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USS Worden (CG 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Worden (CG 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 827 crew members registered for the USS Worden (CG 18).

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Bennett, DavidFTM11967 – 1969FirecontrolLife was simpler then. Good buddies; good times.
Schortmann, DonaldSK21967 – 1969supplywe went all over the world on that ship. Loved the Virgin Islands. Sorry to see her at the bottom. retired living in Las Vegas now. My drinking buddy BM1 Grant bought the farm in Nam on PBRs. Was sad to hear. Had many a
Platou, GarySFP3Jan 1967 – Sep 1967
Baten, Roger D.IC3Jan 1, 1967 – Nov 10, 1969ICGreat ship great Shipmates, Great adventure Hated to hear she is gone. Now living in Shreveport La Lived in Silsbee Tx served with Bobby Nash, Glen Tracy both also from silsbee
Schneider, RichardMM3Jan 31, 1967 – Oct 1967M
Platou, GarySFP3Mar 1, 1967 – Sep 1, 1967E
Goodspeed, JackSN1Apr 1967 – Sep 1967DeckSan Diego, Pearl, Yokosuka, Subic, Viet Nam, Sasebo, Buckner Bay. Ended too soon. Capt. John D. Shea skippered with courage and style. We'll never forget. Neither will the Worden. RIP
Strieck, SteveFTM2Sep 1967 – May 19694thseems like just yesterday-- loved the ship and am still in contact with a number of the crew
Eickmeyer, CharlesEMCMOct 6, 1967 – Sep 20, 1969"E" I enjoyed my tour on board. The Worden was the last permanent duty station I served on. I was transferd to the Recieving Station at San Diego CA for processing, for transfer to the Fleet Reserve.
Clara, Jerry / GaSFM-3Nov 1, 1967 – Sep 1969R-divisionGood times and Great shipmates. I miss those days. Remember those rough seas? I don't miss them. R-division was a great bunch of shipmates.
Oppelt, Tom / OpieSFM2Nov 7, 1967 – Jul 12, 1969rany old R-1 sheetmetal guys still alive out there?? Good times, wish we had them to do all over again.
Gross, RobertFTM31968 – 1969FirecontrolWhat a life..............
Holland, JustinETN-51968 – 1969Operations
Duncan, TerrySK31968 – Jul 31, 1969supplynam cruise of 68-69. gq on 30 and50 calibers on bow. remember the cong river boat sneeking up on us. captain could not get ok to fire upon it . wow he was sure ticked off. 14 days in dry dock in japan and what did I do?
Haessler, RichardMM3Feb 2, 1968 – Nov 10, 1969M-Engine RoomGreast times with some great people.
Wright, LanceMMCSApr 10, 1968 – Sep 15, 1969M- engineroomsfirst ship on west coast. took her around to Bath, Maine for overhaul and addition of two missle radars,re-enlisted and returned to San Diego retired as a MMCM
Floyd, TommyJun 1968 – Oct 1969ocsailed with Worden DLG-18 on 1 westpack, highlined in tonkin gulf in 1969, shellback and sailed her thru panama canal to bath, maine for decommission. Wonderful time to be a sailor. I grew up on that ship. Would like to hear from others.
Keiper, JohnQM2Jun 16, 1968 – Nov 5, 1969N&XLooking for shipmates.
Robertson, VernonMM1Sep 1968 – Sep 1969M
Madison, John "jack"ETCSSep 1968 – Nov 1971
Nugent, PaulSM2Sep 1968 – Nov 1969OCWas aboard for west PAC 68/69.Remained with ship till decommission at Bath.was saddened to see her final demise,but change comes as we have.I remember my fellow Signalmen .
Munoz, BartBTFN-BT3Oct 1968 – Oct 1969B1 Westpac in 1968 then to Bath Ma. 1969 for a refit, was assigned to the USS FOX 2 more westpacs. Odd tht the USS Tucson sunk the Worden(target) my son served on the Tucson.
Madison, John "jack"ETCSOct 1968 – Nov 1971OPS.
Sedlak, RickRD3Oct 1968 – Oct 1969OPS/RADARThe ports of call were great! I saw more of Japan assigned to Worden than while I was on the Sterett ported in Yoko. I was lucky enough to decommission her in Bath, Maine. Remember many of the crews names, it seems like yesterday.
Marino, JimRD2Mar 1969 – Dec 1971OperationsI was a plank owner from Bath Maine commissioning crew through Panama Canal to Long beach.
Burdge, RobertQM3Sep 1969 – Oct 1969OPTIt was a nice cruise from SanDeigo To Bath Maine.
Decker, RogerEM2Sep 15, 1969 – Oct 31, 1969ewas transferred from u.s.s. prairie ad-15 to worden sept 15th 1969 to take her to bath maine for superstructure updates was em2 went into e division what was really neat was they put my car a 1965 oldsmobile 442 on the back of the ship.
May, Daniel, DanCS31970 – 1971SupplyI was a commisaryman, a plank owner in The Bath Iron Works, Bath, Main, sailed her around and through the Panama Canal to California. I love the "lines" of this ship
Bernard, DavidBM31970 – 1972deck forceJoined ship in Bath First guy I met was Robert Rapp in Portland. Lots of fond memories but worst was the night we lost Robert Sterling. He took my place on watch 5 minutes before it happend. would like to hear from you
Corey, JohnETR2Jan 1970 – Oct 1973OEAgreed - Best group of Technicians I ever had the honor to serve with
Lennon, StephenOS3Jan 1, 1970 – Jan 1974OIPlankowner; homeported in Japan; aboard on 04/16/72 when the ship was hit. Had a friend on the USS Higbee in the aft turret when she was hit by a Mig. Worden was the first and best ship (of 4 homeported in Japan) that I served on.
