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USS Worden (CG 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Worden (CG 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 828 crew members registered for the USS Worden (CG 18).

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Frugoni, JohnFTM21965 – 19694thHail and Farewell the old Wardog. She's still hiding a bottle of cognac down on the bottom. We complained about the mickey mouse stuff, but we loved the ship.
Ferguson, DaleRM31965 – 1966OCMade one Westpac cruise in 1966. We rescued two pilots. Never got over being sea sick but still enjoyed sea life. Capt. Stubel was a great person. Would like contact from other radiomen of that time period
Ferguson, DaleRM31965 – 1966OC
Stanton, TE31965 – 1969SupplyHi: its been a long time . any of you guys know what the worden had hit at sea to send us to dry dock in japan for propeller repair ?
Stenseng, Paul RD21965 – 1968OIBest ship in the navy. 3 Westpac cruises..Radar gang the best. Many fond memories.
Wiesinger, Don WiesRD3Jan 2, 1965 – Aug 24, 1967OI
McCracken, TravisBM-3Feb 1, 1965 – Dec 29, 1967FirstI really enjoyed my time on board this ship(USS Woredn-DLG-18 I met lots of great people one was Charles Corky Story
Richards, DonaldGMG3Feb 16, 1965 – Feb 12, 1969Hey Stan It's me Don Richards from the USS Worden 1966. Maybe we can walk up and down broadway again.
Story, Carlyle "corky"BM3Mar 10, 1965 – Aug 15, 19661stMade a WestPac on her, then to Guam for a year & on to the Nam for two years. Hated the way she died.
Slaughter, JohnRD3Mar 10, 1965 – Aug 13, 1967oi
Frugoni, JohnFtm2Apr 1965 – Aug 19694th
Farrell III, Chester (Chet)E4 ICApr 10, 1965 – Dec 28, 1966engineering Interior Communications Electornic TechVietman 7 Jan to 10 Jul 1966 I find it somewhat sad that Worden has been sunk as a target in 2001. She was a grand ship and held many great memories of some great friends and good times at sea.
Gentner, Terry "bear"STGAJO AZ1Jun 1965 – Jul 19673rd Two trips to RVN made a couple NSAR trips and watched much fireworks . Left her in shipyard in 68. Made STGC at ASW school SDiego that summer. Retired STGCS 1978. Got lump in the throat when she went to the bottom off SDiego.
Phoenix, BillLTjgJun 1965 – Jun 1968ENG (EM/IC) & OPS (RD)Spent 3 yrs on Worden, grew up quite a bit. Learned a lot from CPO's like Zwolinski, Silvera, Spencer, Plummer, & Hinsey. Great leading PO's like Clark, Wolfe, Koon, Barr, Baldwin Terry & Warth. A great old ship.
Hutchens, StanSM2Jun 10, 1965 – May 1968oclooking for old freinds
McLean, Harold "Mac" profile iconETR 3Jul 15, 1965 – Feb 20, 1968OEDid a whole bunch of growing up on DLG-18. So sad that she died w/o defending herself off the coast of Kauai. Id fiat WORDEN si!!!
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Volpi, TomRM3Aug 1965 – Aug 1967CommunicationsBest 2 years experience I have ever had, and really enjoyed the crew. Dave Langevin, Ron Lingle, Larry Ferguson, Daryl Hoover, Henry Viagomez, Chief Quarles and others I can't recall their names. Go Navy.
Hoover, DarrylRM2Aug 15, 1965 – Sep 1, 1968OCLiked the time on the ship. Miss the friends that I had and the traveling to different countries.
Hadley, CurtisRD3Sep 18, 1965 – Aug 19, 1967
Marcinkowski, BobDLG 18Sep 20, 1965 – Sep 19, 19691st.It was a great experience.I made a few good friend's,saw a lot of the world that I otherwise would not have seen and it was a great ship.
Earnshaw, PeterGMTOct 1, 1965 – Jun 20, 1966deck
Grubbs, GaryMM3Oct 1, 1965 – Sep 2, 1969Snipe DivisionI would love to hear from any shipmates during my time on the Warden. I often think of the guys I served with. I was the drummer for the 1st band with Birdsall & Judd we played every on the cruise. Aft Engine Room.
Earnshaw, PeterSEAMAN APPRENTISEOct 15, 1965 – Jun 1, 1966deckI was not the navys brightest star by a long shot - that's an understatement! Immaturity and perpetual 'mal de mer' led to a premature departure from the service as 'unsuitable' for the military. My sincerest apologies to my
Sherrell, JerryEN 3Oct 22, 1965 – Mar 22, 1969R Division A GangSpent Time in the After Engine Room & Forward Fire room before making 3RD Class Engineman made 3 West Pac Cruises on her.. wouldn't trade the experience of serving on her for anything. made lots of good friends !!!
