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USS Worden (CG 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Worden (CG 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 827 crew members registered for the USS Worden (CG 18).

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Hennessey, DonBMS30000 –Boswain
Clouser, CliffRD21962 – 1966OIThanks to the Worden I never got seasick on any ships. 1962 -1982 I served on the USS Worden, USS Providence, USS Noa, USS America, USS Coronado, USS Saipan, USS Carl Vinson. They told me to shave my beard so I retired as a W2. Still have my beard.
Johnson, GeneRD21962 – 1966OpsPrecomm,Comm,Detail,Shellback,PanamaCanal, etc., etc. Best damn FRIGATE in USN. Looking for contact info for the radar gang..Robert Miller, Chuck Bullion, and Frank Delavara
Fogliani, NeilCIVILIAN ENGINEERJan 1962 – Apr 1964Civilian Engineer (Sperry Rep) assigned ship rider for SQTs & crew training. Plank owner, Shellback & Order of the Locks while on Board "DLG-18".
Swartz, FrankMM3Jan 16, 1962 – Jul 16, 1968navyI helped put the USS Worden in commission Aug. 3 1963 til 25 March 1966.
Swartz, Frank M.SRJan 16, 1962 – Mar 25, 1966Engineer,CadetI am the widow of Frank M. Swartz. I"m Frances M.Swartz.I'm looking for one of his shipmates named Orville Toby.He was from Oregon.Frank and Orville hitchhiked from Great Lakes, Ill. to Jamestown,N.Y. on a weekend pass.
Payne, DarrellGMM1Apr 1962 – Feb 19652ndPlank Owner.
Swartz, FrancynaMay 1962 – May 1968navy mm3My dad was on the ship he passed away 2 years ago. I wanted to see if anyone on here know him. Frank M Swartz
Henley, JimRD21963 – 1965OperationsPlank Owner - Ops Officer was Marcus A. Arnheiter - Read "The Arnheiter Affair" by Neil Sheehan. I have many great memories from those days.
Craig, Charles S (Chuck)EM 21963 – 1965EngGood times in Bath Me. While waiting for the Ship to be built. Still Haven't grown hair back since the ship went across the Equator heading for the west coast.
Patton, Chester ArthurSeaman1963 – 1965FirstPatton deceased.He & I enlisted on buddy system '61. Our 1st duty sta.NAU Lake Mead Base,Las Vegas.From there I went to USS Radford DD446, He went to Worden plankowner. Know of him? miss him. T
Baldwin, ArthurSN1963 – 1965NavigationI retired 06 from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Texas. I now live in Sarasota, FL. Iam a Shellback/Plankowner It would be great to hear from my fellow shipmates,that is if I can remember that far back?
Murri, LynnQM3Jan 1963 – Nov 1965NavigationPlake owner, Member of the first crew to sail on her from Boston to Home port in San diego.Deployed two times to the Gulf of Tonkin.Served a four mo.extension on the last depolyment.
Ferguson, Michael / MikeRD3Feb 10, 1963 – Sep 15, 1965OIThe years I grew up,,, from the time when Marcus Aurelius tried to block my leave to get married in 63 through the west pac cruse in 64, 65...... I am looking for a copy of that cruse book
Wolfe, ArnoldEM2May 1963 – Aug 22, 1969R plank owner
Jim, CoppingerFTM3May 1963 – Jun 19662nd DivisionI was on the commissioning crew of the ship and would like to arrange a commissioning crew reunion, perhaps some time in September, 2013.
Koch, PeterBT1May 4, 1963 – Feb 24, 1967Engineering
Steffen, BruceQM2May 25, 1963 – Apr 20, 1967ni am a plank owner on the worden, joined the ship in boston mass. in 1963 and spent the next 4 years on board. this ship was the best time of my 10 year enlistment. alot of good friends and good times.
Thompson, RichardETR2Jun 1963 – Mar 4, 1965OE Worden Plankowner, transferred from USS Turner Joy DD951. I firmly beleive I served on the two best Ships in the Navy.
Rienhardt, ArtBT3Jun 1963 – Jan 6, 1966engineeringPlank owner. Where is everybody?
Staub, NevinGMM 3Jun 3, 1963 – Jun 19663RDPLANK OWNER THREE WEST PAC. CRUISES
Burns, RobertBT,3Jun 7, 1963 – Sep 26, 1966B.
Sowa, RichardMM3Jun 17, 1963 – Jan 6, 1966MPlankowner / Shellback-can't believe they sunk her !
Morgan, Travis WayneMM3Aug 1963 – Dec 17, 1965ENGPlankowner. Had a Good Time Aboard
Lamattina, BillRD2Aug 3, 1963 – Sep 21, 1966OI
Baldwin, ArthurSMAug 3, 1963 – Apr 13, 1965NavigationPlank Owner / Shellback
Anderson, Gerald(andy)BTFNAug 3, 1963 – Dec 10, 1965Shellback/plank owner
Leocadio, ReynaldoSD1/E6Aug 3, 1963 –SupplyThis is for my stap father that passed a few years back and I am trying to find some of his shipmates from this era.
Tobey Jr., Orville KennethFNAug 3, 1963 – May 1965ElectricalI loved this ship, My Buds = Bill Oros, Frank Swartz, We hiked all over the world I think.We had some great times, saw a lot of country on foot. Wolf was My boss I can hear him say,"Turn too lets get with it "Shellback".
Belote, Thomas G (Jerry)sfp2Aug 3, 1963 –damage controlIn the navy from 60 to 65 transferred to the Worden from the St Paul spent a month or 6 weeks in Rhode Island caught the ship in Boston for sea trials
Dusold, DonaldFTMAug 11, 1963 – 1966RadarNeed to talk to anyone who remembers the test misile we shot that almost came back and hit our ship! Please email Thanks
Morgan, TravisMM3Aug 16, 1963 – Dec 17, 1965ENGPlank Owner/Shellback Had A Great Time
Voivod, Richard (Vd)QM3Aug 16, 1963 – Aug 16, 1966NavagationWould like to hear from people who knew me. I also was the ships photographer and took a lot of the pictures in the cruise book. I'm now retired from the school district and I live in California near Sacramento.
Green, TheodoreSN3Sep 1963 – 19651st DivI was on the commissioning crew (plank owner), Shellback, and first WESPAC cruise.
Fredric Merrill, UnknownBTJan 1, 1964 – Jan 1, 1968BI am His Son Add This To The Site Fredric Merrill Died In May 8 1994 Any One Please Send Email If you Know My Dad Thank You
Sappington, TomBT1Mar 1, 1964 – Dec 1, 1968BCame on board as a BT3 after the ship had its commissioning. Would any of the snipes email me from that time. I went on to retire as a BTCM,
Brian, KemsleyE3 COOK STRIKERMar 31, 1964 – Mar 21, 1965SupplyTo this day I miss my ship and crew. It was home for only a year but the memories will never leave me.
Jackson, Gerald E. ''jack''MR3Nov 1964 – May 1967A DivMade two westpacs and went on my only ride on SAR helo.Worked with Sykes, Ogletree, H. Monroe, M. Mead, CPO's Plummer and Spencer and many more fine sailors in Worden. Retired in 1980 as MRC.
Trice, RonaldRD 3Dec 1964 – Jul 1967radar

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