Collins, Glen (Leroy)EM3Jan 4, 1970 – Aug 17, 1973ERetired from USN Oct 1998. Worden was the best I ever served on operational and crew members. I am looking for EM3 Dave (Alice) Cooper and IC2 Les Paulson
Chandler Jr., WilliamBT2Jan 18, 1970 – Mar 15, 1973B Div.The Worden was a great ship and so were the guy's from the Aft Fire Room I really enjoyed working with them. I hope all of them are doing well . I think about them all the time. GO NAVY!
Dewey, FranklinQM2May 15, 1970 – Nov 23, 1973XI was one of the first 10 people assigned to the Worden. I am a plank owner. Recieved a Purple Heart for wounds received 04/16/72
Thompson, BobYN3May 19, 1970 – Nov 11, 1973WeaponsWas Weaponst Department Yeoman while aboard. Knew most of the ships company.
Ruspoli, Frank (Gunner)CWO-3Jul 1970 – Jul 1973FoxReported on board at Bath, ME. Great ship, Super crew.
Rizzardi, DennisLTAug 1970 – Sep 1972CICI was the Tactical Action Officer on April 16, 1972 when we were hit by 2 missiles. A sad day. Capt. Schick was the CO, and a great CO he was. We held every station in the Tonkin Gulf - NorhSar, MiddleSar, SouthSar, and PIRAZ. Be Proud.
Ratner, Robert / BobGMM1Aug 1970 – Mar 19752nd/4th/GMAll of the reunions have been AMAZING! Looking forward to seeing you all at the next reunion. Great Ship,,,,Greater Shipmates.
Cohoon, Stevebt3Aug 1, 1970 – Jul 26, 1973bhad great time aboard the uss worden they were a lot of great people that will never be forgotten thank you uss worden
Clark, BernardMM1Aug 15, 1970 – Aug 3, 1973EngineeringI was assigned to the Main Engines nucleus crew as an MM3 in Aug 1970. Commissioned the ship and stayed with it through Long Beach and deployment to Yokosuka. Advanced to MM1 and transferred to Cryo school in Aug of 73.
Royer, Dennis profile iconmm3Sep 1970 – Sep 1973m-divi was m-div supply .worked for mm1 karl Mc carty macc passed away in sept 2011 sure will miss him
Ketterling, DonEM3Sep 1970 – Apr 12, 1972EngineeringMember of nucleus crew which commissioned the ship in February of 1971. Shakedown in Guantanamo and then to Long Beach and West Pac. Home-ported in Yokosuka and on the line in Tonkin Gulf
Manier, JamesGMT-1Sep 10, 1970 – Jan 18, 1974ASROCLeft Worden DLG-18 in Yokosuka Japan,Jan 1974.
Dorman, DaleRM2/RM1Sep 18, 1970 – Oct 16, 1973OCLots of underway time.
Dorman, DaleRM2/RM1Sep 24, 1970 – Sep 15, 1973OCPlank owner on re-commissiong crew .. took Worden around to Long Beach .. changed homeport to Yokosuka Japan ... was on watch when Worden got hit in April of '72 .. good ship and crew ... lots of underway time ...
Lennon, StephenOS3Oct 1970 – Dec 1973OIFirst and best ship I was ever on. Went to Japan on it. Later served on her sister ship Reeves. Both got sunk off Hawaii.
Balders, GaryBTCMOct 1, 1970 – Apr 30, 1974BPart of the original crew at Bath Iron Works, which recommissioned the ship after retrofit. Remained onboard during the transit and homeport of Yokosuka Japan.
Wolthuis, BobGMT3Oct 24, 1970 – Dec 6, 1973as
Launius, Harold ( Wayne )BT1Nov 1970 – Sep 1972BI got on board in yards in Bath Ma.i was the oil king then was in fwd. fire rm. i was one of the people that got wounded. ret. in 1977 live in Ark. now best ship i served on.
Hable, RaymondET1Nov 1970 – Dec 1973OEthe best communication electronic techs i ever served with..great ship, great division.. running with the engineers was an experience
Burnstein, GeneRD3Nov 1970 – Sep 1971OIAssisted in recommissioning at Bath, Maine, remember GITMO (palm trees, clear water, & worst sunburn in my life). Transferred off the ship just prior to homeport change to Japan.
Hable, RaymondET1Nov 1970 – Dec 1973OELeft Worden as ET1, retired 1995 as NCCM(SW)..count Worden as one of best ships i served on. ET's i had privilege of working with were best ever.
Engelke, JerryshsnNov 1970 – Jan 1973s-3
Hable, RaymondET1Nov 1, 1970 – Dec 15, 1973oeliberty was good, ship was great, et's were best i ever had the privilege of serving with..
Bradford, AlginRM1Nov 12, 1970 – Jun 22, 1972OC
Blurton, MikeFTG2Dec 1970 – Sep 1972WeaponsRecommissioned ship in Bath, Maine. War Games in Cuba, passed thru Panama Canal. In Long Beach, then home port Yukosuka Japan. Climbed Mt Fuji. A good sailor KIA at Haiphong harbor. Worked with great sailors. Ruspoli CWO
Knowles, Robert (Bob)SNDec 1, 1970 – Feb 1, 19721stWas on DLG 18. Great ship. Sorry she's at the bottom of the ocean

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