Foss, JerryETN2Nov 6, 1965 – Jun 24, 1968OE
Langevin, DaveRM2Dec 2, 1965 – Aug 1, 1968OC
Walker, KennethSF3Dec 6, 1965 – Apr 19, 1969shipfitter shopSorry about our loss.Still looking for Gary Grubbs
Connelly, William (Bill)FTM21966 – 19694th
McMillian, RonaldSn1966 – 1968SupplyWho forgets the ships barber?
Earnshaw, PeterGMTJan 1966 – Jun 1966deckenlisted at us naval headquarters, london england in 1965 where I was raised by my british parents although born in NY. was only 17. joined ship in pearl in early 1966. visited ship in june 2000 the day she departed pearl for rimpac sinking. very sad
Coiner, William J.EM3Apr 10, 1966 – Mar 15, 1968EHighlined in Gulf of Tonkin 1966
Matthews, RayRD2May 1966 – Aug 1969OI
Matthews, RayE5May 1966 – Aug 1969OIServing on the Worden was a great experience. The long mid-watches in CIC were always tough to stay awake, and the Underway Replenishment were always a workout. Most memorable was going up the Boatswain ladder to clean and paint the 04L
Covert, Peter / PeteETRSN(SG)May 1966 – Dec 1966OE
Baten, RogerIC3May 26, 1966 – Nov 10, 1969E
Plumley, EarlSH2Jun 1966 – Nov 1969Supply
Vuchetich, Peter D VuchFTM3/2Jun 1966 – Nov 19694My first ship, first cruise,
Watt, BobSTG2Jul 1966 – 1968WeaponsLooking for anyone that was on with "Half and Half".
Palarino, CarlMM3Jul 18, 1966 – Oct 31, 1969A gangI'm retired and enjoying it. Had a great time at the reunion this year in Washington, Dc.
Paluda, CharlesRD 3Aug 1, 1966 – Mar 29, 1969OIGood assignment, good division, good people
Lingle, RonRM3Aug 15, 1966 – Jan 1968OCGreat ship! I remember Dave Langivin, Ernie Dufrense, Ron Luts, Volpie, Ferguson, Chief Quarels, Sm2 Hutchins and his brother
Lingle, RonRM3Aug 16, 1966 – Jan 5, 1968
Groff, GeorgeFTM2Sep 1966 – May 1968Fox - After RadarWent on to get a commission and have a 20 year career in the Navy.
Winters, Richard (Rick)ET-3Oct 1966 – Nov 1969OEIt took some time to realize how much life on the Worden really meant to me and how it helped in forming my life yet to come.
Purefoy, Robert (Bob)ETRSNOct 1966 – 1968ElectronicsMy buddies on Worden were Great! AJ Squared Away Chief, the no cards chief was a,you know what! Where are you guys where's Frankie? God is good! Been married 38+ years.Drop a line! Got transferred to the New Jersey.
Kitchel, JamesYN2Oct 1966 – Nov 1969N and XExtremely grateful for all the places we visited in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Great memories despite our involvement in Vietnam. Sorry to learn of her fate.
Bear, JohnseamanOct 1, 1966 – Jan 1, 1968supplyI am working with the VA on a claim and trying to verify I was on this ship and we were in viet nam. I was the paymaster at this time. If you remember me please contact me.
Kitchel, JimYN2Oct 3, 1966 – 1969XTwo Westpacs; still scrubbing grease out of ears from shellback initiation enroute Sydney. Old gal was home for 3 1/2 years - grieved to learn of her demise. Picture of my old DLG 18 adorns my office wall at work.
Rudisill, DonRD3Nov 1966 – Aug 1969OII still remember many of the names and faces after all these years. Speedbird was a good ship.
Villers, TomSEAMANNov 9, 1966 – Jun 1968personnelHad a short but fun time on the old girl.
Haas, Duanebm3Nov 19, 1966 – Nov 11, 19681c ame aboard out of boat and left bm3
Rudisill, Don (Rudy)RD3Dec 1966 – Aug 1969OI
Ryan, HoyeGMG3Dec 1966 – Sep 19692 nd
Rudisill, DonRD3Dec 1966 – Aug 1969OI
Oppelt, TomSFM 2Dec 8, 1966 – Aug 10, 1969R-1Looking for the old crew 66-69. Three Westpac druisees to Nam.

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