – 19722 ndCame aboard in Bath Maine. Would love to hear from old shipmates. Gary Melton, do you still live in California?
Minor, MarvinBT21971 – Nov 3, 1973BOne of the crew injured onboard April 16, 1972.
Dawson, OrbieBM31971 – 1973Deck ForceRobert was one the best persons I met while in the Navy. He is still missed and I know that everyone who met him has felt the loss.
Pfister, SteveLieutenant1971 –Missile DivisionCame aboard in Bath Maine during moderization and departed just before missile incident off Vietnam. Very sad to hear about it. Worden was the best tour ever. Capt G.B. Shick and crew was the best !
Cutlip, BobSK21971 – 1973SupplyMet a lot of great people, had a lot of fun, had great friends. I think about them from time to time. Was a Plank Owner in Bath Maine and then to Long Beach and then Japan. My first time across the equator.
Haugh, TerryRM3Jan 1971 – May 1973
Nichols, JimETN2Jan 1971 – May 1975OEHomeport - Yukoska, Japan
Strum, Lonnie (Layback)BT 3Jan 1971 – Mar 1973BCame on board in Bath, sailed her around to San Diego and then later to Long Beach. Then on to Yokosuka. Stayed with her until I was discharged in 1973. Many Many good times.
Wolthuis, BobGMT3Jan 1971 – Oct 1973asrocMade alot of good friends while going threw alot of crap. We thought we were invinceable.
Pearson, BradBM3Jan 1971 – Nov 19721stBoarded uss Warden DGL18 in Bath Main. Good Ship. Sad ending. I also lost a frind in BM3 Steriling. Because of our assignment I was on lifegaurd duty and he was on the bridge in my place. I still wonder why sometimes. Had good times.
Truesdale, Willis (Two)GMM2Jan 1971 – Aug 1972WeaponsI was on watch with Bob Ratner in the Missle House when we were hit by the missiles in Haiphong. Glad to see Bob is on the crew list. I intend to visit Robert Sterling's grave in Creston Iowa when I return to the area.
Smith, JackMM3Jan 1971 – Dec 1973ENGINEERING
Maloney, RobertBT2Jan 1971 – Sep 1972B DivisionBoarded in Bath, Me. assigned to after fireroom, B division supply po, GQ station was DC. Was sent to ward room after attack to help out, worked on BM3 Robert Sterling, Later was with BT1 Launius
Ortiz, LeonardsnJan 1971 – Feb 1972signalmanwas there when The Warden was recommissioned in Maine till was sent to Japan! would love to hear from old signal crew!
Alexander, Robert profile iconMM3Jan 1971 – Jan 1975A GangWhat an experience ! Looking back it was a great time in my life. Saw Bob Sterlings name on the Wall in DC, I think of him often, and the rest of the crew during that time.
Bowen, Robert BobGMMSNJan 1971 – Jul 30, 1971weaponsShort but good time aboard. Great shipmates
Turley, Georgegmg3Jan 1, 1971 – Aug 10, 19732nd
Whitehead, JimBT2Jan 2, 1971 – Jun 10, 1972BWorked if Aft Fireroom. Loved the "Boat", great guys to work and party with.
Thuernagle, SteveBT2Jan 2, 1971 – Mar 30, 1973B divisioncrazy times, but with great people
Champeau, Stephen / Steve / ChampRD/OS 2Jan 24, 1971 – May 17, 1972OITrack Supervisor Net Controller of NTDS System. Does anyone remember what "GNIP GNOP was? Received Navy Achievement Medal. Will never forget April 15, 1972 & BM3 Bob Sterling
Thompson, BobYN3Feb 1971 – Dec 1973Weapons
Thompson, BobYN3Feb 1971 – Dec 1973WeaponsNew email address, Was Weapons Division Yeoman.
Williams, ErnieBM2Feb 1971 – Sep 1975!st Division (Deck)!st division LPO Friends: Tommy Reading, Andy Anderson (TM3) Gerber (BM3) Bewilder, T-man, BO (YN3)
Brown, MikeSTG4Feb 1971 – Aug 1, 1973Sonar
Puskaric, Charles profile iconEN2Mar 1971 – Jan 1973EngineeringOn board Long Beach, CA. in Mar.1971 as an EN3 Great ship. Became a lot better when CAPT. George Schick arrived Made EN2 and was duty A-gang Change of homeport in Oct 1971 to Yokasuka, Japan Left Jan 1973 Retired 1993
McCaleb, RobertETR2Mar 20, 1971 – Dec 22, 1972OEI loved that ship and the outstanding shipmates I worked with. Still can't beleive she's gone.
Swallow, DukeSTG-2Apr 7, 1971 – Nov 10, 1972A/S
Hood, Normanmm3Apr 13, 1971 – Mar 15, 1974EngineeringBest ship I was ever on,.Remember Bob Sterling well and visit the wall to say hi to him,he is right at the peak of the wall,left side.Ernest Soto,John Broxson,Jack Smith Mark Kaska ,Edward Elliot,love to get in touch with you guys
Knutsen, Doug 'Knut'ETN2May 1971 – Jan 1974OEMy next ship opened my eyes to what an absolutely 1st-rate crew I was honored to be a member of on Worden. Lots of good memories.
Clark, MikeBT3Jun 1971 – Jun 1973Engineeringboiler room, damage control, div supply petty officer
Watts, Richard(Duckfoot)BT-3Jun 25, 1971 – Mar 21, 1974B DivisionI came on in long beach have keep in contact with jim ward..would like to thank the crew of worden for some of the best years of mmy life.I,m lookin for rick baker and richard flowers as well as John medeladroca please help......
Bunda, LarryGMM2Jul 15, 1971 – Aug 15, 19742ndMy first ship, learned a lot, experienced more....
Rankin, James JimBMSR, BMSNJul 31, 1971 – Nov 13, 1972UnkI am Jim Rankins daughter. Unfortunately he passed away 9/27/12 from pancreatic cancer. I was trying to find people who knew him to share stories with me.
Cutlip, JimDS-1Aug 1971 – Mar 1974OE
Yerardi, FrankE-2Aug 1971 – Feb 19731ST
Yerardi, FrankE_2Aug 1971 – Feb 19731st
Lightfoot, Jerry (Foot)GMSNAug 1971 – Aug 1973GIf anyone knows the where-abouts of Seaman Don Thomas of first division (standing next to Robert Alan Sterling,BM3) when we were hit in the Gulf of Tonkin, please contact me asap
Powell, JeffDS2Sep 1, 1971 – Aug 10, 1973OELooking for confirmation of April 12 1972 missle incident in Haiphong Harbor; have VA claim for cancer pending. Time is of the essence. Please repy to my email address, Thanks
Feeney, NelsonOS 3Sep 19, 1971 – Dec 4, 1973OIThe Worden was a DLG when I was aboard, and will always be a DLG for me.
Balawag, PedroOS 5Sep 19, 1971 – Dec 4, 1973OIAnyone still in contact with Nelson Feeney, Pineapple or Cluck? I would like their contact info
Kelly, WilliamE-3 / SNSep 24, 1971 – Apr 5, 19731st Div.Rode the Worden from Long Beach To Yokosuka. Served with BM3 Robert Steerling until his untimely death Apr.16th, 1972. I still think of him and the wild liberty a group of us shared that lastnight in port R.I.P. shipmate
Jorgensen, JorgyOS1Oct 10, 1971 – Oct 30, 1975Combat Information centerHad a great time and saw ports of call I thought I never would.
Teodoro, LouRM 2Dec 26, 1971 – Nov 30, 1972FIRST DIVISION & OPERATIONS-RADIOI served with Jim Rankin in the 1st Division and I remember him having a great sense of humor. I was unaware that he was on the bridge the night we were hit by the missile, but it doesnt surprise me that he helped out.

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